Free career advice for Lupe Fiasco: Maybe stop posting on okayplayer so often? I'm just saying.

If you notice, his last several PR debacles have all seemed to stem from there.

First there was Fiascogate, which had its origins in some comments he once made there about how he's never heard Midnight Marauders, because he comes from a gully part of Chicago where people don't listen to A Tribe Called Quest. (Come to find out, this might actually be true.)

Then there was the political debate between him and Rhymefest re: this year's presidential election. Lupe told SOHH he isn't impressed by Barack Obama and that he hopes Hillary Clinton wins, which caused Rhymefest to get all up in that ass. (Nullus?) Which in turn caused an anonymous reader with a relatively poor command of the English language to email me, revealing all sorts of fascinating secrets about the Chicago hip-hop scene.

The latest such incident began yesterday, when Lupe was trolling the legendary den of haters for new artists for his label 1st & 15th. (For what it's worth, I believe Phonte from Little Brother began his career posting on the message boards at okayplayer. Not that his career is in the least bit viable at this point, but still. The guy's got talent.)

As the message began:

1st & 15th Entertainment prides itself in giving people a shot at their dreams...NEVER have we taken anything from of our artists or producers unfairly...If anything we give TOO much in the eyes of the industry and based on common industry standards & practices (and alot of times we are hurt by having this mentality: professionally, financially & personally)

Then he goes on from there, rambling on about how 1st & 15th is such a great label for its artists, and how they go to such great lengths to make sure their artists are taken care of... almost as if he's got something to hide.

And as it turns out, he just might!

A hundred or so hate-filled diatribes into the replies to the original post, there's a comment from this guy Prolyfic. He had some beats on Lupe's first album, Food and Liquor. I'm not sure which ones, because I've only heard it once or twice. They probably weren't very good though. Hardly any of them were. He doesn't appear on The Cool at all, which is not to say that Lupe's stepped his production game up. But apparently the two of them had some sort of falling out.

As Prolyfic's response to Lupe's original post begins:

i mean did your publicist write this for you to say or what , bcuz it is a complete opposite fabrication of what the company does to it's artist esp. .. and i'm not there to give "group therapy" to them anymore so now what ?

have you ever read ANY of our contracts ???


You get the idea though that Prolyfic might be upset that none of his beats were chosen for The Cool, and now he's at a loss for ways to get money[1]:

when we was on the phone and you said "this pro shit is whatever" did you realize that you was telling me that my son starving is "whatever" did you even have a MOTHERFUCKING CLUE ?? or did u just follow whatever chilly told you without finding out for yourself ??

For what it's worth, The Cool does feature input from Lupe's stable of no-talents, almost certainly to the detriment of the album's creative and commercial benefit. Whether or not this is out of the kindness of Lupe's heart or because he has awful taste in music is, I suppose, a matter up for debate. My guess is the latter.

The remainder of Prolyfic's rant, which provides some insight into the goings on at 1st & 15th (and probably the vast majority of these rapper-run vanity imprints) and concludes with what would have to be construed as a threat:

do you have any idea what i actually REALLY came up to best buy for the day we released f&l ?? it damn sure was'nt to shake your hand .. see i don't have business issues with you bcuz you don't know anything about the business that went on in fnf as far as in-house goes .. all you knew was stuff that pertained to you ...and you was barely around to even know anything and you did'nt even care to check on things yourself ... you abandoned a entire group of ppl that broke bread with you and road with you to the dirt when we had absolutely nothing ... where is your loyalty little boy (fighters) ??? let me calm down ... wasalu don't make me put you out there ... cuz you foul dawg

Ruh roh!

So, what do you fruits think? Does this guy have legitimate cause to be upset with Lupe? Or is he just pissed that he's broke and he couldn't get any beats on The Cool?

At the very least, I think this confirms once and for all what I've been saying for years now about these fake CEOs. Namely, it's hardly a contradiction to suggest that, on the one hand, these clowns aren't the real CEOs of shit, but on the other hand, they're still the ones to blame for the fucked up states of affairs at their labels.

Am I right or am I right?

[1] Seriously though, if there's a little kid that's starving because of this, someone send me his address so my mom can send him a care package.