Sex sells. Controversy sells. Cells sells. Fuck all that, Conflict sells. Especially when its in the same damn house.

I've been doing my best to keep up with whats going on in the Presidential Primaries, as most tax paying muthafuckas should. But I ain't gonna lie, its starting to bore me. I'm just ready for them to get this shit over with. Since I'm not White, I'll just go ahead and tell you who I'm rolling with. Barack Obama. And yeah, I'm voting for him because he's Black.

Not ONLY because he's Black though. Of course I agree with him on alot of things, but not everything. Of course I feel as if he is some what of a reflection of me and the America that I know. On top of that, I feel like I can trust dude and I believe in what he's saying and planning/hoping to do. So once again, yes, I'm rolling with Obama because he's Black, but not ONLY because he's Black.

That being said, I don't know whats wrong with supporting dude because of that anyway. Since when do Black folks feel that they are so accepted in society that they can't support their own because they want to, and without having to justify and validate themselves. Do you see or hear old White women saying they're voting for Hillary, but not because she's old and White? Hell no. They rolling with her because they want to and don't feel like they owe an explanation to anybody.

So if you're Black and you want to support Obama because of that, go the fuck ahead and do it. It ain't like the man is preaching poison or saying shit that ain't appealing or making sense. I'm mean shit, you don't see niggas running to the store to buy Cowboy Troy albums JUST because he's a Black rapping cowboy do you? No. So don't feel like you have to explain yourself in saying "I'm not voting for him just because he's Black." There's nothing wrong with that. Now on the other hand, there WOULD be something wrong with that if you voted for Alan Keyes JUST because he's Black. I mean, this mah fugga has a Ronald Reagan quote at the top of his website. That's a red flag if I ever saw one.

Damn I went off on a tangent just then.

But yeah, these Democratic Primaries are going on too long. Hilary just needs to sit her ass down. Nobody likes you bitch! Go away. But for real though, I'm starting to think that the only reason why she keeps going is because she's sticking to the plan. Who's plan? Not sure. But I have my suspicions. Somebody must have told her that the election is hers and that all she has to do is make sure she shows up when they open the doors. That's the only reason I can think of as to why this bitch is still sticking around. I'm not the biggest gambler in the world, but I wouldn't take six million of my own dollars to dump into my campaign unless I KNEW, not believed that I could, but KNEW that I was going to win.

Her refusing to back out reminds me of how some white women behaved back when slavery was abolished. You know, the ones that were the wives of slave owners. The ones who always acted like they loved Negroes when they were cooking her food, brushing her hair, maintaining her tulips. But turned her back on them when they decided to give that whole freedom thing a shot. "The audacity of them! How dare they leave me! I'm the best thing that ever happened to them! Ungrateful Negroes! No way will I ever succumb to you! You being equal or above me is just not your rightful place!"

Damn, another tangent. My bad. I guess I'll just end this in saying that Hilary obviously knows whats going on which is why she's sticking around. Either that or she's gonna destroy as much as she can in this years election so that she can look good for when she runs again in 2012. Which according to some (including your King Weezy) will be the year that shit hits the fan.

But yeah moving on. I myself find the Shawty Lo vs. T.I. verbal conflict (I'm not bestowing this silliness with the word "beef") more entertaining. Just like the Democrats Clinton and Obama, these two dudes are practically fighting in the same damn house. Difference is on one side you have two folks arguing over controlling 50 states and having influence on the rest of the world. Where on the other side you have two grown ass men arguing about a strip of land that no one who doesn't live there gives a got damn about.

With Clinton and Obama, that's a fight that's going to end eventually (soon we hope). While with Lo and Tip arguing over Atlanta's sandlot, this is ignorant shit that can go on FOR-EFF-FER!

I've been on and in Bankhead and its beautiful housing communities and let me tell you, bragging about being "from" there ain't the look. Bragging about getting out of that mutha fucka is what niggas should be aspiring to do. Granted, Bankhead and most of the Westside for that matter is one of the last chocolate parts of town. Everything and everywhere else in Atlanta is getting mowed down like no tomorrow and getting replaced with hospitals, schools, recreation centers, homeless shelters condos and shopping centers. So I guess these two gentlemen feel as though they have to rep for what's becoming one of the last true parts of poor Black working-class Atlanta. I mean, no one wants to brag about being from Buckhead or Norcross.

I'm not going going to expose who I'm rolling with in this debate though. Like that Chappelle clip hinted at earlier, I'll tell you who my political loyalties go to, but anything else, that shit is too personal. All I'll say is that just like the Clinton/Obama situation, one of these niggas needs to quit while they are ahead before they really fuck up their perception, legacy and reputation.

Just like Clinton/Obama, one of these niggas have to know that they are fighting a battle that they can't win either way so why not fall back? One person likes to think they share the whole "experienced" thing with Clinton while the other sees themselves as the new person on the block offering a change like Obama. One person think he's realer than the other, thus more deserving of the throne. The parallels stretch for miles.

The quarrelling between these two only stands to divide the house they both claim to represent and open the door for a mah fugga that we'll all be mad at for taking over. Well, hold on. If the Westside rep that stands the most to gain from this Lo vs. Tip shit is able to slide in and take over, I won't be mad at all.