Wu-Tang Is Forever!

If you fuck with the internets and Hip-Hop with any type of regularity then you already know that the new Wu-Tang album ‘8 Diagrams’ has received the seal of the shit sandwich. I typically don’t believe anything I read on the internets except when there is some hate involved since that and pr0n are all the world wide web is good for. With everyone from web along with even the Wu shitting on their collective’s new album how could it be any good? It turns out that the album is actually damn good. It falls short of ‘Wu-Tang Forever’(which was also a double album), but it certainly eclipses ‘Iron Flag’ and also the ‘W’ albums.

The internets were quick to shit on this album because it seemed like the Wu itself was at odds with the release. Rae and Ghost seem to be separating themselves from the RZA. I feel Raekwon’s frustration though. Last year at this time I went to see Raekwon open up for Redman and at the show then he said that Only Built For Cuban Links 2 was going to drop first quarter of 2007. Oops. It has to be somewhat frustrating for an artist when they are dependent on other people to make sure their music gets into the ears of the fans. I trust RZA though and he hasn’t really ever disappointed me. Okay, ‘Iron Flag’ was on some lackluster, end of the Wu Tang shit, but even that is just some stan bullshit talk.

The Wu hasn’t gone anywhere. They still spit collectively like they are happy to be here. No one is rhyming about holding more money than they can count. No one in the Wu acts like rap music is some shit they do for a hobby. For no other reason I appreciate that from my emcees. After circling the globe several times can you imagine what perspective you might have for the world you live in? And then try to deliver that experience and state of mind to people that haven’t seen what you have. Shit ain’t easy talking to the masses. Peoples’ first instinct is to hate on some shit they don’t understand. Remember when niggas shitted on Moses for bringing those directives from God? The Wu’s new album doesn’t contain any directives from God, but it is definitely inspired by the most high. So if you fucks with real Hip-Hop you won’t be disappointed by this album. No matter what Ghost or Rae says.

The album starts off nice with a track called ‘Take It Back’. This is the Wu realizing that people want to see them bouncing off the walls as if this shit was 1987 in the Prince Rakeem days, but the Wu stays grounded and keeps grinding(ouch – MGG). Yes, the Bob James track ‘Nautilus’ is re-sampled. True story is that Bob James is so Hip-Hop they may need to rename Hip-Hop ‘Bob James’.

When the third song ‘Rushing Elephants’ comes in you realize you are deep inside a Wu-Tang project. Rae, the GZA, the RZA and Masta Killa all go in hard on this joint. The beat is heavy and ‘Triumph’-ant. I just wish the song were longer and featured all of the clan on it. You will bump this shit in your whip for sure.

‘The Heart Gently Weeps’ is some shit that would have been on OB4CL2 if that shit would ever get released. Rae, Ghost and Meth all bring that manic Wu shit to this track. John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has an axe solo too. If you don’t fuck with the Red Hot Chili Peppers you should stop reading this drop now and go drown yourself in the toilet bowl in your parent’s apartment.

I fucks with Meth’s verses on ‘Wolves’. Method Man is slept on by so many people but he needs to be on your top 10 rappers from the 90’s list. When you see the Wu perform live Method Man makes it worth your money just by himself. I respect him and Redman for being in the arena for nearly twenty years and still willing to jump into a crowd and get wild.

I can’t begin to say enough good shit about the track ‘Stick Me For My Riches’. This might be my favorite song for 2007. It’s classic Wu-Tang Clan shit that frames the ghetto perspective on life and success. C.R.E.A.M. 2007 is what this shit should be called. It’s that good, mad soulful, real survival music. Meth, Deck. RZA and GZA go in righteously. I want to hear the remix with Cappa, Golden Arms, Ghost and Rae. That shit will be harder than hell. Copp the album for this track alone.

‘Windmill’ is another fly joint that I thought was probably originally slated for OB4CL2. Six members of the Wu throw in eight bars and bounce. Cappa crushes the shit even though he spit is brief.

How ill is the Wu that they have almost all of the greatest rappers from the 1990’s? I mean, the niggas that made you want to start rapping. It’s that witty, unpredictable fly shit these dudes display. The Dungeon Family is the closest collective to have a stable of incredibly talented artists, but even the DF is so far behind the Wu-Tang’s rappers when you look at the metaphysical properties of rhymes. How rhymes go up into the atmosphere and change the weather and shit.


I can’t wait to see the Wu again in concert. This album reminds me why they are the most important collective in the history of Hip-Hop. The definitive descendants of the Cold Crush plus more than you ever bargained for. Go copp that new Wu-Tang shit when it is available in your area. Real talk.

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  • maniac

    First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WU TANG FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace
    nuff said

  • http://highbridnation.com Evorgleb

    I got kinda angry when i heard Ghost and Rae bashing the new album before it even drops. All they are doing is hurting thier fellow wu members. Espescially those who really dont have solid solo careers (Masta Killa I’m looking at you). Hopefully people won’t listen to the rants too much and judge it for themselves when it comes out.

    We’ve been putting a lot of the leaked content up over at Highbrid Nation and I’m impressed for the most part.

  • http://myspace.com/youngmyke Myke_Wayne

    Couldn’t have put it any better.
    I don’t know what’s with them niggas Rae and Ghost but The Rza is The Rza-The Abbot
    Why doubt him?
    Crab Mentality-let them niggas drown

  • DG

    Real Talk.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com enigmatik

    sorry billy x…i’m rollin’ with Ghost and Rae on this one. i’ve been relistening to the album to see if maybe i was dumb deaf and blind to it on the first few go rounds, but i’m pretty much disappointed in the project. although “stick me for my riches” has moved up in the rankings for one of the best songs on the album. i can’t play this one from beginning to end without taking a nap in between. “starter” is in the black shampoo hall of shame.

    on the other hand, big doe rehab is my favorite album of ’07.

    ob4cl2: shaolin vs. wu-tang in ’08 neyukas!

  • nappy_pappy

    maniac u got to be the gayest wutang clan fan….yellin first and shit…NO ONE GIVES A FUCK IF U FIRST seriously what is up with cats yellin first? who cares? all our comments are posted so fa real stfu already…look at me im SECOND!!! fuckin faggots…and yea WuTang WuTang WuTang

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t know what you were expecting to hear, but the rhymes are all classic Wu memes and the beats aren’t lacking either. ‘Starter’ is certainly the weakest track on the album, but you fell asleep!?!? Yeah homey, you are sleeping all right.

    The Carter III drops in Nevuary 3008.

  • Thomas

    I’m ridin with you on this one Billy (pause). I’m a Wu stan, but the beats and rhymes are classic. “rushing elephants,” “stick me for my riches,” and “take it back” are all bangers. Does Mef kill them tracks he jumps on? Got the rapidshare version, dec 11, 2007 coppin the real joint from best buy.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com enigmatik

    aiight, so i didn’t fall asleep per se…but, the album doesn’t have that mega bomb that it needs to have. the rhymes are true to form, but the beats just ain’t hittin’ the way i expected and wanted from the wu. they’ve been away as a group for 6 years which may as well be an eon by today’s standards; they need a punch-you-in-the-face smash hit.

    • Were Read 2 Def

      ^The problem was dat da RZA didnt want da album 2 b punch u in da face.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Enigmatik,
    For real, put the album down for a minute. Play some Fifty or some Jay-Z shit just to switch gears, and then go back in with that ‘Stick Me For My Riches’ track out the gate.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire sunn-doola!

  • CiTyStArS

    yeh i feel what u sayin enigmatik and im feelin sunday on this 2 but man im not feelin this album like i should be everytime i start listenin to it either ill skip throug tracks or ill just turn on the big doe rehab i mean the beats aint knockin like i feel that rza can bring to the table and i think they should have been more people rappin on the tracks like wu-tang forever which might is my favorite album of all time but im not hatin im just sayin or stating my opinoin as they call it

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com enigmatik

    i’ve been on my lazy negro shit all day, listening to 8 Diagrams, Dillagence, and some Jay Electronica joints…”stick me for my riches” is dope, but will it move the nation? That’s what the Wu has been missing…a true anthem

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com enigmatik

    …and then “stick me for my riches” is followed by “starter”. have i mentioned how wack “starter” is?

  • FuckUPayMe618

    I thought the Wu album was going to be alot better than it was. Overall it’s still a dope album. One thing i can agree with you on is “Stick me for my Riches” that track is a fucking banger real talk. It’s cold as fuck in the STL right now and i still ride with the windows down while i bump that shit. Too bad the Wu is gonna bomb because of promotion tho.

  • Dan99

    Pretty good album, the intro was a banger, also my fav. track was “My Heart Gently Weeps”

  • LOL


  • ace

    ‘the heart gently weeps’ is the best wu song since enter the wu tang. ghost and rae come so hard it’s astounding and meth rips it. ghost’s story on that shit is the most detailed intense shit i’ve heard him spit in foreva. ‘shots was whizzin, hittin’ clorox bottles, customers screamin’, then the faggot ran out of hollows’ et cetera et cetera

  • The Chancellor

    Yo I went to Rock The Bells 2007 when they came to Michigan and that shit was as close to a religious exp. that i ever had. WU has to hold us down for hip-hop. There’s too much of the egos in crews nowadays i.e. dipset, rr, etc. that you need a wu album. its like an event.

  • http://www.fakeshoredrive.blogspot.com AB

    I’m with you, Billy X. I enjoy “8 Diagrams” and it grows on me more and more everyday. I think people were too quick to judge on this one… This album isn’t fast food.

    I will also add that they haven’t cancelled their Chicago tour date on 12/15. Keeping my fingers crossed. If this concert happens, it will be VERY interesting…

  • lol

    ‘get them out ya way pa’ is the worst track ive ever heard

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Billy X. Sunday says:
    The Carter III drops in Nevuary 3008.

    ^^^wtf^^^ he moved date again?

  • Were Read 2 Def

    @ Billy,

    Did u even notice how Meth murdered his verse on dat “Windmill” track. He killed it beastly style.

  • colin

    my thoughts exactly

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Meth killed every track he got on with this joint. Instant classic.

  • The Spaniard

    For me, even though GFK is an ill MC…

    RZA > Iron Man

    So that means I couldn’t care less about what Mr. “Big Doe Rahab” has to say. I’ll find out for myself if it’s a shit sandwich or not.

  • http://www.myspace.com/funkshitproductionz WUGOD


  • boojoo

    best wu joint since the double cd.u can blatantly tell rza’s just finished a stint in film score production which is totally banging as it adds another element of mystery and depth to the sound.rhymes r phat as hell and its stayin in my cd player 4 a loooooooooong while yet.like meth said “…its just another chamber baby…”