Coke Life

Is that a party in the dude from prohiphop’s pants or is he just happy to see me?

“Clyde Smith”

“The Return of Clyde Smith”

Seriously, did anyone ever doubt for a sec that was Shallah striking back at Curtis for his dreams of boosting the Wu for their pinky rings. Think it was GFK himself on the sequel though. Lacks the razzmatazz pizzaz of the original. I’m ready for the completion of a triumvirate though. Bring Rae back! Maybe it could be the intro to Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang or Cuban Linx 2 or any other imaginary Wu album. I wanna hear Clyde give RZA the business. Shame on a nuh!

Sidebar: Until a Croatian cameraman catches me with my fingers in the cookie jar, it’s up Amy Winehose’s nose with a rubber hose filled with some powder blow—I’ma stay clean and mean.

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  • Incilin

    I always thought it was Rae doing it. What with all the “straight up and down” and none of that Ghostface “whatever whatever”

  • b-ease

    That shit about 50′s haircut is one of the funniest things i have ever heard.

  • Mr.Wang

    Now you know I had to comment right? Any diss on 50 cent I’m wit cause I don’t like dat nigga. He snitch and a bitch.

    • nappy_pappy

      and you know this how? did u see some proof that he was a snitch? i didnt think so u just goin off some “he say she say” bullshit…gossiping just like a female…so the real bitch here is YOU…bitch

      • Mr.Wang

        Na nigga I read why he snitch. And even if I didn’t know I still don’t like him. Now back to you nigga. Ya starting to remind me of dat nigga Ereal. I’ll crush you bitch nigga keep talkin.

  • k_lang

    U cant tell me that first one aint the RZA, I seen Derailed too many times, the second one I dont know who the hell that is. Im surprised aint no one talk about 50 haircut, he got too much money to be lookin so bogue.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    And your haircut game is fucked up.

  • London Boy

    this is one of my fave moments in hip hop i remember big pun had a song talking about Blowing 50 cents head off (no homo)

    theres was even a rumour in my school playground like “ghostface is wearing 50 cents chain in the apollo kids video” i never saw the chain tho guess it never happened

    but i love ghost and rae tho

  • Jerry Atrics

    “that nigga’s a duh-duh duh-dum nigga”

    How many years later and that shit STILL cracks me up every time.

  • dronkmunk

    You just fucked up. You fucked up bad. I don’t even know man.

    Definitley Rae