Are the TIs going after Will Smith?

“Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever!” – Bill Hicks

For a minute there, it looked like the TIs might have been going after Will Smith. Now I’m not so sure what’s going on. We’ll just have to see how this plays out.

In case you haven’t heard, Will Smith was quoted in an interview recently as saying that Hitler was a good person. He was just a little bit crazy. Er, something along those lines.

For the sake of responsible journalism (this is, after all, XXL), here’s Will Smith’s remarks in full:

“Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today’,” said Will. “I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good’. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.”

This was in response to a question having to do with whether or not he felt everyone (presumably including Hitler) was basically good.

So of course the next thing you know, the statement was all over TMZ and any number of other teh ghey-ass celebrity gossip-oriented blogs and websites, carrying headlines such as “Will Smith: Hitler Was a Good Person!” There was lots speculation as to how disastrous an effect this might have on his career.

Just this month, the actor set a new record for a December opening at the box office, beating out those Lord of the Rings movies. And I believe he was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for his role in The Pursuit of Happyness, though I’m not going to spend the time it would take to make sure.

Suffice it to say the guy was on a roll.

For their part, the Anti-Defamation League didn’t waste any time issuing fatwas press releases and what have you. I guess it’s not like they were taking the week off to celebrate Christmas. In addition to denouncing Will Smith’s statement, they called on movie theaters to stop showing I Am Legend; and for presidential candidate Barack Obama, who was recently endorsed by the Will Smith (heh), to cut ties with the actor.

Fortunately for the Senator, who’s having a hard enough time as it is trying to woo black voters, what with the beginning of the primary elections coming up in a mere matter of days, it looks like some phone calls might have been made and things might have been straightened out over the weekend.

Will Smith issued his own statement, using several different adjectives to describe just what a bad person Hitler was, and also condemning TMZ and the like for twisting his words around. And the ADL issued another press release, officially accepting his clarification and calling off the lynching for the time being.


Given that this has all taken place in the last 48 hours or so, I guess it remains to be seen whether Will Smith is completely out of the water, or what effect this might have on his career over the long run. Either way, it obviously raises a number of issues.

First of all, there’s the issue of Jewish people constantly fucking with black people, as if black people ever did anything to the Jews other than occasionally showing up late with the rent. Which I know I’ve been guilty of myself from time to time. (My bad, Jews.)

Proud black man that I am, I’m too lazy to sit here and rattle off the litany of such incidents, but this latest one follows in a long line of instances in which Jews have tried to have black leaders/entertainers (really, what’s the difference?) fired from their jobs just because they slipped up and said Hymietown or whatever. As if.

And while I could generally give a rat’s ass about Will Smith, it was tough watching him bend over and kiss Abraham Foxman’s ring like that (nullus), especially since it’s obvious there was no real anti-semitic intent in his statement. I wouldn’t even have done that shit. Then again, it’s not like I’ve had much success in like, anything ever.

Maybe that’s just what it takes.

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  • Brooklyn

    Bol why do you stay on Jewish peoples nuts? Ok we know they control the world and it wont change anytime soon but if you dislike them so much compete with them. What better way but to start a business and try and take there money. But no you rather type your feelings instead of actually doing something.

  • BIG O

    people are waaaaaaaaay to sensitive.all people not just jews.think about if tom cruise had said the same thing about black people.niggas would be all over a black person i always look to defend my own and believe that white people hate to see niggas succesful and happy.honestly i put whites and jews in the same boat.both of them hold all the power and if a white man and a jew were at a lynching together would you know who was who?

  • CHI-C

    People are getting a little too sensitive.

  • thoreauly77

    it is obvious that will smith was definitely not being anti-semitic. hell, some of the commentary above resembles anti-semitic rhetoric more than anything will smith said. what is obvious however is that the tmz’s of the internets and the fox news’ of the market (and all of their ilk) simply need something, anything to talk about, and the this is the flavor of the day.


    BIG O the difference would be thoe nose the fucking nose thats how you tell the difference.

  • Lazy

    The JDL (a radical group that I think is labeled as a terrorist organization) said that first statement calling out Will Smith and Obama (for no apparent reason other than his skin tone). After that, the ADL (a different organization) said that what Smith said wasn’t offensive. I read that Smith said that stuff about everybody being good at heart a la Anne Frank at one point in an interview, and then TMZ put that statement next to a statement he made later in that interview that Hitler had a twisted logic.

  • stoneyisland

    Screw the jews! america helps spend millions a year tracking down nazi, when our own country passes “grandfather” laws to stop black people from suing past slave owners and businesses, so excuse me if I aint got no sympathy for them. As for Will he clarified his statements and all is well in hymie town:)

    • Arcey

      co-sign that!
      And how the hell can’t nobody say shit related (even remotely)/about Jews without them going sending their league after them. Worst in all that is that everyone back off within 24/48 hours where when Imus said that shit, it took like a week for him to feel the repercussions.
      Slavery vs. Genocide, neither was OK but really who reperation?
      as for Jerod, that’s jew name, right? Fuck You!!!

  • Jerod

    Seems like there’s a bunch of Uncle Tom haters commenting on this blog.

    Boo hoo the white man holds us down.

    Uhh…noooo…you’re lazy.

  • Notorious A.G.C.

    wow…what will smith movie beat the lord of the rings? thats quite an accomplishment, you now how many Nerds came out of the woodwork to watch that crap?.

  • Doobie

    Will Smith is a delusional if he thinks that everyone is good at heart. Mark Twain said something to the effect of “he who is too good–will be very lonely”. Everyone would be basically good in my ideal world too, but sorry Will, that shit is simply not the case in the world that we actually live in. All you have to do is look at the shit that comes out of people’s hearts in various chat rooms and message boards when sheilded by the relative anonymity of the Internet, I had no idea that there were so many vile and hateful racists in this country (I mean actual racists, those people attacking Will Smith are just being pricks) until I started checking out various message boards and comments sections on the Internet. But, I guess it’s easy to think that everyone is good when you’re rich and famous with millions of people constantly telling you all about your general wonderfulness. Anyway, it’s obvious that Will Smith was was taking the example of the first person that comes to mind when people think of the word “evil”, to show that even the man whose very name exemplifies evil had a core nature that was basically good beneath it all. I strongly disagree with view, but it’s obvious that that’s the point that he was trying to make.

    • thoreauly77

      i think you are taking this a bit out of context. in my opinion he was stating that although hitler was committing evil acts, hitler himself would not have considered the acts themselves as evil because he would have felt they were good, right and just. that’s the distinction.

  • Around and Around

    Should anyone take TMZ for a news sourse? I can’t take more then 2 min of that shit. That shits for fat white trash below the mason dixon

    • Around and Around


      Hooked on phonics worked for me

  • Lancelot


  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today’,” said Will. “I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good’. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.”

    In my opinion I think that Will Smith wasn’t trying to say that Hitler was a good guy all he was saying was Hitler in his mind he thought that what he was doing was right and it wasn’t but to him it was and will ends in my opinion with saying what he did wasn’t right it was wrong reprogramming does mean change think about it

  • jimmy

    >>First of all, there’s the issue of Jewish people constantly fucking with black people, as if black people ever did anything to the Jews other than occasionally showing up late with the rent. Which I know I’ve been guilty of myself from time to time. (My bad, Jews.)


    >>Maybe that’s just what it takes.

    anti-semitic, but who the fuck cares? who do you think ruined hip hop?!

  • render

    smh….I always thought that the only thing dumber than hack media is hack media that covers irrelevant hollywood gossip bullshit.

    I guess you can put the ADL one notch below them though


    *In Eddie Murphy “Best of Saturday Night Live” Voice* (NOLO)

    “Don’t let me down…
    Don’t let me down…
    Don’t let me down…


    Fear tactics. First they kill my would-have-been baby mama Benazir Bhutto, now they’re mad at The Fresh Prince.

    Word to the wise Black man or woman:
    Don’t talk about Hitler. Talk about Bush.

    • EReal


      Thats some kinda statement duke, you think the Jews killed Benazir?

      Did you see the footage or her getting shot?

      They said it was the suicide bomber. It wasnt.

  • bolsahomo

    another retarded post by mr. fat ass

    • E

      how unintelligent does this clown sound?

  • bomb

    when you look at the comments here it’s not difficult to understand why minorities can be sensetive and suspicious of seemingly harmless statements. the adl like most jews understands that most gentiles walking around don’t like us or think we’re weird based on race and won’t admit that, they will just make up ridiculous reasons and stereotypes to rationalize their ignorance, the same way most white people do to blacks. racism toward jews is usually mentioned indirectly such as “monopolized media” or hollywood machine. most anti-semites don’t walk around yelling kike they write books or articles or give speeches using made up and distorted information to manipulate their readers. that is why the adl is neccessary.
    jews don’t run the world they make up less than half a percent of the world and about 2 percent of the US. but there are a bunch of jews in hollywood and the music business so now you believe we are suddenly running shit? if you think jews have any type of power you’re a fool. jews deal with the same type of racism as all non-whites. jews deal everyday with not fitting in with the mindless majority, people who hate us on race alone, getting fired or not hired in the first place, girlfriends parents or siblings hating us, people saying stupid and annoying shit when we are just trying to mind your business, and of course retards constantly talking shit and nonsense on the internet that they wouldn’t say in person. and most of us don’t run around mentioning the holocaust every day or getting angry and misinterpretting the type of statement will smith made.
    rich white christian men are in charge and they hate jews and blacks. they like to see blacks and jews arguing. most of the bigots you hear bashing blacks are bashing jews in the same breath.
    the jews are a fall guy for the elite and you are a fool for buying into it. jews have as much control over the world as blacks or mexicans. if you go to any white supremicist website you will see articles about how jews are responsible for slavery and keeping black people opressed then you hear black people repeat it. do you think if jews started slavery white supremicists would hate them for it? what other reason would they have to post that but to shift blame from themselves onto jews and pit minorities against eachother. these people know how it worked in germany when they were able to convince the majority to blame their problems on a minority unable to fight back and are using the same strategy now. the same white supremicists who are still rich from ancestoral slave money are telling you it was the jews and you listen to it. jews are hated by whites for being jews and hated by minorities for being white. and i honestly think most blacks would fight jews or rationalize a hatred of jews if they felt like it meant white america would include them and share with them. it’s just one more way for the rich to manipulate minorities by teasing them with what they are desperate for.
    at the slightest advancement or success of jewish people white gentiles are easily able to make every other minority hate us and claim we are running the world even. white christian men run the world. they want everything in the world for themself and none of it for any black, mexican, jew, arab, or asian. they would just wipe everyone out if they didn’t need them around to do the work. if a jew or asian is successful in any way they will be like look everyone they have some shit, that’s why you don’t. it’s very simple divide and conquer.
    life won’t change for black americans even one ounce when they wipe the jews out. probably you’ll just be hated twice as much when the hate toward us is shifted on to you. if you think anyone other than rich white christian men rule the planet you are getting played big time.



    • BIG O

      that was way to are delusional if you believe jews and blacks are on the same level your a dumb ass.jews can blend in and not be discriminated against off of first sight while blacks are feared on me jews are white.not that there is anything wrong with being white but socially blacks are way lower on the totem pole than jews.extremists might hate jews and blacks the same,but everyday joe would much rather bring home a jew girl and not a black one.

      • bomb

        yeah it’s a different experience than black people. but if it didn’t look retarded i’d wear a sign around announcing i’m jewish to not deal with shit that happens when people don’t know. yeah as a black man you don’t get hired. as a jew you get hired for 2 weeks then someone sees your last name asks you if you’re jewish and you get fired.
        people talk shit about blacks behind your back. as a jew people talk shit about jews directly to you not knowing you’re jewish. hundreds of times i’ve been talking to someone having a normal conversation and they’ll suddenly start talking shit about jews or say something like ‘oh i’m not trying to jew you down’ or ‘sorry that was stupid i’m so jewish’ or crack jokes that don’t even make sense.
        and a lot of people can tell if you’re jewish by your last name. you never know if they know you’re jewish and you never know if they did know how they would react. you get the same retarded line ‘you lied because you didn’t tlell me you were jewish’. and you don’t want to ask everyone you meet ever ‘hey you know i’m jewish right?’.
        half the time someone introduces me to someone they’ll be like this is bomb he’s jewish. and their friend will be like ‘oh my god, you’re jewish, hahaha that’s so funny’ or give me some giddy retard look. and you want to punch them in the face for being a moron. we deal with it every day too.

        but the point is that it’s useless for black people to argue that they have it worse than jews and to hate jews. if some dude was beating the shit out of you and also the guy next to you would you be pissed at the guy next to you cause you thought he wasn’t being beaten as badly? would you get mad at him more than the guy that’s kicking your ass?
        but like i said before a lot of black people feel like if they join in on hating jews it will make them more accepted by the white christian majority. it’s like kids in a playground picking on someone and you jump in and pick on him too so you don’t get picked on yourself or so you can be accepted. the people running shit aren’t gonna like black people or give you shit anyway even if you sat with them and discussed how you think jews suck daily. they’ll manipulate you into fighting with jews for them and then when they have no more use for you they’ll keep fucking you over because they will never love you ever.
        and of course jews can be guilty of the same things toward blacks. and yeah there are some racist jews but they are not plotting on ways to keep blacks out of power and money the way rich white men are. and i garauntee you the ADL is very sympathetic toward the shit black people have to deal. but at the same time they battle with the nation of islam because farakonman and his cronies love to preach to black youth how the devil jews are the source of their problems. but the fact is as a minority facing discrimination, other minorities in similar situations aren’t you’re enemy the person fucking you over in the first place is. and yeah it’s long but it makes fuckin sense. if you think it’s that long a book must be a fucking nightmare for you.

  • Dollar Wells

    The ADL has really degenerated into a neocon-aiding-and-abetting sack of shit. Any moderately liberal or progressive personality who drops the dreaded N-word (Nazi) gets their ass jumped on but quick. But when a rightwing dickbag like Bill O’Reilly says Daily Kos readers are worse than the Nazis, they’re nowhere to be found. It’s no accident they jumped on Big Willie after he gave the assist to Obama.

    Basically, if you’re a neocon lunatic ready to bomb Iran, Hitler it up all ya want. Otherwise: ANTI-SEMITE! ANTI-SEMITE! ANTI-SEMITE! Glenn Greenwald’s written about this before, check it out:

  • jg420

    Fuck that. That was some funny shit

  • colin

    i couldnt handle being famous, let alone being black and famous

  • Yaw

    I’m only writing a response because I wanted to get a shout out in this years Love/hate article on the website, so forgive me if I don’t state anything intelligible; I’m not commenting to be smart lol.

    Anyway, I generally agree with the post, but I also think that it was a way for the media outlets to ultimately get at rappers, or black people period. For example, there was the Don Imus situation where rappers got the slack for him saying “nappy-headed hos”. And there was also Mel Gibson’s situation. Yes they’re white and have nothing to do with the current situation. But Gibson is/was (depending on how you see it now)however, did make actual anti-semitic remarks. He also directed Passion of the Christ which has been criticised for being critical of Jewish people. You think if they gave all this slack to white people they were going to let a black man go?

    I believe whoever controls the media (Jews, white people- I just know it ain’t black people) has a distain of the current social situation in which black people enjoy certain liberties in regards to race issues (Lord forbid a white person calls us nigga/nigger, yet ‘Chinky’ is a phrase we use all too easily. Sorry oriental people). However, there are no racial issues committed by black people as high a profile as Imus’ or Gibsons etc. Even if there were, we’d still probably get away with it (C. Deloris Tucker, Don Imus, Al Sharpton, Bill O’ Reilly and Oprah couldn’t stop us from degrading black women).

    So this is all catharsis for frustrations of the Jews/white people/ whoever runs the media and organizations’ when black people get away with things they can’t. And more importantly, it’s also a way for them to get back at black people for having these ‘privileges’. So they are quick to crucify Will Smith, despite his comments not being similiar, or anti-semitic like Mel Gibsons. And this is despite the fact that he is one of the least deserving of these bullshit.

    Also this is just a way for the media to create stories, and organizations to gain some political power. And Will Smith is Black and he’s getting too big.

    Nice to see you back Bol

    • Yaw

      P.s 4give length of my comment and any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors etc.

  • clarknova

    BOL I didn’t think your article was racist because you were clearly writing in an over the top, “theater of the absurd” (to quote Billy X) style. But looking at all the comments from fucking racist crybabies it’s brought out of the woodwork makes me think that either way, writing that article might be harmful if it gives bigots something to work with- even in jest. I know your whole deal is to be reactionary and anti-PC, and I applaud it, but this one left a bad taste in my mouth.

    And I find it waaaay creepier that Will Smith is best friends with Tom Cruise and talking about Scientology than him saying HItler just had negative energy that needed to be channeled into something positive, or whatever.


    Bol u are a fucking disgrace with the shit u write abt.

    meet part two u racist fuck.

    • E

      how are you gonna be the second coming of tpar when his intelligence level begins where yours peeks at?

  • d. b. cooper

    “Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever!” – Bill Hicks

    It should be clarified that what Hicks was saying here was that, instead of just exterminating Jews, Hitler should have exterminated everyone. Hicks was having a bad night (which is to say “giving a legendary performance”) when he said that, but he was a good person.

  • The Nicker

    In my experience you can fucking bad mouth the Jews as much as you want if you making them money. Y’all wouldn’t see True Magic pulled from the shelves if it was going platinum.

    Basically, Will Smith is a gold mine, and not going anywhere.

  • c. gabi

    Well,considering that Jews are probably more hated in the world than Blacks, you can bet that they have extreme levels of sensitivity. I have to agree with Big O on this one, if someone (non-Black) said something about Black folks, that could be slightly presumed offensive, we would’ve sicced Jesse, Al, Tavis, Bill–EVERYBODY on them. So, it doesn’t come as any real surprise the reaction that the media (which is primarily run by Jews anyway) unleashed on Will Smith. Lowkey, he really needs to just watch his mouth.

  • John Galt

    Will Smith isn’t a bigot. Most of the people that commented on this article are. Anyone who is that hellbent on bringing hatred into the world must be pretty miserable themselves. I’d tell you all to elevate yourselves, reach a higher state of being rather than trying in vain to bring the world down to your level, but it’d be wasted bandwidth.

    I agree that any celebrity who wants to try to say something profound should leave Hitler out of it. No good can come of it.

    The original blog entry was parody — weaker than Bol’s usual fare, too… step up your game — and there’s no need to address it seriously.

    The ADL and JDL are Jewish groups that do have the tendency to go overboard. But considering the abundance of people like the majority of the commenters here, it’s difficult to blame them for their knee-jerk vigilance.

    For the record, I thought I Am Legend was very good. The book is a classic, of course.

  • beatz23

    another black man getting lynched for nothing…

  • geico lizard

    you are right BOL because the guy Harvey who runs TMZ is jewish and he couldnt wait to go off on will smith and twist his words. you always hear whites and some blacks saying black people are too sensitive and need to get over the racism stuff but jews are always going off and trying to end someones career or life if they say something they think is anti semetic. most white people jewish or not dont like seeing successful blacks even if they like some as friends they dont want to see them make more money than them or be happier. will just needs to shut up and realize he can say no comment whenever someone sets him up with a question about anything that might make white people mad at him. as soon as oprah started talking about obama then suddenly her fans were mad at her but if she had supported hillary all the same women would have called her a hero. rich blacks have to be careful because if you get out of your place as some whites see it then you will get knocked right back down so watch your backs.

  • Lethal

    I cant stand the type of mentality that some people have regarding Jews. When its black people, American black people with this type of mindset, it boggles my mind. I cant count the number of comments on here that are anti jew in nature, we run this, we destroy that, we fuck with black people every chance we get. I dont even know where that last one came from, at least the other bullish ideas I heard of before I started checking this site.

    People on this site always talk about how the white man hold em down, and how there responsible for the downfall of the black man, etc etc. Honestly, Im not going to argue those points. But I will say, when people call jews over sensetive to anti semetic or even near anti semetic comments, I cant help but think we got the shaft as a race a little bit more than blacks, especcially this century. We were systematically exterminated throughout Europe, where most Jews lived at the time, on a mass scale. This is not more than 65 years ago. At the very least, the events of slavery and the holocaust are comparable in nature, which would lead me to think that there would be some type of understanding between the two races and there respective plights. To hear from one people who have been scapegoated by in large, the blacks, to buy into the scapegoating and marginalization of another people with a similar background of persecution is beyond me.

    Just something you people might want to mull over while your wondering why minorities are at each others throats while the world sits back and laughs at the stupidity.

    And yea, as a jew, there is definetly a difference between whites and jews. Bet that.

  • stara

    there’s the issue of Jewish people constantly fucking with black people, as if black people ever did anything to the Jews other than occasionally showing up late with the rent

    You ever thought of having a book of your most HI-LAR-I-OUS quotes compiled n published?

  • concerned hater

    am I the only one left wondering if the long promised Fresh Prince full length is now permanently going be left collecting dust on ‘industry’ shelves…

    Karyn Parsons all up in my sex rhymes 4 lyfe B!

  • Tray

    Well, his comments weren’t anti-semitic, but you know as well as I, Bol, that saying that Hitler’s problems could’ve been fixed with “reprogramming” is a little glib, and kinda minimizes just how fucked up Hitler was.

  • John Weston

    Damn homie… That’s fucked up, Will was one of the acceptable kneegrows. You can’t shit on the acceptable kneegrows!

  • texasleen

    Media tries to find shit wrong with everybody and they tried to take a shot at Will Smith but that man is running shit making money for all races…Will Smith should just run this country shit he saved us from the aliens in independence day


    Holocaust is a myth created by JEW to attract others to help them in order to loot other people’s property like Palestinian land in Jerusalem. This world it aint fare at all.

    To this day Big Uncle Sam protecting the JEW, helping them militarily, so on and innocent civilian in Palestain are suffer the same fate Hitler did to JEW.

    I guess it’s a propaganda done by those who want to damage the reputation of BIG WILL but who cares they will never bring him down.

    Stay Black and Tell the Truth, that is the way we have been raised.((( THIS IS WHITE MAN’s WORLD ))) as TUPAC said:

    • EReal

      Holocaust Deniers are pieces of fucking shit. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    One more thing look at what the jews keep doing to the people of palestine look at how they fucked up lebanon last year over 2 soldiers and the only reason they stopped really was because they were getting hit back so stop acting like no one can say anything about hitler without jews getting offended cause you werent the only people to die from that shit cause i do believe that shit lead to world war
    fuckin skumbag jews trying to fuck up wills life skumbag jew motherfuckers will didn’t say anything wrong, he aint supportin hitler you dirtbag jew fucks.
    man fuck the jews. Hitler shoulda killed em all.

    • clarknova

      Jay Stone, you sorry, racist fuck. Kill yourself. Seriously, change your screen name to Professor Griff, you piece of shit.
      …see what I mean Bol? Even in jest, you have an effect. Playing with fire…

  • blacker cracker

    will smith WILL BE the first black president
    i’m serious, he really will be and jada will be the baddest, finest first lady there eva was, she’ll prolly make one room the tupac room

  • John Galt

    JAY STONE — You mad, doggie?

  • og bobby j

    Looks like gaystone is still bitching in the 08. Did he just say that the Holocaust was a myth? I aint jewish or black….but this shit is hysterical….

  • moresickaMC

    Will Smith madee sense really. I am black but i know the KK didnt wake up saying “we are going to be the most evil people on the planet”. They thought keep blacks in check was good(frm their own justifications)…but of course they were misguided and wrong. Likewise Osama bin laden thinks he is carrying out a noble cause.

    Not everyone is good though, we are all sinners.

  • moresickaMC



    @OG BOBO j
    Eat a fat dick wigger.i always know that you are jew due to your dislike for muslims.
    What da fuck is up with them jewish fucks always whinin and complainin about somethin with they little ugly ass candles.

    We dont need them BIG nose faggots round here. Hitler shoulda just finished them bitches.

    EReal what? EReal who? Fuck outta here homos.

  • og bobby j

    If you re read my comment, I am NOT jewish. So, are you saying its cool to hate white people and jews but Im racist for my discontent with Muslims? Your a depressed adolescent…

  • Tyler

    Happy New Year. BoL, well it looks like U just made the TI’s list at #1 with a Bullet from this last post and I must say it couldn’t have happen 2 a better guy. Between Peta & the Jewish power elite along with all the other secret socitites we people of darker skin don’t stand a chance. BoL, U should dig a bit deeper into this subject matter on your next post. . .If U dare!


    you moron you hate blacks and muslim yet the funny thing is that you on nigga(as you like to call blacks) site and listern to our music and culture.GTFOH!!
    Why the fuck am i arguing with a wigger?

  • Mosta

    Wow. I feel disgraced as a member of the Hip-Hop community to have read this initial blog post and the posts that have come as responses. It just seems like we’re a generation that gets off on hating, blacks, jews, gays and women. The Holocaust doesn’t exist, that’s a crock of insulting shit. It’s a very convenient story, but not true. Jews had been looking at the current site of their own homeland for years before that. I’m far from a Zionist, but that’s some bullshit. In fact there is video, written, photographic and archaeological evidence that the Holocaust exists. There is less proof that Slavery existed. People who believe that Jews who make up less than 2% of the population control the whole world are smoking that good shit. As previously mentioned there just happen to be a lot of Jews in the entertainment industry. As far as blacks not having any power in the entertainment industry some of the worst images of Black people can still be seen on MTV. Just like white people need to let the racist bullshit they learned at their grandmother’s table rest, black folks should do the same.

  • A-Dubb

    Bol & Jaystone this is the most blatanly anti semitic post i have ever read. Bol You should invest some of the money youre makin from this site into some history classes at a local community college to see just how closely the black mans plight resembles that of a jew’s. forget this jay stone cat. the motherfucker should be sent too sudan a raped an killed by those MUSLIMS whom kill other blacks because they arent MUSLIM. before you go spouting off at the mouf get your facts straight. 2pac wasnt no muslim you dumb useless idiot. he was a CHRISTIAN. once again dont tie together 2pac’s beliefs with that of ISLAM. never speak without knowledge because you sound like a fuckin mentally retarted child. oh an hey BOL you should start looking for different career options because a “blogger” you suck more dick than superhead did. so instead of secretly being the grand master of your local KKK’s chapter maybe you should come to terms with your blackness and stop hating on others because you are upset with being a full grown man who cant wipe his own ass.

    • Around and Around

      It’s hilarious that you said, “Never speak without knowledge” and say some ignorant shit about Sudan killing ‘Blacks’ because they’re not Muslim. Guess what Gay-Dubb those fighting in Sudan are ALL MUSLIMS.

      Never speak without knowledge easy to say harder to live.

  • Mr.Wang

    Jay Stone and OG bobby j calm down niggaaaas!

    Ya’ll niggas beefin’ again? WOW!

    We got to stop the violence(or in this case the internet violence).

    Name callin’ ain’t nessasary!

    Soon enough ya’ll goin’ start threatin’ each other with choppers and shit.

    Be easy!

    May the WANG be wit ya!

  • barbarian at the gate


    Damn, son, you as racist as they come.

    You take those white robes off before you march down to those NAACP meetings?

    “Hitler shoulda just finished them bitches.”

    Niggas in the Waffen SS?

    Who knew?


    You dumbass jew where did i said tupac was a muslim?You are the one who should do some research before you comment here faggot.Palestine’s are the original jew and the land you called Israel belong to them.
    Israel are worst than alqeada and has commit more crimes than any race in the world.
    I could give a rat ass about jews for all i care they can go to hell.The world is better without them.bitch i`m no time to argue with you fools


    Facts is blacks make about 65% of the muslim population.Get your shit right asshole

    • clarknova

      FUCK YOU JAY STONE… there is no justification for racism, ever, in any form, you pointless waste of space.

    • Mr.Wang

      I swore I thought this was a Hip-Hop web site. We got dudes arguing over Jews and other things I cram to understand.

      Ya’ll really is goin’ get da choppers out.




    what is bahh the goat bleating for?

    • clarknova

      Fuck you Jay Stone, you racist pig.


    @A-Dubb $clarknova

    The truth hurts.
    Let it burn

    • clarknova

      I’m not Jewish, numbnuts. Get a fucking clue you Nazi shitface.

  • barbarian at the gate


    Sieg heil, my brotha!

  • nacky

    j-stone,dude u ain’t know that middleeastern people basically raided some African nations and forced Islam on people and killed them for not converting just like any other so called religion. Fuck christianity,islam,jewishit, man theres no way a god would take the side of any of those bullshit religions because they are all bullshit.

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  • Wolfe Panzer

    Any black person that defends a Jew knows nothing of the owners of the slave ships and plantations. Who do you think controls the media that reports and vilifies blacks as criminals, lazy, and uneducated? Who controls the entertainment and sports industries that keeps blacks as “commodities” to be traded for the white man’s enjoyment? Who owns the project buildings that poor blacks can’t escape from, and the banks that won’t lend a dime to a black family? How about the World Bankers that steadily sink African nations into the ground? You think these people are Polish, Russian, Swedish or Scottish? They are Semites from the land of filth and money, Israel.
    Just because Ashekenazi Jews “look” like white Caucasian Europeans, does not make them one and the same.