Could You Beat Suge Knight’s Ass?

Either these fools out here are fearless, or Marion Suge Knight is losing it.There’s no way in hell Suge would have been tested so repeatedly ten years ago.  If my memory serves me right, the Mighty Mos Def made some wild accusations during a performance at Los Angeles’ House Of Blues nearly three years ago. “Tell me who shot my man, Suge? Who shot Biggie, Tupac and Jam Master Jay,” Mos shouted from the HOB stage. “We fear nothing.” I remember reading about it and thinking, “shut up, Mos, shut up!” At the time, I was still banking on Pretty Flaco to redeem 2004′s The New Danger, so the last thing I needed was to read a, “rapper/actor thrown off balcony” headline. Sure Snoop Dogg had been taking shots at the Death Row founder, but they paled in comparison to Mos’ allegations.Anyhow, since then, dudes have been testing Suge left and right. Dude got shot at Kanye West‘s(of all people) pre-MTV VMAs party in Miami later that same year, the homie Ralphige pranked called him late last year and some dude just knocked him the fruck out this past weekend.Suge Knight Prank Call [Audio:]According to early reports, Knight was sucker punched by a man he and his goons beat down over a debt. But word is now spreading that Knight could have been taken out with a crow bar. Photos of night’s chin checker are now surfacing and it turns out that dude is only 5′ 10″ and 173 lbs. Damn! Dude even photographed his knuckles, one of his knees and elbows to show his knockout scars. I doubt Suge will let that one slide. As hefty as Suge is, dude isn’t likely to crumble under nobody’s sucker punch. A crow bar ought to do the trick, though.Keep it funky. I know some of you listen to some of these rappers talk tough and think you could whoop they ass if it came down to it. I remember interviewing Prodigy this past fall. It was just me and him in the room (no handlers, no publicists) and dude was just talking real greasy when giving some of his answers. Mind you, I’m no thug. But I couldn’t help but think, “if this dude tries something, I’m serving him.” I’ve seen Jim Jones scream on dudes twice his size (pause) and dudes wouldn’t do anything about it. The thing with Jones is that he talks such good trash that you start thinking, “that dude would whoop my ass.” I doubt he knows karate or anything, though. I remember meeting Suge at the BET Awards in LA last year and a physical confrontation was the furthest from my brain. Dude shook my hand and damn near dislocated my shoulder.Trying Suge is apparently the new thing next to youtube, ringtones and rapper blogs, but I’ll pass. What do you guys think? Did dude use a crow bar or his bare hands? If Suge was to approach you, would you fight or run? If not the latter, I’d reach for the nearest crow bar. Speak on it.

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  • Billy X. Sunday

    how the mighty have fallen. literally.

    • EReal

      If you’re gonna be on the site, why dont you do something constructive, like WRITE A FUCKING BLOG?? LMAO!

      Just Playin, I know they stopped Payin. heh.

  • Pierzy

    I would walk on the Death Row logo on his BLOOD-red carpet and see what he would do to me…


    Between trying to fight Suge or Puffy? Hmmmmm…..I much rather put my Foot in Mr. Shiny Suits ass than a overgrown Ex-Escaped Slave-lookin Nigga!!! Besides of all the Hip-Hop niggas I would run up on Suge is possibly the ONLY one that would get on some Boxing shit with me, Jay-Z look softer than Miley Cyrus’s manure, Jim Jones is gayer than John Mayer, Souljah Boy, I think my 14-year old little sister would beat his lil retarded ass. Suge = Fighting, Me = Not So Much. O.N.E.

  • Jhene

    dude probally did knock suge wit his hands. suge bicth enough to wipe Pac out ( RIP) he would be bicth enough to get the shit knocked outta him.jus cuz a dude huge dont mean nothin, like you said look at Jim Jones his skinny ass you already know he’ll do some damage, i just wanna c pics of dude that knocked suge out tho… hOlla

  • henry

    in my mind i picture myself trying to hit him with a car but it bounces off hum

  • EReal

    I dont care how big you are, someone catches you in the right spot prefs chin/jaw/cheek bone with a right hook or uppercut and its a wrap.
    But in this case, with all the blood and none of it coming from his face, its obvious Suge was hit with something.
    Its still funny tho, I hope he gets kocked the fuck out once a day for the rest of his cotdamned life on straight up GP.
    Word to ya mother.. LMAO.

  • EReal

    P.S. Your tiny hands sicken me.

  • DJ Daddy Mack



  • Braile

    I could beat his ass with the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world about 40 niggas and a bat would do the trick.

    but me myself…Hell to the fuckin naw
    Maybe wit a fuckin crow bar…when i see him ima try somthin

    feel me like braile

  • og bobby j

    we may have just found out that a big nigga suge got a glass jaw….dont mean he cant fuck you up….it just means that he cant take a solid connection….roy jones ass nigga

  • lone1

    Sadly, people look at a persons size and assume that it matches the fight. Damn all that yo, I’ll fight anybody, and probably either knock them out…or break a bone in their face in about less than 5 seconds because I’m just so ill like that. This fat bastard got what he deserved, had a cat step up to him, and knock him clean out. Good ish.

  • Cal

    I just don’t get why anybody would think Suge’s monkey ass snuffed Pac out! It just don’t make sense.

  • JC

    They were in a club….where would the guy get a crow bar from? Anybody can get it!!

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    i’d beat dat nigga wit a wet napkin and dare him to sue me……

    i’m jus bullshit, i don’t wanna see no parts of that dudes finger, let alone get into an altercation with him, his wrist probably outweighs me…..

  • K.ola

    I wouldnt start a fight with him…

    but if he approched me im swingin on him…

    if het got the best of me with the hands i would shioot his fat ass in the spine… i wouldnt kill him but i would try my damndest to make him wear a shit bag for the rest of his life…

    as far as being scared of any one man… just pray…

    i dont fear no one man… now suge and his rent a bloods is different… but a one on one i never been scared of… and his chin jaw and nose is the same size as mine so…

  • CHUN

    Chun, suge. Ko’d for 3 minutes… That ain’t no punch.

  • http://xxl gside

    Dam things ain’t the same for Gansta’rs

    • EReal


      Times is changin, young n*ggas is age-in

  • The Invisible Man

    When was the last time Suge Knight was relevant to music? What does this have to do with Hip Hop “jackedpot”??

  • Chicago G

    It just does not add up that a 5’10 173lb guy could knock suge out cold and leave him bloody with his bare fist… Anybody who buys that is not a logical thinker, it’s obvious somebody went upside his head with a pole… It was a coward move but there ain’t a lotta cats that would go toe to toe with suge.

  • The Invisible Man

    When was the last time Suge Knight was relevant to music? What does this have to do with Hip Hop, “jackedpot”?

  • Chicago G

    And if you ain’t know about suge word on the streets is he known for niggas he used to be a bodyguard for Dre.

  • Chicago G

    And if you ain’t know about suge word on the streets is he known for niggas he used to be a bodyguard for Dre.

  • Chicago G

    And if you ain’t know about suge word on the streets is he known for niggas he used to be a bodyguard for Dre.

  • paychexx

    man, fuck suge!!!
    that nigga bleed just like i do.

  • Rob

    First off, Suge Knight has a reputation of beating up on guys much smaller than him. Who has Suge Knight ever beat up that was his size or without his boys? He surrounds himself with a bunch of gun-touting gang bangers which makes him appear toughter than he really is.

    I’m a boxer training out of Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn and I know plenty of heavyweight boxers that can easily beat Suge’s ass. I’ll even go so far as saying there many cruiserweights, light heavyweights, and super middleweights that can beat him. Roy Jones Jr could knock out Suge in 1 round despite the weight difference. A powerful puncher that hits someone directly on the chin when they are not expecting it, can easily KO someone.

  • fred

    i would not want to fight him head up but if i had to i would but i would pick something up for his azz and do him!

  • Justice Served

    I don’t care what nobody says “AINT NO RULES IN WAR.” I don’t care if the nigga hit him with a fist or bus. Use what you got. Some niggas use size and muscle, some niggas use weapons. Pick yo poison. Big Ups to that nigga for not backing down.

    A little advice to the dude though. No time to rejoice now, they probably gone coming at you. Stay strapped, blast first and stay on you p’s & q’s playa.


    shit suge getting a little older now i could work him over before he could land one punch on me. also this is kinda like karma when you on top no one wanna touch you. once niggas start seeing that you are kinda down on they level they going wanna touch you. in death row hayday no nigga in there right mind would have dared to put his hands on suge. that was a automatic casket for you and your bitch hahahah

  • Embry

    Billy X. Sunday says:

    how the mighty have fallen. literally.

    ^ ^ ^ ^

    first thing I thought when I seen the photo.

  • str8 flossin

    Is it me or does this remind you of David and Goliath???

  • dirt

    Yo, you ever se “the beast” fight in mixed martial arts ? he wins a lot but he’s lost some fights to some small ass dudes, he runs out of gas.

    My point is The beast is even bigger than suge and healthy. Suge smokes retarded stogies, drinks every night and looks like a extra fat ass doe boy that hasn’t done anything physical for the last decade and a half. Maybe 15 years ago when he was playing football and shit, but now ?

    Conclusion : theres a million or more mutherfucks out there that would serve up Suge in a quick minute and he met one of them the other night.

  • trillvillain

    three minutes and a bunch of blood?
    after just getting served by a gang of niggas?
    you know this nigga had something in hand

    it just doesnt make sense for dude to not have a weapon

  • Incilin

    If I had a crowbar and Suge ran up on me, I’d probably still run. Lest that motherfucker grabbed that shit right outa hand like ODB grabbing a shotgun from a mugger. I would never test Suge despite these pics.

    Prodigy, on the other hand, is one skinny sickle cell mothafucka. He really don’t look like he could throw down one on one with someone like say, DMX.

    But either way, why the fuck are we talking about hip hop like it’s boxing or pro wrestling?

    • EReal

      Uhm, because it is like pro wrestling now. lol.

      Inci where you been at duke?


  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Wouldn’t Fight That Motherfucker, I Heard He Dangled Vanilla Ice Over A Balcony ala Michael Jackson. No Thanks, I Ain’t No Pussy But I Ain’t Stupid Either.

  • fukahata…

    man the nigga had 2 buss suge wit somethin…but fuck it i mean u cant think errbody fight accordin 2 the same rules u do…lol…he left dat nigga sleep tho…big ups 2 da lil nigga…DC’S FINEST…

  • PercyP

    The Only Reason Yall Would Try Suge Is Kause he gettin Old I Bet ya if this was ’95 yall wouldnt try him!