50 Is Hip-Hop

I hope these rap motherfuckers are taking notes. Now you can say what you want about Curtis, but not only is Sabrina’s baby boy a mastermind when it comes to beef, the G-Unit general is also HIP-HOP AS FUCK!

Yes we all know 50 perfected the art of war last week when he released Young Buck’s sobering phone call (was it just me or was that shit more shocking than Lil Wayne selling A Milli?). But for all of his non-musical exploits, 50’s Sincerely Yours, Southside mixtape is arguably one of the best of 2008. For those of you stuck under a rock, last week Fif took the airwaves with Hot 97’s Mister Cee and debuted 12 new tracks with him rhyming over old school hip-hop breaks. And then as soon as the hour-long radio show ended, 50 offered the tape as a free download on Thisis50.com.

Now the haters will hate, but this shit is just proof that there is still shit in hip-hop that just hasn’t been done yet. And you can’t say that Fif isn’t a true hip-hop head. Not only did his favorite rapper sing “ch-check out my melody,” but dude rhymed over seminal classics like “Heartbeat,” “Keep Rising to the Top,” and “Ring My Bell.” In addition to Curtis dropping verses at the top of each song, he also hosts the entire tape, hyping up each track in a Brucie B. type fashion (all while paying homage to Queens DJ legend Grandmaster Vic). And maybe this shit won’t mean a damn thing on the West Coast or in the South, but if ya’ll wanna know what NY’s streets were really like in the 80’s and 90’s, check “This is For You.” This is how Hov’s American Gangster was supposed to sound, musically it just depicts the time so much more accurately. 50 raps over Shalamar’s “This is For the Lover In You” and drops lines like “I move the rock like Odom in I.S. 8/I never had a jumpshot, just crack on a plate” (that’s the LA Laker’s Lamar Odom for ya’ll smart, dumb heads). On “I’m Rising to the Top,” Fifty claims the unthinkable when he blurts out that NYC will be changing the name of Queens’ Baisley Park to Curtis Jackson Park this September. Now for those who don’t know Baisley is where famed hustler Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff made his bones, McGriff is widely believed to the one who put the infamous hit out on 50, resulting in the rapper taking 9 shots. So if 50 is actually buying up parts of Preme’s hood, well that’s just flagrant as fuck. But of course all of this has to be verified.

With G-Unit’s T.O.S dropping July 1st, Fif does what he does with every release. He sent a few shots T.I.’s way and attempted to destroy Buck’s career. Still when it comes to making dope ass music, 50 doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Oh yeah that T.O.S. album… INSANE!–Rob the music editor

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Roffle at the first post on this shit being about how Fiddy’s a genius.

    • N.O. in my bloodstream

      im convinced that xxlmag.com is simply a commercial…especially after it being wayne dot com a few weeks ago

    • Deez Nutz

      So how much did 50 pay for this advertorial? Who the hell is the author of this fraud…i mean blog…the accounting and billing dept?

      • Deez Nutz

        Bol and Ron Mexico…please have a talk with yall boss…this one blog could possibly singlehandedly destroy the little credibility this website had…this is some BENZINO SHYT RIGHT HERE! Made men album>TOS…lmao at this bullshyt post over and over…WOW…this shyt is as gay azz Gyant over at Sohh (now thats gay)

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      Fuck a Bol.

      but yea. Rob, sometimes I don’t get you. lol but imma check this shit out. I’ll talk your word for it.

      • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

        Also, LMAOOOOOOOOOOO at “50 is Hip Hop.” I never said this but please stop, Rob. lol.

    • Drox

      TOS is the best gangsta shit wit 5 tracks that got buck on’em! & ye… he ridin 50′s fat dick! & yea he diss both game & wayne (party aint ova) listen 2 it… the unit on theire gangsta shit & eventho I got the whole album i”m still copin when it come out

  • bxcapo

    keep holding ny down fif- ps that carter 3 was gaaarbaage !

  • that guy

    i agree. this mixtape is flames. good riding music

  • northern california bay area

    i’ll peep it…

  • drox

    finally this dude puts out music worth listenin! I cant say this ish sounds like the ol fif but it def sounds like the dope fif killin the game oldies style ridin no dick. Worth the download and worth the time bumpin! Hope TOS is worth smt 2

  • Trev-O-Negative

    I luv shit like this cuz i know fif ain’t da most lyrical nigga on da planet,but u have 2 @ least give da guy propz 4 bin’ all hip-hop all da time,even wit da beefin’ & shit.Wen i wuz a shorty this wuz da shit my olda brothaz wuz bumpin’ & now i’m da 1 puttin’ dem up on shit,this jus provez dat 50 iz alwayz on da pulse uv wut’z hot(i told ya’ll niggaz 50 is hip-hop!!!).I luv it wen sum1 sharez my opinon,but i luv it even more wen i’m right & this blog provez both,thanx.

    BTW T.O.S. will b da album every1 will b talkin’ bout if it sellz r not.


  • moresickaMC

    T.O.S is dope…admit it haters.

  • Timm City

    I’m not 50′s biggest Stan by any means but i can’t front on that tape. Shit is dope and refreshing. I actually anticipate T.O.S. Hey, I wonder whatveer happened to taht Cam’Ron guy . . . I.B.S is a motherfucker.

  • http://robertoflackchronicles.com RL

    Sincerely Yours is what we need in this day & age…good fuckin music!! Definitely gives you that summertime feel.

    Bring on TOS

  • SMH

    XXLMag is always kissing 50′s ass. Do you cats have any shame or pride at all?

    • chad bro chill


  • j real

    FIFTY KILLED HIP HOP he talks too much out the side of his neck

  • Deezy

    Ok,I’m guessing this dude is 50 cents biggest fan.If not he needs to take 50′s dick out his mouth.

  • MikeJones

    You gotta be kidding me.. Did 50 call the xxl office and say he needs more good pub and demanded this lame ass blog be added??? then he had yayo and banks get on their laptops (that he bought them) and write the first couple comments. Bol I expect you to say something about this…

    50 is trash and has been since ’04. Get over it.

    • wtf_mikejoneshaha

      dude BIg mike why you even waisting your time homie this shits hot and the streets know it so why don’t you and your faggot ass friends go listen to the game or maybe even some faggot ass lil wayne down at the country club pussy you just hatin on some real shit if your gunna hate, hate on somthin like candyshop not the street shit man u just mad cuz fif can switch his style up unlike half these other fags in the industry


      who the fuck ever listened to a damn think mike jones said anyway ahah

  • 239allday

    Man what’s good with this fifty cent dick riding session. there is no need in denying that we was all feelin fifty in 03′, but after that the niggas shit been goin down the toilet. That nigga sold out and went completely pop. Even so I am going to check out the mixtape. Damn why do I listen to you fifty cent dick riders.

  • Maddolies

    50 Is Not Hip Hop! Next Thing u know people will be making up dances to shitty as beats and Even Worst Lyrics and calling it hip hop… Oh Shit!

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Ima have to listen to the tape myself to make a call on it (as well as TOS) but I’ll tell you this. When Jackpot made a post about this blog a few hours ago, I remember one commenter saying that since it was the XXL staff writing the posts then the post would defy be about either 50 or Wayne. Dude was on point.

    • Rob the Music Ed

      I was gonna do my Big Daddy Kane appreciation post, but I doubt ya’ll are ready!

  • akshonjaxson

    50 = trash

  • jimmyjoints

    so you transparent ass motherfuckers drop noz and mgg to set up space for a fiddy cent billboard as a blog? fuck outta here.

    and you’re playing yourselves with that lil wayne tab next to the bloggers.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      co-sign 1000%.

  • jimmyjoints

    so you transparent ass motherfuckers drop noz and mgg to set up space for a fiddy cent billboard disguised as a blog? fuck outta here.

    and you’re playing yourselves with that lil wayne tab next to the bloggers.

  • Justice4all


  • Rizob

    dude, If you think 50 is a good rapper then you obviously shouldn’t be associated with a rap magazine. 50 is the virus thats killing hip/hop. He’s milking it for every dime its worth, which is fine, but don’t exploit it by releasing god-awful music. He should just follow Will Smith, and go Hollywood and leave rap alone, i would have more respect for him then. Its painfully obvious that he doesn’t care about the product he puts out, he just wants his money.

    • south suckz

      did u by any chance hear the mixtape? obviously NOT… u’re jus flamin cuase this dude put out smt good! Listen 2 the tape & like the writer said… it’s intended 2 true hip hop fans esp in the NY! I guess it’s advanced 4 u southern retards, west coast included… suck on ur lolipops & no I aint a 50 fan but the mixtape was right on the money

      • chad bro chill

        fuck this section i would much rather hav a coked up wayne be hip hop then a rat ass bitch like 50 cent

        i would rather listen to blue grass then rap if “50 is hip hop”

  • Black

    Is it just me or are you people despratly looking for someone to bring the East back to prominance that you would say 50 is hip hop?If you would have said Jay, I would have rode with you. If you would have said Nas, I would have probably backed you up. If you would have said Jada, I would have defended you, but 50 nigga get the f@*k outta here with that BS. 50 ain’t been 50 since Get Rich or Die Trying. This nigga started doing the same shit he clowned Ja for and has been singing garbage ass pop music since “Candy Shop” “Amusement Park” (I rest my case). So if you say this nigga is Hip Hop, you need to pass whatever you been smokin down this why so I can sell it to the fiends and get rich!!!

    • lameazz

      u jus proved how much u can read & the reason u failed the 9th grade retard. Did u read the blog? Did the guy talk bout the massacre nor the GRODT? If they were good or not? This dude’s talkin bout a mxtape 50 put out & how close it sounds 2 the real hip-hop fans had a few yrs back. Obviously u’all retards that love the south shit that dont even add up 2 buck seventy-five! Listen 2 the shit & comment

      • Black


        Did you read my comment before your dumb azz responded. I read the blog, it talked about this garbage azz mixtape he just put out. I wasn’t talking about his first 2 albums either. What I said and will say again in caps so so you cand read it slow and understand is 50 HAS NOT BEEN 50 SINCE GRODT!!! IN OTHER WORDS HIS CAREER IS ON THE DECLINE. O K

        • lameazz

          my whole point retard. The guy talked bout the mixtape 50 put out. Based on that he said 50′s hip-hop. He didnt say that based on previous albums. He said it based on the mixtape. U’re “i know it all azz” says it’s garbage based on his previous work. Listen 2 the mixtape & then comment… jus dont show how much of a hater u’re by bluntly remarkin on subjects u dont kno nuthin bout!

  • Scorpion

    That’s what I’m talking about 50 Cent donig what he does best being relentless and continues to silence the haters. Shout out to Mr. Ferrari, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, & of course Young Buck. Terminate On Sight, the album, July 1st the rap game better prepare itself for the takeover. Don’t worry about Buck everything will be alright and things will return to normal before you know it.
    Y’all know what time it is,


  • http://www.parlourmagazine.com steely d

    you know i love you Rob but that TOS album sounds like one big song on repeat. outside of “woo woo”it’s the same damn drum pattern. while listening i said to myself- didn’t i like the first g-unit record? I DID! so why am i bored to tears by this one?

    ehn, I’d rather play the mixtapes.


  • 11KAP

    real wack hip hop.

  • ChuCk

    that guy called it on the intro to this new blogging section, all this is gonna be about is 50 and Lil wayne in this shit. there’s nothing else u can say about them. do your job, be creative, and talk about new people. fuckin loser ass writers

  • http://www.xxlmag.com brand-new

    damn u haters make me sick!

  • Laron

    It not that I had 50 cent it’s just that he acts like he needs a gimmick or a sales pitch or a beef to sale an album.If you such a king of Hip Hop ,if you so on top of the game, then you dont need to beef or have a damn sales pitch to sales pitch to sale an album.

    And by the way, 50 cent himself actually does most of the hating in Hip Hop.


    Fifty is simply the best rapper in hiphop for years but he ,fifty, does not dwell on that fact unlike other artists eg , Jayz n lil wayne who tell you on every song they are the best.But i got news Fifty is better,better than the best.plus these niggas cliam the amount of appearancs makes one the best ..hahaha,check out the amount of fifty songs done,within the years 2002 to 2003

  • streetstalk

    Hoodaholic Clothing


    Check that hoody

  • the r

    i thought snitching in hip hop was not cool..
    50 can’t rap and disses his own crew, how childish.

    i guess lil wayne’s presence at xxl will be replaced by 50.

    xxl eat a dick and bring back elliot!

  • Theeee

    OK 50 haters chill out..just because 50 isnt lickin on Lollipops or tellin his buddies to call him to make it juicy for ya…theres no need for you guys to get mad

  • NYCE

    dumb commentors need teaching. stop the hate and listen to the tape. shit is hot.

  • B Knife

    50 or Lil Wayne dont deserve the place they gettin lets talk on some Young Buck Game Eminem Nas dats some real shit 50 Cent commercialized his rap after Get Rich or Die Tryin and its the same shit over and over fuck 50

  • kell

    that new mixtape is fire….i love the Don’t Stop the Music joint…i can’t wait to cop TOS…

  • render

    Ain’t heard this shit, and I ain’t really feelin anything I’ve heard from fitty since that ski mask way joint but you can’t front like Power of the dollar wasn’t hot

    dude can be hiphop if he wants…vitamin water money just get a nigga confused sometimes

  • kentucky

    50 is a bitch. He fake ain’t shit bout him real. When shit get’s real you see niggas for who they are. This blogger needs to get off 50′s dick. He worse then banks and yayo.

  • ATIs

    lol at this wack ass blog

    just stop, for your own sake

  • KAkish

    Honestly, if you think TOS is “INSANE” then your taste in music in horrible.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    “If you can’t find me, look in the muthafuckin yellow pages! I’m right across the street from Madison Square Garden. Everyone comes when they need a muphuckin interview. Why u can’t find me?”

    Elephant was fire. Bodysnatchers was fire. This tape is fire.

    You have to respect it. Where the hell is Cam at? Where is Ja and Irv? When is Fat Joe gonna come with a million seller? When will Buck smarten up? 10 mil and you still owe money? When will Game drop an album when Fif doesn’t get a % off top? When will you smarten up about the unit?

    It’s the Unit! That means it’s money!

    • drox

      co-sign Benicio Del Thoro. Real talk right there. PS- Sincerely yours is SICK SICK SICK

  • iLL

    LoL..The Northeast trying to ride anyones coat tail to be relevant again. Now 50? Ha! Too too funny. Fuck outta here. Still wont get the game back.


    50 ISNT HIP HOP!

    50 IS A “FUCKIN KING”!!!!!






  • acee2129

    What up everybody. Before y’all judge lsiten to the mixtape it is actually good. I’m going to be honest Curtis was an average album like almost everything that comes out in this age of music but when it comes to business and staying in the spoitlight 50 do it better than most hell it hard to remember any rapper with staying power like 50 in this age of hip hop or rap. But peep the mix tape it’s better than that Curtis cd for sure.

  • Lord Maximus

    I am not a big G-Unit or 50 fan anymore, but that Southside mixtape made a believer that 50 still has the skills, now if only he could just release Power of the Dollar…

  • Pierzy

    I knew it was going to be about 50! The next one will probably be about Wayne…

  • bah

    ice t should tell 50 cent to eat a dick he is killing hiphop

  • bah

    50 cent eat a dick

  • slfd@hotmail.com

    Im glad to see im not the only one who realized xxl is falling off, magazines and their website. Who ever said 50 is hip hop can thousand times and i hope his mother has aids and she dies tomorrow. Only a morron who listens to dj unk and wack ass soulja boy, would even render 50 as hip hop.

  • slfd@hotmail.com

    Im glad to see im not the only one who realized xxl is falling off, magazines and their website. Who ever said 50 is hip hop can DIE a thousand times and i hope his mother has aids and she dies tomorrow. Only a morron who listens to dj unk and wack ass soulja boy, would even render 50 as hip hop.

  • slfd@hotmail.com

    Im glad to see im not the only one who realized xxl is falling off, magazines and their website. Who ever said 50 is hip hop can DIE a thousand times and i hope his mother has aids and she dies tomorrow. Only a morron who listens to dj unk and wack ass soulja boy, would even render 50 as hip hop.

    real talk

  • 11KAP

    This nigga 50 is overrated. I don’t hate the dude. I just ain’t crazy about his shit. Y’all give him all this credit, but never analyze his flow.

  • Rex Banner

    fiddy is hip hop i can dig it. I’m patiently waiting for that T.O.S. album it really is gonna be a great album. July 1st go get it

  • avenger xl

    OK I know the publication biz is all sales(and what business isn’t). But folks need to watch out when they make crazy statements like the one above.

    1. 50 was hip-hop before he did this mixtape and by that I mean he represented the “gangsta Pop” elment or just the pop music elment of Hip-hop. That doesn’t make him wack it just is what it is if you are not a fan don’t listen and support the dudes you feeling. bitches
    2. So does someone get the title of being hip-hop by doing NY nostalgia joints now. Is that whats hot in the streets?
    3.XXL I stop buying your mag a while back and the only reason I even check your site out is because it stays on the hiphop soap opera that has become more interesting than the music as of late. But why throw the last few pieces of credibility you have left out the window to dick ride the right now artists. Wayne and 50?
    4. either 50 is paying for praise like wayne must be or people are just even bigger followers than I thought. Because I like some of waynes shit and some of 50′s but throwing around greatest and theis rapper is hiphop tags without true critical backing is irresponsible by any media source. I will enjoy your fall from grace XXL.
    Some one please start a Urban magazine or website that doesn’t sell out to the TRL crowd.

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      yo good ish. email me and let’s talk some biz: DADDYMACK31@HOTMAIL.COM

  • Deez Nutz

    Did yall see that new David Banner, Yung Joc and Chris Brown video? I hate to say it but that shyt is hip hop…maybe not the lyrics but definitely the feel

  • fuck50

    50 cent doesnt even make hip-hop music, how the fuck can he be hip-hop?

  • Esarus

    im having a good damn laugh actualy, like.. look at the page.. 50 gets what he wounts any way , lmao, he ALWAYS have the most comments on his shit, ALWAYS. Even if 50% of it is haters, its still publicity.

  • Game

    T.O.S. (Telling on Suspects) July 1st -

  • G


  • Afi K. James

    Who gives a shit about this clown, 5-0 will never be hip-hop, he’s a phony and tyrannical monster, Thank God I Made a petition to call for the removal of g-unit from the music industry, because I Do not like his policies nor his crappy music that’s killing the industry and ruining the public.