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  • dex


  • good song

    good song

  • ri067953

    Yo, you finally seeing the light and calling this cash money shit wack? Weezy sounds like he is back in his 500 degree days with his wack chorus.

  • 1# hater

    why do we even entertain a 40y/o just started gangbang who kisses (i thought i saw a tongue slip in maybe im wrong) men in the mouth. thats the meaning of sonning someone. wayne is wack how are you the best rapper alive when all you songs are about the same thing. which is nothing, pac big hell even Pimp C had content. pimp c told us” im ridin dirty but shine so clean” wayne told us ” i out shine your jeweler jr son of a stunna” “i’m hot like the son”, “i bang like bangers”,
    i figured out why WACK (not to be confused with subject driven talented) rappers like bathing apes because they all porch monkey’s it sad that now they judge rap my money not talent.

    ps. didnt xxl have a artical on here saying wayne is being sew for unpaid jewelry bills, tell him to go to daddy’s house and get the money out of that room where it fall out the wall,

  • Atl’s own

    damn dis shit go hard!

  • Tray

    Fat Joe’s so fucking pathetic. He probably bit the idea to bite that Cypress line off of Juelz.

    • BK Cyph

      actually Beans was the first one to re-spit that Cypress line back when Juelz was just Cam’s weed handler.

      “Here is something you can’t understand/ how i can just kill a man for killa cam” – Sigel!

      that being said- i aint mad at this joint! This shit is so compressed it sounds ass, but i bet it bumps in the whip.

  • Rizob

    i dont know what wrong wit yall, im actually feeling this track……..excluding baby of course……

  • Ghost Deini

    I wish Fat Joe would go away. Biggest south dickrider of all time.

  • Lasonic-TRC 931

    LMFAO @ Lil Wayne trying to cop a dancehall flow… dem nuh rate cokehead whe kiss up pon man in JA…



  • jae

    There are so many talented people in Hip-Hop. People who are saying that hip-hop is fucked up are the same people that were saying that shit when Stillmatic dropped, Blueprint dropped, Get rich or die tryin dropped and College Dropout dropped!!! In other words classic albums! Most hip-hop fans just hate because of how these talented rappers have made so much money and done something with their god-given talent. That success makes us(the fans) take a real good at our lives and it makes us realize that we are not winners. So we hate, hate AND HATE!

    HOWEVER!!! Lil wayne is NOT and will never be the best rapper alive even if every rapper in the world got smoked in a day! I am trying so hard to like this dude but he his not that hot! He does not have ONE classic album and Carter 3 will most likely not be a classic either.I have never and will never buy his albums! Hes bragging about how young he is but yet how many years hes been in the game. Well drop a great fuckin album already then and stop this FUCKING REGGAE BULLSHIT! U are not jamaican you confused son a transvestite
    “Speak to me like im Martin Luther or Malcolm X” hahahahaha. I cant believe that there are some many people in America that are feelin this dude! With his bullshit music! hahaha Weezy F. Goldberg

  • koolkidkulture

    i hope that one day cats really stop saying other cats’ lines. yeah, a lot of dude do it, but can we move on?

    Boost Mobile Anthem 2.0 video (hi-res)
    Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri & Mickey Avalon


    fuck all you . lil waynes DA BEST RAPPER ALIVEE.. and get off that bullshit that he kissed baby. HATTTERS.