Lupe Fiasco cheats his artists?

Free career advice for Lupe Fiasco: Maybe stop posting on okayplayer so often? I’m just saying.

If you notice, his last several PR debacles have all seemed to stem from there.

First there was Fiascogate, which had its origins in some comments he once made there about how he’s never heard Midnight Marauders, because he comes from a gully part of Chicago where people don’t listen to A Tribe Called Quest. (Come to find out, this might actually be true.)

Then there was the political debate between him and Rhymefest re: this year’s presidential election. Lupe told SOHH he isn’t impressed by Barack Obama and that he hopes Hillary Clinton wins, which caused Rhymefest to get all up in that ass. (Nullus?) Which in turn caused an anonymous reader with a relatively poor command of the English language to email me, revealing all sorts of fascinating secrets about the Chicago hip-hop scene.

The latest such incident began yesterday, when Lupe was trolling the legendary den of haters for new artists for his label 1st & 15th. (For what it’s worth, I believe Phonte from Little Brother began his career posting on the message boards at okayplayer. Not that his career is in the least bit viable at this point, but still. The guy’s got talent.)

As the message began:

1st & 15th Entertainment prides itself in giving people a shot at their dreams…NEVER have we taken anything from of our artists or producers unfairly…If anything we give TOO much in the eyes of the industry and based on common industry standards & practices (and alot of times we are hurt by having this mentality: professionally, financially & personally)

Then he goes on from there, rambling on about how 1st & 15th is such a great label for its artists, and how they go to such great lengths to make sure their artists are taken care of… almost as if he’s got something to hide.

And as it turns out, he just might!

A hundred or so hate-filled diatribes into the replies to the original post, there’s a comment from this guy Prolyfic. He had some beats on Lupe’s first album, Food and Liquor. I’m not sure which ones, because I’ve only heard it once or twice. They probably weren’t very good though. Hardly any of them were. He doesn’t appear on The Cool at all, which is not to say that Lupe’s stepped his production game up. But apparently the two of them had some sort of falling out.

As Prolyfic’s response to Lupe’s original post begins:

i mean did your publicist write this for you to say or what , bcuz it is a complete opposite fabrication of what the company does to it’s artist esp. .. and i’m not there to give “group therapy” to them anymore so now what ?

have you ever read ANY of our contracts ???


You get the idea though that Prolyfic might be upset that none of his beats were chosen for The Cool, and now he’s at a loss for ways to get money[1]:

when we was on the phone and you said “this pro shit is whatever” did you realize that you was telling me that my son starving is “whatever” did you even have a MOTHERFUCKING CLUE ?? or did u just follow whatever chilly told you without finding out for yourself ??

For what it’s worth, The Cool does feature input from Lupe’s stable of no-talents, almost certainly to the detriment of the album’s creative and commercial benefit. Whether or not this is out of the kindness of Lupe’s heart or because he has awful taste in music is, I suppose, a matter up for debate. My guess is the latter.

The remainder of Prolyfic’s rant, which provides some insight into the goings on at 1st & 15th (and probably the vast majority of these rapper-run vanity imprints) and concludes with what would have to be construed as a threat:

do you have any idea what i actually REALLY came up to best buy for the day we released f&l ?? it damn sure was’nt to shake your hand .. see i don’t have business issues with you bcuz you don’t know anything about the business that went on in fnf as far as in-house goes .. all you knew was stuff that pertained to you …and you was barely around to even know anything and you did’nt even care to check on things yourself … you abandoned a entire group of ppl that broke bread with you and road with you to the dirt when we had absolutely nothing … where is your loyalty little boy (fighters) ??? let me calm down … wasalu don’t make me put you out there … cuz you foul dawg

Ruh roh!

So, what do you fruits think? Does this guy have legitimate cause to be upset with Lupe? Or is he just pissed that he’s broke and he couldn’t get any beats on The Cool?

At the very least, I think this confirms once and for all what I’ve been saying for years now about these fake CEOs. Namely, it’s hardly a contradiction to suggest that, on the one hand, these clowns aren’t the real CEOs of shit, but on the other hand, they’re still the ones to blame for the fucked up states of affairs at their labels.

Am I right or am I right?

[1] Seriously though, if there’s a little kid that’s starving because of this, someone send me his address so my mom can send him a care package.

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  • ridda

    regular bol hate on whichever’s name is poppin.



  • http://AHH Ruste Juxx


  • Bk Slime

    That same dude probably leaked Fod and Liquor

    • lancelot


  • Intifada

    Bol, jealousy ain’t healthy.

    Lupe just released another quality album, get over it.

    • SUN

      Take lupe’s dick out ya mouth and pay attention to what happening and how time and time again this asshole is being exposed. dope music is dope music but dude is still a fuckin ASSHOLE who keeps bodying himself

      • Intifada

        So you honestly think Bol’s hate for Lupe has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he bashes Muslims whenever he can, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the two had a bit of “beef” not long ago?

        Take Bol’s dick out of your mouth and realise that this fat idiot has nothing of worth to write about.

        Lupe looked foolish with the way he reacted to the ATCQ shit, which was blown way out of proportion anyway, but the accusations against Lupe regarding the Chicago Hip Hop seen is reaching big-time.

  • b-ease


    Jesus Christ, Lupe is taking the art of being a douchebag to previously unseen heights…

  • og bobby j

    I dont even think we have enough info to specualte as to what actually went down. I wouldnt be surprised in either case. What I dont understand is that if this cat gave Lupe beats, is he claiming to never have gotten paid? If so, a real man would handle this shit one of two ways. First, holla at your legal advisors and get that bread right, or stick lupe fake ass up and rob him for everything, even them sweet beanpies!

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  • stoneyisland

    Bol, go swallow a pistol you fat fuck. Better yet go swallow a 20 pound turkey with all the fixins’ like you do every morning for breakfast, you obese, muslim hating, jay-z dick riding, on the downlow ass.

    • Mr.Wang

      Co motha fuckin’ sign! stoneyisland I can’t put it better man!

      Yo Bol, ya fat fuck, I don’t give a fuck what bullshit information you got, Lupe still the motha fuckin’ shit.

      Go eat a fat dick or better yet, a pistol, 20 pound turkey, and a fuckin’ choppa, BITCH!

      • Dickrider Hater

        It was funnier the first time it was said dickrider.

        Your new name is:

        Mr. Rides Wang

        • Mr.Wang

          Oh my goodness this nigga wanna talk shit and be the 100th nigga to make fun of my name.

          Matter a fact in the past I recall you, the self proclaimed “Dickrider Hater” get on me,the Notorious W.A.N.G.

          Now you call me Mr.Rides Wang?

          I’ma just call ya a bitch and keep it movin’.

          Say somethin’ else and I’ll really get on ya.

          Whack ass name caller…

        • Dickrider Hater

          “Say somethin’ else and I’ll really get on ya.”

          Yeah, on MY DICK, Mr. Rides Wang.



          Fuck outta here.

        • Mr.Wang

          I was brought here today to address a certain someone who made a some what funny name for me.

          I don’t know this nigga I never met him but he stay on my cock! Now lets not get all upset now, he can’t hurt me.

          Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

          Ha Ha! You fucked up now nigga….

  • Cal

    Bol your supposed to wake your ass up and realize that the only reason a producer will jump out and scream at an artist coz o’ their album is only if the album is viewed as hot! It’s already acclaimed and whatever and the beats are alright if not exemplary so as not to irk any haters here.
    If it was a shit sandwich dude would’ve been happy to stay in the woodwork and act like he never even worked on F&L! Must an artist compromise their hard earned cash by submitting to everyone’s needs? I mean as a human i’d feel a little pissed just like prolyphic but i’d know i’m pissed for no good damn reason!

  • LOL



  • East St.Louis

    Bol u faggot ass dude stop hating on Lupe cause u dont like his music. thats bullshit. u must be fascinated by the man since u always looking for something to post about him

  • JuJu Madinez

    Nah, this seems legitimate to me. I mean, if it was me and I was just upset about not having any beats on The Cool, I wouldn’t be trying to burn bridges. After all, someone needs to hook up the beats for all Lupe’s weed carriers. And even though those cats are going to push ten units between them, I’m sure he could make at least enough money to buy his son a few happy meals.

  • chitownsfinest

    don’t know a thing bout his current situation…but this nigga prolyfic used to get his ass beat back in the day on the regular. nigga was claiming that gang shit cause the h.s. he went to was thorough like that but he wasn’t built like that at all. he stayed paying for lyin tho lol

  • Content

    Did all of Freshs’ responsibilities go to you or just her gossip blogs?

    • jimmy


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  • Fresh

    I second the bland thing. He’s got substance, but no swagger. As far as people being upset wit him for not supporting Barack Obama, more power to him for really weighing the options and making an educated decision. How hypocritical of one black man to say to another you have to support this guy. Fuck that, people fought for this for a longtime and they should be able to do what they want. As far as him being a douch the A Tribe Called Quest PR fiasco was enough for me.
    New Music

    • Stonyman

      Lupe didn’t make an educated decision. He fucked the facts up. He was saying Obama supported military action against Iran, when it was actually Hillary that helped write a letter to Bush about the Iranian Guard. Geez you would think he would at least read something before he started talking shit like he knew what was going on.

  • Fresh

    Was that for me?

  • Juzzy

    What a shit post

  • Fresh.

    Fresh. Me?

  • jb

    how the fuck do u work here? i forced myself to read your article on chicago gangs and man your a fucking idiot , you couldnt be further from the truth , get some facts b4 u start throwing shit around ” chicago is 99% back owned”.

    god u suck

  • Ryan

    Lupe Fiasco is pure shit. Seriously, why coudn’t he front about being street instead of skateboarding? That’s the most bullshit Uncle Tom move this side of Will Smith.

    • nellz

      HUH??? niggas skateboard 2

  • noz

    the most exciting revelation in this post is the news that unhappy scrappy has reentered the building.

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  • Moe R.

    Some of Lupe’s rigid writing style and syntax are reminiscent of that fuck TPAR. Has anyone ever investigated that?

    Don’t care how good his albums are, Lupe is such a douche. Stop being a little girl and get off the internet.

  • these posters are idiots

    A bad contract is a bad contract.

    If Lu and company are writing bad contracts that’s bogus and the whole “we treat our artist like family” rebuttal=horseshit.

    But at the end of the day, this is a business, and the artist is responsible for making sure that their situation is ideal.

    It is the responsibility of the artist to get with a halfway decent entertainment attorney and make sure that the terms of the contract will be to their maximum benefit.

    If Pro has a legitimate beef, then I hope the brother is able to overcome the adversity and get his paper.

    When a nigga gotta eat, shit get greasy…

  • BK Cyph

    oh man u better chill or Lupe is gonna “jump off in dat ass Bol.”

    nah really- thx for reporting, but The Cool and F&L were both dope albums… stop the hate son

  • Doobie

    I don’t see how anyone could support Hillary the way she’s been going the last week or so; crying about losing in Iowa and the prospect of losing in New Hampshire because she thinks that the country will “fall back” if she’s not in the White House, and then trying to minimize the role that Dr. King played in the civil rights movement and blaming the resulting backlash on this vast Obama campaign conspiracy (I don’t think the criticism about Bill’s “fairy tale” comment is really valid though). But, my problem with Lupe is his ridiculous rationale for hoping that Hillary wins. He says that he has a problem with some of Obama’s agenda, like the “bombing of Iran and all that stuff” which is really stupid because Hillary’s the one that just took Bush one step closer to bombing Iran by voting to declare the Iranian National Guard a “terrorist organization”. Obama voted against it. That resolution is the first step in the official case that Bush wants to make towards a justification for “bombing” Iran, precisely what Lupe supposedly opposes Obama for. So his reasoning makes no fucking sense.

    • c. gabi

      for the record, obama didn’t vote against the war in iraq because he wasn’t elected to the senate until the 04 election.

      we went to war in iraq in 03.

      • Doobie

        Uh excuse me c. gabi? I never said that Obama voted against the war in Iraq, I never even brought up the war in Iraq. The vote that I’m referring to is from 07 (just a couple of months ago in fact) and Obama did vote against declaring that official Iranian armed force a “terrorist organization”, while Hillary Clinton did vote for it.

        • c. gabi

          u right, my bad

  • Fire

    According to Wikipedia, Prolyfic produced “Just Might Be OK”, “Pressure”, and “American Terrorist” from Food & Liquor. Bol, you’re right, those beats weren’t that good. It’s no surprise that artists are getting screwed out of money, many people utilize that ugly side of human nature to screw people. It’s been happening since the beginning of time.

    Anyway, I think we’ve all learned something today. Read those contracts, kids. Read those contracts.

  • Around and Around

    Bol why don’t you just man up, and call his ass out to the street. I’m sur eyou guys could meet in East St. Louis…anything is better than all these ho ass articles about Lupe…still mad he called you a bitch ass nigga?

  • Combat Jack

    ^”Seriously though, if there’s a little kid that’s starving because of this, someone send me his address so my mom can send him a care package.”

    Bol, when u get the kid’s address, send it to me so I can get rid of some of these boxes of clothes outgrown by my own kids. Combat Jack is for the children. (No R. Kellz/ Chris Stokes).

  • moresickaMC

    Lupe is a douchebag personally. But I’ll be damned if hasnt released two very solid rap albums.

  • sweezy

    lu made that post in reply to an older post pro made discrediting FnF. you guys spin it as if lu posted it first covering something up. naw get the whole story first before posting. journalists trolling on forums for news stories…. this is pathetic.

  • Trey Stone

    all these Internet back-and-forths = why conscious rap stays losing.

    • nellz

      ummm….what about all these “gangsters” on youtube.
      Fake gangsta rap stay losing

  • Fire

    One thing just struck me. It seems that you’re just as, if not more, obsessed with Lupe Fiasco than Billy X. Sunday is obsessed with Lil Wayne. That’s your business, but that’s wierd.

    • nellz

      i was thinking the same thing….but niggas love 2 hate

      • Around and Around

        Yeah this is easy to figure out, Lupe did a blog on XXL, and started it off saying, “Byron Crawford is a bitch ass nigga”

        -Wonder why he’s obsessed?????

  • Fernando

    Damn Bol, you must wake up in the middle of the night screaming Lupe’s name. You cant go a week without trying to tear him down (not that its that hard. he was in Portland last week and I saw him in a hotel, HE IS SHORT AS A MOFO!!)

    It looks like you are stretching this time though. All you have is a few blog posts from a no name producer who is mad that he got dropped and/or spent all his production money on clothes or cars instead of food for his kid. That doesnt prove much. For every one random gimp who got dropped from Lupe’s label, there are hundreds gettting screwed by the Universal’s, Interscope’s, MCA’s of the world.

    Get a life fat bastard.

  • Aces11

    Ok so what Lupe supports Hillary more than Obama, I’m just glad he actually knows what is going on in politics and made an informed decision on who he supports. Most niggas don’t know who Bill Clinton’s vice president was and that’s an inconvenient truth. As for this producer story the fact that it’s lacking serious evidence leads me to believe it’s bullshit. Blogs by angry niggas don’t equal facts and if he’s really that angry bout his business then he should have handled it like a man. Stop Mc Hammerin ya money nigga and most likely you wouldn’t have this problem. Feed ya kids first then buy sneakers and shit. Lupe is a fuckin genius despite the haters. FNF UP!!!

  • Koolkidkulture

    damn. you really don’t like dude.

    Boost Mobile Anthem 2.0
    Behind the scenes with Jeezy, JD and Mickey Avalon

  • DaLivest1

    Homie you a hater
    Homie you a hater
    Homie you a hater
    And jealousy is a female trait
    Everyone who reads this can see
    the bitch in you


    Yanni > Lupe Fiasco

  • trizzy


  • Hannah Smith

    On the real, that gang shit ain’t no joke in Chicago – go check Naledge’s ‘Cold Outside’ – he breaks it down lovely.

    Also, if you don’t think Common et al are under the thumb of gangstas then you’re an idiot.

    As for Lupe? Who cares – the guy makes rubbish records and every other day his whole image switches. And he makes rubbish records, did I mention that? I mean dude’s original jump-off gangsta rap single samples a pro-homo dance record; he makes rubbish records.

  • pepa

    i was sad pro wasnt on the cool but damn he needs to shut up and work on selling his beats not bitch at lupe. Lupe wouldnt be the first person to screw over artist (DR. DRE…hitman, knocturnal, truth hurts, game, stat quo, joell ortiz and soon to be bishop lamont c’mon he keeps doin it and nobody says anything other that “i cant wait for detox” i cant either but i would of liked to hear these other artists records. but whatever thats how the music world goes or else everybody on okp and myspace would have deals

    • SUN

      If you realize this cat didnt say shit until Lupe started running his mouth. So don’t try to hate on the cat for exposing the truth when Lupe tried to distort it.

  • Eli

    Bol, Food and Liquor and The Cool are great albums. If you disagree, you have not listened or you just have bad taste.

    And writing a column based on a comment on another websites post board is reaching pretty far to try to find fault.

  • Yo

    BOl ( sigh) I just dont know…all this hate is going to kill you one day.

  • stoneyisland

    Any rapper who bitches about his contract AFTER he signs it is a dumb ass bitch and deserves everything he or she gets. Point blank, real men handle their financial business, I aint signing shit till my lawyer and his law firm reviews the fuck out of it. EVERYBODy knows the music game is a muthafucka! people have been getting fucked since berry gordy started motown and even way before that, so for some bitch ass nigga to all of sudden start complaining and talking out of their ass, they should look in the mirror. Contrary to belief everybody aint getting hung over balconies by Suge Marion (Vanilla ice) or Big Red from the five heartbeats:) if you dumb enough to sigh on the dotted line, shut your fucking pie-hole and keep it moving. Bitches:)

  • NonHattin


    Now, let me break it down like this. You are trying to find dirt on Lupe, cause this hardly any legit shit. Don’t comre of as a racist with your “Will Allah approve” bull shit. Fuck you, you think cause you can browse a forum that shit is true?

    Now Prolyfic needs to calm down. Just cause he “had” beats on Food & Liq, does not mean that he HAS to have beats on the The Cool. His kid starvin? This guy needs to stop complaining and get a job so his kid doesn’t starve for real…

    People need to leave Lupe alone, cause, Byron if Jay-Z did this. You would be saying its just business, fucking idiot.

  • The Spaniard

    “What would Allah say about that?”

    Byline of the year thus far.

  • Ty

    Q-Tip said it best ; ‘RULE #1080, RECORD COMPANY PEOPLE ARE SHADY”


    Ric-A-Che > Lupe Fiasco

    Coo-coo-chee, bitches.







  • I RUN THIS..

    BOL..lmao..y u do u hate LUPE so much.? Rite now it doesnt metta how true Pro’s story iz, fact iz uv shown so much hate 2wardz LUPE dat it makez nethin u rite bout him seem uncredible..cum on grown up..ur journalistic integrity iz at stake here..Chances r u dont care, or atlist datz how u cum across..neway, wateva…

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  • Moshe Pruess

    I just read this quote, what do you think” Without passion, you do not possess energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great on earth has been accomplished without passion. Ps your RSS feed isnt working right at this moment?

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