Some of you might be familiar with engineer/producer Carlisle Young, as he was featured in the "Ask The Pro" section of Scratch Magazine (Jeezy/Runners cover, if my memory serves me correct) last year. He was also featured in the "Front Lines" section as part of the production team Young World Music, they did Swizz Beatz "Money In The Bank."

Shim's a producer who did a lot of work in the early 2000s with acts like Beanie Sigel, Mase, and Foxy Brown (actually produced "BK Anthem"). I been wondering where this guy has been at for the longest. He just disappeared.

Anyway, the two have teamed up to create a new production camp called The Piano Boys, and are working with a new artist by the name of Piano Boy Oh!

Carlisle sent me two records. I thought they were dope, so here they are. Enjoy!

"Romp Wit Me" featuring Bounty Killa

"Kitchen With Soda"