Name An MC Who Has Collabo’d With Three Dead Rappers

Big up to J-Rod for knocking out them Lil’ Cease features last week. Make sure you peep them (Pt.1, Pt.2) if you haven’t already.

The funny thing is, with all that talk about Chuck Philips and not speaking to Lil’ Kim in years, one part in particular stuck with me. “Let my man rest.” Chuch! It’s been 11 years since Big passed and we still won’t let the man rest. The same goes for Pac.

It’s not only Philips’ crazy theories, but the countless unauthorized posthumous guest spots. If mama gave you the blessing, it’s another thing. Still, if I was one of them rappers and Voletta Wallace or Afeni Shakur asked me to jump on one of their sons’ tracks, I’d respectfully decline. Dudes were really selective when it came to collabos, so who is to say they would have dug me like that? Sure, folks like 50 Cent and Eminem have made some fire records with the late greats, but again, who knows if Big and Pac even would have liked their ass.

Only a few dudes got to rock with the legends. It’s like a members only club. Just last week, my co-worker Brian B. *Dot* Miller aka the Hipster Killer, challenged me to an interesting trivia. Name rappers that have collaborated with at least three dead rappers. Not no posthumous two-track joints, but actual recordings. We brainstormed and struggled to find a few. We came up with a bunch of close calls (Redman, Dr. Dre, Mase, Scarface, Fat Joe, etc, etc.), but almost doesn’t count. I then went on a mission to find at least ten rappers, but miserably failed. Here’s what I got. You guys feel free to add on.


-ODB, On Big Daddy Kanye’s “Show & Prove,” Daddy’s Home, 1994
-Big L, L’s “Da Graveyard,” Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, 1995
-Biggie, “Brooklyn’s Finest,” Reasonable Doubt, 1996, “I Love The Dough,” Life After Death, 1997
-Pimp C, “Big Pimpin,” In My Lifetime Vol 3, 1999

Method Man

-Old Dirty Bastard, various songs from 93-O4
-Biggie “The What,” Ready To Die, 1994
-Tupac Shakur “Got My Mind Made Up,” All Eyez On Me, 1995

Busta Rhymes

-Big Pun, “Parental Advisory,” Capital Punishment, 1998
-Biggie, Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” remix, 1994, Diddy’s “Victory,” No Way Out, 1997
-Old Dirty Bastard, “Whoo Ha!” Remix, 1996, “Where’s Your Money,” Unreleased, 2005

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

-Eazy-E, “Foe tha Love Of $,” Creepin on ah Come Up, 1994
-Biggie, “Notorious Thugs,” Life After Death, 1997
-Tupac, “Thug Luv,” The Art Of War, 1997


-Big L, 8 Iz Enuff, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, 1995
-Big Pun, DJ Clue’s “Fantastic Four,” The Professional, 1998, “Horse & Carriage” rmx, 1998
-ODB, “Violence,” S.D.E. (Sports, Drugs and Entertainment), 2000

B.G.: I’m not intimately familiar with the man’s catalog, but I hear he worked with Big Hawk, Soulja Slim and Pimp C, though.

Honorable Mention: He’s no rapper, but DJ Premier produced for Pun, L and Biggie.

There has to be 10. What do you guys have? Speak on it.

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  • Marlon

    Krayzie Bone had a song with Pun on his first solo album so that makes 4.

  • akaTheRealist

    Bun B.
    -Pimp C
    -Big Moe
    -2Pac (on the G-code ft. Scarface)
    probably more.






    Bone Thugs N Harmony done spit with B.I.G., Pac, Pun, Eazy E,

    come on man

  • B

    Pimp C, Mac Dre, Tupac

  • Pierzy

    Damn…I’m impressed you got 5. You could list a few more Jay-Z/Biggie records (“I Love The Dough,” “Young G’s”) and one Jay-Z/Pimp C (“Get Throwed”) but that’s all I got.

  • Trouble

    Heres A Few…

    -Soulja Slim
    -Pimp C
    -Big Ed

    Mr. Serv-on
    -Big Pun
    -Soulja Slim
    -Big Ed

  • the D-I-Z

    Good point..allow me to add…

    Since you put Premo on the list, you have to add Buckwild from D.I.T.C who produced for the 3 bigs–Big Pun, Big L, and Biggie Smalls

    Too Short collaborated with Big, Mac Dre, and Pimp C

    The RZA collaborated with ODB (his cousin), Big Pun, and Biggie

    The last one that comes to mind is a close but not quite to the man Mr. Cheeks–Big L and Freaky Tah



    • Pierzy

      Didn’t Too $hort work with Pac as well?

  • ben*

    busta lost j dilla too

  • ben*

    slum village

    j dilla
    ol dirty

  • ben*

    and dilla himself..

    ol dirty
    and is dead himself too

  • Dante

    Was “collaborated” too hard to spell?

  • gooch

    that was pretty impressive man


    Good Blog Work…This makes you think.

    Too Short -
    Pimp C
    Mac Dre

  • ulysses s

    aka the realist is probably on the right track with the houston guys. the screwed up click and most houston rappers in general seem to collaborate a lot and a lot of them have died also, so i imagine there’s a lot more that would make this list.

  • D Frank

    If you count Children of Corn, Killa Cam has collabed with 5 dead rappers as well as Stack Bundles.

  • cold war kid

    what about another honorable mention for easy mo bee (easily one of the most underrated producers ever) he did a bulk of ready to die, me against thee world, and produced “lex coupes beamas and benz” for lost boyz…

  • Rion

    Preemo produced for ODB too…Pop Shots on that Osirus Mixtape.

  • Ridda

    I am surprised that nobody mentioned them but them Screwed Up Click Niggaz Own this thread
    they were a group and half of them niggz died..

    R.I.P. Dj Screw, Big Moe, Big Hawk, Fat Pat, Big Mello and Pimp C even tho he was not S.U.C.

    It is obvious that all of them worked with each other.

    Snoop Dogg
    - 2Pac
    - Soulja Slim
    - Big Ed
    - Notorious B.I.G. (Dangerous MC’s*)

    * not sure if this was recorded in studio..

    • Pierzy

      It wasn’t – “Dangerous MCs” was YEARS after Big died…

  • Roc907

    cam’ron also collabo’d with big pun on nore’s first lp, banned from t.v.

  • phantom

    Method Man also worked with Proof on Searching for Jerry Garcia on that song with B Real.
    Snoop with pac, odb on the W album and….damn I dont know.

  • Incilin

    What the fuck dude?? This is another stupid ass post. What does this even prove? That if you do a song with Method Man or Cam, you might end up dead?

    This post lacks the most fundamental feature to a blog; an opinion.

    I was joking a few weeks ago with a friend that hip hop is on some macarena shit. What wit all that “Get Silly” and Soulja Boy yelling dance moves at people like a dumbass. But you just took blogging to some macarena “Speak on it!” shit.

    You make a list, we add to that list, and then what? I wouldn’t mind shit like this ever so often, but two in row suggests a bit of a trend here. I never thought I would miss Noz so much, only he could write a post defending dumbass shit like this as if it was genius.

    • render

      son you taking this internet blog shit too serious

      you wanna get educated, go read a book

      And if we’re countin producers, Lord Finesse gets 3 with biggie, big l and pun

  • mr.martin

    busta rhymes also collaborated with mr hood on the scenario remix

  • Dutch_Samson


    Lisa Lopes – Untouchable
    B.I.G. – Runnin’ (One Million Strong original)
    Big L – Deadly Combination
    Outlawz (Kadafi) – Made Niggaz
    Stretch – Pain

    • Chris

      The original version of the Big and Pac song was called ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Eddie F from Heavy D and the Boys and it had three other rappers on there… Heavy D, Grand Puba, and Spunk Bigga.

      • Pierzy

        You’re both right but B.I.G. did a song with Thug Life on One Million Strong and it was the same Biggie verse that Em used for the Resurrection Soundtrack but ‘Pac’s was different and the beat was (obviously) very different.

  • D frank

    Incilin, it’s just fun take it easy.

  • Killa

    bone did a song called ready to die with big pun to. well it was just krayzie but still. and tech n9ne has done a song with proof and 2pac

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  • Danny

    Cam also collabo’d with Lil Wayne…

    Oh wait, Lil Wayne hasn’t died yet…

    My bad…

  • Hugo

    Trae – Swang ft. Hawk, Fat Pat & Pimp C

    Trae’s the only one living of those, he worked with three dead rappers on the same track.