What’s Tony Yayo got to do with it?

“I don’t smack kids.”

- Tony Yayo

Is Tony Yayo’s weed carrier about to take the fall for that time when Tony Yayo (allegedly) slapped the shit out of Jimmy Henchmen’s son?

(Also, how in the world does Tony Yayo even have his own weed carrier in the first place? The fuck?)

Or who knows, maybe this guy Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher (described by MTV News as an “honorary” member of G-Unit), who told New York’s infamous hip-hop police that he was the one who slapped the poor child, really was the one who did it.

At the time, I wanted to believe it was Tony Yayo, because I figured if it was premeditated, then this would easily be the greatest publicity stunt evar in the history of hip-hop. But the more I think about it, the more I realize this probably wasn’t the case.

Fiddy Cent’s Curtis was supposed to be released around the same time, but it kept getting pushed back – because no one liked the singles – to the point where all of the hype from The Other Slap Heard ‘Round The World (if you don’t know what the first one was, kill yourself) had subsided.

I maintained all along that they should have just dropped the album when it was supposed to come out, not only because pushing it back would give people that much more to realize what a shit sandwich it is, but because I doubted they could come up with a better publicity stunt.

And, as it turns out, I was right! That whole 9/11 album release date face-off with Kanye West, which Fiddy didn’t come up with so much as he let Kanye West talk him into, ended up blowing up in his face big time.

*takes a minute to revel in his self-satisfaction*

So now it’s a year later, and Tony Yayo’s still gotta deal with the fall-out from The Slap. He’s gotta be feeling pretty gypped, not only because it hardly served any purpose business-wise, but he’s still feeling the heat from that shit, even though he (may have) talked someone else into taking the blame for it.

Just the other day, his “tour manager” (again, what the fuck?) had his house in Queens shot up and damn near firebombed. (A Molotov cocktail thrown at the house landed on the lawn in front of it.)

Fortunately, as Yayo explained to MTV News, obviously his tour manager wouldn’t be living in some house in the Queens ghetto. (Pshaw!) “Picture my road manager living in the ‘hood,” said the rapper.

You’ll recall that his mother’s crib, also in Queens, was shot up not too long after The Slap. (Which of course is not to suggest that there’s any correlation between The Slap and any of this…) Why would Tony Yayo’s mother still be living in the ‘hood when even his tour manager doesn’t live there anymore?

As Tony Yayo explained to MTV News, his mother is from Haiti, and that’s just how Haitians operate.

“My moms didn’t move,” Yayo said. “I mean, she went through what she went through. I pray for her, but she made that house. She don’t wanna move. She came here from another country, she bought a house. She did everything for it. She don’t wanna leave. Trust me: She can if she wants to.”

If you say so, Tony Yayo. If you say so.

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  • moresickaMC

    Jimmy Henchmen is a fake gangsta

    • http://www.myspace.com smokiewight

      back it up,wannabe.

  • this post is meh


  • Deez Nutz

    Yayo moms is “so hood” (in my dj khaled voice)…

  • http://xxlmagazine.com Cal

    Byron I beg you as a semi-fan of your bloggs to not hang me by my nuts if I ask ‘what the hell other SLAP was there?’ I’m from Kenya man and probably wasn’t up to date on that. By the way your big ass did good with those retorts about Yayo having a tour manager and weed carrier, funny ass shit!!

    • the notetaker

      get off his balls…

  • jg420

    Deez Nutz says:

    Yayo moms is “so hood” (in my dj khaled voice)…
    Liiiiissssstttteeeeennnnnn, we da best. What kind of name is Tony Yayo?

  • MOE

    moresickaMC says:

    “Jimmy Henchmen is a fake gangsta”

    Shootin up a ni**az mother house doesn’t sound fake to me?

    Talkin about doing the sh** is a different story!

    • daaveragenegro

      shootin ain’t hard dawg and a gangster it doesn’t make. now if jimmy pay some niggas to spray “phonygayho” up in public, thats more like it, whats g about shootin at old women?


    Real Talk! 50 ain’t fuckin Bill Gates, and yayo ain’t gettin no bread, anyone who believes otherwise is obviously under the age of 17.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chronikill ROX ONE

    So Tony Yayo grew up in a house his mother owned?

    How upper middle-class of him.

  • CiTyStArS

    yo detroit u must be retarted to think yayo aint got no cash son when he first got out jail he had a mil in the bank yo and he gets paid as platinum artsit for shows because of g-unit and tony yayo got his name from scarface for whoever asked what his name meant and tony can also be broken down into talk of new york and eveybody knoes what yayo means so stop hatin yall and just keep it 1000 not 100

  • yaboy

    tony yayo is a herb.



  • Youngz

    Yo Bol, u the biggest hater eva´ but its funny as hell to read your shit (no homo)!!

    Why dont you create your own tv.show, I bet people would tune in!!

    E det nån svensk här som läser Bols blogg??

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Meka Soul

    “”50′s a beast in that studio.” — Tony Yayo”

    no homo?

    • Umpington the Fif

      I enjoyed this blog, no homo!?

  • The Nicker

    Uhh, “The Hood” in NYC is like “The Hills” to Haitians. They pretty much define ghetto in the Western Hemisphere.

    Basically, I’m not surprised his moms doesn’t want to move.

  • Sol

    I aint even have to read all this and get annoyed. Lodi Mack aint his damn weed carrier. I guess Dead Eye is their weed carrier too huh? Fuck outta here.

  • stoneyisland

    most of you sorry muthafuckas who have never really owned shit and never will own shit should go kill yourself. Yayo’s mom worked hard, came to this country with nothing and bought her a home, she aint paying rent to some white man anymore she OWNS her home. That buys her my respect and admiration. Black owned. You bitch ass grown muthafuckas still living in big mama’s basement should go kill yourself, unless you OWN your home like Yayo’s mom and alot of other hard working brothers and sisters, including me go fuck yourselves, go play PS3 and smoke weed all day and wonder why the “man” is holding you down. Bitch ass bitches.

    • nellz

      sooooo….why not have ur “successful” son buy u a house…and move out of that shitty queens neighborhood. because thats the first piece of shit house u owned?….thats like a nigga still ridin in a 92 civic cuz thats the 1st thing he owned..when ur child can buy u something a lot better. U got some fucked up logic.

  • Dukebooty

    Shoot his mom, and skeet on her eyebrows!

  • Pembrook Pimpin

    HBO: Haitian Body Order
    muthafukkers smell like like a wall of unwashed asscheeks.

  • K.ola

    aight this is for BOI>>>>

    @boi name one other hype man with a gold album…

    he sold more than

    fat joe last album…
    dj kahled last album…
    chamillionare last album…
    young dro
    young joc
    thats why he has his own road manager…

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    His Momz said fuck these niggaz.she on some David Koresh type shit “we aint comin out”.as far as cuz smackin kids as long as he knows there is a consequence to the shit …homie took the fall but what if he gets a spoon shoved up his(n/h)ass for it.

  • Enlightened

    I used to post on these blogs everyday. Then one day I stopped coming to xxlmag.com altogether and only started hitting the other sites. It’s almost like I forgot about it. Now that I’m back on, I realize that it was because of how silly and pathetic the bloggers are that I stopped coming on this site. Judging by how many posts there are nowadays, I guess I’m not the only one that stopped coming.

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  • http://wffrdf S on my Chest

    I love Bol blogs! He’s a dick but he always gets you hoes riled up and then you bicker like bitches.

  • http://nahright.ning.com/profile/DaPartyStarterAKAskdamc Da PartyStarter

    I can imagine the Muffuka who threw the “Molotov Cocktail” kinda resembled Uncle Rukus throwin’ that brick at Dr. MLK.

  • jg420

    K.ola says:

    aight this is for BOI>>>>

    @boi name one other hype man with a gold album…

    he sold more than

    fat joe last album…
    dj kahled last album…
    chamillionare last album…
    young dro
    young joc
    thats why he has his own road manager…

    Yeah and when did yayo’s cd come out? Like 2 fuckin years ago, if that fag dropped right now he would flop harder than lloyd banks, lil scrappy and mobb deep. I guarantee he wouldnt go gold, 50 had a hard enough time going platinum lmao. Get out of here with that G unit dick riding

  • http://ThisOne Otis

    WoW!! Thats really crazy. What’s the world coming to?

  • Macdatruest


    He shoulda took one of those bullets, or at least let the molotov hit him in his g-unit bulletproof vest. For album sales purposes.

    Didn’t he learn from Fifty? G-Unit albums are all Dead On Arrival. They remind me of No Limit, when everybody got sick of their “hit formula” Master P wanted to make a crapping noise on all his artists songs (Huuuuuunh!)convinced that’s what people liked.50 wanna sing a crappy hook on all his artists songs, convinced that’s what people like.
    I’m still tripping off how 50 has let the assert themselves that he is a good artist or businessman, because he know he be makin’ some fucked up moves. That Spider Loc new Mixtape is some of the worst Music I ever heard. Bol need to do a blog on Spider Loc album cause it’s one of the worst albums in history-PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. This nigga can’t rap gifts.

    Nowadays, these fake, CEO industry rap mufflers(fags) sign artist not because they are good, but because they are EASY and SUBMISSIVE WHORES who will jump when they say jump.(Baby made his lil’ weezy president after he kept quiet when the oter Hot Boys spoke up, and he got a kiss*) The whole G-Unit minus The Game for example. Remember when 50 signed
    Hav and P Dunny
    M.O.P. AKA D.O.A. on G-Unit
    Spidey Loc
    Minister/Murda Mase
    Olivia (Newton John)
    “A rapper named Hot Rod” (his full name,you gotta say it all like a pimp named sweetback)
    The first thing they did was took on 50s Beef. Is this the high point of your career? Fighting another dudes rap battles? This Can’t be Life…lol

    XXL wrote it up like it was the start of some great dynasty, why?cause xxl is dick riders and wanted to believe cause 50 got shot and sold albums didssing Ja Rule, an odd collection of hand picked Suck Ups who suck ass will be successful, cause he said so? He picks is artists based on their submissive nature, not their talent. but still EVERYBODY JUMPED ON G_UNIT DICK just in case they blew, without even hearing the picnic basket of shit sandwiches they were planning to serve. Then all is old artist like Lloyd Banks and Buck flopped too, just off the bad, unbelievable look of the whole camp. G-Unit is like Bad Boy, A highly decorated, MTV approved shit rap factory with minimal output, and maximum media hype. I WONDER IF I SHIT IN A CD CASE, AND SAY EMINEM PRODUCED IT, WILL PEOPLE SAY IT’S A MASTER-PIECE of shit

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      don’t hold back man, tell us how you really feel.

    • Sol

      God damn you a hater! Point number 1, Mase never got signed, point number 2, Hot Rod got flow. Point number 3, if you haven’t noticed, NOBODY IS GOING PLATINUM LATELY. So give Fif credit for that. 4th point, all their artists aren’t as “submissive” as you say. Mazaradi Fox? Is he “submissive”? Just go around southside and ask is that nigga’s soft. Say that any nigga running wit the Unit is soft in Far Rock. I bet you won’t leave talking the same cuz them bloods won’t let you. And Mazaradi Fox, Lodi Mack, and Dead Eye are REAL bloods. Not no Ima wake up tomorrow and start claiming blood like Wayne and Game. And Loc aint got an album out yet. That was like a fuckin mixtape. And all their songs aint good, but the majority of them are better than niggas yellin “100 million dollars” and can’t pay for their damn jewelry and cars. All of them niggas put together aint pullin 100 mil. The only down south niggas that was really gettin to the money was Tip, Jeezy, and Luda. The rest of them niggas is a lie and a half. But niggas aint quick to call them fake (even though they be lying). But back to my main point: Yup, they inherited fifs beef, but what real soldier doesn’t? Thats like a nigga enrolling into the army and say he aint fighting cuz it aint his beef! Lmfao you need to stop hating.

  • jg420

    Yo word to Macdatruest, all that shit is so true. Especially the part about a shit cd produced by eminem lmao. The comparison to No Limit is dead on but 50 and his crew are way worse than Master P. Just wait until the new g unit cd comes out and flops. What kind of excuse will 50 and his dickriding stans give?

  • daz_oc

    Im with Cal about that other slap….So before I go kill myself can someone tell me what the other slap was?

  • http://AHH Ruste Juxx

    im THINKING the other slap was Talib Kweli gettin smacked by some chick and started crying at a gunit party..I THINK!!!!

  • mike

    Shout out to Jimmy Henchman.

  • Enlightened


    Everything you said is accurate to me except for one thing. Spider Loc can spit. Flat out. Now I admit, I haven’t heard his new mixtape but I heard the two before that and I can’t believe he went from tight to trash all of a sudden. I think you just don’t like the way he flows. Everybody has their opinion. My impression when I heard him was that he was one of the tightest so-called “gangsta” rappers I’d heard in a while.
    Most people on here have to admit that they’ve never really heard Spider Loc and I wonder if you really have.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    The other slap was Talib Kweli getting slapped by a groupie at Curtis’s party.

    Or maybe not.

  • Ryan

    Seriously, I want to collect all of the old No Limit CD’s, tapes or records. I just want a copy of each album on one of those formats, the pen and pixel covers were on point.

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