Turn My Headphones Up

I thought it was great move when I heard that Dr. Dre was going to be entering the electronics market with Monster’s “Beats By Dre” headphones, which he announced last weekend at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The headphones will retail for $400. Some folks are saying that’s too much bread for a pair of headphones. Music Industry figure Bob Lefsetz wrote on his blog yesterday,

“I hope Monster is writing him a fat check, because they’re certainly not going to sell many. Can you say PRICE POINT? You have to spend $400 to get bass? Shit, most people’s STEREOS don’t cost $400. Never mind their iPods, which they use to listen to music. The only people who can afford these are the boomers, who hate rap.”

I disagree. The people who can afford, will afford, or trick themselves into thinking they can afford these headphones are the new producers coming up, the ones who are making tracks in their parents’ basement, who need to keep the noise down at night, but also need to hear their shit knock. Granted, some Sony MDR700‘s will usually do the trick, but I know everything Monster does is some like next level top quality shit. Point is, nobody’s buying these joints to listen to music casually. So I don’t think they can be looked at like an ordinary consumer electronic product. But headphones are just the start for Dre.

The article in the LA Times says,

“The headphones are more than a lark: Dre and [Jimmy] Iovine have plans for an entire line of home and car audio electronics based on both Dre’s celebrity and his perfectionist reputation, a branding plan that would make him a sort of Martha Stewart of the subwoofer set. ‘In 10 years, I want to look back and remember this moment, when it was just headphones, because it’s going to include speakers and surround-sound systems, car systems, everything,’ said Dre, 42.”

Getting into the electronics market is a good move for Dre. Hard to imagine that a guy with his level of celebrity never had Dre Wear or some stupid shit like that, but that’s besides the point. I mean, even though the die hard fans are waiting for Detox, there’s a whole slew of new fans in hip-hop who aren’t really even familiar with him. Detox, which is now due in June, almost seems like a vanity project, like something to remind people that Dre’s still an artist, even though that life seems behind him now. People who think of Dre at this point, think of him as a great producer and sound man first and foremost, so why not cash in on that?

Just make sure to send me a free pair of those headphones.

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  • http://www.tuckyart.com Tucky

    People should take note of this venture, because Dre is doing something different. Everybody has a shoe, a clothing line, and an energy drink. Do something else.

  • CiTyStArS

    if u look all these cheap headphones like i pod headphones they damage ur ears cause ur also pickin on all the other noise as well instead of just what ur listening to

  • DirtDogggy

    Fuck that, I’ll stay with AKG’s they got removable wires you you can replace if they break, and that’s usually how they break. Mind you they run up to 4 bills too but the 150-250 ones are mint too.

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  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com triplesixninja

    Dr. Dre is going to push mad units of these bitches

  • ri067953

    Yo, I that people won’t be using these for mixing tracks! Seems like that is what this product is being geared for. The cheaper the better because then you can tell if you got the right knock for all the regular folks. In my experince, high end products usually fool you into thinking your mix is tight.

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  • Neven

    all I have to say is where can I get two pairs

    • Mr.Wang

      $800 dollars please!

  • BK Cyph

    Its official- Detox is never coming out!
    BTW- how did Dre manage to escape the roids list?!?
    Him and 50 = Canseco and McGuire

    • http://www.myspace.com/thekidmakesbeatz Kid Pistol

      Retard, Dre ain’t taking steroids. He’s too damn smart to do some stunt like, especially at this point in his life. It’s also Conseco. As a producer, I’m definitely going to grab me a pair of Beats. Do your thing Dre.

  • DropKick

    Hell yeah Dre, I’ve seen these in so many clips already, talk about about pre-release brand promoting. The Doc is smarter than most of you realise, in case you haven’t noticed, Hip Hop started waaaay before 1994, and Dre’s been elbowdeep amongst it, kickin heads in with superb beats the whole time. Most woulda killed for Dre’s beats…

    Bag the phones all ya like, bein a Hip Hop producer myself I understand that most headphones just dont even carry the right frequency range, let alone sound right. Theres a whole lot of work we do on our tracks that is not even heard by standard headphones. I have a set that has superb frequency range from 5hz onward up to 30K. So thats where I work. I make superdeep basslines that often haven’t even registered a single db on other sound equipment.

    Trust me, If any of Dre’s beats dont make the eyeballs bang out ya skull on the kick and the strings dont blow your senses right the fuck out, then your using the wrong speakers/phones. I know this, and thats why I’m buyin a set of both types… Buds for my iPod

    Cant wait for the speakers and woofers Dre, I’m waiting till then to re-deck my studio…