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  • Apollo Moses

    Damn, scathing post! Keep taking them to school Jay Smooth.

  • Low Key Kid

    Jay, you ALWAYS convey truth. You are just a truly insightful person. It’s always refreshing to see your posts because you see through all the Bullshit. And if you think Bullshit isn’t a real concept read the book “On Bullshit.” Anyway, thanks again Jay for truth, intelligence, and insight. Peace.

  • Smel

    I appreciate vlogging for what it is, and I was definitely diggin your video yesterday about homophobia in hip-hop


    I cannot watch a vlog at work.


    ….if you write, they will read…and comment.

  • Incilin

    Jay Smooth doing the dam thing as always. Great post.

    “That’s why street corner clout is such flimsy currency in any other marketplace. That’s why America is always entertained by your gangsta persona, but never truly respects it. ”

    ^ Genius.

    But I gota say, your post makes me think that Jay is one of the few able to break that street life mentality and really make it into the corporate world. Which makes me think that dropping the whole Roc (Lord knows guys like Beans will never ever lose the street mentality) was that much better of a move. Hmm

  • OmegaSun73

    truer words have never been spoken.

  • cliff’

    knowledge. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    -obama 08

  • yaboy

    Jay Smooth = Greatest VLogger of All Time.

  • Dub Sac

    “So what we’ve learned is Steve Jobs is more hardbody than Suge Knight!”

    You’re killing me, Jay. That shit is ridiculous!

    Steve Jobs be on his grind, y’all!

  • chad bro chill

    tru tru if you love hip hop you have to hate suge knight and all the corporate thugs

    …i might try to knock out suge knight next the cat that knocked him out is getting signed now thats some absurd shit

  • KFrizzle

    As always Jay, very thought provoking…the Steve Jobs line killed it!!!

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  • eLi pOrTeR

    Bravo..Great Drop/Post… or as NAS would say… “Ether, the shyt that makes ya soul burn slow”…. Suge loses again!

  • Detroit P

    Great Post

  • jaydon the don

    awesome. you have a way of breaking things down so well. so much so that i would actually like to talk to you about shit in person. that’s rare internet respect. big up for life jay smooth.



  • master cheef

    great post. that was some real insight.

  • Realhiphop

    Jay Smooth, you are easily the smartest, most entertaining blogger I’ve come across. Thanks for this post because its genius.

  • tishan

    genius. the cats that hate on corporate gwap are the broke folks with no vision.

  • Dee El

    Damn, we need more of this in HIP HOP. Big Up Jay Smooth, and big up XXL for having him

    Dee El Sends

  • AJG DA Aviator

    POETRY in its pure form!!! Thank you Jay!!! Whoa!!! Get yall mind straight on that one

  • concerned hater

    Damn Jay, 2 posts in 2 days seemed less likely than Steve Jobs right-crossing Suge to the chin, and yet here it is, 2 in a row. This either means 363 straight posts coming at us or no posts for 4 months. Either way it’s love. High school kids should watch that ‘lil hater’ vid on day one.


  • grindtimerapgame

    insightfull as always jay. when i watch your vblog it kinda reminds me of a rap, the way you chop it up, always get straight to the point, and got music in the back…. make your words rhyme and get some beats, and be the new common… allready got a fanbase… why not? i think anybody would cosign that

  • sb

    preach brotha!!! chuuch!!!!!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Steve Jobs >hardbody> Suge Knight

    JaySmooth >hardbody> CNN

  • Vicious Seiger

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You this is the real sad ass lesson to be learned from Suge Knight and the ashes of Death Row Records. Great Job, Jay!

  • Jay Smooth

    Where’s my friend Purple Hulk at these days?

  • Tyler

    Yea . . but U still won’t say none of that shit 2 Suge’s face. . And that’s the bottom link folks. Haters 1 Suge 10 million

  • Shone Jones

    Good Take. Let’s see if Daryl James will come out and defend Suge

  • Jay Smooth

    Tyler: Telling yourself “yeah but I could beat you up” is how failures rationalize their lot in life. It amounts to nothing, as Suge’s descent into irrelevance has proven.

  • Teddy

    You can’t leave rap alone the game needs you

  • Ghost Deini

    That was great.