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Initially, I had intended to blow off whatever responsibilities I had left around here. But then I asked myself: what would Lou Reed do in this situation? It’s a question I frequently pose and more often than not it results in forced electroconvulsive psychotherapy (nullus!) or a week long heroin bender. But every now and again I end up with a Metal Machine Words. The avant garde freak out certainly makes for great contractual filler, (I know, I know, MMM wasn’t contractual filler, it was serious art, man) but I checked with Schoolly D and it turns out Lou Reed ain’t hip hop.

Which is why I’m now forced to take an alternate approach in begrudgingly filling my quota – the greatest hits album. Sure, I don’t make music, but neither does Cappadonna, I don’t think. So here is an arbitrary and hastily compiled selection of pretty good posts from the past 306. Be sure to read them now, before they’re forever devoured by a full page XXL Block Talk peel down. (And when you’re finished, please sign up for XXL Block Talk.)

Hate It To Love It
Kochward Bound
In Defense Of UGK
Croutons: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac
Whatever You Say
Posse On Trendwatch: Crank Dat Everything
New Years Exhumation
AmeriKKKa’s Most
With The Viscosity
Curtis vs. Graduation
10 Great(est) Rap Videos
There Is No Blue Without Yellow And Orange
gun powder residue still on my hand

Bonus disc, as if I’d leave you in silence:

What’s Clark Kent without a telephone booth? What is a liquor if it ain’t 80 proof? What are the youth if they ain’t rebellin? What’s Ralph Kramden, if he ain’t yellin at Ed Norton? What is coke snortin? What is position if there is no contortin? What’s hip hop if it doesn’t have violence? Chill for a minute, Doug E. Fresh said ‘silence’…

….then he was like ‘speak on it!

[Posse on A Red X With a Large Piano Teetering On The Edge Of A Cliff Directly Above T-Minus 2]

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  • Tray

    Does this mean you’re leaving? I actually like your blog here a lot more than cocaineblunts.

  • thoreauly77

    nice obscure de la reference at the end there noz.

  • EReal

    Peace out, LCD Rap Appologist.

  • Incilin

    Dam son, with you and Billy both saying your on the way out it seems like XXL is really clearing house. I just don’t get why they would want to dismantle the XXL website when of all the urban magazines, XXL really got the best website.

    I guess that poll a few weeks ago with us voting on our favorite bloggers on the site was really the staff making us choose which one of ya get to stay and which one’s don’t.

  • DJ Mydas

    the phrase is “more often THAN not”. you’re an idiot. maybe you can get a proofreader at your new job.

    • noz

      My proofreading is almost as bad as your music. Don’t worry, I deleted the link so none of my readers will have to experience it.

      • thoreauly77


        • connor

          No but really, that shit was awful. Also, criticizing typos is stupid.

        • DJ Mydas

          i’m not scared.

          [url redacted]

          do your worst.

      • Dan

        What is that assassin song called and by who. Never heard it before and it is very soulful. Do you have a tracklist for those songs?

  • henry


  • concerned hater

    noz, thanks for all your posts.

    one love

  • still sippin

    at least i won’t accidently read bol’s column (does this guy even write about hip hop?) on my way here again.

    • bongolock

      ditto still sippin…

      must be some serious isht goin on at xxl.
      dam shame.

      thanks for all the posts. i’ll still check cblunts but the posts here were a little different.

      peace out

  • Mayor

    yo it was frustrating reading this because there were so many good tracks that i may never know the name of. but thanks for being sincere and giving a fuck.

  • Jayson Greene

    Wow, this is a bummer. I’m not surprised, as you were putting about as much passion into your job here as a late-period 50 Cent album, but still a bummer. I loved this blog when it started, ev en though the opening posts clowned the late and beloved Stylus Magazine.

  • Jose

    peace…u were hot garbage anyway ya nerd! wanna be down but never will.

  • fakerthanfake

    thanks for the insight from the start. you definitely inspired me to be a hater

  • boi-dan

    Did you ever hear South Park Mexican’s version of ‘Posse on Broadway’ entitled ‘Broadway?’