'Birthday Girl' and 'Lollipop' are the two hottest Hip-Hop tracks in 2008. Even NaS' 'Be A Nigger' song didn't generate as much discussion and that's even with NYOIL nipping at the lil' homey's heels.

'Birthday Girl' was a lot better than you humps thought and it will be one of the joints that gets the white girls all crazy when the Roots perform it live. What? Who do you think goes to live shows anyhoo? At least that is who goes to the Roots live shows. I'm sure that there will be some people of color at the Lil' Wayne show where he does his smash hit 'Lollipop'. Good for you. I hope you enjoy yourself.

The word is finally out that the reason why rap music sucks is because its audience sucks. The music lacks originality because you (and myself), the listeners aren't demanding it. Why? Because you live in a world where all your cassettes, CD's and mp3's are embedded onto your iPod. Whatever sound you want is accessible to you immediately and you no longer crave anything new.

Okay, that was too simplistic an answer, but it isn't far from the truth. Here we are in May and there isn't a real knocking track for the summer. At least I had 'Can't Tell Me Nothin' last year along with Joell Ortiz' remix of 'Hip-Hop'. Even the Dips had that Duke da God mixtape floating around. What is really good this year? Bupkus.

We should be in the streets protesting. Instead we aren't doing a damn thing. Y'all aren't doing a damn thing. I'm getting my ass high since my check from Harris came through. So as I see it at least I'm doing something. First off, y'all need to stop hating on the people who speak their mind when they say that someone is making wack ass music. Just because a fool is getting paid off some shit that he used his Sega console to make doesn't mean that I should celebrate that shit.

Dumbasses always talk about, "at least sonn is getting paid", as if that justifies doing wack shit. SMH to the motherfuckers that think getting a check for wack shit is a cause for celebration. Like getting drunk. Which is what I'm doing now. I bought myself a bottle of Belvedere vodka and this expensive ass orange juice called Tropicana Pure. I'm going to live it up tonight because I don't know if I will ever get another check from XXL.

I don't know what you turkey burgers are doing but you ain't living my lifestyle. Premium vodka and pr0n downloads all weekend. Did you copp that Roots album yet? Y'all fools be bullshitting. I'm winning, never sinning.