In your face, Al Sharpton

Something tells me this new Nas album, The Dreaded N-Word, is gonna be one of my favorite albums evar. Or, at least one of my favorite albums to think about.

If there’s gonna be an issue, it’s that it’s probably not gonna be that good. The first track leaked from it, “Be a Nigger Too,” which I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, hit the Internets this morning, and as a song, i.e. an actual piece of music, it’s not anything to write home about.

I mean, it’s alright. It reminds me of any number of Salaam Remi-produced tracks from the last several Nas albums, where, on the one hand, you were glad it wasn’t Timbaland and Ginuwine singing about tricking with these hoes; but other hand, you couldn’t help but think, “Man, I could’ve produced this shit.

Like, that song “Thief’s Theme,” which was just a wanton loop of the disco version of “Inna Gadda Da Vida” (which was subsequently rehashed for the lead single and title track from ’06′s Hip-Hop Is Dead); or “Made You Look,” which is just flip of the b-boy classic “Apache.” (Which is actually merely the “disco version” of that song as well, but I don’t want to get too deep on you fruits. Word to Edie Brickell.)

I’m not saying I actually could’ve produced either of those songs. I just like to think shit like that, because I’m a hater.

This new one, “Be a Nigger Too,” seems to be cut from the same cloth. Once you’ve heard it a couple of times, you could go the rest of your life without hearing it again… if it wasn’t for the damn lyrics.

And what about those lyrics? I’m sure plenty of people will criticize Nas for not having much of a decipherable point (not to mention for cursing!), but since when were rappers supposed to be college professors. Nas is not Michael Eric Dyson, or Cornell West; and if you notice, those dudes can be at a loss for a point themselves from time to time.

What Nas does a great job of on “Be a Nigger Too” is raising issues – issues you don’t hear raised nearly as often as you’d like to these days, because rappers are probably too busy trying to get deals shilling for body spray and what have you.

Take for example the age gap in the black community, which is discussed in the first several bars of Nas’ raps. Here, it sounds to me like Nas is accusing the Civil Rights generation of black activists of not being particularly media savvy. Which I suppose is understandable, given the fact that they’re… you know, old. In particular, Nas accuses them of letting the TIs pit them against the hip-hop community, rather than joining with the hip-hop community to take on the real enemy, i.e. the Ku Klux Klan.

Then there’s the white man’s right to call a black woman a nigger, when he’s upset with her over relationship issues. Or rather, the controversy that erupted years ago, when Ray Benzino unearthed an audio recording of Eminem calling a black chick a nigger, after she’d broken up with him or whatever. Nas’ take on this issue, at least as far as I can tell? Eminem dropping the n-bomb on a black chick was cool, because Eminem is Nas’ nigga. Roffle. I can’t wait until the legion of angry, lonely-ass black women get their chubby palms on that one!

I wasn’t sure what to make of Nas’ take on the issue of Africans not getting along with other black people. There’s a line that reads something to the effect of (and you can tell I’ve only heard this twice), “Some Africans don’t like other Africans. The other day, a guy got killed in Johannesburg.” Um, what was that supposed to be? A reference to the issue of African immigrants adopting a superior attitude towards black people here in the US? A general reference to black on black crime that just so happened to take place in Africa, because it was recorded the day Lucky Dube was killed? Hmm…

Finally, there’s the issue of Jewish control over the business end of hip-hop – which actually isn’t addressed specifically, so much as it just kinda occurred to me when Nas dropped the k-bomb during the first chorus and I damn near spit coffee all over my laptop. (Which I would’ve tried to get Nas to pay for, trust me.) And I know that’s been kind of a subplot in this ongoing saga, with Al Sharpton claiming that you couldn’t use any epithets for Jews in a song the way he does the dreaded n-word, because record labels have special departments that go over rap songs with a fine-tooth comb for any instances of antisemitism. (Note: Yes, Al Sharpton actually said that.)

Did Nas toss the k-bomb into “Be a Nigger Too” in response to Al Sharpton’s claim that he couldn’t? Also, I’m assuming no TIs actually signed off on this shit, right? Someone with the tools and the talent ought to approach Nas and the TIs for comment. It would be a coup for “hip-hop journalism.” I would myself, but I lack the resources. Otherwise, I’d be down in front of the Def Jam building right now with a microphone, trying to get some answers. Remember, it’s not me who hates you, it’s the people who own the companies I work for, i.e. the Jews.

OK, I lied. I can’t stand you assholes.

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  • words

    agreed. not too crazy about the beat, but this is going to be talking point #1 for a long minute. blam blam

  • BX01

    Nice one Bol,the album is going to be one hell of a controversial piece of work

  • Beantowncrown

    Bol lol u fuckin balled troll, suck u mamma dick Lupe hater

  • lukee lefty

    the song is aight, but frankly i liked the whole ‘n-word’ thing better when NWA did it. Nas juss seems like he’s doing this because he’s bored with life.

  • yaman


  • EReal

    Roffle. I can’t wait until the legion of angry, lonely-ass black women get their chubby palms on that one!
    Damn your hatred for black women just never ceases to amaze. Fuckin funny tho. lol.

  • jonathan

    its really just about power and having a voice thats why when this slave shit turned into a gazillion dollars 3 times over even through the torture all in position of power look for a way to make it end! not just the jews! i wouldnt just blame any particular group! because its more of a social financial arrangement! thats the excuse by people in a position of power! no one really gets that upset jewish people are the strongest of people mentally, not just them use that as an excuse to throw u under the bus! thats why i try not to even say any words about them! not so much fear its just i know its an excuse by many not just jewish people anyone in a position of power to make you seem like an animal! thats why you just gotta skip that! thats why everyone refuses to allow any black people to gain any real power in this world! for fear of the past how we have been treated! even when slavery can be turned around into all the money in the world! the people in position of power not just jewish people ! the collective people that rule this world threw finance and controlling it will do what it takes to keep it that way! thats why its so bothersome to me having the rap community do all the hard work for crumbs its like we kill ourselves off out of just straight jealousy i can bet even if no crumbs were giving out the effort to stop me would have been the same if not more! its not them stopping us its us stopping us! i even feel like others in a position to get real power didnt even want to believe that another black man could attain such power through simply slavery and conspiracy! we have a deep rooted slave mentalitity that has never left! crabs in the barrel! and its unfortunate! for real for real! it truly is! i believe i lack such emotions because my heritage is not really from the people that were slaves here in america but more so from people who migrated from the carribean! but thats just me! i only go against those who directly affect my life not just because im jealous! even with barack obama! this whole time everyone was dissing mr obama because they thought he was looking out for me and was gonna help me expose the role hiphop participated in this conspiracy! the minute that fell apart! we love barack! its beyond real with hiphop! like i said its not them killing us its us killing us! and we do it all the time! all the time! i wont ever loose sight of all my enemies but its so annoying knowing that that mentality is so deep rooted in american black people its a shame! for real for real! it really is! but atleast you got your crumbs! for now! it just wont happen on this planet we will always be second hand citizens! trust me! so i dont like to even blame others no more they are doing what they have done since the beginning of history! its like expected behavior what upsets me is the chance to make a change and the selfishness of my own out of jealousy and envy to ruin it! you understand! its beyond real!

    • triggafrique


    • barney

      its beyond real!

    • Tray

      and its unfortunate! for real for real! it truly is!


    That NAS song has a lot of gems in it. First he states that we all (EVERYONE) came from AFRICA so we all n….rs- Which is in some right truth. What nas is trying to do is take the evilness out of the word. And finally someone uses derogatory words against other races in the same way in which they use them amongst us. I hate when I hear Latino’s use n….ger but you can’t call them the S- Word. So big ups to Nas for putting everyone on the same playing field. That’s what I think his true message is to show that everybody has derogatory words in there language and it all makes us equal.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, Africans that come over to the U.S. don’t like so-called African-Americans because their perception is that we’re lazy fucks. Which is true for the most part. With that being said, I’ll be pumpin’ that track everywhere just to piss people off(White ppl don’t like repeated use of the N-word). I say that shit 100 times a day like I’m Paul Mooney. “It makes my teeth white”.

  • Mo_Betta

    I like NAS but his skills have been long gone…Hip Hop is Dead was horrible, he gets outshined on all collabs…ie…Black Republican, and lets not mention “SUCCESS” on American Gangster as far as Im concerned the track ends just before he spits…his beat selection is the worse the beat for BE A NIGGER TOO wasnt a great choice…His idea for NIGGER may have been creative but I dont think it was fully thought out conceptionally…Nas is makin’ a fool of as the rest of his career being very contradictive…ie…1st: The world is mine….2nd: If I ruled the world?….how do you claim something then questioning its ownership…trying to hard to come across smart …you gotta do ya research NAS…this comes from saying what sounds right at the moment and not saying what actually comes from your heart.

    • Suckapunkin’

      Google earth Nas, he got flats in other continents!

  • 7 V5A 7

    yo, this kills all this bullshit rap we have been hearing. We need to sit back and enjoy that some has the balls to come with some real shit and is not concerned with ringtone sales and radio singles. Nas >> Hip Hop’s New Generation

  • Correct qoute ni&&a

    Correct qoute:
    “We all african, but some africans don’t like us know way, a killing happen in africa yesterday!”

    U-know these spear chukin, bone through tha nose, leopard skin lion clothe wear’n mofo’s act like they better than a nigga, but just the day b4 a nigga killed a nigga in tha streets of africa nigga, and the nigga was rapping and making music just like us nigga!

    Bol, Ur shit is off cause of ur lack of understanding, and expirience of a nigga’s life…

    Imagine this:
    Ur outside look’n through a niggaz window. Yet U failed 2 discover that the window iz a mirror nigga!

    • Weasel F

      WTF is u talkin bout?


    Thirteenth!! Or maybe later…

    I’m not aware of too many things, but I know what I know. Nas just might be on the right track with this “Be a Nigger Too” fuckfest. But is anybody crediting Eazy-E for being the first to say that on an album (my favorite LP – Efil4zaggin)? I’m not bitching at all; I like the fact that Nasir used an Eazy quote for this track. After all, who exploited the term as well as N.W.A.? They are the nigga blueprint.

    I haven’t had time to listen fully. I’m at my wireless bar, still getting tho’ed. Just downloaded the song; still have to find a blank CD to burn it so I can put it on blast in the Regal here in Cobb County, Ga. But I like the premise, so I’m expecting to play this one for a few days, if not weeks.

    I’m glad God’s Son got on message with this one. It gives one hope for the fewcha.

  • Rocco907

    cosign 7 V5A 7

    not crazy about the beat but at least its not “i can.”

  • thoreauly77

    listening to that track this morning i thought the same thing about the beat — boring. expect nothing less from the great nas to pick the lamest beats. oh well, the part where he said eminem was his nigga and cracker was pretty funny.

  • Marko-V

    I think the song is wack and couldn’t listen to it for a 2nd time. It really serves no purpose other than to get us talkin about what Nas album will sound like. Honestly, that’s how you create a disappointment. Like did anyone really like the series finale of The Wire? Not really cuz we expected too much. I feel the same thing is going to happen here. Nas is human like all of us and we really must listen to the song. True, it’s better than ringtone rap but even he didn’t feel inspired enough to write a 3rd verse.

    you can get at me@:

  • yo

    man how is blogging a job. You say hateful shit and collect a check for it? hmm.
    you even have fans now.

  • Young & Imperial

    Bol, the fact that you did an ENTIRE post on ONE song indicates that Nas is doing something right…

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Then there’s the white man’s right to call a black woman a nigger, when he’s upset with her over relationship issues. Or rather, the controversy that erupted years ago, when Ray Benzino unearthed an audio recording of Eminem calling a black chick a nigger, after she’d broken up with him or whatever. Nas’ take on this issue, at least as far as I can tell? Eminem dropping the n-bomb on a black chick was cool, because Eminem is Nas’ nigga. Roffle. I can’t wait until the legion of angry, lonely-ass black women get their chubby palms on that one!

    ^^^^^^^LOL!!!! I can’t wait either! But I think Em wants to forget about making that tape…

  • stoneyisland

    Nas is beyond being an uncle tom. He’s that slave that use to tell on other slaves to the massa. as a educated brother I find the entire situation disturbing, if any of you so called hip muthafuckas think I am gonna walk around in front of white people saying nigger, this nigger that then you have lost all of your fucking common sense. We are our own worst enemy black folk, we dont need the white man to hold us back, when we got so many, dumb ass Nas types running around with big shiny NIGGER T-shirts and hats, white people have got to sitting bak laughing at us. I am ashamed and thats real talk. Fuck Nas and everything the muthafucka stands for.

    • melaniwater

      Educated, brother? Hahahahahaha, you’re slow as hell on this one. Educated brother? hahahahahahahahaha, you’re joking me, right/


      I kind of Co-sign this message.

  • pedoboy

    i used to think nas was smart. He’s not. He just picks on any old controversial topic for sales. Hip Hop Is Dead?..”Nigger”?? And whats the bet this is the only song that has anything to do with the word or its history lol, and he doesnt actually make any real points, or give insight into ANYTHING and not only that but he cant pick a good beat for shit these days. How many times is he gonna put out songs with these god-awful unreplayable lazy-ass beats? Can he hear what hes making? Stick with premier and pete rock… From illmatic to this shit…*sigh* what a waste of such talent.. His second classic album (the lost tapes) is full of unbelievably good songs that he inexplicably chose NOT to put on his albums! He totally forgot that hes a MUSIC ARTIST..MAKE GOOD MUSIC BY PAINTING PICTURES OF BLACK LIFE & CULTURE DICKHEAD AND LEAVE YOUR SHITTY UNINTELLIGABLE AND POINTLESS POLITICAL VIEWS AT THE BREAKFAST TABLE WITH YOUR DUMBASS SHEEP OF A WIFE KELIS.. wow thats been building upin me since the release of that abortion street’s disciple


    Yo Nas ethered himself by throwin the jews under the bus with the rest of us. Nas must be drinking! That dude up top who said nas is bored wit life couldnt be more right. Nas is obviously depressed and suicidal, i mean look at his face! now he sold his soul, implyin that he runnin round wit freemasons like jay now…i got no more words for this dude..he’ll be lucky to be alive by the end of the year, much less havin this album see the light of day…and THE GOD has spoken. Peace.

  • Soo Chi

    “Fuck Nas and everything the muthafucka stands for.” Stoneyisland,youz a nigga..

  • Incilin

    “And I know that’s been kind of a subplot in this ongoing saga, with Al Sharpton claiming that you couldn’t use any epithets for Jews in a song the way he does the dreaded n-word, because record labels have special departments that go over rap songs with a fine-tooth comb for any instances of antisemitism. (Note: Yes, Al Sharpton actually said that.)”

    ^^^ Seeing as your the guy who popularized using the phrase “ti” don’t you think it’s a little true? I mean, doesn’t that phrase come from Mos Def saying “some Tall Israeli is running this rap shit” and then some tall Israeli named Lyor Cohen went ahead and ran that shit off the album?

  • Tyler

    Word to Edie Brickell, ‘dats my bitch right there. On with the post:
    Yea BoL, U missed the mark once again. The shit is bangin’ if not 4 the concept alone, Nas gets and A+. Be a Nigga 2? Oh but how true. In this day in age every Nigga wanna be a Nigga. They even said as much during the current Political situation sayin’ Obama had the upper hand on ‘dat WhiteBitch cause he was Black and that shit is hot in the streets right about now. If ever! Nas has taken his game 2 another level not just lyricly but also by using the media cause even U are talking about the track which 4 a not so hot 1st single, this is a win, win 4 him. I can wait 2 see when Dr. Pepper get whole of his ass but it’s still gonna be more press 4 the album. Nas has just pulled a 50cent on the whole game. Is it a monster single? No, but neither was “Fuck the Police” but look how it changed the Rap Game 4ever. Nas went in on this one top 2 bottom dawg. But BoL, just didn’t get it because It’s a Black Thang’ so he wouldn’t understand, man. Peace.

  • Tyler

    Oh yea’ and if the beat would’ve been 2 hot or tight then it would have taken away from the lyrics or the real point of the song which was 2 get all U fruits little panties in a nice tight wad. Hey BoL

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka A Nigger’s Worst Enemy

    Fuck you, you, you, and you, and the person you thinkin bout1

    Peace 2 Man, Woman, and Child!

  • LOL @ NAS


  • Prophecy_Projectz

    What I love about this whole Nigger Fiasco is not only people’s divided responses but also who specfically is reacting.

    LOL@ Davey D calling anyone who supports Nas “Plantation Minded” and forgetting his ownheroes Ice Cube, Dead Prez, Common, Lupe and KRS all co-signing Nas on this. Davey you’s got some explaining to do….LOL!

  • E

    the brother has you guys talking about the topic so he’s doing something right. nas doesnt care about record sales so he’s saying whatever the fcuk he wants, unlike these other artist who are programmed by the TI’s to make bullshit rap records geared towards suburban white kids.


  • the G.O.D

    Peace to the Sun, Moon and Stars

    You know I have browsed through the different posts in regards to Nas’s new joint and I am astounded by the dumb comments that are posted. Now here’s an issue that we as black people have been trying to deal with for ages and we get an invitation to do so and most of y’all are just missing out on the whole deal. First of all, in tems of music the brother has not lost anything, f…k all the kill-kill murder-murder b.s. or the sugar coated b.s. on your top 40. Real artists come out with their visions as they put out albums; the fake ones just follow. Most of y’all who are complaining about Nas’ music just started listening to his music anyhow. So go back to early appearances on Main Source’s and Chubb’s joints or go listen to the joint on Zebrahead.
    Now, in terms of the use of the N word, we need to sit and talk about it, now I cannot count the times I’ve gone out with friens and at times and cringed when I see black women and men tossing that word back in forth as if it were the most natural thing to do and white folks just looking down at them and shaking their heads in disgust. Now I could see if said young black men and women were using this word to f…k with said white folks’ heads i.e yeah I can use it, go ahead and try it and see what happens to you or that excuse that ‘Pac (God bless the dead) tried to use with the acronym–that he used it as a form of empowerment (yeah, whatever), nah y’all use it to show how dumb you are.
    we are all guilty of using it, though over the years I’ve tried to check myself each time I have found myself ready to use it and I will keep on trying and checking myself.
    then maybe one day I will completely eliminate it from my vocabulary; some of you so-called brothers and sisters should try to do the same and maybe you will have earn the right to get angry and strike back when a non-black person calls you a n….