Putting the band back together

Is Fiddy Cent gonna be able to use the Internets to get his career back in order?

You’ll recall that last year he was pwned by Kanye West in their 9/11 first week sales battle. Kanye West sold upwards of a million copies of Graduation the first week out, while Fiddy sold way less copies of Curtis. And then sales of Curtis declined precipitously after that first week, to point where he struggled just to sell a million copies.

To this day, I’ve only heard Graduation once, and I thought it was fucking gay as shit. Even compared to those first couple of Kanye West albums. Yet and still, it managed to rank way up in the top 10 of this year’s Village Voice Pazz and Jop music critics poll. Meanwhile, Curtis was all the way down at number 438. (No, really.) Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!

And you know how these critics polls are run by cracka-ass crackas who live to make some sort of ironic case for low-brow black music. (Case in point, UGK’s Underground Kingz, which squeaked in to the top 40 and number 39, just ahead of El-P’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.) If Fiddy Cent can’t win them over… I mean, what else is he gonna do? Learn how to rap better? Pfft!

Suffice it to say the guy’s career is fucked the fucked up. (Not that he could ever possibly be hurting for money again – unlike, say, Joell Ortiz.) Supposedly, he was gonna release a new G-Unit group album a few months ago, but I guess he figured, why bother? If so few people ran out and copped Curtis, that shit could fuck around and do Lupe numbers.

Enter Fiddy Cent’s new website, Thisis50. For the past several weeks, I’ve been seeing viral videos promoting this new venture. I tried to check it out once, and it looked like it might even have some interesting content; but then you have to be registered with the site to view most of it, and it’s not like I could give a rat’s ass about Fiddy Cent.

I’m sure a lot of people do though, and I’m sure a lot of people will sign up with Thisis50 next week, when he releases his new Return of the Body Snatchers Vol. 1 mixtape through the site. Just like I got suckered into joining whatever that SRC Records website was to cop that Wu-Tang Returns mixtape – which, for what it’s worth, ended up way better than 8 Diagrams.

Fiddy obviously doesn’t stand to benefit much financially by giving away a new mixtape through his site. Supposedly, it’s gonna be free for a couple of weeks, and then it’s gonna be released commercially with a bonus DVD or some such. But I doubt very many people are gonna cop the pay version. At the very least though, this might be a step towards winning some of his fan base back.

I’m not gonna be listening to it myself, because – like I said – that’s not my cup of tea, but I would imagine that, since it’s a mixtape, it’s gonna be a lot more interesting than one of his studio albums. He can pull that old Clipse trick (which was probably a Fiddy trick in the first place) of taking a song that was already good and recording his own vocals over it, as if he’s adding much in the way of actual value.

Also, there might be some beef a-brewin’, which I’m sure will help generate interest. If you look at the cover of the new mixtape, there’s no Young Buck to be found. And the other day, there was that video of Young Buck taking to the stage with Lil’ Wayne. Which I took to mean that Young Buck might be defecting Fiddy Cent’s camp to go kiss Lil’ Wayne on the mouth.

So hopefully Fiddy goes at them. There’s obviously plenty of fodder for ad hominems.

Shit, if he does, I might even be forced to break down and sign up for Thisis50. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what effect this all has on his career in the long run. Fiddy Cent started out going at people on silly mixtapes, and he became one of the most successful rappers evar in seemingly no time at all. Will he be able to pull the same trick twice, with the help of the Internets? I guess we’ll see.

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  • og bobby j

    Fif just needs to get back to the core….stop singin and bring the street shit….then he will see an increase in sales. The white majority that are voting his AYo technology shit on TRL was never checking for a Lloyd banks or yayo album. ANd based on the curtis sales, they aint checking for him no more either. He needs to take it back to making pussys feel tough by listening to his shit. Word to most of the stans on this thread…

  • http://www.first.com First

    50′s relevant, just not relevant enough for people to buy his shit like they used to.

    • squadwildin

      NO Fifty needs to leave that cocaine alone just like Lil Wayne. Coke has slid its way deep into the black community to the point where its reaching our stars and robbing them of their God-given talents.

      It was a video where a reporter over in Amsterdam walked in on 50 doing lines of cocaine in his dressing room. 50, its killing your career. Let it go.

  • micman


  • http://www.theclassiks.blogspot.com H. IMPERIAL



  • Neven

    never ever bought a 50 album but I do read on him and have listen to tracks by him. he only ok to me singers are to sing not rappers. I will never support or hate on him except for when he said he will quit making albums if kanye sells more so of course. I and a couple of friends bought the West album just for that fact that 50 would quit making albums so West album sales might be because of people like me that would like to put rappers in their place for writing checks their ass can’t cash
    and yes the wu mixtape was alot better but 8 diagrams still had its moments for the grown man in me

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    If Fiddy Cent can’t win them over… I mean, what else is he gonna do? Learn how to rap better? Pfft!

    Which I took to mean that Young Buck might be defecting Fiddy Cent’s camp to go kiss Lil’ Wayne on the mouth.

    two classic fucking lines right there bol. had me laughing out loud like a madman alone in my office. good stuff and if curtis keeps it grimy it will go back to his winning formula — pure, mindless, violent entertainment.

  • boi-dan

    Register for the mixtape??…. yeah, right, this is 2008, that mixtape will be available on zshare, mediafire, etc….. 2 minutes after 50 releases it

    //Underground Kingz was a classic album

  • akaTheRealist

    I figured you’d appreciate UGK’s album and the efforts they put in, but I forget your a fat, black, moms-house-basement-live-in cynic. Those have no direct correlation, but once someone reads something you wrote, it’s kinda obvious.
    Anyway, aside from that, good post. Young Buck let me down though. He was a kind of chickenshit rapper, but his loyalty, respect, and swagger in G-unit used to impress me.
    But speaking of a bitch move!!!
    I can’t believe the audacity of this nigga to make a song like “Do It Myself”, and then turn around to go make-out with your future labelmates on stage that you were makin’ subliminals against a few months back.

    • ill G

      its a industry full of contradictions

  • Pierzy

    Fif has a bunch of problems, the biggest one being that he’s not as hungry as he was on “Get Rich or Die Tryin.” Also, G-Unit had so much momentum that it didn’t matter what they put it out because it would sell…until Yayo’s album. Plus, music became much easier to get free and the more people found out about him, the less interesting he became. To all the white kids in the suburbs, they LOVED the idea of the drug dealer who got shot 9 times, lived, hooked up with Eminem & Dr. Dre, and laughed about it all (plus, he had sick beats). But now we all know the 50 story and the whiteys are just bored with him…and since the relative flop of “Curtis,” I don’t think he’s ‘Mr. Interscope’ anymore so he’s just another MC struggling to sell records. Yawn.

  • Chris

    Bol has awful taste in music. I’m always surprised when you’re actually right about an album’s quality. LOLZ.

  • http://nextthing.wordpress.com/ Paul

    When fifty was doing those mixtapes clowning wack commercial rap artists he was dope. Then he turned into a comical version of what he was dissing. He is hot garbage now. I’ve never heard Curtis and I know I’m not missing anything. Even tight shirt no rapping Kanye west’s albums blow that tired as shit 5o Cent currently does away. At least it’s more creatively musically and at least he isn’t talking about complete utter nonsense like 50 cent. The sad thing is 50 cent can rap if he would only just say something anything of substance and stop the annoying bragging fake gangster shit and over obsession with materialism. But as of now He deserves to be lower then Kanye way lower.

  • http://thenumbertoo.wordpress.com thenumbertoo

    graduation was crazy.

    i loved it, as i do all his albums, but compared to the rest, it is a candle to the sun.

    i love flashing lights, good morning, barry bonds, everything i am, etc.

    the album was solid to say the least.

    50 on the other hand is just on a new kind of crack.

  • Mannnnnn

    Unless your favorite rapper is Kanye West, who the FUCK did any better last year? Name one rapper besides T.I. that were top sellers for 2007. Jay-z even struggled. So miss me with this insecure hating shit. For the simple fact you did a write up about that niggaz manuevers shows that your bitch is interested. So how could his career be “fuck the fucked up” . Otherwise why didn’t you do an article on Mike Jones or Slim Thug or Lil Flip or even Mos fucking Def for that matter? You know why because those dudes have truly fell off while your still trying to look at shit on This is 50.com without signing up so your mad cause they won’t let you in. Homo shit.

  • Worley

    50 is rich. The n*gga shouldn’t release any more albums. He should stay on his businessman grind. Rap is a baby step.

  • youngz

    I think that 50 need to go back his old ways, dude was at his peak an amazing lyricist, maybe not deep , but still funny as hell with great punch lines.
    His last album was 90% garbage, he should refocus, cut down on the guest apperances and just let dr dre take over the production.

    The Rap Game needs 50 to make it interesting, he has way more charisma than Nas, Jay and the Game together! DIdnt ya´ll c his mtv cribs episode, classic shit!

    To all haters suck a fat d##k!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/audioliquorentertainment Challz

    How you gonna say Graduation was gay?

    ‘…do you listen to music or do you just skip thru it?…”


    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      here’s an interesting riddle: have you ever heard of that guy who misquotes the most over-used quote in the history of hiphop?

      • og bobby j


  • cashclay

    “To this day, I’ve only heard Graduation once, and I thought it was fucking gay as shit.”

    I bet if Kanye West was white, Bol would like Graduation a lot better. He slobbers over anything a white person makes just like hipsters slobber over Southern rap.

  • calimovment

    Game took away alot of his fans with those classic mixtapes…

  • Maddolies

    I Guess The Game reali did fuck Up G-Unit..

    I mean B4 the beef They culd sell any old garbage They even suckered me into buying those Aweful Lloyd Banks And Young Buck Albums.

    Bt Den the beef happened and Game ruined thea momentum and it reali started to show when Yayo Flopped And his album was the exact same shit that Banks and Buck Released.

    50 jus began to slip after that and he got worst and worst. The Onli good song from Curtis was I’ll Still Kill. The Rest of it.. Garbage!

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS..

    I dont think its totaly over for 50. All he’s doing rite now is to be where the market is. Dude is just trying to be in the consumer’s head space, thats it.

    I mean that whole signing up thing is just to collect a database of people that have or are interestd in the 50 brand. Once he has it, he’s gonna feed them whatever he wants. Exclusive remixes, rare mixtape, live chats, limited edition of sneakers and clothes, the works..its just a marketing strategy man, nothing deep..he’s just trying to be in touch with his audience..

  • Content

    ‘This column is approved by Fifty Cent’

  • Fresh.

    It’s over for him. Everybody has a voice on the internet, much unlike the radio. Fiddy’s voice is not the best. He’s competing in a new market. There are so many better sites to learn about new music, new kicks, and who’s fucking whom. Besides, his list of people that he doesn’t like is growing so quickly Thisis50 won’t have any new music that’s not from G-Unit and Fiddy.

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    Bol, stop hating on Kanye.

    Anyway on to 50 Cent. 50 Cent has lost his spark. He went from trying to get everyone to buy his records to assuming people would buy his records.

    Just listen to “Straight To The Bank” everything after bar 12 is garbage, but he thinks because he’s 50 that people are going to eat it up. “Amusement Park” is further proof, the song is exactly the same as “Candy Shop” and he even pointed out the similarities in the song himself.

    Not to mention “Ayo Technology” In between Justin’s vocals and Timbo & Danja’s beat, 50 Cent wasn’t even required for the song, almost any rapper’s verses could replace fif’s and no one would know he difference.

    50 Cent has no hunger, he’s not trying to stay on top. I guess he feels like once he gets there he’ll remain there, though that’s obviously not true.

  • Dudley

    I bet alot of rappers wish they could flop like the album Curtis did.

  • moresickaMC

    50 has talent…..dont count him out. you’ll seeeee

  • Ryan

    Kanye West is gayer than Hot Chip. 50 Cent does coke? I remember seeing a few interviews about him being really proud of himself for “not drinking or smoking or doing drugs.” I don’t know, maybe he fell off the wagon and into a bale of cocaine, good for him I guess. That UGK album was good, but definitley not better than the El-P album, or the new Yak Ballz album.



  • Sol

    I’m not understanding the definition of a “flop”. If Fifs last album flopped, then doesn’t that mean that EVERYBODY besides Kanye flopped 2?….And btw, the website obviously is working to his advantage because over 9000 ppl have downloaded the Body Snatchers mixtape….and it just dropped this morning! He said it himself. He set the bar too high for himself on Get Rich. Its hard to top a classic album, let alone a classic debut album.