Is that a party in the dude from prohiphop’s pants or is he just happy to see me?

“Clyde Smith”

“The Return of Clyde Smith”

Seriously, did anyone ever doubt for a sec that was Shallah striking back at Curtis for his dreams of boosting the Wu for their pinky rings. Think it was GFK himself on the sequel though. Lacks the razzmatazz pizzaz of the original. I’m ready for the completion of a triumvirate though. Bring Rae back! Maybe it could be the intro to Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang or Cuban Linx 2 or any other imaginary Wu album. I wanna hear Clyde give RZA the business. Shame on a nuh!

Sidebar: Until a Croatian cameraman catches me with my fingers in the cookie jar, it’s up Amy Winehose’s nose with a rubber hose filled with some powder blow—I’ma stay clean and mean.