Bob Digital loyalists heard Rza speak years ago in countless magazine interviews and such about his company Wu-Electronics, and how it had created a device called The Replicator, which would change music. Back in the 90s there really wasn't much information out there for hip-hop producers who weren't really in the mix like that, so if you were just reading about it, all you could do was speculate about what it was or what it did. At some point Rza indicated that he'd used The Replicator to make the scratch-laden beat for "Stroke of Death," on Ghostface's Supreme Clientele album. But who really knew what that meant?

As Rza tells it, in the late 90s he "followed a rainbow" (God knows how much digi Bobby Steeles smoked that day) to a guy's house in Switzerland, where he saw this vinyl-emulation technology, and after some fine-tuning, he decided to invest in it. Wu-Electronics would bring The Replicator to the AES trade show, and subsequently have his idea jacked and turned into Final Scratch amidst a boatload of lawsuits and whatnot. Sound a little far fetched? Rza's always had a thing for embellishment. You be the judge: