I'm fucking with the latest G-Unit singles. There's some shit on the Kay Slay mixtape that is hot fire. True story is that the beat is fire, Fisty Scent's lines were hot, and the rest of G-Unit was meh. But I still fucks with that track.

Young Buck is the second best rapper in G-Unit without even trying too hard.

It's crazy that DJ Drama is back on top after having his whole enterprise ran up in by the RIAA and the Feds. There was definitely some jealous fools out there because sonn would have been bigger than any major record label by this time if he hadn't been pinched. Drama is like a godfather in the rap music game. Niggas have to kiss his ring if they wanna eat. Give your boy Fisty Scent credit for recognizing sonn's reach and going in with him for that paper.

What I like is how two Black dudes (or one Black dude, and one tragic mullatto) are exec-producing shit that will be huge in the entertainment business. This venture has as few t.I.'s touching it as possible. If this joint venture is a success I want to see how the record industry scrambles behind these cats. Niggas like Lil' Wang was flipping on Drama when he first got arrested saying shit like, "Now he has to play the game fair". That is why Drama is fucking with G-Unit. Fisty Scent don't play the game fair. He cheats. And he wins.

Fisty Scent did take a loss last year though. Let's face it, 'Graduation' is a better album than 'Curtis', however 'Curtis' was not a raging shit sandwich. It's actually quite good. So instead of crying over spilled milk and wasted opportunities Fisty Scent is starting at square one again. This is why you can't sleep on this dude. He attacks all of his projects like it's day one at the office. Whether it's ending careers for rappers like Ja Rule and Cam'Ron or re-inventing his own career as the hardest working rapper in the business, Fisty Scent stays on his grizzly.

Are you Lil' Wang stans nervous for May 13th? You should be. Wang's got less than two months to get a bonafide buzz going for his project, 'Carter III'. There's no way this album is getting pushed back. This is Wang's career defining moment. Is he the one, or is he Mims with a larger fanbase?

You already know my opinion.