Stolen Moments

A Decade of Dominance?

That marketing plan was me! Baby and Slim holla at me, man.
Plus you dudes got no Juve or Turk in the 10 Years of Bling artwork? The foulness! You can’t rewrite history, whoadies.

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  • SMH


  • henry

    your never gonna stop are you

  • dodger


  • N.O. 4 life

    you saw how many tracks they had on there?….they coulda had a double disc just of the songs with videos…instead somebody got lazy

  • Ali

    damn YN i give u props….u did 24 in 24 & then u pretty much did it AGAIN haha u posted hella after that 24th blog…….good stuff

  • b-ease

    The tracklisting for this shit is laughable.

  • EReal

    More like a decade of dickin people out their money.

    No Juve, No B.G., No Manny Fresh = No Cash Money

    Turdman is the biggest ripoff artist / sloth look alike in hte industry. Fuck Him, and his faggot son.

    Turdman = Chris Stokes aka Chris Strokes lil boys.

    I thought there was a word count limit you had to meet on these blogs? You’re just gonna post a blog everytime some worthless shit pops in your head? Fuck Outta here, lame ass Yella.

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