"With two black eyes your girl ain't that pretty"—Beastie Boys

Don't get it twisted: Putting your hands on your woman in a non-sexual way is some sucker shit. But I'm still saddened with the news of the passing of Ike Turner (yes them TMZ fucks win again, I'm about to order a T-shirt). Ike was more than a horrible husband to Tina, he damn near single-handedly invented rock n roll. Do some Internet research if you don't believe me.

He also provided the opening sonic boom-bap of Breakin' Atoms. Here's a breakaday salute to a true musical legend.

"Getting Nasty"

"Big Bad Soul Sister"

Sidebar: Sir Larry Fishburne (I could never call him Laurence) was ill in that flick though, son. He shoulda got that Oscar. And I don't mean Sly Stallone.