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  • henry

    first? havent finished

  • henry

    vote for obama as your next plummer

    • ill G

      plumber my son

  • prodigal son

    don’t you just love it how jay puts everything in perspective. good blog, again. so have you decided yet jay who your going for?

  • http://XXL Jay-son

    So why is there so much hate on hiphop sites against John Mcain? Seriously just because he’s not a democrat doesn’t make him bad. Judge the man by the content of his character and then talk.

    • ga_finest08

      Apparently ur ass has never been to Iraq. Man I’m voting for whoever is gonna keep my ass from going back. U can talk that character shit all u want, do a tour then lets see where ur heads at on this.

      • Mr. Alex

        Cosign. What a fucking idiot.

  • B. Black

    Right on!



  • jackpot

    Co-sign H.Imperial. I just want Hilary to go away.

  • master cheef

    do you ever thank that doing the video blog hinders your ability to add a no homo after some of the gay statements?

    on another note, dude, serioulsy, could you please do some drops on something that has to do with rap music? give me your thoughts on gunit. or ti. or r. kelly. or the roots. or nas. fuck, i dont know, how about anybody besides another fucking drop(that word is very fitting) about Obama.

    if niggas didnt get out and vote for diddy, what makes you think they will do it for you?

    • Arcey

      cuz Diddy didn’t meant it (dying for a vote, really… but at the same time like GA Finest said being sent is no fun and some did die)
      rappers talk all day about this & that but they don’t mean shit!!! deciding on who’s gon’ influence your lifestyle for the next 4 (or 8 years) is more important than 50 Cent vs. Fat Joe beef.

      everybody got beef with GW Bush but they let him back in 2004 & shit got worse.

      If the Hip-Hop nation is not going out to read a newspaper, get informed or anything of that nature then i feel it’s good that people like Jay to come in to reach us

  • Vicious Seiger

    When voting we are now reduced to picking the lesser of the two evils. I just don’t want another 4 years of wars, fake tax breaks that benefit the rich, vendettas, and poor economic health. Whether we get Hill Rod or Big Daddy Obama come November we need someone who will make strides to change the direction of our nation because we as a nation are going down faster than 10 dollar whore in a BMW.

  • syncity

    Now I remember where i’ve seen u!!! I saw u by the stage on my left at the knitting factory last night! it freaked me out cuz i reconized u but didn’t know where from. aweee…well hope u enjoyed the 88-keys show!

  • Blaffer

    Don’t make no more videos, STOP talking SHIT!

  • semantik

    Perfectly summed up in less than 3 minutes!