G-G-G-G-G-Godzilla Unit!

I’m fucking with the latest G-Unit singles. There’s some shit on the Kay Slay mixtape that is hot fire. True story is that the beat is fire, Fisty Scent’s lines were hot, and the rest of G-Unit was meh. But I still fucks with that track.

Young Buck is the second best rapper in G-Unit without even trying too hard.

It’s crazy that DJ Drama is back on top after having his whole enterprise ran up in by the RIAA and the Feds. There was definitely some jealous fools out there because sonn would have been bigger than any major record label by this time if he hadn’t been pinched. Drama is like a godfather in the rap music game. Niggas have to kiss his ring if they wanna eat. Give your boy Fisty Scent credit for recognizing sonn’s reach and going in with him for that paper.

What I like is how two Black dudes (or one Black dude, and one tragic mullatto) are exec-producing shit that will be huge in the entertainment business. This venture has as few t.I.’s touching it as possible. If this joint venture is a success I want to see how the record industry scrambles behind these cats. Niggas like Lil’ Wang was flipping on Drama when he first got arrested saying shit like, “Now he has to play the game fair”. That is why Drama is fucking with G-Unit. Fisty Scent don’t play the game fair. He cheats. And he wins.

Fisty Scent did take a loss last year though. Let’s face it, ‘Graduation’ is a better album than ‘Curtis’, however ‘Curtis’ was not a raging shit sandwich. It’s actually quite good. So instead of crying over spilled milk and wasted opportunities Fisty Scent is starting at square one again. This is why you can’t sleep on this dude. He attacks all of his projects like it’s day one at the office. Whether it’s ending careers for rappers like Ja Rule and Cam’Ron or re-inventing his own career as the hardest working rapper in the business, Fisty Scent stays on his grizzly.

Are you Lil’ Wang stans nervous for May 13th? You should be. Wang’s got less than two months to get a bonafide buzz going for his project, ‘Carter III’. There’s no way this album is getting pushed back. This is Wang’s career defining moment. Is he the one, or is he Mims with a larger fanbase?

You already know my opinion.

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  • Dram

    haha tragic mullatto…..get money

  • deezhul

    yeah the tape should be hot

    • g-easy

      Lets be honest..50 aint been hot since ’03. His shit is played out.

      • EReal

        2.2 Million other people in the world would disagree.

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Curtis’ was not a raging shit sandwich. It’s actually quite good.”


    ^^ “This is why you can’t sleep on this dude. He attacks all of his projects like it’s day one at the office.”

    Co-sign 2x

    ^^^ “Wang’s got less than two months to get a bonafide buzz going for his project, ‘Carter III’. There’s no way this album is getting pushed back. This is Wang’s career defining moment. Is he the one, or is he Mims with a larger fanbase?”

    Big-muh-effin Co-sign

  • wood grain grippa

    Classical Blog

    Had to include some funny lines: and I quote

    “Drama is like a godfather in the rap music game. Niggas have to kiss his ring if they wanna eat.”

    “That is why Drama is fucking with G-Unit. Fisty Scent don’t play the game fair. He cheats. And he wins.”

    “This is why you can’t sleep on this dude. He attacks all of his projects like it’s day one at the office. Whether it’s ending careers for rappers like Ja Rule and Cam’Ron.”

  • cold war kid

    i’ve heard some of that mixtape…them boys is soundin like its summer ’02 again…they got a real dope track on this beat from boyz n the hood…i dont remember the name of the song…or who even did it for that matter…but its the track them bloods was playin when they flashed the shotty on trey for walkin in front of thier car when he was bringin a plate from the cookout to his pops….anyone know what im talkin bout?

    • BIZZLE


    • cripper08

      cold war kid. tha song u want is called ‘the mechanic’. its over that boyz in tha hood beat. itz some hard shit. chek out thisis50.com truly 1 of the best sites ever.

  • og bobby j

    i might agree with you…except for all the fifty slurping. I understand what your saying, but it almost sounds like your ready to neck this nigga off.

    anyway…wayne had his shot….if his carter 3 dropped last summer…shit would have sold like a beast. I think he buzz is fizzeled out and his sales will reflect it. I need to hear some bonafide fire before I say ima cop it. And lollipop aint it.

  • Blaze

    BS once again…50 trying to stay revalent and this is one of his last chances

  • Chaka

    You said:”Let’s face it, ‘Graduation’ is a better album than ‘Curtis”

    correction:Lets face it,’graduation’ might have sold more than ‘curtis’ in USA,but ‘gratuation’ is not a better album than ‘curtis’.lyrically kanye is not in the same league as 50.Infact kanye does not know how to rap.His lyrics are just too simple and shallow to me.The only rapper that I know that can rap and produce at the same time is Dr Dre.Check out nuthin but a g thang where Dre made this claim in 92 and since then no producer have proven him wrong.Peace an hip hop head in afria wrote this.

    • big rob

      Dr. Dre best rapper/ producer? I guess people in Afria, or is it Africa, didn’t get the memo Dre don’t write his own shit. By the way Curtis sucked balls.

      • Chaka

        I never said Dre is the best rapper/producer.What I said was that Dre is the only artist that can rap and produce at the same time.Yeah Curtis is not a great album but my initial claim was that curtis is better than graduation.Another point of correction:we in Africa know that Dre does not write most of his lyrics…Please try to read peoples post very well before commenting on them.Peace.

      • Stu Man

        If he don’t write his own lyrics THAN HE CAN’T RAP. That means he can just recite the lyrics he paid a shit load for. I will admit he is the only producer who has rapped good lyrics over is own beats.



      This may be the first time I actually disagree with you on something.

      “lyrically kanye is not in the same league as 50. Infact kanye does not know how to rap”

      I would put them in the same league. Both men have done amazing things with their carees and both are highly talented. Not only that, they both have 3 very good albums and both have lyrically said some profound things. For ex:

      “Drug dealers buy jordans/crack heads buy crack/and the white man gets paid off of all of that”-Kanye West

      “Death gotta be easy, cause life is hard/it’ll leave physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred”-50 Cent

      In a battle, of course 50 will win. But lyrically, they would be on par with each other. Also, the reason a lot of people, including myself, think that Graduation was better than Curtis, is because it gave a breath of fresh air. 50 was always on the subject matter of selling drugs and murkin niggas. It gets to a point when you just need to hear somethin different. Some feel good music. Feel me? That’s what Graduation provided.

      I personally feel that BOTH artists have fell off their original swag. 50 was more on a lyrical basis and spoke more on emotions and reasons behind those emotions. Kanye was more on a consiouce basis and spoke on political issues. Now both have became highly arrogant. Now 50 says “look how much money I have” and Kanye says “look how awesome I am”. Neither was like that in the beggining. For some reason they both sacrificed it. Peace.

      P.S: You just keep ethering BXS. LMAO!!

  • cweed

    That “Milli” beat is sick …”tougher than nigerian hair”

    Whats the point in all the Wayne hate?

  • Shade

    Thats what niggas don’t understand about 50 Cent and G-unit.

    They grind the hardest. I don’t care who you want to stack up against them, no one can match that grind. Wayne puts out verses and songs all the time, yeah, but he hasn’t shown the business sense to turn that into other ventures, brands, and successes. He’s a feature rapper. Nothing wrong with that. But what you got to think about is this:

    Rap shifted. It shifted from the days of old to the days of the hustler. Jay is the best rapper alive, not just because of his lines but because of his business sense. He turned his buzz and his dope rhymes into money. And he did it better than anyone else. At the time.

    When 50 came out, he did the same thing. Thats why he’s sitting on top. If Wayne was so good, and the money from features so nice, why isn’t he on the Forbes list? Why doesn’t he have 100 Million plus? He’s not even on the level of Nelly who at last count was at 60 million. That’s probably less now, but still. I don’t see Dwayne Carter up on that list anywhere.

    Today a rapper is the trapper hustler figure. If anything, their lives should reflect their lines. If you can’t turn the success and street cred that you got into actual bankable, legitimate (if you actually a hustler and/or still hustling) money, then whats the point?

  • dez

    May 13 set yo clock bitch

  • http://myspace.com/DJMydas DJMydas

    Thanks for helping me not feel like the only one that thinks Banks is garbage.

  • Ali

    1) Wayne IS Mims with a larger fan base
    2) Young Buck sucks balls, Banks is the best of G-Unit
    3) “Curtis” WAS a raging shit sandwich

    • MC


      Banks is definately the best in the UNIT by far!

      Honestly if you listen to Return of the Body Snatchers and Elephant in the sand yayo stepped his game up big time

    • Stills

      CO SIGN!!!

  • gkid12345

    waynes buzz is nearly diminished.

  • EReal

    Dj Drama & Young Buck’s Chronic 2006 was that Piff.
    Drama has alot of respect for G-Unit, and with Don Cannon on the beats, Im actually looking forward to this mixtape.

    But BXS, you’d be well served to D/L the Body Snatchers and Elephant in the Sand mixtapes. They’re both hot.


  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • Jud Buechler

    How did 50 end Camron’s Career?

    Camron just hasn’t been in the limelight due to his own admission.

    But Cam’s Mixtape Public Enemy #1 was hotter than anything 50 put out, even hotter than that mediocre Curtis joint.

    50 cent doesn’t have any power to end a nigga’s career anymore.

    He ended Ja’s career cause the streets appointed him to do so. Because the streets found out that Rule was a phony. You gotta realize the streets was fed up with Ja’s cocky antics a Year before Fif came into to ether him.

    Fif didn’t end Ja Rule on his own. The streets passed the baton for him to do it.

    • EReal

      Noone is checkin for Camron anymore bruh and you got Santana talkin shit now, Jimmmy is gone, I think it was 40 Cal doing a song called “The Dips is Ova”, that whole crew had cracks and when 50 put pressure on them they folded.

      50 dosent end anyones career, he just gives them enough rope to hang themselves.

      He did it to Ja by making him come out of his lane, he was doin his lil r&b thnag and then 50 put that pressure down and Ja puts out “Blood in My Eye” and alienated his fan base. Boom Career done.

      He did it to Cam by making him put up or shut up, he frustrated Cam so much this dude makin You Tube vids in his boxers by the kiddie pool talkin about its gonna be a hot summer and its fuckin almost April of 08!!! Plus if you dont think “Funeral Music” or “Hold On” were hot, you’re just a hater.

      Now he’s doin it to Joe, 50 has fun with this beef shit, he only took the Ja beef seriously. He’s laughin and Joe is gettin mad angry n shit, lol. They drop a heat rock mixtape and Joe does 47K first week, and only 14K this week,I dont care how “independent” you are, have you seen the features and producers on that album, he’s in the red unless he got beats and bars for free. 47K FIRST WEEK. Plus all that photoshop shit has Joe lookin madd homo minded.

      in summation, 50 dosent end careers, he lets people end their own. Why you think Wayne dont want it?

      • Jud Buechler

        Cam has been acting stupid since before the days when he came out with his boxers.CAM clowned the hell out of 50 cent, and ever since then 50 doesn’t have as much power than you think he has.

        Cam caused 50 to flop with curtis,Cause 50 thought he could take it and turn it around and make it something else which it did good by today’s standard’s but nonetheless dissappointed in sales overall.

        He Put pressure on Ja, only because the streets allowed Ja to be ridiculed. The streets aint want ja no more cause he was faking the funk with the lil R&b shit. The streets was clowing Ja before 50 came along fam. This is fact. Do you know hip-hop history? Everybody and they mama was clowning this dude. Ja was like a punching bag.

        He didn’t make Cam come out with an Album, Cam came out with a mixtape on his own admission. Cam was laying Low before that Fam. Curtis was better than expected but thats like saying Rare meat is better eating raw meat.

        All that shit you talking about Joe, doesn’t relate to anything and that’s just inside shit for you g-unit stans. No one is looking at these pictures or giving it second thoughts, cause the beef shit is played out. Aint no one outside of hip-hop even knows fifty is photoshopping beef outside hip-hop.

        Fat Joe’s Career is still going on Fam, and really who is selling from New York? Fat Joe is still making money off the We the best shit too fam. Who is selling more records than Joe, besides 50 or jay?

        Come on fam, get off 50′s nuts b. He ended one career and that was Ja rule’s. Jimmy Iovine pulls more weight than fif does.

        • EReal

          “Who is selling more records than Joe, besides 50 or jay?”

          Rick Ross and Snoop for starters, lmao.

          Fat Joe isnt NYC anymore, and I never said his career was done homie. If you look at Joe’s album features and think hes a NYC rapper, you’re crazy. He lives in Miami now, his album is all southern beats and features, he isnt NYC ne more bruh. IMO.
          47K First week? I can go down an entire list of people that sold more than that first week, how about 50, Banks and Buck? lmao. How about every dude around him in his southern swag rap videos?

          Who is sellin more than Joe, lmao, that was a good one homie.

    • Lucas

      Jud Buechler: Learn how to argue, man…you’re not even making points when you try to explain yourself. This is my first post ever on XXL, and the junk you’re saying is pathetic. You draw conclusions and attempt to spin them off as facts. Is that you’re MO?

      • EReal

        LMAO, couldnt have said it better myself.

        Duke just said the same shit he said in his first post.

        And Curtis flopped? ROFL! Than what about Jay-Z and every other artist except Kanye? They all flopped? ROFL!!!

        This dude said Curtis flopped at 780K First Week, and says Joe’s career isnt done when he does 47K first week and 14K second week, Cams been missin for a year and his entire set is in shambles, and fact is it doesnt matter if “the streets was clownin Ja” dude was still sellin records, TO THE LADIES DUMBASS, that was his lane, then when he tried to put gangsta shit on his “Blood in my Eye” album, THE LADIES didnt buy it, hence he alienated his fan base,why you think his first single was “Body Baby”. Besides, if anyone underminded Ja it was Em. He destroyed Ja on the Invasion Mixtape Series, do YOU know YOUR hiphop history or are you just a Cam stan rooty tooty fruity? Quit Hatin.

        • og bobby j

          i just finished reading the hilariousness above and wanted to chime in….

          Cam’ron aint been hot since Big L died. COTC was that shit….but his rymes might be the silliest shit i ever heard.

          Curtis was a flop only by fif’s previous standards….and it was not a bad album. The Still Kill Shit is fire…the man down shit was hot…My Gun Go Off “Fuck Boy, you can see it to believe it….try and dodge and weave it…end up a parapalegic”….

          Kanye shit was cool….but toooooo sweet. Plus he needs to stay behind the boards far more then he is in the booth.

          Fat Joe is, was, and always will be a radio artist. Despite maybe don cartagena….he drops club bangin singles….and thats it. His claim to the hip hop game is bringin PUN to the limelite. Other then that…he is a vet in the game due to his longevity and singles….not for ebing a complete artist.

          In closing
          Jud has been silenced. or Curtised.

        • Jud Buechler

          I said who is selling more from new York?
          Yeah Joe is in Miami, but he makes east coast type music. Do you have ears? Of course Joe is dick riding the south for singles. He has an east coast flow and delivery. He doesn’t display any southern skills, besides beats. He still reps BX. He still gets a fifty and says he is in all the clubs in New york. Joe is only pimping the south, and to me he is hot garbage. Lol at you saying he isn’t in NYC anymore when all his mixtape artist is from new york.

          What rappers is he hanging around. Listen to the K.A.R. mixtape. Are you serious fam.

          The fact that you guys are defending this cat is because of your sexual love for fifty.

          I said Curtis flopped to 50′s standards. He only sold that amount of records because of the kanye buzz. Now in the truest sense he didn’t flop, but his mediocreness, is not considered a success to him, in regards to his other albums.

          I’m ethering you niggas left and right. You John Lucas, make an argument of your own, and come with some concrete evidence, instead of whining about what I wrote. That’s what bitches do when they get their point across.

          Og Bobby J. Your argument has nothing to do what was the point at hand, cause I don’t disagree with none of your statements, which leads me to believe that your reading comprehension skills are lacking.

          Shits disgusting b.

          The God of this blog shit.

  • Bro

    Bro Wayne been hot since he was in the B.G.z (they were a duo). How in the hell you gonna compare someone who been 10+ in the game to Mims

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • master cheef

    50′s music is for rap fans who like their shit hardcore. if you like entertaining, clever rhymes to tight beats you cant quit nodding your head to, you might like 50′s shit.

    how come fat joe ran over to pap’s motel room, but doesnt try to holler at anyone from g-unit?

    you have got to respect these niggas’ gulliness.

    • Burnout

      Man, D.I.T.C.-era Fat Joe was the shit. But he’s fell off ever right when the new millenium rolled around. Both 50 and Papoose could take him, I think. but that’s just my opinion.

  • geico lizard

    i do want to hear young buck and 50 over that cannon beat that lil wayne and freeway killed on the dedication 2.

  • TC

    Yo who ever said that Cam’s mixtape is better than anything 50 has put out lately, is either a Cam fan, or a real stupid mother fucker, how the fuck could u say such a thing, are u fucking serious, and im not even a 50 fan, im a Nas fan.

  • G.E.

    “Drama is like a godfather in the rap music game.”

    …really? a godfather fam? *smh*

  • jd

    …………………so i was fuckin my wife last night

  • Pierzy

    I never loved G-Unit and haven’t been feelin’ them AT ALL the past few years but the two latest G-Unit mixtapes, especially “Elephant In The Sand”, are FIRE. “Return of the Body Snatchers” was hot but the new one, volume 2, is real hard.

  • FAIR

    First thibgs first BIG COSIGN curtis wanst great but it wasnt terrible but new g unit sounds like the days of old 50 and buck are on fire and banks sounds like hes getting back to where he should be great post…as for you cam and wang dick rider grow the fuck up..cams garbage and anyone who oversaturates the market is gunna get buzz cause wangs all you here

  • KING 50


  • http://xxlmag.com the realist

    good post.

    Lloyd Banks said it best.. “television caters to pop, not violent hits, the unit ain’t never fell off, it’s all politics”

    lil wayne sucks, nothing is special about him, he flows well over pop beats, thats about it. 50 cents pubes got more rapping abilities than wayne or cam’ron.

    and don’t lie, don’t you get chills when you think about g-unit coming back like when they first came out? it honestly hypes me up.

    the stuff they came out with inbetween time was not bad at all, they just wanted to make that paper so they made softer sounds, thats all, but they still kept it gangster…you have to respect people that hustle like that, its why they have the most money in the game…they run this shit.

    g-unit for life. <3

  • Impulse 187

    Yeah, G-Unit is LARGELY Underrated.
    I downloaded that new mixtape, and there was some FIRE songs in that shit. not only that, but it was free, which game me more reason to download it off 50′s website.
    50 Cent’s album last year In my opinion, was better. Kanye’s album to me only had 1 good song, and that was that “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” track. That track was hot. But I Liked more songs off Curtis than just 1. That Ye’ Shit sounding to pop/techno for my taste.
    I was scared when I didnt here Young Buck on the first edition, cus ive been hearing alot of shit about Buck was ready to leave G-Unit, but when he showed up and killed the tracks on the second 1 i was glad. Too bad Prodigy is in jail, cus that nigga spits fire, and too bad M.O.P. left the unit, thats type fucked up, im a big M.O.P. Fan too. And now all im waiting for is 50′s next album, and wondering if Spider Loc or 40 Glocc is ever going to come with a cd.

  • Impulse 187

    You have to give the man some credit.
    After 10 Years in the game (Yes it has been 10, theres been other songs before Get Rich Or Die Tryin’) He’s STILL talkin that shit!
    He still talkin shit to other rappers, and he still dissin other people. That takes balls.
    Not only that, but Joe running up to papoose, why he aint run up to 50 like that?
    Cus he pussy.

  • DXL

    Young Buck is not the second best rapper in G unit, he’s the best! Underated in the game but that boy got that fire

  • The Crispiest Bacon

    BXS, you a dickrider to the fullest. When the whole 50 vs Kanye was poppin, you was shittin on Kanye….now it’s better..ok.

    You love to watch 50 make moves…it turns you on or something. You probley nutted on yoself writin this post.

    And all yall dismissin Weezy like he aint shit, yall goin eat yall words. I aint a stan, but I am a fan. His lyrics are captivating and entertaining. He aint just tellin a story about how he shootin niggas and he a killer and a hustler, but if he does talk about that, it still sounds better comin from him than somebody with more credibility than him. He got so much swag on the mic, it’s hard not to appreciate.
    But some people do give him a little too much credit, but He’s a Beast.

    BXS, fuck off lil’ nigga


    Whats the name of the Kay Slay mixtape that Billy mentioned at start? Said fiftys lines were hot, I wanna hear for myself… peace.

    • EReal

      Goto Thisis50.com you can download “The Return of The Body Sntachers” and “The Elephant in the Sand” mixtapes for free.


        Thanks EReal but I already got those two, they’re crazy… I’m talkin about what Billy said at the start… that they done a few joints with Kay Slay… who kidd presents the thisis50 mixtapes, i figured there was a new kay slay mixtape or something… peace.

        • EReal

          Word, I’d check Mixtape Kings or Mix Unit dot com, or if you have bittorrent, goto MixtapeTorrent.Com and on the left side click on Kay Slay.

          If you dont have bittorrent, the website can direct you on where to get it. If you have it, and/or if and when you do get it peep thepiratebay.org you can get anything there, just make sure they’re seeded.


  • http://feigningenius.wordpress.com feigningenius.wordpress.com

    Lil Wayne’s new track “Lollipop”, is now #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It jumped from #85 to #9 in one week, making it the largest jump of the year.

    Even though the track is kinda lame, it is catchy and chicks like it. So the buzz will be high for Wayne when his CD comes out in a month and a half. I think this track will reach #1 on Billboard, and even though it shows no rap skills whatsoever, it’ll help him sell records.

    I’m a fan of Lil’ Wayne from 3 years ago, and I’m still going to buy the cd, even though the single is a sellout song. I have faith that he’ll have some hot tracks on Tha Carter 3.

  • d.b.

    you quoted:

    “There was definitely some jealous fools out there because sonn would have been bigger than any major record label by this time if he hadn’t been pinched”

    I completely disagree. The raid actually worked in his favor and made him bigger than ever, he has said it himself.

    As for Wayne, hes dropping this album a year too late. He was @ his peak popularity last year.


    90% of hip-hop from the 90′s > G-Unit, Kayne, & present-day Lil’ Wayne

  • KMay

    I agree with almost every thing Jud Buechler had to say. All you who are saying Cam’Rons latest mixtape Public Enemy #1 isn’t very good obviously never listened to it. I like Cam, but I think anyone who listened to the mixtape would generally think it is good. He has some hilarious lines in some of the tracks and a lot of tracks were fire. No, really. I don’t hate 50 either. I have bought every fif album, and I would be lying if I said i enjoyed the last two. Shit, my favorite track on Curtis was censored. Curtis had a few hot tracks but no where near Cam’s mixtape.

    And to be honest I don’t like Fat Joe. Never cared too much for him. But 50 didn’t ruin his career by any means. Fat Joe is still relevant to the game. he has been in the game twice as long as 50.

    Public Enemy #1 > Curtis…

    • EReal

      47k First Week.

  • L

    FFS – Fifty is fucking rubbish – stop stroking his dick

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    i agree with the intent of blog, i’m tired also, peace!

  • zacreole

    Yo Billy,

    What happened to your “DJ Drama Really is a Black” post? I hope you ain’t delete it for the comments I made. (although admittedly that would be pretty cool) I just find it funny when darker skinned Black folks “discover” people who they thought to be not Black actually are. It’s like y’all gotta tell the world just in case we were tryin’ to get away with not being so. Racial tattle-tailing. Funny shit.

    What’s next?

    Are you gonna tell us that the Huxtables oldest daughter Saundra is really Black too?

    Reminds me of shit I read about slavery where slaves would tell on free men passing for white so they would be enslaved or equally mistreated also.


    Can’t we all get along?

    Didn’t we learn anything from “School Daze”?

    I was thinking that because Drama is so closely affiliated with XXL that your post was had the potential for controversy amongst your editors. Wow. Maybe I was right. Oh well. I’m off to mind my own business. I enjoy reading your writing Billy, keep doin’ what ya do. Peace

    • zacreole

      “I was thinking that because Drama is so closely affiliated with XXL that your post was had the potential for controversy amongst your editors. Wow. Maybe I was right. Oh well. I’m off to mind my own business. I enjoy reading your writing Billy, keep doin’ what ya do. Peace”

      Del “was” from 1st sentence. oops

  • http://zacreole.blogspot.com zacreole

    zacreole says:

    “What’s next?

    Are you gonna tell us that the Huxtables oldest daughter Saundra is really Black too?”


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ STFU!
    You sound like 50 had his dick in your mouth and you mad because he took it out. Go kill yourself.

  • http://xxl jg

    well you know this one was clearly wron. 3 million sold lil wang as you call him. haha bloggers