Timbaland On The Verizon Bus

I can vaguely make out what keyboard it is that he calls his “baby,” but I think it’s an ASR-10. Aside from that, V-Drums, a dual monitor mobile Pro Tools set-up. A DJ rig. All the outboard gear. And Keri Hilson’s fine ass. What more do you need to make hit records/ringtones?

Tim’s gotta go somewhere new though, musically. Damn near every producer in the game is on that electro pop sound now, been that way for about a year and a half.

via Nahright.

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    anyway..Timbo is what a lot of these producers wanna be…yet, he aint exactly broke that glass ceiling as being on top yet…

    Original beats…check
    His own style….check
    hadda number one hit or two..check check check

    The only thing left IS to get a tour bus with your own set up and a good swollen ass….cuz ALL THERE IS LEFT TO DO IS GET RICH OFF THESE WHITE FOLK,,,,WHY NOT ADD SOME FUN TO IT…

  • http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ noz

    “I can vaguely make out what keyboard it is that he calls his “baby,” but I think it’s an ASR-10. ”

    Yeah, that would be consistent with what he’s said in the past.

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  • sayQua

    He’s literally covering up where the ASR-10 sticker is probably as not to freely endorse them. Especially since they’re a defunct company that has zero marketing dollars. Honorable Tim.

  • http://www.myspace.com/akhilthebrownwonda BrownWonda

    i saw in another pic of his studio before a roland mv-8800 tucked away
    im not sure if he uses it tho…
    im pretty sure his main workhorse is the asr

  • dragononline

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  • http://www.vinyl1980.com raoul

    Timbo is the man, my personal inspiration.
    The Hunger for More niggas.

    Download South African hip Hop tracks for free.

  • Trey Stone

    for what it’s worth, this particular kinda-song he’s made for Hilson isn’t on that electro-pop style you’re referring to.

    i’d agree though, he should switch it up. but dude’s the most versatile hip-hop producer around, i’m confident he’ll be messing with new styles, ‘specially if he tries to rehash his ’06 sound this year to diminishing returns

  • krazie-al

    tim is gangster, check him out


  • steve

    All that fancy equipment just to make an expensive sounding sh*t song.

    congratulations tim. way to go.