What we really need is better strip clubs

Mofos are all pissed today because it was announced that the cops who shot Sean Bell have been found not guilty. But I wonder if their beef is really with the cops who shot Sean Bell, or with the system that would force a black man to have his bachelor party at a strip club in Queens, of all places.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that it’s the latter.

As I was remarking to one of the young kids I mentor the other day, one of the best things about going to some of the strip clubs I go to is that they’re located in towns where there’s basically no law.

Sauget, IL, for example, one of the towns where I’ll go every now and again to get a little glitter on my face, could very well be the only city in this country whose Wikipedia entry makes it a point to note that you can pretty much do whatever you want there, as long as you don’t fuck up in one of the strip clubs.

In which case, some Italian guy will break both of your legs.

I remember one time I had been kicking it over in Sauget and I got a little bit lit. On my way home, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I drove into some traffic and damn near caused a huge accident. Some cops were sitting right there at the end of a parking lot, but they didn’t seem to give a shit one way or another.

They probably figured I was a little bit lit, but that I’d be fine once I made it to the highway, and no harm no foul. Or maybe they were too busy copping a blowski from a stripper, and they weren’t about to subject themselves to a monumental case of blue balls (which really does exist, I’ll have you know) just to enforce some bullshit drunk driving law.

Either way, of course I was glad they didn’t press the issue. Lord knows, being down with the winning team here at Harris, the last thing I need is the utter financial devastation of having a DUI on my record – not to mention the embarrassment to my parents, if that shit somehow ended up in the paper.

And I’m sure the town benefited as well, economically, in the sense that, if I had gotten busted that night, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go back over there again if I wanted to. In fact, you have to wonder to what extent a town like Sauget, IL benefits economically from having such lax law enforcement.

I’m not saying drunk driving is a good idea or anything. I’m just saying. It’s always nice when you have these situations where the law manages to work out in everyone’s favor.

If only Sean Bell had been as fortunate. He went to go get some glitter on his face one night a year or so ago and ended up getting lit the fuck up with bullets by the infamous NYPD, and I’m not even sure if he was in any violation of the law.

The difference, of course, is that I went to a strip club in a town where the police don’t have to sweat getting shot as much. Worse case scenario, maybe some drunken Japanese businessman tries to shove his fingers in a broad, and he has to get taken out back and beaten within an inch of his life.

I’m assuming that Sean Bell, on the other hand, went to a club in one of these areas where you hear about mofos turning up dead in the parking lot on pretty much a weekly basis – not unlike some of the clubs over in the rather appropriately named Brooklyn, IL.

Without knowing too much about this case, and without bothering to do much in the way of research this late on a Friday afternoon, I’m assuming the cops in the Sean Bell case let loose because they were fucking scared as shit.

Which is not to say that they were right for what they did. I’m just saying. It’s easy to sit there and get all high and mighty about the police being racist, but who knows what you might you might do in that situation?

As many have pointed out, some of the cops who shot Sean Bell were black. And as I’ll point out, the cops who’ve given me a break on many an occasion (and God bless them for it) were white.

So I wonder if this is really a race issue so much as a class issue. In other words, I wonder if the issue was that Sean Bell was black, or that the strip club he went to – either because he was broke, or maybe he liked ‘em thick like that – was in such a crime-infested shit hole of an area.

What do you fruits think? If Sean Bell had spent the night before his wedding at Rick’s Cabaret with my idol Ronnie Mund, would he still be alive today? And if so, was the issue really that he was black, or that he either didn’t know or couldn’t afford any better?

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  • og bobby j

    anybody with sense can see this is not a race issue. If the the cops were white, there would be some riots in south jamaica right now….but thats another discussion. I think, we have to realize that these men were in the wrong, whether the law says so or not. How they can all get off on negligence alone is a mystery…but its whatever. No one except those there can atest to what actually occured, so it is what it is. As for the titty bar quality, im confident that sean bell lived in that same shitty neighborhood and thus it was convienent. Plus, remember the cops were there to scope hookers…so he was probably looking to get some ultra-stank or a hummer. Cant knock that hustle……

    On a side note, how about homey dumpin a full clip, re-loadin, and dumpin another full clip…if a cop needs that many bullets to kill an unarmed person, we need better shotters. Thats my tax dollars in sean bell for christsake.



  • fontgangsta

    one of the scariest revelations ive ever gleaned from your blog – - – you actually mentor the youth??? god help the childrens.

    • akaTheRealist

      my thoughts exactly.

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      I cosign lol.

  • ri067953

    Let’s fuck some whores!!!!


    bol you don’t know shit about new york when rudy cleaned up the timesquare area most of those strip joints relocated out to queens. plus he most likely lived out there so hit up the area joint might see a girl in there you know. that her man don’t know she stripping blackmail her into some head or more hhaahhaha. getting to the real issue sean bell got shot because he was drunk black guy with his 2 black friends. the cops were most likely telling him to freeze but he reached into his pocket to get his id or car keys and they thought he was reaching for the hammer. the reload was to make sure that even if he was wearing a vest that his ass was going stay down.

  • DC

    Can’t a man get a whiff of some skanky vagina in peace anymore? Seriously, there should be some requirement for all strip clubs to provide a slut who jerks the customers off after lap dances. That way, there won’t be a club full of drunk dudes with half chubs and high levels of testosterone (No Homo) getting violent because of all the sexual tension and backed up baby juice.

  • aquma

    it aint even about race. It’s about fucking police brutality and a co-signed, equally fucked judicial system.

    State sponsored terror, man.

    • ga_finest08

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t give a damn if the police were scared. It doesn’t take 50 bullets to figure out shit. Becuz of police getting away with so much shit like this I tell my son( he’s 7), the police are not ur friends. Do whatever they tell u, if not they’ll shoot ur ass.

  • The Spaniard

    “it aint even about race. It’s about fucking police brutality and a co-signed, equally fucked judicial system.”

    Pretty accurate.

    News Flash:

    It’s a class issue 99% of the time.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com lil’vina

    to me this is a race issue because he was a black man just having some fun and for no reason he gets shot by the police. him being at the strip club can’t be the reason why he got killed and it’s a shamed that another black man is killed over some bs. goes to show you that racism is still here and hate to say it it will probably be here for a very long time.

  • Yayza

    “goes to show you that racism is still here and hate to say it it will probably be here for a very long time.”

    Some of the cops were black. Race is NOT the issue. Who the fuck still cares about race in 2008? It’s about those with power and authority abusing it to keep the lower class doing what they want them too. Think about it man, there HAVE to be poor people in order for there to be rich people. Rich dudes keep the poor content being poor and working as hard as possible for as little pay as they can get away with. TV, Movies, Music, it’s all there to keep your ass distracted from your shitty life. People need to start acting. Start doing stuff. At the very least pick up a fucking book and learn some shit, people, please! Events like this will not stop happening if the perpetrators know they can get away with it.

  • orangejuicejones

    Just because two of the police that shot him are black does not mean that race is not an issue here…..

    Often times minority cops who work in these majority white squads or units take on the mentality of these working class white officers who as a general rule of thumb in large cities seem to treat Black and Hispanic minorities (especially young males who fit into the “ghetto” or “urban” stereotype dwelling or kickin it in “ghetto” or “urban” environments)as criminals upon first contact.

    Ive dealt with this mentality plenty of times coming from black and white cops who view all young minorities (especially residing in so called “ghettos”, repeated for emphasis) as a dangerous threat.

    The chances are if Sean Bell would’ve looked like some B-Rad type sonofabitch, the police, although probably viewing him as a useless wigger or sellout, would have approached the situation in an entirely different manner.

    Point blank, a black man in the ghetto is viewed as society’s biggest domestic threat and that is exactly why Sean Bell caught them speedknots…….


    Being a cop is a job…just like anybody else who works, some days are good days at work…some days are bad days at work. Except on most of our jobs a bad day doesn’t necessarily entail getting shot at (unless you work at a high school or college…then you never know) by someone. All that to say, everything everyone is saying is true. Race was involved, the area was part of it, the cop being scared was part of it…it all came together to create this awful outcome. All these factors are also, I’m sure, part of the reason the judge let them off on the charges.

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    When you go to shit areas of the city, then you have to expect that you won’t make it back out alive. I lived in horrible areas and I came close to getting ethered more than once. When you get the chance to get out of there, you flee asap. The problem with poor cats if that those opportunities arise and they either don’t take them or are too stupid to know when it is time to cut your losses.

    Why do you think so many hood niggaz like Scarface and shit? We all know that the longer you stay in the life or the more you keep fucking with shit you shouldn’t, the closer you come to getting popped or wasted.

    It’s like fate. Cats know they are eventually going to get killed, but they don’t think they can do anything about it. Niggaz need to quit while they are ahead and get the fuck outta the hood.

  • JAY

    This is about racism. Like the great Chris Tucker stated in one of his stand up performances:

    “Niggaz iz scared of niggaz too!!!!”

  • Amsterdam

    …Black police showing out for the white cop…
    © Ice Cube

  • dsread

    Sereouslly man have some respect this is beyond offensive grow up.