StreetFight Is That Cinematic Crack…

I pride myself on putting you dudes on to that real shit. Some of you kids can’t handle the truth, but for those of you that can fuck with hardbody ‘hood movies I need you to peep this joint called ‘Coonskin’. You might be able to come up on it under the title ‘StreetFight’. The movie was made by this sick fucking genius named Ralph Bakshi. Sonn has made a gang of animated feature films and he keeps his shit raw and subversive. Have you ever heard of ‘Fritz the Cat’ or ‘Heavy Traffic’?Ralph Bakshi made this film ‘Coonskin’ during the height of the blaxploitation era. It goes in hard on the trinity of forces that keep the ghetto dwellers poor and addicted to drugs. The film shits on the mafia for distributing the drugs, the police, for being the enforcers to the mafia and the Black church which runs all kinds of other rackets in the ‘hood. Mostly the Jesus racket. ‘Coonskin’ is so fucking hardbody that white called in Al Sharpton to raise a ruckus and boycott the film screenings. The film stars Philip Michael Thomas as a convict who is attempting to break out of jail. Barry White plays his best friend who is breaking him out and busting caps in police on the way in and out.This film gets in your brain quicker than an eight ball of Bolivian fishscale. White was shook to death from this movie because it described the Black man taking charge of his community and his own destiny. Even though most of the film is animated it was still realer than anything else that you will ever see on a movie screen. Realer than ‘American Gangster’ homey. I give mad props to Ralph Bakshi for making this movie because this is the type of shit to get you in trouble with white when you start showing Blacks how to view their communities and empower themselves.If you are in the New York City area today, Saturday April 19th, then I strongly suggest you make your way to the Anthology Film Archives on Second Avenue in Manhattan. Ralph Bakshi will screen ‘Coonskin’ himself along with ‘Heavy Traffic’. Both films are street classics that you need to know about. Especially ‘Coonskin’ which is part of my top 5 G.O.A.T. films along with ‘BladeRunner’, ‘Star Wars Ep 5′, ‘Ninja Scroll’ and ‘Clockers’. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with this flick.Saturday, April 19thAnthology Film Archives32 2nd Avenue, NYC7:00 PM Heavy Traffic9:00 PM StreetFight a/k/a Coonskin (on a restored 35mm print)Tickets $8 at the door, good for one or both features

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  • thaface

    BladeRunner and Empire are that hott fire (no Dylan)

  • The Spaniard

    It seems as if people live to “hate” on Clockers. That movie was the shit.

    Blade Runner was ill too.

    Episodes 1-3 were so bad that they made me hate 4-6. I can’t even watch Strike Back without geeting a fucking headache. How is that even possible?

    My ace has been trying to get me to watch that Ninja Scroll flick for years now but I don’t really fuck with anime like that. I’ll get that shits in my Netflix queue (at the bottom!).

    Coonskin…I have to check that out for sure…Tubbs? Yeah, I have to see this shit.

  • Black Boss

    Are you sure its playing tonight? The Anthology Film Archives website doesn’t mention it at all.

  • Luq

    Downloading it now…

  • Liam

    Empire strikes back is the best


    O shit! Some OTHER black people who actually LIKED Star Wars!! Some of my homeboys dont even know what Star Wars is! Episode 3 was the best one to me. Then it’s episode 5.

    Clockers was aight. Cant really hate on it.
    Blade Runner was the shit tho, fam.

  • VArep

    never seen this joint, can’t find it but i cosign with bladerunner. do androids dream of electric sheep is still superior though, philip k. dick lives (nullus)

  • The Spaniard

    Empire Stikes Back was the illest.

    Vader was choking fools out and giving field promotions on the spot the whole movie, even though monitors!

    “You are in command now, Admiral Piett.”

  • geico lizard

    blaxplotation had some movies in that era that really had good messages and other werent that educational. as far as star wars that episode 3 was so raw i saw it in imax and the way they had him really become the cold heartless darth vader by killing those innocent kids who were training to be jedis was wild man. they made sure you understood why he went to the darkside and that he was there completely.

  • billy’s the real enemy

    this dude is an idiot. anything he has to say i don’t listen to. i’ll watch this movie but this is some bullshit by billy x sunday like always. i wanna see you make sense one time. you are the one that keeps this kids thinkin they are victims by letting them think that white people are out to get us. they are not and you should stop with your bullshit cause you keep these kids with that hate for white people and they don’t need that shit. im a keep calling you out on your bullshit and you can suck my dick and eat that white shit.

  • shane dash

    ninja scroll is that shit

  • ZO



    I ain’t a Dame Dash Fan, but, “Paper Soldiers” was one of the Funniest Hood Flicks EVAR !!!! Especially that part when Beans punched out like 3 Cops and stuck his Tongue out at them after flippin them The Bird.

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