First of all, I should start out by thanking my connect stating that I don't know for a fact that Lupe Fiasco choked the shit out of a woman at a party the other day. Lord knows the last thing I need is Lupe threatening a lawsuit like he did with VIBE over Fiascogate.

I read it on AllHipHop Rumors, which obviously prints all sorts of shit. That's why it's called AllHipHop Rumors. This one in particular did come with an eyewitness account from someone who claims to have seen Lupe Fiasco choke the shit out of a woman at a launch party for a new cell phone the other day, but it could've just been an angry fan of Midnight Marauders making shit up. Or it could've been another bespectacled Muslim kid dressed like a fruit choking the shit out of a woman and she just thought it was Lupe.

Here's the eyewitness account of the incident in full, emphasis mine:

Last night I went to the T-mobile event at the Bowery Hotel. Celebrities like John Legend, DJ Clue, Just Blaze and Lupe Fiasco came through. Bowery Hotel is brand new and nice. Lupe was talking to a young lady and the girl threw her drink in his face. Lupe then proceeds to choke her out. The bouncers threw Lupe out of the party. Lupe said it was not his fault. I don’t know what he said to the girl but she obviously didn’t like it.

For the sake of my own personal amusement, let's just say it was Lupe Fiasco. This can't possibly bode well for his career, what with the fact that it's coming so soon on the heels of Fiascogate, in which he pretty much ethered his reputation with the girls over at okayplayer. But I wonder if such an incident could really ruin an artist's career. Women like to throw a bitch fit over allegedly sexist and misogynist content in rap songs and videos, but what it a rapper actually did something that could genuinely be viewed as misogynist?

In fact, part of the problem with this current war against hip-hop is that the community of black female McCarthyites behind it has hardly been able to come up with any examples of rappers beating or raping women. (God forbid!) Probably the best thing they could come up with is rappers having consensual sex with "models" on the sets of videos. Sure there was that time Dr. Dre took Dee Barnes up on the roof of a building and dropped her off, but that was a long-ass time ago.

Could you imagine, in this age of political correctness uber alles, if some rapper actually had the sheer balls to choke the shit out of a woman at a public function? This Lupe Fiasco incident could be the smoking gun the anti-hip-hop crowd has been looking for all year. Only thing is, I doubt Lupe Fiasco fits the image of the kind of rapper they would love to throw under the bus. After all, he hardly curses, unless he's threatening someone, and he's come out against featuring scantily clad women in rap videos. And why would a rapper feature scantily clad women in his video unless he hates hates hates women?

Worse, to call Lupe onto the carpet for what he may have done might spark a discussion on the prevalence of themes of Islamic fascism in his work - possibly the true source of his hatred of women - and Lord knows we can't have that. To suggest that a rapper hates women because he often expresses his desire to be with them is one thing, but to suggest that a rapper's faith might inform a world view that might ultimately lead him to commit an act of violence against a woman would obviously just be racist.