News of YN’s sleep deprivation stunt is sweeping the hip-hop nation. Wise words are coming fast and furious from my employees, colleagues, peers and haters. You see reactions are big right now. Real reactions. Real people. Who needs a video camera?

Fuck a 2 girl and 1 cup, chumps. This is the good shit. Here’s what 24 folks had to say when I hit them about my masterplan. (I’m becoming infatuated with that numero: Veinticuatro!)

“Uh oh… You can always schedule the overnight joints to post automatically, unless you don’t want to cheat.”—eskay the great

“Whoa. I’m ready. U better start saving up some ideas.”—Bfrederick

“Whoa. Ambitions as a writah!”—NCB, EIC

“Wow. Merry Christmas, you little yentas.”—BDot (It’s trademarked y’all)

“Sounds like a good idea. Fuck Xmas.”—Nessa

“24 different ways to say “Gabe T can eat a dick”??? Haaaaaa”—Def Jam publicist aka Mr. 4-9-3-11

“I want credit for the inspiration!! I like it though..”—CEO

“As long as you promise that none of them involve any reference to S. Carter.”—Your boy Robbie “Live and Unkut” Ettelson

“So, next weekend, not this one. All right, babe. Knock it out.”—My lil’ Quarterback (Ya dig!)

“What is it?”—Mike Kyser

“Hanukah’s over my dude. I’m good, lol.”—Gooch

“Who you? SunNY? Haah, nah for real… good luck on that one cuz. Make them real mad and do 25.”—Mo Garland

“That’s a lot, even with limited text. How do I support the effort?—Dallas Penn

“Damn. I’ll be in Brazil and (hopefully) nowhere near a computer. Record the evidence and I’ll match in the new year.”—Noz

“I’ll do 48.”—The Megatron Don

“The fans request a PreZZure blog lol”—My Brother, The Rapper


“Wow. If you go hard, shoot me some links as you post so I can send to key people.”—My publicist Brandon Himmel

“What does this mean?”—Lang Whitaker, SLAM magazine

“If I didn’t say it yesterday, you are ridiculous. Ridiculous! Myself, I’m on that 24 blogs in 24 years.—JC, The Comp

“As I told JC: It ain’t about just doin’ it. It’s about making it fly.”—Sean from Strong Island

“As long as you have time to sign my check, I’m cool.”—Former XXLmag blogger champion sir kris ex

“Cool. Request: I would like to a blog post about how Outkast has broken up. Oh, wait…”—Hashim “Illiterate Bastard” Warren

“I’m looking forward to reading those blogs.”—Carl “The Retractor” Cherry, writer of the BET blog that got me vexed in the first place

You see one day you’re up. The next you’re down. As long as you stay the same it’ll come back around. Yaay! Inside: Warm and fuzzy. Word to Ruth Buzzi.