Here are some rapps for today:

Saafir - "In A Vest" (Hobo Junction, 1996)

I plan to murder the man who outbid me on this sweatshirt.

Sporty Thievez f/ Pace Won - "Uh Oh" (Roc-A-Blok, 1999)

Ski's Roc-A-Blok imprint was very promising. Had it not been squashed by whimsical TI's, maybe Brando would still be with us today and Pace wouldn't have gone all didactic rap. This particular song sounds pretty dated but at the time it was raw. And for the record "Cheapskates" > "No Pigeons," if we're playing one hit favorites. And "Life Is Just A Moment (Pt. 2)" > all those other Roy Ayers records that aren't "We Live In Brooklyn." I am just saying.

Dana Dane - "Cinderfella Dana Dane" (Profile, 1987)

Dane was something of a low budget, PG rated Slick Rick that somehow managed to transcend that status and make a really enjoyable record. wikipedia entry is something of a revelation: I was shocked to discover that that his British accent is, in fact, completely faked and that he was briefly signed to Rap-A-Lot. His debut, With The Fame is one of those mid tier solid rap records that gets lost in the fray - not classic enough for the official list, not obscure enough for the rare rap fetishist crowd. I am pretty confident that I caught at least one STD from the off brand Russian Rapidshare I had to download this album from. I burn for the love of fake cockney hip hop. Pause til' infinity.

Magnolia Slim - "Soulja 4 Life" (Parkway Pumpin', 1994)

A pre-No Limit Soulja Slim reflects on his soulja life mentality, soulja. Like Mystikal, Slim's early was clearly a bigger influence on weirdo era Wayne than Jay or Gillie, but y'all don't hear me though. It's ok, keep sleeping on New Orleans classics while building your own twisted timelines.

Jungle Brothers - "Jimbrowski (Demo)" (Unreleased, 1987)

Needs no introduction. I guess this was originally recorded for Red Alert?