Initially, I had intended to blow off whatever responsibilities I had left around here. But then I asked myself: what would Lou Reed do in this situation? It's a question I frequently pose and more often than not it results in forced electroconvulsive psychotherapy (nullus!) or a week long heroin bender. But every now and again I end up with a Metal Machine Words. The avant garde freak out certainly makes for great contractual filler, (I know, I know, MMM wasn't contractual filler, it was serious art, man) but I checked with Schoolly D and it turns out Lou Reed ain't hip hop.

Which is why I'm now forced to take an alternate approach in begrudgingly filling my quota - the greatest hits album. Sure, I don't make music, but neither does Cappadonna, I don't think. So here is an arbitrary and hastily compiled selection of pretty good posts from the past 306. Be sure to read them now, before they're forever devoured by a full page XXL Block Talk peel down. (And when you're finished, please sign up for XXL Block Talk.)

Bonus disc, as if I'd leave you in silence:

What's Clark Kent without a telephone booth? What is a liquor if it ain't 80 proof? What are the youth if they ain't rebellin? What's Ralph Kramden, if he ain't yellin at Ed Norton? What is coke snortin? What is position if there is no contortin? What's hip hop if it doesn't have violence? Chill for a minute, Doug E. Fresh said 'silence'...

....then he was like 'speak on it!'

[Posse on A Red X With a Large Piano Teetering On The Edge Of A Cliff Directly Above T-Minus 2]