Soulja Boy Got Robbed, Son!

I’ll never buy a Soulja Boy record. Sure, I may have cranked that once or thrice on a drunk night, but the kid’s still isn’t on the iPod.

I’m into headphone music, lyrical stuff like Andre 3000, Nas, Common and them. Soulja Boy? Not so much. The kid is trash. He sucks! But he’s hot. Just like Nelly sucked in 2000, but sold like 9 million records. That being said, Soulja Boy got robbed, son. He should have been on MTV’s “Hottest MC In The Game” list. He’s dumpster! But he got robbed at gunpoint. I don’t know that Buttahman dude, but props to him for keeping it funky. When debating Soulja Boy’s inclusion on the list, my co-captain J-Rod said something like, “he’s successful, but he’s not hot.” Respectfully, I beg to differ. Being so successful is partly why this kid got so hot.

“Crank That” topped the Billboard charts for seven weeks last year. The single broke ringtone records. He’s the only “ringtone” rapper to go gold. He got nominated for a Grammy. The freakin’ dance had everybody from little white ballet kids, Barney the purple dinosaur, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Natalie Portman and Kelly Ripa trying to do it. Then, them “Crank That Batman” kids straight up jacked dude.

I mean, Soulja Boy isn’t exactly becoming the cameo king, but he’s slowly appearing on more songs, including Fergie’s “Clumsy” remix, V.I.C’s “Get Silly,” Bow Wow and Omarion’s “Girlfriend” remix and Tyra B’s “Get It Poppin,” among many others. I personally don’t remember hearing a single one of them joints, but these folks want him on their record, so I’m guessing it means something.

We’re not exactly seeing other kids wearing his goofy ass glasses, but he’s sparking conversations. “What does ‘Superman that hoe’ mean? I heard Soulja Boy got a girl pregnant? This gabbage ass kid had the nerve to diss the GZA? Did you hear about Soulja Boy’s bus getting attacked? Good! Deshawn Stevenson invited Soulja Boy at the Wizards/Cavs game to get at Lebron James.” He’s definitely talked about. He went on the little kiddie tour with Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and them. He got a cartoon, shades and sneakers coming out. There’s no way ten MC’s had more going on since the last MTV list. No way!

I just bumped into my boy Roberto. His argument was that Soulja Boy is not hip-hop. He’s not an MC. Agreed! I don’t go around throwing the MC tag at everybody, but Jim Jones made the list last year and he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not an MC, let alone a rapper. If we’re being literal in honoring MC’s here, then leave the kid off. But then you better put Andre 3000 and Nas at the top. I hope MTV clearly lists “hot” criteria next time. For now, it just seems like members of the Brain Trust chime in with individual definitions of what’s hot. I’d like to see them come up with one clearly universal definition. It’s too loose right now. We may not like Soulja Boy, but a whole lot of people do. He’s hot whether we like it or not and he should have made the list. Speak on it.

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  • Pierzy

    You may be right but I find it sad that we’re even paying attention to the list…

  • thoreauly77

    as far as being hot in the game? yes, he should have made it. i was watching (emp)tv the other day and and he was on every thirty minutes or so (when they were showing videos). maybe their criteria should be defined based upon how many spins they give an artist?

  • Incilin

    “For now, it just seems like members of the Brain Trust chime in with individual definitions of what’s hot. I’d like to see them come up with one clearly universal definition.”

    ^^^ That’s the exact problem right there. But not only that but they seem to be coming up with separate definitions according to the strengths of each act. I mean, they put Ross and Hov for being a “boss” but Kayne aint really a boss like that yet he’s on top (Kayne should be on top, but I’m just saying). We need real categories to define what’s hot. And we cannot have “swag” which is stupidest fuckin thing I can’t stop hearing about. Word to older post.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Damn Jackpot, now you just made me wanna download, er, copp his album.

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      smmfh. i really cannot believe ya. this is some bullshit. fuck soulja boy. his fan base are 8-16 year olds. real talk.

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    Souljah Boy is the epitome of “Hot”

    they do need to have some sort of criteria, instead of a bunch of personal opinions being tossed around in agreement or lack of…. thats what messageboards are for!

    i mean what was the general theme of being “Hot” anyway…. the most TV time? most business ventures?

    i’m sad to assume i can almost garuntee the criteria had very little to do with any musical talent, thats probably why i didn’t watch no more than 5 minutes of what looked like a potential lock-jaw contest

  • Braile

    when I wathched the shit on sunday (I was busy on friday doin otha shit) I didn’t even think of soulja boy on the list. I mean that dude does rap and he’s in hip hop and he has hits, he has muthafuckin white people doin crank dat at they weddin
    So he is “hot”
    MTV’S DUMBASS Round table
    should do the greatest mc’s of the game

    that would be interesting

    by the way soulja boy is booty (pause)

    feel me like Braile

  • Chaka

    MTV brain trust crew or whatever they call themselves mean nothing me;and their list is pure trash.No one would have paid attention to the list in the first place if not for the name MTV.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • og bobby j

    why is a list composed by some MTV niggas a topic of discussion? Them Tila Tequila niggas are not connected to whats hot….put a radio DJ and a Mixtape DJ from each region in that debate…and we can talk on it….but a room full of college grads and internet personailties (nothing wrong with it) is not judge of criteria….

    That said, Soulja boy is hot and should have been on the list. The list should have appeared as such:

    10) Soulja Boy – ask some 7th graders what it is….YA Trick!
    9) Plies – Ignorant rap….but buzz nontheless
    8) Crooked I – e-buzz is crazy..hip hop weekly…
    7) Jeezy – drops verses on madd shit…
    6)Lupe – biggest upgrade and a respect lyricist
    5) Hov – album was ok…big tour wit mjb…etc
    4) Ricky Ross – THE BOSS is hott…I dont like em….but I dont hate em
    3) Fif – mixtapes and TOS on the way….stayin hungry
    2) Wayne – Lollipop and Got money are fire for club bitches and E heads…but his flow is falling off….he has alot to prove with the carter 3 of he will be forgotten in a year.
    1) Kanye – I personally think kanye raps are ass, but I cannot doubt his popularity…..he got shit on tight shirt silly sunglass smash right now.


    what these 3—17 year olds who follow trends who will not listen to dude in a couple of years some will forget his name who can not tell you anything before biggie,and pac opinions don’t mean jacc shit on who they like.

    So who cares who alot of people like frill.

  • jollyrench

    I feel like the problem with these types of things is that the panel is full of disconnected people who try to validate themselves by injecting things that aren’t relevant into the debate. Hot means popular and nothing more or less, so these are my top 10 in no specific order:

    Shawty Lo- Everyone likes the hello thing
    Lil Wayne- he’s original and kids like him
    Kanye- His album was great, and he keeps coming with more
    Jeezy- Everyone likes his ad-libs
    Soulja Boy- Everyone in the club knows they like his songs
    50 Cent- He still raps like he’s got something to prove, and we all appreciate it
    DJ Khaled- He doesn’t rap, but he’s always on the songs with the great beats and lots of features
    Lupe- His flow is unique and authentic, he doesn’t ever compromise his integrity
    Ludacris- “Let’s stay together” is a great song, and the South will always love him
    Andre 3000- Everytime he’s on a radio song he comes with unique flow and phrases, I am amazed at how he works in “Ak cuatro-siete” to a flow.

  • major

    i agree wit everything u said. I was sayin the same shit when i was watchin the show. No one over 18 likes soulja boy’s but u cant hate. dude did his thang and had the whole world doin his dance. U cant hate on that, when the white people is doin this hood dance, nigga u hot! Its not who’s the best rapper its who’s the hottest

  • i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama

    Nelly is a piece of shit, you see him drop a song about J’s? …….WoW what a pathetic dick rider

    song about AF1′s – CHeck
    song about Grillz – Check
    Song About J’s – Check
    Song About Candy Paint – Not Yet
    Song About Hyphy disguised as a Big up to the bay area – Priceless in the Funny kind of way


    Sadly your right he should be. Still he does suck.

  • Chad Biggz

    Yes! Thank you! Soulja Boy should be on the list. You may think he’s wack and won’t be around next May. But it was the Hottest…today! And everyone was crankin that shit!

  • AJG Da Aviaotr

    -Not relating to blog- I remember NO one liked yo blog post at first but hell u getting yo respsect and bringing about GOOD shit. The majority of XXL viewers HATE Souljaboy so the title caught our attention,great on that part….. Now to the blog…

    Hell alot of niggas got robbed that night, and since you mentioned it, souljaboy did too, i gotta give it to him. But MTV doesnt represents hip hop on a whole level or dig into the roots, so that why they got their list all FUCKED the FUCKED up

  • Gina T!

    As much as I think Soulja Boy sucks — I’ll agree with u on this one. He is def one of the hottest MC’s out right now, in terms of publicity and being permanately featured on 106 & Park, covers of magazines, etc.

    He should have made the list – even though he’s garbage — he is one of the hottest rapper out right now.

  • Jdizzel3000

    Nigga your seriously defending soulja boy? lmao you lost… disrespect to the kid i mean get your money brotha but putting sb anywhere near the title mc is the definition of whack…whunhunid!!

  • Mr. Rogers

    Soulja Boy===Hottest nigga in any night club, house party, or wherever there’s dancing (vis-a-vis HOES)

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Can Picture Soulja Boy’s Sunglasses Gettin Sold At Toys R Us.

  • Profit

    Why are they still trying to rate rappers on a top 10 list?

  • Notoriousagc


  • greg42

    his game is talking slow to a catchy beat…i mean have you ever heard him make something work in terms of talk? and can anyone say repetition galor? GEEEEZZZZ.. I like how everyone is rippin at him specially the underground artist and they bring it harddd. check out

  • greg42

    his game is talking slow as hell to a catchy beat…? I love how everyone is rippin at him specially the underground artist and they bring it harddd. check out

  • greg42

    his game is talking slow as hell to a catchy beat…? I love how everyone is rippin at him specially the underground artist and they bring it harddd. check out Trigger The Soldier