Freaknic 2007…

Pardon my absence from the office so far this week. I’m getting my shit together for a road trip to ma dukes’ spot in Marietta. I’m making sure I have the iPod loaded up with treats because I can’t trust the radio down there. Shit, I can’t trust the radio here in NYC either.

What are the spots in the post-Olympics Atlanta? Is Club Nikki’s still popping? How about Al Capone’s? I’m so out of the effing loop for that town. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first considered living in the ‘A’. Actually, it was a lifetime ago. Just like ‘Ye Tudda, you couldn’t tell me nothing back in 1991.

I learned a lot fucking around with Atlanta back then. First off is that niggas in the South can shoot straight. While New York City cats talk wild greasy gun talk, cats from Atlanta actually go to shooting ranges to get their shot right. So when they pull their joints out[ll], there won’t be no missed shots.

The second biggest lesson I learned is not to fall asleep with a Spelman chick in your bed, especially if she strips. Spelman chicks can act all high post when a rapper says the word “bitch”, but trust me that those bitches say it twice as much and mean it too. I’m lucky that bitch only stole my wallet and didn’t slit my throat.

Lesson 2a would be NEVER to trust a bitch from Flint, Michigan. No matter what university she attends.

Atlanta was so on the come up back then because Black universities were looking at a surge in enrollment. I give credit to Public Enemy, X-Clan and Poor Righteous Teachers for making knowledge a cool possession at that time. The fact that being ignorant is fashionable now has more to do with American culture than it does Hip-Hop. It’s just too bad that Hip-Hop has been guided by the people that could care less about Black folks remaining as the wretched of the Earth(yes Franz Fanon). Anyhoo…

If you live in the ‘A’ and you know of some official spots to copp kicks and ‘Lo wears hit your boy off with that info on the comments thread ya’dig?!?

I’ll make sure I come back through the office again before E Dubbz sets off his historic histrionic blog holiday.


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  • Marty mack fly

    Hit up Walters, Lennox Square, Niketown, and Phipps plaza

  • LowEndofDaChi

    I need to head down to the A myself in the near future. I hear Clark gets shit poppin.

    On another note though, that Lupe is ill and I believe I saw The Underwriter mention he’s from Atlanta. Ya’ll should get up.

  • sATaLyte

    The scene down here has taken a beating, but you already know Mjq is the joint on fridays and Strokers is the best strip club par for the course.


    This is fucking Garbage!!!.
    GTFOH with that bulshit.
    Matter of facts you sucks billy goat.

  • khal

    this nigga i used to work with used to live in the A for a bit, slangin’ and shit. he said that it was never a problem for the toolies to come out. he told me of quite a few club parking lot gun battles he had been in. them Dirty niggas don’t play when the guns come out.

  • Cutta

    looks like somebody is about to pull a MASE….. Luclky you aren’t as popular in the hip hop community as Mase, or your reputation would be destroyed.

  • gooch

    well since u in nyc u have much more sneaker options than down here so u probably better off copping kicks up there. far as strip clubs u gotta hit magic city or body tap and onyx is pretty good 2 depending on the night u go

  • Karim

    From a 32 year old who went to school there and still keeps a home, If you are official with the kicks, you dont want to rock the same spot as everyone else, do you? What i find is that the best kicks in the ATL are found in out of the way spots that lots of people dont go to, but i like to have shit that noone else does, remember them days? Or im sure you can go to BOw wows spot. im sure you want the kicks hes pushing…..Strokers, i second, Island Cafe on memorial keeps the fish and oxtails POPPING. Smoking Bones on Edgewood (i think has the BBQ, and nice decor). For wears. Again for originality and price. scrounge the Tj Max and marshalls rows. THe department stores there are mad bland, they have the same quality shit as the Department stores, cheaper and if you know quality, you can find banging shit, and you AGAIN wont be looking just like the other sucker who bought what he saw in the video. But you are going to have to look hard. I mean you can drive all over the place looking for the chic new spot but since shit is mad clickish, and noone is original, everyone has heard of it too, and you will just look like everyone else and they are trying to look like people the same posers that are here in the NYC. one.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    “The fact that being ignorant is fashionable now has more to do with American culture than it does Hip-Hop.”



  • jeff

    You ain’t neva lied Billy. I went to Morehouse between the years of 98-02. Them Spelman broads are extremely gold plated (not all…I would say about 12% of the chicks I know are level headed). They r poppin’ that pussy one moment and then want to be a puritan the next. I got about 15 girls on tape (without their permission) and it’s just to cover my ass just in case they get in quaker mode and try to blast me as a womanizer. I’m making power moves in ’08, so I don’t need nobody trying to say I raped them when I was 20. I got proof that no such action was forced. Anyway Billy, here in the A…if you trying to get some pussy for real, hit up Fox Sports Grill (Atlantic Station) after midnite on Fri or Sat. Them broads r in there for the sole purpose of catching some dick. Hit up East Atlanta/Little 5 (between 2-6 on Saturday) also for them neo-soul ‘I don’t like 50 Cent but I’d fuck Raheem DeVaughn’ broads. You gotta listen to them talk for maybe 2 hrs over a coffee,but they will suck you off all night afterwards and talk about anthropology. I used to model for Sean John, so I own these bitches for the most part. In regards to kicks, hit up rare footage (East Atlanta), Wish (Little 5 Pts), Adidas store (Lenox Square) and Walter’s (Downtown). It be some freaks working in them stores also, so you should have a fun trip as long as you know your domain. Don’t be hitting up Compound, Studio 72, Velvet Room, etc…if you really trying to mack like that. If you aint got the keys to a ride that costs at least 50, them aint the places for you and the broads in there be set up chicks.

    • Big Dick Cheney

      Jeff you crazy for this one. lol

  • I-285

    Since I moved here a few years ago, the best hip hop radio in Atlanta is the Beats & Lyrics Show on Saturday night with Montezi, Jayforce, & Twiceborn. WRFG 89.3 FM from 10pm-1am.

    They play the best music for the real heads from the west coast, east coast, down south & all over really.

    Georgia State’s college station 88.5 on Sunday nights from 10pm-2am with Dj Q-storm is good too.

    Thursday nights you should listen to Ga tech’s station with dj Marcel from 9pm-11pm.

    Other than these radio options, radio really sucks for hip hop.

  • c. gabi

    Clark Atlanta alumna here,

    Ain’t ish poppin there. Don’t try to come up on campus to get anything cracking because campus safety does NOT play! None of that hanging on the strip or in front of Stegall’s anymore (well, Stegall’s is gone anyway)

    Try the Lobby bar/restaurant in Atlantic Station or Fox Sports Grill. Pretty much anything in that area is a go.

    P.S. of course you shouldn’t trust anyone from Flint lol

  • Blakjustice30

    I rememeber when the freaknic was a small party in a small park for high school seniors and area college students in Decatur back in 88-90, then it blew.When word got out that women were walking around drunk with one boob out, it spread like free weed. You had kids coming from as far away as Texas, trying to get a peak. I went to Columbia Highschool, in the heart of Decatur,GA. (C/O 1991 Fools!), and we had a blast before freaknik became “freaknik”. Once outsiders got a glimps of downhome easy living, it was a wrap. Everyone and their grandmother has relocated to the area looking for random Boobs now, but things have changed. Couple things to know about the “A”, no one in the A, is really from the A so be careful, the southern hospitality has been exchanged for “Wut you lookin at fool?”
    Hot Spots in the ATL… Anywhere other than I-285, any mall other than the West-End Mall, and any resturant other than Waffle House.

  • Blakjustice30

    Speaking of the “A”, who remembers “Raheem The Dream”?

  • thoreauly77

    The Wrethched of The Earth is a brilliant book…a classic. Have a relaxing vacation.




    Make sure you don’t go to Spondivits…

    Eat at Chaterelle’s in The West End. $8 for that good-great.

    Shop for kicks at Walter’s. Clubs are tricky, but The Mark, Opera, Leopard Lounge, Lotus, The Royal, Slice, M Bar, D’Jangos and a few others are always dope.

    Holla @ a pimp.

  • J. Burnett

    Wish (hipster type ish) & Walters (more J-centered and liable to catch some Maxs for the lowski) for the kicks.

  • J. Burnett

    lol @ flint michigan. funny story. there was this chick from cau that used to come through the room while i was at morehouse. her and some other lil biddies used to just come through and get drunk and all that. the only cute one that was also hella thick was from flint. i could care less about the other ones. first i used to let my man entertain them b/c i wasn’t into letting chicks gobble up my maruchuan but one day i slid ol girl from flint in the room. first she was a virgin, then she got a bit wiley, later that night i was stickin. the chick wore glitter on her eyelashes. it was hella weird but a thick chick is a thick chick. 4 years later, i found out three of my dudes hit and some lame kirked her and had a baby w/her….good ol flint michigan chicks. another chick from there got bust down in the gym. now that i think about…i got mad stories associated with people from there.

  • Brodie

    dude above is right. don’t think you are about to come on cau campus and get it poppin’. they stopped tar shit in like 04. I just graduated from there may of this year. man I miss freshman year…. but as far as clubs go, on saturday, central station is always poppin and you can’t beat drinks. it is a lot of locals in there, but you can find a lot of quality looking chicks up in there

    • c. gabi


      I’m a girl lol

      P.S. If jeff was @ Morehouse from 98-02 he prolly knows my cousin


    Just been down in the A during summer.

    In my op the top spots rite now:

    Clubs: MJQ, Opera, Compound, Club Miami, Velvet Room and a shiteload of other spots i cant remember due to excessive consumption

    Gear: Lennox Mall, Walters, Spots around the Underground, SolMunki, and a lotta ghetto ass malls.


  • jeff

    P.S. If jeff was @ Morehouse from 98-02 he prolly knows my cousin

    who is your cousin?

    • c. gabi

      charles (chuck) wells from flint (of all places lol)

  • barbarian at the gate

    Check out the article “Separation Anxiety” in the Nov. 30th edition of The Wall Street Journal for their take on black enrollment in black colleges.

    • GVG

      To barbarian at the gate,

      Thanx for the article it was a great read, not sure if I necessarily agree with it, but it’s always good to read another point of view. Beings as I didn’t attend an HBCU I can’t speak on the education firsthand. However, HBCUs have produced some of my most intelligent, successful, family and community minded people I have ever known and had the pleasure to call friends. Not to mention that it seems to build bonds of friendship like no other institution of education I have ever come into contact with. Just my two cents on the matter…

  • therapist

    i’ll be down there bringin in the new year. i haven’t been in like 6 months, but if things ain’t changed too much, the club to check out is Compound. mannn, trust me.

  • dameSTAtus

    Laced Up is great sneak boutique on Edgmoore, across the st from Thumbs Up diner.

    The Onyx on Chesire Bridge is supposed to be the IN strip establishment now.

    I’ll hit you on your home site for more info.


  • dameSTAtus

    Oh yeah, AUC love. Morehouse c/o 00

  • Kane Corleone

    Haven’t lived in the dirty dirty since the ATL CHILD MURDERS,fucking long time ago .But a is POOR FOLKS still open,place that served food in like mayo jars and shit like I said long ass time ago

  • diggsy

    Kicks – SolMunki

    Music – EarWax Records

    Shop – Lenox Square

    Food – The Varsity

  • GVG

    Frantz Fanon’s “Wretched of the earth” stands as one of my all time favorite books right alongside Sam Greenlee’s “The Spook who sat by the door” and a must read for EVERY person of color in this world of ours. As well as his other amazing work “Black Skin, White Masks”.

    Enjoy your trip

  • jeff

    charles (chuck) wells from flint (of all places lol)

    yep. i know chuck. good dude. isn’t he at university of michigan’s law school or something like that? we stayed in the same dorm freshman year.

    • c. gabi

      he’s at wayne state working on his doctorate in pyschology–small world huh?

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