Pardon my absence from the office so far this week. I’m getting my shit together for a road trip to ma dukes’ spot in Marietta. I’m making sure I have the iPod loaded up with treats because I can’t trust the radio down there. Shit, I can’t trust the radio here in NYC either.

What are the spots in the post-Olympics Atlanta? Is Club Nikki’s still popping? How about Al Capone’s? I’m so out of the effing loop for that town. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first considered living in the ‘A’. Actually, it was a lifetime ago. Just like ‘Ye Tudda, you couldn’t tell me nothing back in 1991.

I learned a lot fucking around with Atlanta back then. First off is that niggas in the South can shoot straight. While New York City cats talk wild greasy gun talk, cats from Atlanta actually go to shooting ranges to get their shot right. So when they pull their joints out[ll], there won’t be no missed shots.

The second biggest lesson I learned is not to fall asleep with a Spelman chick in your bed, especially if she strips. Spelman chicks can act all high post when a rapper says the word “bitch”, but trust me that those bitches say it twice as much and mean it too. I’m lucky that bitch only stole my wallet and didn’t slit my throat.

Lesson 2a would be NEVER to trust a bitch from Flint, Michigan. No matter what university she attends.

Atlanta was so on the come up back then because Black universities were looking at a surge in enrollment. I give credit to Public Enemy, X-Clan and Poor Righteous Teachers for making knowledge a cool possession at that time. The fact that being ignorant is fashionable now has more to do with American culture than it does Hip-Hop. It’s just too bad that Hip-Hop has been guided by the people that could care less about Black folks remaining as the wretched of the Earth(yes Franz Fanon). Anyhoo…

If you live in the ‘A’ and you know of some official spots to copp kicks and ‘Lo wears hit your boy off with that info on the comments thread ya’dig?!?

I’ll make sure I come back through the office again before E Dubbz sets off his historic histrionic blog holiday.