Daily Affirmations with Pusha T

There’s a moment early on in We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3 when Pusha T talks about how real lyrics are back and how no one’s interested in hearing the kind of bullshit that Lil’ Wayne spits, but you get the idea that he doesn’t really believe that. It comes off like one of those daily affirmations, like when an ugly person stares into a mirror and tells himself that he’s good-looking, so that he’ll have the courage to go into work each morning.

I’d try it myself, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to work right here from my mother’s basement. Also, I think we all know that guys referring to themselves as ugly and/or pretty (especially pretty) is one of those bizarre pathologies specific to the black community, that I must have missed out on spending so much time around cracka-ass crackas. (Thanks, white people!)

But I digress. Of course real lyrics, or an emphasis on being able to rap well for the sake of being able to rap well, i.e. what hip-hop used to be about (except when it wasn’t), is gonna be desirable to bullshit, to people who can tell the difference. But who can even tell the difference anymore? Probably not very many people, right?

Doesn’t the fact that Hell Hath No Fury did Little Brother numbers, while Lil’ Wayne is like the new Jay-Z kinda prove that no one gives a shit about the “rap” part of rap music anymore? But I suppose it’s important to tell yourself that more than a few people will ever really appreciate what it is that you do, even if it isn’t necessarily true.

Of course part of the problem with Hell Hath No Fury is that the production fucking sucked balls. From what I understand, Pharrell and the chinaman from the Neptunes may have had some sort of falling out and this may have lead to Pharrell handling the lion’s share of the production on HHNF by himself.

Now, I’m not privy enough to the Neptunes’ process to know which roles each individual handled. But based on my propensity to buy into racial stereotypes as if they were true more often than not, which they are, I’m gonna guess that Pharrell handled the rhythmic aspect of the Neptunes’ production, while the other fellow worked the computer.

(Given the fact that it’s been a minute since the Neptunes have had a hit, Pharrell might want to see about finding himself a replacement chinaman. Maybe hit up Craigslist.)

In the past, The Clipse have been criticized for cherry-picking the beats they use on these mixtapes, not so much in the sense that a rapper shouldn’t pick the best beats possible, but in the sense that any ol’ d-bag could sound good over some of the beats on We Got It 4 Cheap, Vols. 1 and 2. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can make a great album.

Just like someone else we know, eh?

There may have been some attempts at that sort of thing on Vol. 3, but it’s hard to say. They rap over beats from Graduation and American Gangster, but they’re such lame-ass beats. To the extent that people even liked them in the first place, it’s probably because they belonged to Kanye West and Jay-Z, and the two of them have reached that point of celebrity where they don’t even have to be good anymore.

Elsewhere, I’d say there’s some inspired beat selection that went into We Got 4 Cheap, Vol 3. Some of this shit I’ve never even heard before – maybe because it’s hard to even hear rap music these days, or maybe because this is new shit they commissioned specifically for the mixtape. Whatever it is, it’s the kind of shit you wish was on Hell Hath No Fury.

However, I wouldn’t want to necessarily throw all of the blame for Hell Hath No Fury’s abject failure on the production. Because that would just be racist. If you notice, there’s far fewer bling-bling raps on We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3 than there was on Hell Hath No Fury, and my guess is that this might be due to there being no profit motive with the mixtape.

Not that HHNF ended up turning a profit anyway, but I can imagine the two of them sitting around like, “These coke raps are good and all, but how are gonna get girls to go out and buy this album? Ooh, I know, a buncha songs about how we use the money we make from selling drugs to buy material bullshit, which we then use to attract women!”

Or who knows, it could’ve just been the TIs at Jive breathing down their necks for something they could use as a single. I wouldn’t want to speculate too much with regard to whatever, if any, commercial consideration went into crafting the album, because that just wouldn’t be fair to the artist.

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  • J.Rock

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    leave comments and messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

    • Cassius

      LMAO @ craiglist

  • stoneyisland

    I’m sick og brothers making excuses when their albums are wack. I guess it easier to blame the label or the producers when your shit goes wood or triple wood, either way stop acting all suprised like you didnt know the album was wack or better yet GO LARGE WACK:) fuck the clispe, pharrels little feminies ass and his asian sidekick and the non name brother in their group.

  • DaBizness

    I think they are making the right moves for their career tho, especially with the deal over at Sony (Hip Hop and nem). Even though Sony won’t do shit on the promo side, they will manage to stay out of their way creatively and put the product out..the rest is up to the Clipse….


  • og bobby j

    Clipse can spit, no doubt about that. But some artist just cannot put albums together. (ie fabolous) If these dudes were smart, they would be getting caked up of features…. also, people might get a little tired of hearing about the amount of weight you move. Lyrics do not necessarily equate to substance.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fishscale2 Luney t…Fresher than Him

    This blog sucked ass….

    • iZno

      don’t read it then

  • http://www.myspace.com/maxprofit maxp_777@hotmail.com

    Your right Pusha should not be trying to diss Lil Wayne – it makes him look like a dick rider.

    Other than that I love the Clipse, I can always count on them to drop that dope boy shit.

    Kids could learn more about life from the Clipse than any of these so-called positive rappers like Common or Talib.

  • Shawty J

    The Clipse don’t sell because all they do is rap about Coke, and what makes it worse is that they did it over Pharrell beats for two straight albums. I don’t buy mixtapes so I haven’t heard We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1-3, but distancing themselves from Pharrell sounds like a step in the right direction. Now if they can learn how to make something that can be played on the radio their sells may increase. But I’m with og bobby j on this one. Lyrics don’t equal substance, and substance is required for a good album.

  • BIG O

    what is with all the kanye hate?hes probably the most all around talented artist in rap right now.

  • Prize

    The Clipse…Making VA look bad since ’92

    • Slaughter1

      Wow…Sound like something a bitter, low budget, not on yet rapper would say.

  • Obama’s mama

    Where’s TPAr gettin’ on Bol calling Chad a “chinaman” when he’s filipnio?

  • ddubbzz

    I’m gonna guess that Pharrell handled the rhythmic aspect of the Neptunes’ production, while the other fellow worked the computer.<–LOL

  • Sarkastixxx

    So you work out of your moms basement. That says it all.

  • G-RAP

    byron crawford is the rap version of lewis black, never mind that would be a compliment, more like gilbert gottfried of hip-hop blogging. referring chad as “chinaman” is not only racist, but a failed attempt at racism, at least get your racial slurs right by calling him “flip”. you should be blogging about anime episodes on adult swim, you def look the part. you are clearly a blogger and hopefully never get confused for a journalist. its obvious you don’t remember the minimalist sounds that rakim flowed on back in the days to even appreciate the production on hell hath. my criticism of your blog will end here, its not worth anymore words.

  • Pierzy

    I always used to wonder why Pharrell would always be dancing in the videos while Chad was M.I.A., save for a few shots, like when he pressed three keys on the Casio during the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” video for about 2.5 seconds.

    I wish The Clipse were more popular than Lil’ Wayne, but then again, I always wished that The LOX were more popular than G-Unit, so I rarely get what I want. “I’m your Pusha!”

  • Dumb Nigga Hater

    So wait, do you LIVE in your mother’s basement? Got a room upstairs with Spidey sheets? Or do you just rent office space from her to write your blogs? Your ignorance is entertaining, heightened by you being so pretentious, so I’ll buy your brand of entertainment. It’s terrible, yet . . . I can’t look away. Your blogs are like SUPERBAD movies starring Master P and Faizon Love, or maybe a Tim Dawg album. Ignorant niggas are comin up this year, and you’re leading the charge. Keep up the good work Champion . . .

  • TheCo!!inB

    “They don’t wanna see niggas shooting videos/They want niggas pointin fingers like Arsenio”……shit makes me laugh everytime i hear it. Prize hell up nigga, all your non rappin ass nigga friends are what make VA look bad, Clipse have been upper echelon of street culture since i was fucking white girls in high school

  • Krime

    “Doesn’t the fact that Hell Hath No Fury did Little Brother numbers…” <– Ur a fool for dat 1 Bol!! lol. Dem Clipse niggaz go hard tho.. I cant even complain about da coke rap cuz MOST these niggaz now a days ALL rap about dat shit. But in between all dat coke, them niggaz spit some shit boy!!

  • The Nicker

    That speculation about the Neptunes had me rolling.

    But seriously Bol, that new Neptunes power hour on thesearepowerfulhours.com is my joint right now for the Friday night pre-game.

  • K Kills

    “Byron(toilet Bol) Crawford is your favorite rapper’s least favorite blogger” because his blogs suck. He should be writing for XXS Mag. Find this a guy a ghost blogger.

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    do the clipse still matter? i mean lord willin was 6 years ago

  • d_maj0r

    u got 2 blame the bootleggers
    hhnf was a good album it just didnt sell much and u gotta b fuckin kiddin me if u say the production sucked. r u serious.

  • beast coast

    While I’m not going to make a case for Wayne, using him as your ultimate example of what Pusha refers to as that ‘super stupid shit’ is plain ignorant. You know what that means. HHNF didn’t sell because dick-bags like me downloaded it and dickbags like you and your readers are too busy listening and analyzing bullshit. ‘No one is listening to/making real hip-hop?’ No one is writing about it, dude. Also, I think of you as more black due to your constant references to ‘crackas.’ Mission Accomplished bruh.

  • Fan of Hip Hop Since ’81

    OK. I never leave comments unless I feel strong about something. Boi, ya wrong! Flat out! Clipse is nice, and not on some Stan shit. HHNF was dope because they were MC’s on that album. They nade sense. Beats were banging’! “Keys Open Doors”, “We Got It For Cheap”, “Wamp, Wamp”, your favorite rapper which he had those beats! Classic, I don’t think so. But it was one of the best albums to hit in ’06, and it came out at the end. Weezy is cool, but he’s not nice! He can’t hold water. He’s no Jay like Clipse is no Outkast! However, Clipse put out what is already the best mixtape thus far. You wanna write a shitty blog about something, G-Unit mixtape is out too. That my friend is shit!!!

  • Trey Stone

    the reason these guys aren’t as popular as Wayne has everything to do with their emphasis on being the “coldest” emcees or whatever. they can spit but they don’t have a lot of personality.

    i like HHNF though. think Pharrell did a bang-up job there save three songs. the rare time heads’ve been right lately on a dope “real hip hop” album (even if they’re retarded for hating on everything else Neptunes)

    i kinda skimmed through this one (no Jay-Z) and deleted it cuz the beat selection was kinda wack.

  • Fernando

    With all of your scattered thoughts, I dont even know what the hell this post was about other than random shots at lil wayne and the obvious recognition that the Neptune’s beats are terrible.

    Is it just me, or are the “top news stories” on the sidebar of XXL.com a complete joke? Of all the news in the world that could be relevant to the hip-hop community, Rick Ross’ M.I Yayo Documentary release date is the “top story” of the day. wow. lmao

    • Okaaay

      ^^^ youree spot on mate, these corporate rap mags and websites dont do much to help do they? They prefer the bullshit raps to the meaningful lyrics simply cos of the sales aspect, its all about the numbers to them, so an album didnt sell, doesnt make it terrible (just like a platinum album isnt necessary a good one and is often straight garbage like Curtis) its just that the industry was on some bullshit with their bullshit priorities, not highlighting the skills aspect of the culture enough and promoting better artists that people wanna hear about. People are just following these days and these rap sites and (radio stations) are leading them to the abyss. So many cool albums released lately and not a peep about any of em save for a small, miniscule review. At least the Sauce has been stepping up its game lately, (cool interviews with Madlib and other people like Michael Eric Dyson good lookin out) although it could do a lot better and just straight ban the bullshit. Wont happen tho. Id like to see all the fans of Rick Ross in the same room, people who truly love him and take his shit so seriously they arrange their life around this new take on an old genre. It’d no doubt be a small room. On the other hand the people buying his shit music are just like sheep, they read countless articles about him and then assume he is some great artist pushing raps envelope. That or they simply are just tards who dont know any better. Young people are so gullible and rap aint teachin em not to be anymore.

  • jamon

    Hell Hath no Fury was a good album in my opinion , I thought most of the beats were pretty ill except for “Dirty Money” which was a weak track all around, but I got to give it up to BOL here, I was a little disappointed that most the tracks on the album dealt with drug dealing, cars, “bitches” and whatever else is injected into “Coke Rap” these days. Lyrically though I think they can spit nice, it will be interesting to see where the next album takes them.

  • Chris

    It’s always cute when you give your opinion on an album’s quality. At least Billy Sunday is still interesting and has a bit of layering. Your barebones website and old schtick no longer hide your crap taste.

    There was a time you’d drop a nugget and cover yourself, but nah, you’re bloggings are as obsolete and stretched thin as your pants’ waistline.

  • the real doctor69

    first off thats right I’m back bicthes so man up or pull you skirt down second i do think pusha t bitch too much even though he has a point what people really buy lil gaye opps wayne he a ultimate cornball he drug addict on a race with amy and britney to see who od’s first fuck him and anyone who thinks kiss men in the mouth and being a fiend makes you real , I just have one question how does hustling and saying how much your girl a hoe and how much you hate cops make you real ? hmmm how come these so called millionare hustlas rather have bricks on a block then books in a classroom or a moms and family off of welfare this dudes are clowns and dat gay nigga shut you bitch ass up you coon with stupid ass statements that listening to gaysta raps instead of listening to the real goat album of 07 sorry jay (common) is better you must be either a gay dl thug or a dude who never wants to to move out his moms house you brokerback wigga nyc stand up holla at y folks

  • Fire

    I liked Hell Hath No Fury, and there’s no question that Pusha T and Malice are good rappers. What I heard of the new mixtape was awesome. They can definitely put words together, it’s just that they are generally too one dimensional. If they incorporated a little more variety into their lyrics and beat selection, I think they’d be unstoppable.

  • moresickaMC

    Lil Wayne is average…but hip hops standards went down so he is @ the top of average

  • yellow niggazz


  • Juzzy

    Am i the only guy who thought HHNF was all round dope. I agree with whoever sed Dirty Money was the weakest song, but i reckon all round the production and lyrics were dope. Wont dont u make some better beats BOL?

  • livefromthe225

    like someone said earlier these guys can spit raw but they have NO PERSONALITY outside of rap thus NO MARKETABILITY…I support Wayne, but truthfully at this stage in the game it’s obvious Pusha is a better rapper, but guess what Wayne snortin coke, kissin dudes, wifin sluts, beefin w/ his crew, and all other shit makes headlines, which generates interest in him as an artist, which ultimately leads to more cake and more exposure…think about it

    If Kanye didn’t spazz out and dress different would he sell more than Common?

    If Jay-Z didn’t make such big business moves outside of rap would he as important to the real people who buy records (YTs)?

    Diddy can’t write rhymes to save his life, but that muthafucka gotta interesting backstory and undeniable swag and presence

    Basically if the hip hop industry post 1995 chose skill level as the prerequisite to niggas makin money, than Canibus would be like fuckin Martha Stewart…but he aint, so the Clipse may wanna find a way to be marketable instead of bitchin about another nigga that figured out the formula

  • Read My SHIT

    Where Do I Start..
    Production on HHNF was so fuckin cold, Except “Dirty Money” Tha production was like nuthn else out.. WGI4C V3, is tha best mixtape hands down.. it should b an album..

    Right, they dont rap bout nuthin but coke.. but like he said in th mixtape.. “Let that tell u sumthin”.. N Even tho thats all they tlk bout, they do it so well it dont even matter..

    I think Livefromthe225 is right tho.. tha only reason they aint really in tha media n everythin is cuz of their marketability..
    which is a sad thing.. U shouldnt have to do sumthin stupid to get noticed..

    N i listen to lil wayne N everything, but his shits been more quantiity than quality.. Youll B Lucky To Find 3 bangers in 30 track mixtape nowadays..
    His shit aint sumtihn u can sit n listen to in ya headphones n change ur persective on shit.. Its Always sumthin u like cuz u can show Out n bump that shit in tha parkinlot..
    Then again so is Clipse’s (ery once in awhile like “Nightmares” N “Rainy Dayz”)
    But when i heard tha dis on lil wayne ive been quotin it every 5 min..

    Clipse is jus real.. Best Coke Rappers Point Blank Period.. haha

    If People paid attention they could eclipse Wayne EASY.. Little Brother 2..

    Im Bumpin We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 Now..

    • squadwildin

      Alright every body’s hatin on Dirty Money which was actually a good song. The weakest song was Ride Around Shinin’. THat wasnt that good. And the beat for Dirty Money was unique so I expect a lot of ppl not to like it, especially if you don’t like string instruments used in the beats.

      Secondly, all Jeezy does is rap about Coke and he goes platinum so don’t tell me they cant do it. They just got to get the marketing right.

      The difference is, tho, is that they overseas wit it. Jeezy probly hardly leaves the south. In due time, they gone get the chance to shine.

  • Read My SHIT

    N atleast Not bein on tha platform means tha Hip-Hop Police Aint after em.. (Knock On Wood)

    N I dont think they really ive a fuck wat Bol thinks bout em.. haha

  • pb

    But based on my propensity to buy into racial stereotypes as if they were true more often than not, which they are, I’m gonna guess that Pharrell handled the rhythmic aspect of the Neptunes’ production, while the other fellow worked the computer.


  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy

    Hell Hath No Fury is Easily a Top 5 Album of all time. Shut the fukk up you fat, Ugly, piece of shit.


  • bd

    u stupid man

    get off wayne dick..

    his shit been wack for min

    plus he kiss men…..

    and xxl can u get some people who even kno what the fuck they talkin bout here…

    i might have to give up on this site if i keep readin dumb shit like this

  • the one

    Fuck any of you who are criticizing Pusha, Malice, Sandman, or Ab-Liva and haven’t listened to any of the We Got It For Cheap Mixtapes. That shit is some of the most lyrically involved material any of us has seen in a while.
    You all still hating of Hell Hath No Fury. That album didn’t sell well cause all the dope boys got that shit, and the others who got it don’t understand the lyrics literally and the talent that is put before us.
    This is some of the only shit that I can rely on to be top quality, and not just push out another mixtape single or something.
    R-E U-P has been working on this album for quite some time and for people to be hating it before they even get a real chance to listen to it is straight up unfair, but hey thats how the world is with bitch ass pussys.
    If you listen to this mixtape 3-4 times you STILL cant get the just of whats going on here. You have to actually stop the track and think about what these masters are referencing
    Clipse might never reign supreme like these other pussy one hit faggots, but my respect for their talent should be enough to get me through another one of these arguements.

  • johnnywhiplash

    wow, what a bunch of ignorant blabber… the production of HHNF was impecable(save “dirty money” which i agree is weak)and the beats were both creative and fresh(who else would have thought to use that harp in “ride around shinin”). do you have a problem with progress or do you just hate on everything that doesn’t sound like it came from a corporate archive? as far as lyrics are concerned,they reach their target audience well. they’re clever,precise,and in many instances very revealing as to how they view themselves and the culture they exist in. i think overall it’s very solid.so they talk about coke a lot.
    their flows are tight, and there’s plenty of real shit in between the coke rhymes to make up for it.

    “do you listen to music or just skim through it?”

    …and by the way, calling Chad Hugo a “chinaman” makes you sound like a dick.

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS..

    Bol, what makes you think Chad has no contribution to in the “creative procces” of the Neptunes?

    Anyway I enjoyd listening to HHNF, I think it was a decent album. Havnt heard Got 4Cheap vol3 but vol2 waz da shit, i luvd it…Clipse killed the “so seductive” beat better than 50 and Yayo..

  • gamma

    Damn and he called lupe a racist cracka ass cracka, and now chinaman this dude is a ass stop blogging man I can respect your point of view but you sound like a ass with that racist shit!

  • Yo

    He says those things to purposely get a rise out of you all. And it’s working. So instead of criticizing him, you should be criticizing yourselves.

  • AJG

    “Ride around Shinin” and “mr me too” were 2 of the hottest beats of the year IMO-

    You expect an album nowadays to have more than two decent tracks?

  • calvin wong

    ima apply for that potentially vacant chinaman position.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I just can’t subscribe to this Clipse nut-huggery that is going on around town. Yeah, they sound different vocally, and the Neptunes beats help them with that, but they aren’t competing with Wayne.

    If you take away the shittiest Weezy mixtape cuts and leave behind the rest that were worth noting, it still kills the whole Clipse catalog. That’s before we get into albums or guest spots.

    This just isn’t fair. I’d let Clipse redefine themselves before I’d let them get away with comparing themselves to or trying to compete with Wayne. And the “I wore Bathing Apes first” argument is pretty lame.

    Who cares?

  • DoubleClutch

    The reason the clipse dont sell is because they dont do the type of music women would like. Beside of few tracks, mostly it for the streets or the “20k money making brothers on the corner” like pusha said. All in all, I enjoy the WE GOT IT 4 CHEAP mixtapes. Rainy Dayz on Vol. 3 is sick. Wayne nice but he aint fuckin with the re-up. Oh yea by the way… FUCK the cat who made this blog and all the clipse haters out there. “In an era where most niggas just “Walk it Out”

  • Jonsey The White Kid

    ey Bol I laughed my ass off resing this blog, im gonna save it and shove people how a sarcastic mastermind works.
    U r the only blogger worth reading, keep bringing the heat dude!!

  • Ali

    i didnt even read tha whole post, but one thing’s for sure, Hell Hath No Fury’s production sucked balls haha…..ima big fan of Clipse but 4 tha love of God, stop workin with NERD they are overrated……tha only good beat was “Hello New World”….”Wamp Wamp” was bearable…….tha rest sucked even tho tha lyrics were fire

  • http://www.facebook.com/SelfEsteemAffirmations Self esteem Affirmations

    I hope many people would read this, specially those who feel alone with nobody around to given them affirmations. Thanks for sharing :D