Did Puff really have ‘Pac set up?

Damn near 15 years after the fact, and these ‘Pac stans are still trying to throw the Notorious B.I.G. under a bus. You’d think that after a while they’d just give in to the fact that 2Pac was an inferior artist, and a douche, and that if it wasn’t for his BS, both him and Biggie would still be alive today. But apparently not.

Today, the LA Times is running with a story that suggests that Biggie and Puffy (he really should go back to calling himself Puffy) had something to do with ‘Pac getting set up, robbed, and shot in the lobby of the Quad recording studio in 1994, as ‘Pac himself often suggested in the wake of the incident.

According to the story by Chuck Philips, Jimmy Henchmen, whom you’ll recall manages The Game these days, Haitian Jack, one of the guys who caught a rape charge with ‘Pac but somehow avoided doing time (hmm…), and this Italian kid whose father was supposedly a boss with the Colombo crime family were trying to get ‘Pac to sign with Bad Boy, but ‘Pac wasn’t feeling it.

So in retaliation, these guys had ‘Pac set up that night at Quad. ‘Pac’s boy Randy “Stretch” Walker let them know when he’d be arriving at the studio. They were just gonna beat him up and rob him, but ‘Pac pulled a gun out and shot himself in the nuts, so they shot him four times – maybe because they feared he’d shoot them, or maybe because they felt any guy who shoots himself in the nuts deserves to get shot four times on GP.

Obviously it’s hard to say for certain, but I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Where Big and Puff fit into this is that they were both on the 10th floor of the building where this took place, and supposedly they’d been made aware that this was gonna happen beforehand. They could have told ‘Pac, but they didn’t. And the reason we know this is because there was a guy there who was an FBI informant. Supposedly, he was up there with Big and Puff when the shots rang out, and the two of them didn’t seem surprised in the least bit.


This story actually isn’t altogether different from the version of the events that emerged way back when – the main difference being the Jimmy Henchmen trying to sign ‘Pac to Bad Boy angle, and the testimony by this FBI informant that Big and Puff knew about the plot beforehand. As far as I’m concerned, this version of the events doesn’t seem right for a couple of reasons.

First of all, if Jimmy Henchmen and the rest of these guys really were trying to sign ‘Pac to Bad Boy, how come we’re just now hearing about it? As much as ‘Pac loved to talk shit in general, let alone about his beef with Bad Boy and this incident in particular, I’ve never heard such a thing. And I’ve been following this shit since I was in high school. You’d think that this would have been a vital aspect of his side of the story, no?

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to believe that Jimmy Henchmen had something to do with this, since he was there and since his reputation precedes him. But how come it couldn’t just be that ‘Pac was running with Henchmen and the rest of these guys because he had a tendency to align himself with bad people; and that Henchmen and his crew had ‘Pac set up not because he wouldn’t sign to Bad Boy, but because he was wearing a $40,000 chain and he looked like a mark?

As far as whether or not Big and Puff had anything to do with it, I’m gonna suggest that they didn’t, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m a Biggie stan to the end. Second of all, Chuck Philips’ main evidence that this is the case comes from an unnamed FBI informant, and my tendency is to not want to believe any claims made unnamed FBI informants. For all we know, this could just be some jail house snitch looking for time off of his sentence.

And if you notice, that’s the closest thing Philips has to an actual smoking gun here. There’s no taped phone calls of this guy and Diddy talking about how Diddy knew ‘Pac was about to get robbed. There isn’t anyone else from the staff of Bad Boy at the time corroborating the claim that they were trying to sign ‘Pac. We don’t even know who this informant is. For all we know, it could be one of the numerous people Diddy has beaten over the head with a champagne bottle over the years.

Shit, it could be Positive K.

You’ll recall that this guy Chuck Philips tried to pull something similar back when I was in college. There was another big story by him in the LA Times, claiming that Biggie was in Las Vegas the night ‘Pac got shot there, and that he paid some Crips to do it. I’m pretty sure his source that time was just some Crip who made that shit up. Diddy actually ended up producing the logs from the studio showing that Biggie was in New York at the time recording that song “Nasty Boy.”

Which of course begs the question: Why is it that Chuck Philips keeps trying to pull this same bullshit again and again, years after the fact? My guess, especially after reading this most recent story, punctuated as it is with quotes from the Makaveli album, is that this guy Chuck Philips is just that committed a ‘Pac stan. I bet if you went to his house, he’d have a big-ass shrine to 2Pac in his garage. Just like that cop who killed Biggie.

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  • Dablockkid

    First!!! Fuck Pac…lol

    • lil’c

      fucc u pac da realeast emcee eva to bless the game and to hit all four corners of the wrold.

      u tell me anotha rapper (except faggot emcee’s like 50 pence and g-unot) who have hit all 4 corners of the world and to still sell millions of records worldwide to this day??

  • Nate


  • JOVA

    I agree with you Bol in that I feel B.I.G didnt have anything to do with Pac getting shot at The Quad. I think Rosemond set him up cause how did the pussys that robbed Pac know he was gonna be there. Someone had to of told them Pac was coming. I think Rosemond knew B.I.G was recording at The Quad, and thought to himself let me set Pac up and then he will blame B.I.G for it.

    One other thing…how Gayme gonna ride with “Henchman” knowing that he probably was the one that setup Pac at The Quad. Gayme is a punk. I got a friend that work at the jail that Gayme was at, and he said that they would play 50 cent and Gayme would whine like a bitch!!

  • Juzzy

    WOW nate ur first! Heres a star 2 stick on your chest! *

    Anyways…it is a major coincidence that Big and Puff were in the building….

    …U can c y Pac thought they had something 2 do with it

    Only Puff knows i guess!

  • BossGame

    Let em both rest.

  • og bobby j

    does anyone really care? I mean really tho. Let these niggas rest in peace and move the fuck on. There are multiple unsloved homicides in this country everyday…. Stop reminding the public about a crime from 15 years earlier when you have no new developments of substance. Also, I smell me a hefty lawsuit….accusing motherfuckers of shit without evidence can be defamation….im no lawyer but im sayin.

    One time, I saw biggie talking to an arab. I know that biggie new about 9-11….cause someone told me so.

    Fuck outta here….

  • b-ease

    This story rings alot truer than the “gun” one. But that’s mainly because it’s all shit we already knew.

    On another note, I always thought the idea of BIG giving the gun that killed Tupac was fantastic, so I choose to believe both stories. Even though they attempt to paint Chris in a bad light, for any true BIG fan, both these articles are just further proof of the GOATS gulliness.


    Here you go again “FAT BOY” Pac was an inferior rapper compared to Biggie. Yeah right so was Biggie riding Pac’s dick all the time. Bad Boy was just getting started and probably did want to sign Pac, Biggie and Puff wasn’t big then, do your research, your fat ass wasn’t there and your “twinkie eating ass” don’t know shit. Go marry a fat white chick since you don’t like sisters anyway you “FAGGOT”.

  • b-ease

    One other thing…how Gayme gonna ride with “Henchman” knowing that he probably was the one that setup Pac at The Quad.

    Cause he deserved it. How can you be mad at that?

  • Dubl

    why is hit wen some new york niggas get caught up in some shit we turn our heads…do i think big did this no…puffy yeah..look at his history…he reminds me of carlito’s lawyer…he is a paperwork gangster ask the lox…hell ask Shyne what he thinks of puffy…what muwfucka in they rite mind would not take the late great johnny cockran as there lawyer if asked if u want hm…thoght so…dont let your heart take over what the mind has decyphered….here’s a lil sumtn to help u bring back what pac been said all these years ago…

    Twenty-one gun salute, dressed in fatigues, black jeans and boots
    Disappeared in the crowd, all you seen was troops
    This little nigga named Nas think he live like me
    Talkin bout he left the hospital, took five like me
    You livin fantasies, nigga I reject yo’ deposit
    We shook Dre punk ass, now we out of the closet
    Mobb Deep wonder why a nigga blowed them out
    Next time grown folks talkin nigga close yo’ mouth
    Peep me, I take this war shit deeply
    Done seen too many real players fall to let these bitch niggas beat me
    Puffy lets be honest you a punk or you will see me with gloves
    Remember that shit you said to Vibe about me bein a thug
    You can tell the people you roll with whatever you want
    But you and I know what’s going on
    Payback, I knew you bitch niggas from way back
    Witness me strapped with Macs, knew I wouldn’t play that
    All you old rappers trying to advance
    It’s all over now, take it like a man
    Niggas lookin like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick
    Tryin to player hate on my shit, you eat a fat dick
    Let it be known this is how you made me
    Lovin how I got you niggas crazy

    Against all odds
    Hopin my thug motherfuckers know
    This be the realest shit I ever wrote
    Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
    To the truest shit I ever spoke, against all odds
    Hopin my true motherfuckers know
    This be the realest shit I ever wrote

    I heard he was light skinned, stocky with a Haitian accent
    Jewelery, fast cars and he’s known for flashing (What’s his name???)
    Listen while I take you back (NIGGA SAY HIS NAME!) and lace this rap
    A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack
    Knew he was workin for the feds, same crime, different trials
    Nigga, picture what he said, and did I mention
    Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time
    I know you bitch niggas is listenin, The World Is Mine
    Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up
    Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up
    Touch one of mine on everything I own
    I’ll destroy everything you touch, play the game nigga
    All out warfare, eye for eye
    Last words to a bitch nigga, “WHY YOU LIE?!?”
    Now you gotta watch your back, now watch your front
    Here we come, gunshots to Tut, now you stuck
    Fuck the rap game, nigga this M-O-B
    So believe me we enemies, I go against all odds

    I’m hopin my true motherfuckers know
    This be the realest shit I ever wrote
    Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
    To the truest shit I ever spoke
    I’m hopin my true motherfuckers know
    This be the realest shit I ever wrote
    Against all odds

    Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch, to hide the fact
    he did some shit he shouldn’t have did, so we ride em for that
    And that nigga that was down for me, restin dead
    Switch sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead
    Probably be murdered for the shit that I said
    I bring the real, be a legend, breathin or dead
    Lord listen to me; God don’t like ugly, “It Was Written”
    Hey Nas, your whole damn style is bitten
    You heard my melody, read about my life in the papers
    All my run-ins with authorities, felonious capers
    Now you wanna live my life, so what’s the answer Nas?
    Niggas that don’t rhyme right, you’ve seen too many movies
    Load em up against the wall, close his eyes
    Since you lie you die, GOODBYE
    Let the real live niggas hear the truth from me
    What would you do if you was me nigga

    Against all odds
    I’m hopin my true motherfuckers know
    This be the realest shit I ever wrote
    Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
    To the truest shit I ever spoke

    Against all odds
    (Twenty-one gun salute)
    One love to my true thug niggas (Outlaw! Outlaw! Outlaw!)
    Twenty-one gun salute to my niggas that die in the line of duty
    Representin to the fullest bein soldiers with military minds
    that play the rules of the game, twenty-one gun salute
    I salute you my niggas, stay strong
    I ride for you, I rhyme for you, I roll for you, it’s all for you
    To all you bitch made niggas, I’m comin for you
    Against all odds, I don’t care who the fuck you is, nigga
    You touch me I’m at you
    I know you motherfuckers think that I forgot
    Hell no I ain’t forgot nigga
    I just remember what you told me
    You said don’t go to war unless I got my money behind me
    Aight, I got my money right here, now I want war

  • stoneyisland

    anybody with the common sense of a slug knows Big and Puff had absolutely nothing to do with tupacs murder. Now Suge Marion…….as one writer said it has been damn near 15 years, it’s time to give this shit a rest, how many innocent black boys and girls are shot, molested or killed every fucking day in america? and here we are focusing on old ass unsolved murders…..

  • King B

    Shut the fuck up Bol calling pac a douche….you fat ass dick sucking faggot

  • Tyler

    BoL, I like Biggie 2 but I thought U were the type of N Word that would just call a spade a space dawg? They did Pac dirty however U wanna slice it, whatever the reason they set dude up and that was a bitch move. U can’t say Biggie wasn’t in on it cause who knows what a man will do when he knows his wife wants 2 fuck or is gettin her bottom knocked out by one of his old best friends. All the proof is in the now famous video after 2pac was shot all you have 2 do is look at the look on Biggie’s face and especially Puffy’s face as they are coming up outta Quad that night. Who do U think 2pac was flipping off at the time in that famous pic, a hole? I could go into a whole bunch of other facts from people on the inside and from shit I heard from the horses mouth but if U peep that 1 thing real hard it will be all the proof that one really needs 2 see, my nig. RIP 2 P a C

  • Mad Bol Hater

    =+*> Bol <*+=
    Ur the B.I.G. of douche bagz. Pac would’ve exposed ur fagot azz if he were still here, u black Shrek look’n azz N-word…

  • bakerboi

    Well, you have just lost one reader of your blog (notice i didn’t say fan) becuz you always be coming with off the wall shit. First off, this comment right here “You’d think that after a while they’d just give in to the fact that 2Pac was an inferior artist, and a douche, and that if it wasn’t for his BS” Whoa , home boy, you have completely lost your damn mind. Tupac was the best, is the best and will forever be the best. Sure Biggie made the Hoes shake their asses and the the thug ass nigga go cop some crack and rob each other, but what did he do for the people, nothing. What did he give back to society. He didn’t talk about the social and political injustices that young blacks were faced with back then, no he glorified the stupid shit that got us in this position in the first place. Man, whatever XXl.com got you smokin, you might need to get some of that good shit, cuz you done lost yo damn mind. And for the record I have never agree with none of your post, just read them just to see what dumb shit you will be saying for the day.

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeusX

    Chuck Phillips the Scott Tempelton Of Hip Hop? Trill talk.

  • Kev Lomax

    “Diddy actually ended up producing the logs from the studio showing that Biggie was in New York at the time recording that song “Nasty Boy.”

    How come Biggie’s mother and his wife said he was at home in New Jersey recovering from a car accident? It was in both of their statements to the press.

    And I don’t know ’bout you dawg, but producing studio logs from the company I own? Well, let’s just say it doesn’t strike me as difficult.

  • fred

    first off Biggie bit Pacs style in 94 and he wasnt no fukn player as he claimed in his music!they knew that pac was gonna get robbed and if they didnt know ahead of time they had enuff juice to find out who did it after the fact!Biggie after Pacs death thought it was all good and he could come to the west and blaze trees wid da geez they filled him up wid lead when he came to the west!as soon as pac died it was just a matter of time before
    his time was coming!for the record biggie couldnt fuck wid pac Bol! he was exposed as an imposter of style by pac he and bad boy fam was exposed for as puff calls it now bitchazzness they stayed getting punked!

  • The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)

    TO DaBlckKid
    You Suck Fucker, With your 1st nonsense! I dare you to go down to the hood or as you call it Da Block an’ say that shit about Pac. You’ll get smacked up the head if not dead!
    And Bol What the fuck is your deal with Pac, man you need to get drunk an pay Me Against the world, And All eyes on me all the way through this next weekend. Shit will change your life.

    • Dablockkid

      Nigga ‘Pac was from were I live at. I live live in Baltimore and old head niggas I hang around wit now hung around him in the late 80′s early 90′s when his career first started to jumpoff. They tell me stories about how he used to get bitched by Anthony Jones and Poppy Eyed Pete(look them up they were big time drug dealers in East B-more). Pac was a nerd who, went to The School of the Arts in West Bmore to become an actor. Poppy Eyed Pete got footage of him beating Pac bitch ass up; Stomping him out on Biddle St. & Montford St. East Bmore. Then Pac play this tuff role when he start rappin. Niggas ran his ass back to New York. He never brought his ass back to Bmore after he got a little money. He a Bitch. We only fuck wit Biggie in Bmore Niggas. True Story Yo

    • Dablockkid

      “The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)…TO DaBlckKid
      You Suck Fucker, With your 1st nonsense! I dare you to go down to the hood or as you call it Da Block an’ say that shit about Pac. You’ll get smacked up the head if not dead!”

      Nigga what credibility u got, to sit here and say niggas gonna smack my head off. Dog, u r from Canada. Ya’ll don’t fight, ya’ll breakdance against each other to settle ya’ll beefs…lmao

  • b-ease

    no he glorified the stupid shit that got us in this position in the first place.

    Tupac didnt do that?

    This whole Tupac was a “conscious” artist thing is bullshit. If you take dude’s entire catalog, less than 10% is polical/socially aware. The rest it is the same ignorant shit Biggie was talking but at a much lower skill level.

    • Chaka

      My brother you dont know what you saying.I dont think you have really taken your time to listen to Pac.You are just one of those B.I.G fans,like the guy that has this blog,that is why you are too blind to see that all what you said about Pac in your post,does not apply to him but to Biggie.Lets be true to ourselves,Biggie was never a “conscious” artist.Political and social issues were never his thing.He was damn to materialistic in his raps.I remember many east coast rappers in his day(e.g Jeru d Damaja,ODB e.t.c)accusing him and the entire badboy camp of having no substance in the rap records they were putting out.Infact,Biggie,Puffy and Mase can literially be dubbed the predecessors of all those rappers today who are killing hip hop with their materialistic rappers.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote.

      • Chaka

        correction:”who are killing hip hop with their materialistic raps”.

        • Iceberg Slimm

          In all honesty, Puff and Big did start materialism in hip hop, but that’s not the problem with hip hop. Hip hop’s problem is the business side of it. If labels weren’t signing acts such as Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris or Yung Berg, it would still have talent and substance in it. Biggie and Puff and them didn’t make bullshit, they made music. The music’s topics might have been bullshit, but the lyrics and song qualities were far from that. Lyrically Pac couldn’t touch Big. Listen to “Unbelievable”, “Me & My Bitch” or “Kick in the Door” and tell me if you really think Pac is better.

          And seriously when Pac died, he was barely into that positive shit. Yea, his early creer was but there were maybe three positive songs on All Eyez and ZERO on Makaveli. His mother made all that positive shit after he died because she didn’t want that image about him. Before he died he was tryna jump niggas and shit, but was a dancer for Shock G when he first came out.

          And like Bol said, he made up that bullshit a couple years ago about Big being in Vegas and all that shit. So why is he credible?

        • Chaka

          True,as in lyrical skills,Biggie was better.But,as in lyrical content,Pac was better.To me when it comes to rating an artist,lyrical content plays a more important role than lyrical skills.If not why do some east coast heads have a problem with some southern rappers like Lil’Wayne?Is lyrical content not the real issue here?If the the real issue here were lyrical skills,and not lyrical content,then no one can really fault Wayne because that brother is on point as in lyrical skills.To me what Wayne lacks is lyrical content.My brother as much as we love Biggie let the truth be told,HE LACKS SUBSTANCE IN HIS RAPS.Materialism was his thing and not real live issues.Peace

    • http://www.grindfamily.com YUNG TWEEZY








      -F*cking kids in the azz and throwing them over bridges.

      pac would never waste breathe on that dum sh*t







      • sooch

        yung tweezy

        chill dunny.

        you sound like you got a naked picture of 2pac hanging on your bedroom wall in your moms house where you’re living right now.

        take 2pacs dick out of your ass, clean yourself up and quit cutting school.





        • Chaka

          Indeeed,Yung Tweezy was just stating the facts when he said:”IF YOU REALLY STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT ALL THIS “PARTY & BULLSH*T” RAP DIDNT START TILL YA BOY BIGGIE CAME”.Those who presently are accusing the South of putting out BS records,seem to forget that in the 90s,the rappers that were coming out of the south were discussing real issues in their raps e.g,Geto-boys,Face-Mobb,Scarface,Outkast,Goddie Mobb e.t.c.Then came Biggie,Badboy,and others like Jay z(remember that silly single with Babyface from his second album)and Camron(how can I forget that Horse and carriage nonsense)with their strong emphasis on worldly things.They were the ones that infected Hip hop with materialistic rap.Today materialistic rap has gone out of hand and has now become a problem.Yes,hip hop has seen a decline of sales in recent years which is a problem.But to me the root of the problem is the materialistic raps many record companies are putting out these days.Peace.

        • sooch

          the “party and bullshit” rap started with sugar hill gang era. you know, with the hippy to hip-hop you don’t stop rockin’ to hippy to hippity beat”…or something like that…

          “party and bullshit” rap is nothing new and didn’t start with BIG and Puff.

          stop acting like you know chaka kahn.

        • Chaka

          I never said anything about party and bullshit.My comments were on materialistic raps(i.e cloths,money,cars,blings e.t.c).And Yes,I also made a comment that Biggie lacks substance in his raps.He was too caught up in the materialistic stuff.Try and read peoples comments very well before you comment about them.And in case you dont know my real name is Chaka.Whats your own real name,I guess its not sooch.Peace

  • b-ease

    Dubl says:

    Was posting ALL the lyrics from the song really necessary? I mean, we’ve all heard it man. And it was even quoted in the article. Get off Pac’s dick. I’m willing to bet you were no more than 6 when he got killed.

  • notorious M.E.X.

    Quit fuckin wit the dead already, just let them rest in peace, i’m sure puffy set both of ‘em them up (big & pac) but that already happened, so quit fuckin wit them.

  • notorious m.e.x.

    all the fuckin bloggers all full of shit

  • Fernando

    Biggie Stans Stand Up!!!

    ha ha, it kills me when people say how “skilled” Biggie was. I listened to some of his songs just the other day and a bunch of it was corny as hell.

    But in high school when All eyez on me came out and whatever that double disc biggie album came out, they were both the sh!t!

    But I wouldnt say that either of them blew my mind with their lyrics, they just had the best production and the most hype behind them. Their lyrics were always solid though.

  • marlon

    ofcourse diddy was involved. tupac was trying to take down the bad boy dynasty and it felt like it might work for a minute. diddy got dough, pac’s only enemy, anyone who doesn’t believe diddy was involved gotta say why not, when its this obvious.

  • ThingAlec

    “You’d think that after a while they’d just give in to the fact that 2Pac was an inferior artist, and a douche, and that if it wasn’t for his BS, both him and Biggie would still be alive today. But apparently not.”
    Truer words cannot be spoken. I applaud you for this quote, Bol.

  • marlon

    ps 95 flashbacks or what?

  • http://www.sungmusic.blogspot.com sooch

    it was a nigga named kevin with a mack eleven…

    • the movement

      haha chris rock

  • http://incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I’m begining to think that Chuck Phillips = Scott Templeton. The notebook is empty!


    Biggie might be the better rapper but he wished he had the artistic drive and charisma Pac had. Biggie was a Pac stan.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com just sayin

    i’ma just say that if you listen to in his own words dude go into details about it a lil bit. them bad boys niggaz was getting blackballed and extorted by these niggaz,big and puff was irv and ja before ja and irv was themselves.dude probaly was only going to get robbed.but im 99 percent sure the only reason he got shot cuz he was about to raise that thang!which probaly made him shoot himself.not these other rappers if you get’em you aint gone no fight straight jackpot if you can get that close you know you suppose to have ya manz wit you.i’m just sayin

  • Reemycks!

    Chuck Phillips works for Suge Knight. IF anybody has the issue of the Source from Sept 96 with Suge on the cover, do the knowledge. Chuck wrote the story about Suge. Shit most cover stories about Suge were written by Chuck. FYI, anytime you see a Chuck Phillips story best believe it’s suspect as fuck!!!!!

  • Fatormeh

    After reading your blog and you calling 2pac inferior artist,am very sorry you lost a fun from the UK.
    Not only did you not make a professional analysis,before writting the rubbish you did.Having no respect for the dead is even worse,i don’t know what college you went to,i bet is very low level one with not much discipline implemented into your fat head.I think you are bitter because you are very Ugly and a little bit of education and can’t
    accept the fact there people with less intelligentsia, can have a great impact on the world.The educated black men like as should lead the younger one’s into light(truth)and accept the ill’s of our community and confront it.We are alway’s screaming about our problem’s and stating the authorities are not helping(in state and the UK)then when someone tries help initiate a debate on one of thousand’s of unsolve murder’s then uncle tom’s like you behaving very childishly, ignorant torser…

  • http://myspace.com/myspacecombishipboss B Boss

    Yall a bunch of faggots that will never know what happened that night. Yall niggaz need to get off the computer and take yall azz outside……. Money attacts goons period and real goons aint gonna snitch if anybody snitch they just telling on they self y cause how the fuck u know what happened if u wasnt there thats y I HATE RAP MUSIC a ton of niggaz talking a ton of shit with a bunch of fans thats dry snitching and doing they own investigations that dont know shit but what they read why does it even matter who shot pac KARMA got him and he knows that himself and eventually the niggaz that did it will pay for it in life. Fuck the system I honestly hope yall never find out and if yall do find out on some street shit I will respect it the same way I typed this up imagine if I was a journalist whatever I type will be believed by a bunch of idoits including BOL. He probaly wasnt allowed out the house most his life. All yall niggaz on here is a bunch of snitches quit pointing fingers. GOD and the DEVIl know who did it so leave it at that. The statue of limitations never expires on attempted murder so shut the fuck up and let life take its course.

    You dont like what I said holla at me


  • calimovement

    Pac was the greatest rapper of all time. Not cause of flow, a lot of rappers are better at that, especially Biggie, but because of how he can touch on subjects in 12 bars that people can really relate to and take something from it.


    Even now pac got hits out that make these rappers look like fools.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=20367 WritersBlock

    Damn near 15 years after the fact, and these ‘Pac stans are still trying to throw the Notorious B.I.G. under a bus. You’d think that after a while they’d just give in to the fact that 2Pac was an inferior artist, and a douche, and that if it wasn’t for his BS, both him and Biggie would still be alive today. But apparently not.

    CO-Fuckin Sign….i dont need to read the rest

  • Dgist


    whoever wrote this blog is an ignorant bitch to say that “2Pac was an inferior artist, and a douche” is simply idiotic. 2pac’s music has influenced people from all around the world and continues to be reviewed. In fact 2pac’s has a class on his music at harvard, ucla and stanford. Biggies music is studied on the street corner, I mean the man only came out with two Cd’s and none of his music had a social or spiritual message like 2pac. Look Puffy and Jimmy know more than they are letting on don’t be stupid anyone with street knowledge knows that if someone like biggie is in a studio he has a crew with him on the floor and downstaris so if they didnt have something to do with it they know who did it. Don’t be stupid and if u live in the burbs and don’t know about this life don’t write on it…..

  • Arturo

    Bol is a bitch. I wish cancer upon you.

  • stoneyisland

    NOTHING gets niggas fired up as much as a who was better dicussion Big or Pac, this alone is whats wrong with black people instead of wasting energy arguing over the stupidest shit of all time ask yourself which is more important to your kids..READING or MATH thats the only fucking debate black folk should be talking about. 2 dead rappers does not influence my everyday struggle, gas cost 4 muthafucking dollars a gallon! lets debate that shit. Fuck Rap music, from here on out I am getting down with country and western:) the life expectency is longer, when was the last time Gart Brooks busted a cap at the oakridge boys in the studio? :):):)

  • Cincinnati Stand Up!

    Awww, man Toilet Bol, you done gone and did it!!!

    First off, you dismiss the fact that people was there to rob him, and you make it sound like he was at fault. If you was bout to get robbed and you got a gun on you, you would pull the mufucka out Wild West style in the heat of the reaction. Don’t get it twisted like he brought this on himself, talking bout some jewelry and shit. That shit had nothin to do with it, cuz they was settin him up before he even went to the studio; the robbers didn’t know if he was comin in sweats and Fila’s or a button down and jewelry.

    And to say they didn’t know was also bullshit I believe. Pac and Big didn’t have beef before this incident, they were actually cool. Pac didn’t wanna sign to BadBoy, so Puff got mad. B.I.G. was playin his role like Yayo to 50, and he started to despise Pac. If they didn’t set him up, they at least knew about it. If not, why wouldn’t they go to the hospital to check on him. If they didn’t have beef before that incident, why didn’t they at least go check on him?

    Bol, you go all the way out of your fat ass way to express your opinion, and sway from what the actual L.A. Times article read, and basically co-signed what Diddy and Henchman was sayin.

    Let’s say for example I want to sign you and manage you as an artist because everyone is buying into you. You are the trend. You decline. I get mad. I have one of my flunkies call you to my city to do a song with one of my artists. You like money. You accept. When you get there I have people waiting. My people rob you, beat you, shoot you, leave you for dead.
    You don’t die. You found out I was in the same building as you when you got shot. I don’t come to check on you…but I just wanted to sign you to my label and you said no.
    Something is fishy. Bol’s twat..lol.

    Get the picture Bol. You don’t die!! Instead, you vow vengeance on me for setting you up.

    12 years after you die, evidence comes up that points to me. I deny. An aspiring journalist agrees with me; and not only that but he also has no empathy to the fact that your obese, worthless, disgustingly nasty individual deserved to be shot and killed because of his gluttonus ways. He was a monstrosity, I mean, his fat ass would order a pizza, go to Mickey D’s and order a #3 and #5, and eat that before the pizza arrived. His fat ass deserved to die….hungry.

    How would you feel?
    Better yet, how would you feel if you knew I set you up and no one beleived you?

    You are a disgrace to simple sentences.

  • Ali

    Biggie is tha most overrated rapper of all time…….he’s ok sometimes, not a legend though hell no

  • Ali

    Biggie is tha most overrated rapper of all time…….he’s ok sometimes, not a legend though hell no

    • og bobby j

      i bet some spitzer stacks that your favorite rapper is plies. You should be banned for life….no lie.

      • Chaka

        I kind of agree with Ali,Biggie is the most oaverated rapper of all time.I can dub him a dope lyricist or even a great artist but to me,he is no legend.That term ‘legend’ belong to only a selected few,and Biggie is not one of them.The fact that he has a little amount of work out there is even enough to rule him out of being called a legend.Peace

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    byron crawford its better u look at urself before dissin pac, for wat i see ure a white man in a black man body…..fuck you byron crawford


    google pacs life up.. he went to peotry classes.. and was a back up dancer for digital underground doing the Humpty hump.. thats something real thugs dont do.. thugs get it in on the block.. google up pacs life story man.. he aint a thug.. you kids are fooled buy rappers images and words to much.. biggie was really a stick up kid and later hustler in the street after dropping out of private school at the age of 15.. he had street cred fo real..thats why when street niggas listen to his shit.. they felt him man.. biggie paints pictures with words if you been through the shit he talkin about.. gimme the loot was a street classic


    biggie was big in the streets before ready to die hit.. he was getting heavy spins.. sort of like 50cent before his album… pac aint a thug either he went to peotry classes.. before he rapped.. he got shot up and got with death row and started to act like a thug and give off the thug image.. and biggie was getting heavy spins.. and pac was feeding off of biggies money buy beefing with big cause he thought biggie set him up.. pacs albums before the biggie stuff didnt sell that much.. it was the biggie beef that he got people to listen to him with.. biggie being a real street cat.. kept sayin to calm down cause beef dont happen on records.. and took tupac as a joke.. cause he knew pac well.. he wasnt no thug.. that all these herbs think he was

  • loyalty

    it is me against the world have got nothing to looseeeeeee.The greatest of all time said it,pac was a prophet.fuck badboy,fuck big,if u want to b down wit bad boys fuck uuuuuuuu tooooooo

  • http://www.myspace.com/sosexisoreal Her Royal Purp

    Besides R.I.P. Pac n Biggie, all I have 2 say is Bol ur officially a lame-o. I didn’t even wanna go there, but yes, ur that damn lame. What kinda bs is that 2 diss Pac like that when u know he was tha truth? U need 2 quit bloggin n start studyin. U make no sense n ur arguments r weak. Get ur ass of tha pc n head 2 tha gym. Thnx.

  • Combat Jack

    ^”And Bol What the fuck is your deal with Pac, man you need to get drunk an pay Me Against the world, And All eyes on me all the way through this next weekend. Shit will change your life.”

    Yeah, I see this happening sometime soon. Pshaw!

  • Gay Stone

    Nigga I was around when Pac was with Digital Underground, and he was dancing to get on! Pac was kicked out of the house from his mom’s spot in Marin(Just across the bridge 30 min away from Oakland.). The nigga was stay’n with friends, and hustling in tha Towm(That’s Oakland nigga)just to keep eat’n. I remember that he was a funny dude, lots of jokes, and he kept it real with you. But this you don’t know about “Bay livin,” niggaz is notorious for steppen up to whatever level a nigga bring’n your way. So I can be smooth az lotion 1 minute, and rougher than ur lowest grade sand paper if that’s what the situation calls for. I don’t think Pac wanted to be a thug or gangsta, but the life and rap environment he lived dictated that he be so.
    I too notice that Pac was leaving the arena of politcal rap for the gangsta life, and it was sad because the political past he was raised from gave him insight that very few possessed.

    When I learned of his ambush, I thought that he would pull through, and return back to the social-political-blackpanther-type movement

    I later learned that Pac had already made moves to leave deathrow, and refocus himself in the direction of his social-political past. It is also feasable that his return to awake the masses, and expose the enemy of the ghetto, that got him murked.

    In conclusion, fuck you Pac haterz, rest-in-peace to Pac’s & BIG’s family

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    woooow most of you niggas was young ass hell when Pac’s first cd came out how can ya’ll speak on shit you couldnt have comprehended at that age ? Stop poppin shit Pac was that image that no rapper could reach….street status. go damn near anywhere and get love from niggas with the jewelry on.Your favorite rapper wishes for that clout.

  • http://wow wow

    wow. your an idiot sir. a true idiot. that first line is just simply ridiculous. i am so surprised you even have a job still.

  • http://www.myspace.com/boris_savnik MAKAVELI

    Bol is a bitch!


    Fuck you Bol!

  • thisguysamoronwhoknowsjackshit

    wow….i got much love for biggie and pac…will never be another big and pac….this article was ignorant as fuck….such disrespect…..ah well i aint taking his words seriously…its clear that hes an ignorant moron…who well im suprised….is even writing….hes as dumb as they come…

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  • http://myspace.com/blublack BluBlack