I gotta be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to another Bobby Digital album from The Rza. It just feels like Rza's been stuck in this "character" since the late 90s for no good reason. It's almost like a cop-out for him to make some bullshit and chalk it up to his alter ego. I can dig it artistic expression, and folks know I'm all for fans letting artists be artistic, but shit Bobby Digital shit has gone way too far. Or has it?

When I really think about it, Birth Of A Prince came out five years ago, and that album had some joints on it for real. "A Day To God Is 1,000 Years" is still remarkable till this day. Digital Bullet was good, and Bobby Digital In Stereo is pretty much a classic (depending on which type of Wu stan you're talking to). So I don't know, maybe it's just my own tastes have changed over the years, because when I hear about some new Rza shit, I'm not like really looking forward to it or anything like that. There is no anticipation of it whatsoever. Then again, I don't really look forward to any rap music these days, so chalk it up to that.

Still and all, I finally gave some of these leaked tracks from the upcoming Digi Snacks album a listen (it drops next Tuesday), and lo and behold, they're pretty impressive. Vocally, Rza's always been an acquired taste. His mish mash of words always seem like they're written to some oft-beat poetic meter on a paper page rather than with a 4/4 drum beat playing in the background, and that makes his flow choppy. When you're used to listening to contemporary rap, where everyone follows the same line for line easy as sunday morning rhyme pattern, Rza takes some getting used to. You've definitely gotta get into the music, it's not going to just jump out at you.

Which is what surprised me about "You Can't Stop Me Now," which is easily the most straightforward Rza song I've heard in years. It's just simple and good. I have no idea if he produced it or not, but it's very well put together, almost sounds like something that could have been on 8 Diagrams, but better than all the tracks on that album except for "The Heart Gently Weeps." He probably played the beat for everyone in the clan and they fronted on it, talking bout it has too many guitars or some corny like that.

My favorite line in the song: "So I dropped a half a G on a rented SP/ 1200 sampler, and a yamaha 4 track/ the bass from the lab used to blow the fuckin door back"

Anyway, now I'm definitely anxious to check out the rest of Digi Snacks next week. I shouldn't have fronted on Bobby after all these years. He's still got it.

Rza- "Booby Trap"

Rza- "Long Time Coming"

Rza- "Straight Off The Block"