Remember That

Men that Ghostface claims Superhead told Halle Berry she boned on “White Linen Affair (Toney Awards)” (Def Jam, 2007)

1 Bobby Brown
2 Mos Def
3 The Roots (No Leonard Hubbard!)
4 Common
5 Nelly
6 Ice Cube
7 Dr. Dre
8 Three Six Mafia
9 And OJ Simpson. (Word?!)

Will there ever be another ego trip book of rap lists Vol. 2? Hmm… You never know.

Sidebar: Is Ghost stepping in Redman’s “Superman Lover” lane a disrespectful act? I’m just asking. It’s late. Or early. You know what I mean. One more road to cross.

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  • DANJA29

    We need that Vol. 2 ASAP.

    And y’all should update the yearly albums/singles charts too… I’m willin’ to bet some views have changed on those as time has gone on. Surely, ‘It Was Written’ is at least better in hindsight than ‘The Final Tic’?

  • DXL

    I gotta go to work, you been in mad work YN, I was here when you started, read a few, went to sleep, woke up, (shit I didnt even ate my breakfast first), now I gotta go get ready for work…I’ll catch the 24th later.

    Peace YN, it’s been funny riding with you (no homo) shit I couldn’t even last(no homo) had to take breaks.

  • b-ease

    I read a interview and Ghost gave Red props. But not really. Hey Ghost killed it! Thats all that matter right…?

    YN: Whats your thoughts on Big Doe Rehab. I cant decide if it’s the best hard core NY hip hop record in at least 5 years or just Ghosts’ most least “imaginative” record?

  • ill G

    daaaaamn …rounding the bend

  • Robbie

    The real question is how do you think Parrish will handle the Faze-O jack?

  • daesonesb

    number 10 is Magic Johnson. Ouch.

    Seriously though … If someone like superhead caught the monster, all of hip hop would go down. It would be the end of an artform.

  • HYIC – Head Yugo in charge

    Ghost shoulda never fucking touched Superman Lover. And wtf is it wit him spitting over the Johnny Watson, all unedited and shit? This aint the Jimmy Ponder son.

  • Josh

    You just put a huge smile on my face, Elliot (no homo).

    But no Frequency shout out? You’re killing me! He produced the record! This is the second time you broke down lyrics on a track produced by Frequency (first time was for Cam’s “Ya’ll Can’t Live His Life” off the Duke Da God Asylum compilation way back in April 06 – for the record that was Freq’s first major (sorta) placement (no disrespect to Wordsworth)).

    And the second time I shouted someone in a comment to your 24 in 24 only to see a post about them (sort of) a couple of blogs later.

    I got that ESP.

    On the real, we need to get Frequency up in XXL. Got him the one-pager in Scratch (RIP). It’s time for the big leagues.

    The ’07 resume was tight. ’08 is gonna be huge. This dude is the future. Check his discog. Up next: Lil Kim and even more material with Snoop…

    And I manage him (full disclosure).

    Check that Enwhyceequal! Juganot f/ Swizz, Busta, Fat Joe and Reek (Produced by Juganot & Willie Bonez…with Frequency on the additional production tip…). If you write a blog about that, I will fall over.