Having weed in your pocket while black

This isn’t as much of an issue for me, since I generally pass on the grass, and since I don’t live anywhere where you have to do a lot of walking around. (Fuck that shit!) But if you’re a black kid and you live in New York, you might seriously want to think twice about walking around with weed in your pocket.

As it turns out (and perhaps this isn’t news to some of you), one of the main ways the NYPD fucks with black people in New York – other than shooting them 50 times for trying to drive home drunk from the strip club – is busting people for walking around with weed in their pockets.

A story in the Village Voice the other day has all the grim statistics about how widespread this has gotten (it’s actually even worse now than it was during the Giuliani administration), and the disproportionate effect it’s had on black people despite the fact that black kids don’t even fuck with weed like white kids do.

Especially with the state the economy is in these days.

Here, I’ll excerpt the operative bit, though, if you’re especially committed to learning, you might even consider reading the entire thing. It contains vital information for the type of people I assume read this site.

More people get arrested for misdemeanor pot possession in Bloomberg’s New York—about 35,700 a year, or 97 per day—than in any other city in the U.S. and “almost certainly” the world, says the author of a new study. [...]

Drug surveys routinely indicate that a higher percentage of whites smoke pot than blacks or Latinos, but [the author of the study] found that African-Americans have consistently accounted for about 52 percent of these low-level marijuana arrests over the past decade, even though they’re only about 26 percent of the city’s population. Latinos, at 27 percent of the total population, account for 31 percent of the arrests. Whites are 36 percent of the population but account for only 15 percent of pot arrests.

The way it works is, the cops will see someone who looks suspicious, or who they claim looks suspicious, and they’ll go over and fuck with them. A stop and frisk, they call it, And if, during the course of a stop and frisk, they can get you to pull some weed out of your pocket, they’ll lock your ass up.

Here’s the thing though, and this was a shock to me, since I’m not one of these who stays extra up to date on weed laws: it’s hardly that illegal to walk around in New York with a little bit of weed in your pocket. As long as it’s under 25 grams (and I’m not sure if this is a lot of weed or not – I’d imagine it’s enough to get a decent buzz on), they’re just supposed to give you a ticket and be done with it. Like if you’re a kid and you’re out past curfew, where I grew up.

The crime most of these insane number of people who are getting locked up for weed in New York are getting charged with is having weed out in plain sight. Like, if you were actually standing out on the street smoking a bowl. (Or if you’re black, smoking a blunt – right?) But the fucked up thing about it is, these people aren’t actually smoking weed in the street. Or at least most of them aren’t.

Most of these people just had some weed in their pockets, which the cops tricked them into pulling out by asking them what they had in their pockets. At which point the cops then charged them with having weed out in plain sight and locked them up, rather than just giving them a ticket for possession.

I suppose one strategy, if you absolutely have to walk around with weed in your pocket (like, if you’re going over a girl’s house who’ll fuck you if you give her some weed), is to explain to the officer that you have some weed in your pocket, but you’re not about to pull it out, since you’re not trying to go to jail. Like Jay-Z in “99 Problems.”

However, I wonder what’s the likelihood of anyone actually getting away with some shit like that in an age when 41 has now become 50. What’s next, are they gonna start strapping grenades to black people and blowing them the fuck up?

At any rate, this is definitely some fucked up shit. As the story in the Village Voice points out, not only does it suck having to go to jail just for having a little weed in your pocket, but it also fucks up a lot of people’s records. Which makes it that much more difficult for them to go to school, and find a job and what have you.

It makes you wonder if this is just a matter of racist cops trying to look busy, or if there’s something even more sinister at play. What do you fruits think? Speak on it.

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  • blucka

    on point as usual


      Co-sign. Since they know a lot of people of color smoke. It’s an easy way for them to give a person a record, making it that much harder for a person of color to make it in life. This is a highly sinister plan. As a black man you have to be 4 times smarter than you white counter part. THIS IS CHESS NOT CHECKERS!!!!!!

  • H-LO

    Second to None

  • leroy

    Knowing the nypd they probs shoot a kid 50 times if he refused to pull out his dime bag

  • og bobby j

    it aint nothin…they put you in the paddy wagon, your drive around all day….spend the night in central booking waitin to see the judge….and you are usually let go with no charge. However, the law varies depending on whether it is considered intent to distribute (25 grams is almost an ounce…if its quality, its more then enough to get a “decent buzz”.) But if you got 4 or 5 grams…but bagged individually, that is intent to distribute. One bag people….one bag!

    you wear socks? use them….

  • droopey

    true that everyone knows the white kids are the weed-alholics.





  • ri067953

    I’d say that the white to black ratio on weed smoking is pretty even. The only difference is that the white kids smoke some ill shit while the brothers are smoking alot of stems and seeds. Also, a white kid will smoke out of a bong at home instead of driving, or in this case, walking around with a blunt.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com incilin

    There’s something more sinister at play. Its just a way to fuck with black people. Plus like you said, it fucks with their record and they cant get jobs etc. So by doing just that imagine how many blacks they stopped from getting good jobs and all that shit.

  • $ykotic

    25g’s is close to an oz. you cats should not be surprised about this. The hood’s are always suspect. And yes people, use socks!!! They come in handy!

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    this is actually a pretty clear case of systemic racism; not simply white cops, black perps,but more along the lines of ALL cops versus black perps. the plain and sad fact of the matter is that if i was hanging out with my friend jeremy (black) and we were both completely stoned wearing matching peter tosh shirts, the cops would try and bust him first. how do i know? it’s happened before, that’s how. as far as the smoking pot goes, i don’t do it anymore, but to those that do, keep smoking unless it makes you a worthless, lazy slob, but remember, keep that shit in your pocket.

  • Be a Nigger Too

    Thats the problem with AmeriKKKa. The black people always have to be the culprits. White people between ages 16-25 are probably the BIGGEST drug consumers on earth. I’m 17 (and black) and I recently went to a house party at one of my white friends house. Those guys were taking what seemed liked DOZENS of hits of weed out of a bowl. I took a few hits and nearly coughed up a lung. (I’m used to blunts) That white boy weed had me FUCKED up. (In a good way)

  • My theme song

    Man, That’s the shitest newz I ever heard!

    1st I was in NY 4 a month-N-a-half, and I ran out of the 1/4 O uh purp I sneaked on tha plane after a week, It was only “Bama” around, and I thought yaw niggaz was from tha country or suntin, Mac-damnit-man! In my third week I meet this Cali dude from Oakland who had some greenery. THANK GOD 4 not make’n me wait till I got home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After that I vowed not to go anywhere without a zipper in my pocket (My theme song “I need a freak” beat).

    I need a 1/8th
    of that sticky guey
    and when I get this 1/8th,
    I’m blown’em with the louie
    “Help me out,I neead a 1/8th”
    Ner-ner-ner-ner ner-ner

    Mac Drizzel bitchez!

  • yeeee

    Solution: Have a white guy/girl be the weed carrier.

    P.S. lol at San Diego State!

  • alwaysbetonblack

    hey first of all stop calling your readers fruits asshole” but anyway thats what the cops do. part of there job is to fuck up your record especially if you black or latino thats why our black and brown asses need to seat down and learn the laws in this country cause if you don’t know they will gladly use that shit agaisnt you

  • lil in4 4 ya

    .05(sack/pillow) grams is $10, or 3 for $25(aka 3fah)

    So check it 25 grams = 3 grams les than a whole zipper

    In Cali, if you don’t have a (refer)club card(Up 2 a pound in your posession is legal if you do!), then 1.5 grams wil get you a misdor meanor, and no jail time. If it’s your first offense then you can take a drug course, taught by ex-crack/cocaine fiends who will give you the whole run down on when, where, why, how much, and who to talk to. This system is similar to prison where inmates come in ingnorant, and while in receive a masters in ignorance, and a minor in B.S.. This will wipe the case completely from you record.

  • B

    25 grams… yea fool you will definitely be out. What the fuck… I thought you listened to rap. Any avid rap listener knows damn near as much drug terminology as actual dealers (Thanks Jeezy). Here goes for the tardy people: 36 grams in an ounce, 16 ounces in a pound. Actually, that’s not fuckin drug terminology… damn metric system.

    • og bobby j

      somebody lied to you cuz….or your supply is dumb as dogshit….a oz is 28g’s..not 36….you been gettin the hook up.

    • akaTheRealist

      bobby j is right. an ounce is about 28, 27.8 grams depending how u weigh it. 36 ounces is a ki, or kilogram. Just listen to any mixtape, or track for that matter, with Plies.


    Black People in New York got it bad? Fuck that Black People ANYWHERE in Americana gotz it “Super-Bad”!!!! Niccaz in Cali are gettin shot up like Deer in Hunting season by Coked-Up MexiCali’s, Niccaz in ATL are gettin Bum Fucked by STD carrying Tranny’s enmasse’, niccaz in Chicago are engaged in Gang Wars that leave niccaz laid-out like boxers after a Fight with Mike Tyson circa 1991!!!! Well I am glad I am just a “Tragic Mullato” and not one of these Souljah Boy/Rocko/VIC-lookin Negroes because when people see me they just keep walking………

  • http://www.EYE95.TV Beeyo

    People, please start wearing boxerbriefs and keed the bud in that little pouch near the dickhole….no homo, I guess


    shit in my hood niggas still smoke weed outside like it’s the 60′s or some shit drink 2. just gotta keep a eye on that watch because when it’s gets close to 10 them sweeps are going come. you are more likely to get tickets by those open bottle laws. they tried to get me on that. you can be on a corner and the cop will come and kick the bottle over if it’s alcohol and you are close to it it’s yours. i told him thats bullshit what am i suppose to do check for bottles before i come to a stop. i watched a cop do it to some mexican guys before and they got tickets fuck that. i saw a guy get one for open bottle on the train the worst thing was he just opened the bottle. they poured his shit out and gave hima ticket. i would have said yeah i am wrong give me the ticket but at least let me finish my shit.

  • Nephew Junie

    Yo Bol, i saw on allhiphop that spot had a song with rich hil. the ceiling – not a bad song i might add

    so now we got jimmy henchmen’s lil brother doing songs with tommy hilfigers son now. is there a more head scratching pairing ever?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    Them people need to look for new weed providers. Get somebody who delivers.

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com incilin

      This that for real? Do ppl really deliver? I just thought that was some shit from Half Baked. I aint neva heard of nobody getting shit delivered. I need to get up on that.

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    In NYC you always have to watch for the cops trying to fuck with you. That’s why it’s not smart to always be out on the streets. But you can’t tell niggaz nothing, so at the end of the day, more dudes are gonna get locked up.

  • highdef08

    in detroit alot of ppl deliver…

  • http://tikdoff.wordpress.com ash

    Where I come from, we empty out a cigarette n stuff the ish wit the weed. Make ten of these, stack em neatly back into the cigarette pack and you aint got nuthin to worry about! Shiet, u cud even have ganja menthol! The trick is to constantly stay a step ahead!

  • Bass

    LMAO. I looooove livin’ in Canada. And your probably right about the white kids, ’cause I’m one myself and Snoop couldn’t keep up with my smokin! and I never got NOTHIN’!!!!! asti qu’c'est HOT!!!

  • ahaha

    those cops have a quota

  • S

    Thanks for writing about this. Hentoff’s columns about this lately have been great, and I’m glad to see them getting wider exposure. The column also mentions NYC’s propensity to take DNA of *everyone* arrested – the implication being that arresting all these kids on pot busts is just a way to get their DNA into the system, on some New World Order-type nonsense.

  • tony starks

    In London you can have weed which is equivalent to 1,100 Blunts on you before you get arrested.of you got more than that you’ll be deemed as a dealer and get busted. otherwise you’l just get a caution or some of the real bastard police officers will take it away from you. cos they’ve seen how stupid this law is they are classifying weed which was class C to class B which is equivalent to crack and you’ll get busted straight away.

  • pron paul


    im white, i live in NY and i was actually just searched by a cop for this same reason, along with my friend who is black, the cop found trees on both of us.

    The cop than basically says to me that i shouldnt really fux with trees, says how bad it is and shit, so i basically just said my bad, he than told me he was lettinng me off with a warning and sent me away from him, but oddly enough kept my friend.

    so i said peace and left, happy that i wasnt getting a ticket or anything, alll the while thinking he was letting my friend off.

    the next day i get a call from the same friend, who had the same amount of trees on him as i did, and he said the cop gave him the maximum fine and that the cop made him ride around in the back of the patrol car while the cop was acting like he was gonna put him in jail or someshit, but he later just told the him to get out of the car when he was in the next borough over.

    I then laughed at my friend who was acting like he was just raped by 10 samoans or someshit, and than i realized that it was a bit fucked up that the cop who was black(or a dark ass latino- who knows with these damn dominicans everywhere?), let me off with a “warning”, then punished my friend.

    in the end, i won.

  • master cheef

    bol, you need to start fucking with that weed, man. shit makes everything better and doesnt leave you with a hangover. some of that good keeps me on my a-game.

    28 grams is a real ounce. down here in the south an ounce is 25 grams. niggas cant do math that’s not in multiples of 5.

  • Neven

    Man I’m glad I live in Canada ……………………. We have the best weed AND it is basically legal no matter what color you are……..

  • Jerod

    Ahahah at master cheef. Funny shit man.
    But yeah, come on… everybody loves weed. It has nothing to do with skin color. The thing is, you most likely won’t meet a black person who smokes but doesn’t peddle a lil’ bit, too. Most of us white kids just be smokin’ it up.

  • David

    I’m 19 and white and I smoke too much.

  • kingequality

    Thats real white kids dont have the same fear as us when it come to 50 Society has trained people to think black is bad and white is good why you think you dont see no nappy heads waiving in shampoo comercials

  • http://www.myspace.com/chronikill ROX ONE

    this is news to some people?

    after the madrid bombings they can also search anyone with a large package or a backpack in the subway… even though this is technically a strictly anti-terror measure, you are still getting booked if they find trees on you.

    keep your trees in your boots.

  • escobar9300

    Oh boo fuckin hoo, here we go with the race shit again. Man I smoke weed on the super regular but Im not stupid enough to walk around the city with that shit in my pockets. If you get stopped and cop finds it, then you go to jail, Dosnt matter what fuckin color you are. White dudes go to jail all day long for the same stupid shit. Its not the police, its the person with the trees in their pocket who was stupid enough to roll out of the crib with it on them. Stop blaming the police for motherfuckers with no common sense. Hit the good shit before you leave, so you dont have to bring shit with you to smoke an hour later!

  • mario4hustle

    once again ignorant blacks fall for the white mans games. i dont feel sorry for you though. if you dumb enought to pay ten bucks for a tablespoon worth of weed then you need to be locked up. i can afford to buy pounds of weed because of a decent job but i refuse to get ripped off like you smokers. me and these white folks just laughing at your dumb ass.