Oprah’s would-be smoking gun

First of all, I should start out by thanking my connect stating that I don’t know for a fact that Lupe Fiasco choked the shit out of a woman at a party the other day. Lord knows the last thing I need is Lupe threatening a lawsuit like he did with VIBE over Fiascogate.

I read it on AllHipHop Rumors, which obviously prints all sorts of shit. That’s why it’s called AllHipHop Rumors. This one in particular did come with an eyewitness account from someone who claims to have seen Lupe Fiasco choke the shit out of a woman at a launch party for a new cell phone the other day, but it could’ve just been an angry fan of Midnight Marauders making shit up. Or it could’ve been another bespectacled Muslim kid dressed like a fruit choking the shit out of a woman and she just thought it was Lupe.

Here’s the eyewitness account of the incident in full, emphasis mine:

Last night I went to the T-mobile event at the Bowery Hotel. Celebrities like John Legend, DJ Clue, Just Blaze and Lupe Fiasco came through. Bowery Hotel is brand new and nice. Lupe was talking to a young lady and the girl threw her drink in his face. Lupe then proceeds to choke her out. The bouncers threw Lupe out of the party. Lupe said it was not his fault. I don’t know what he said to the girl but she obviously didn’t like it.

For the sake of my own personal amusement, let’s just say it was Lupe Fiasco. This can’t possibly bode well for his career, what with the fact that it’s coming so soon on the heels of Fiascogate, in which he pretty much ethered his reputation with the girls over at okayplayer. But I wonder if such an incident could really ruin an artist’s career. Women like to throw a bitch fit over allegedly sexist and misogynist content in rap songs and videos, but what it a rapper actually did something that could genuinely be viewed as misogynist?

In fact, part of the problem with this current war against hip-hop is that the community of black female McCarthyites behind it has hardly been able to come up with any examples of rappers beating or raping women. (God forbid!) Probably the best thing they could come up with is rappers having consensual sex with “models” on the sets of videos. Sure there was that time Dr. Dre took Dee Barnes up on the roof of a building and dropped her off, but that was a long-ass time ago.

Could you imagine, in this age of political correctness uber alles, if some rapper actually had the sheer balls to choke the shit out of a woman at a public function? This Lupe Fiasco incident could be the smoking gun the anti-hip-hop crowd has been looking for all year. Only thing is, I doubt Lupe Fiasco fits the image of the kind of rapper they would love to throw under the bus. After all, he hardly curses, unless he’s threatening someone, and he’s come out against featuring scantily clad women in rap videos. And why would a rapper feature scantily clad women in his video unless he hates hates hates women?

Worse, to call Lupe onto the carpet for what he may have done might spark a discussion on the prevalence of themes of Islamic fascism in his work – possibly the true source of his hatred of women – and Lord knows we can’t have that. To suggest that a rapper hates women because he often expresses his desire to be with them is one thing, but to suggest that a rapper’s faith might inform a world view that might ultimately lead him to commit an act of violence against a woman would obviously just be racist.

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  • http://www.hotmail.com raoul

    Oh Yeah!! Well Lupe Fiasco is really A FIASCO AKA A FAILED RAPPER. He might do better in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    By the way First Bitches!!

    • wtf


  • the illest loner

    bol=goat blogger

  • stoneyisland

    Bol, why do you hate Lupe so much? come on man keep it real….did you walk in on Lupe corn holing your moms or your ex-boyfriend or sumptin? I mean damn negro get up off a niggas dick you worser then T-pain and Ray-J undercover love feast:) first you hated on Jigga now you hating on Lupe who’s next nigga? Jesus??

  • og bobby j

    Bol, I am all for the muslim bashin…cause they are some crazy bastards…but i dont think that is the reason for Lupe’s little incident. Im sure he tried to play it cool with some chicken and got heated when she had no idea who he was. He is a faiure and deserves the hate you are spewing. I think the cat is talented but not really marketable…..I just dont see the demographic for tight jean wearing muslim skateboarders.

    • Weasel F.

      ” Or it could’ve been another bespectacled Muslim kid dressed like a fruit choking the shit out of a woman and she just thought it was Lupe.”

      “I just dont see the demographic for tight jean wearing muslim skateboarders.”

      LMAO @ Muslim haters, shit got me rofl

  • Around and Around

    Hey, this is why Bryon always hates on Lupe, lets be real… Lupe told it like it is:

    WTF does being Muslim have to do with it? Women get choked out all over this country, do we bring up the persons religion if they are not Muslim? Did they bring up the religion of that white dude who killed his pregnant wife Lacy? How about OJ? Darren Mack? Robert Blake? R Kelly?

    No,only when you’re a bigoted ‘bitch ass nigga’,(To quote Lupe) who tries so hard to portray Muslims in a bad light do you look for any little link to disparage the religion.


    “Or it could’ve been another bespectacled Muslim kid dressed like a fruit choking the shit out of a woman and she just thought it was Lupe.”

    1st laugh of the day…Good lookin out

    I wonda, Do yall think women really hate (c)rap?

  • Mean Greene

    Lupe’s said himself that he grew up on Spice 1 and 8-Ball and MJG both of whom have expressed their undying allegiance to all things “pimpin” As we all know pimps have no problem knocking a chick into yesterday….I’d say this is status quo based on his musical taste.

    End of the day tho, you’re a masturbating blogger and he’s an international music presence (however small of a presence that may be)

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=15811 paul

    Bol is a talented mofo

  • http://www.myspace.com/polo_diz POLOdizIStattedONmyARM

    LMAO@haten on Lupe…but anyway this is some funny shit though.. he shoulda slapped her like yayo did ole dudes son.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


    The girl probably told him that she’d smack his kufi for dissing Q-Tip, Phife and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

    Or she was probably Jarobi’s baby mama.

    Funny as hell. You know he was indignant at being face-dooshed with an amaretto sour by a woman. He probably told her to go get her daishiki and her wet wipes.

  • eauhellzgnaw


    Check it out. Some bitter black women are calling for a Jay Z boycott cause he mushed a chick what looks like a long time ago.


  • Colron

    Ha, dont be mad cause lupe got to at least listen to him spit game bol. The skinny fruit dressed muslim kid probably got more game than you son. But you get the h8ter gold star for posting about it. Its the smart move. Lupe if you reading, it might be a good time to try some ancient relaxation techniques. I need your album to sell a grip so we can get some parity in this rap shit.

  • Real talk


    For the second time, This was alleged to have happened on Halloween. And Lupe was on Stage in Chicago at the House of Blues that entire night. I and about 1,500 other people saw him. He was not chocking out some Bustdown in NY that night.

  • Fin

    I like Lupe’s new stuff, but this is a really funny article. Classic Bol.

  • big o

    nigga is you stupid lupe is one of the illest out there right now.sounds like you poutin cause everyone in the industry knows he is the shit.why do you think jay ex produced his first joint,and the cool will probably be a classic.all hip hop is on that gay wendy williams shit just like you.its probably all a lie

  • smog

    this is the stupidist shit i evar heard, this is like the time you tried to say dude snitched, lupe is the shit

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka The New Millenium Kareem Akbar

    i can listen to Lupe’s music, i have no problem with him and the Tribe situation, except that he was offered free copies of the albums to listen to, and boastfully wouldn’t at least give em a skim….

    but this blog is funny as hell!!!!

  • Around and Around

    Reposting My first one didn’t show.

    The only reason Bol writes this shit about Lupe is because Lupe called his ass to the carpet. In the search box on this site type ‘Byron is a bitch ass nigga’

    -This will show you why Bol is a coward ass bitch and would rather talk shit in a passive bitch made manner, rather then stand as a man and directly at Lupe.

    Secondy, what the fuck does Lupe being Muslim have to do with this? Do people bring up the religion of Scott Peterson? OJ? R Kelly? Dr. Dre? Phil Spector? Or any other people who have broken the law directly related to a women………No. It’s just Bol’s pathetic attempt to disparage a religion, and some how link the religion to ones -ALLEGDLY- assualt.

  • May


    You forgot a few other instances when rappers hit women:

    Big Pun used to hit his wife Lisa. That sh*t was even caught on tape.

    And didn’t Biggie used to hit Kim?

    Other than that, I can’t think of nothing else.

    As for Lupe, I hope this is just a rumor.

    Choking the sh*t out of a b*tch?! *chuckles* That’s wild.

    • Around and Around

      May when that shit happened did people bring up Biggie’s or Pun’s religion and some how link the two?

      In the words of Lupe:
      Byron Crawford is a bitch ass nigga!

  • Bol Jr,

    Bol is your favorite haters favorite hater

  • May

    No Around and Around, their religions weren’t brought up.

    I don’t even know if BIG and Pun even subscribed to a religion.

    Another note: I am probably deviating from the conversation, but the Ike & Tina Turner sh*t has been mentioned in many songs. Now I know fully well that Ike Turner ain’t a rapper, but the example is perhaps the most famous instance of violence against a woman.The few that I can think of are:

    “That’s why I pack a nina, fuck a misdeameanor
    Beatin motherfuckers like Ike beat Tina”–Biggie; and

    “My life’s like kinda what my wife’s like (what?)
    Fucked up after I beat her fuckin ass every night, Ike”–Eminem.

    I ain’t even gonna front. Those lines have made me crack a smile, but I don’t know why, ‘cuz physical violence ain’t funny.

    And I am a young woman myself. :/

  • Weasel F.

    Shieet, now I understand y Bol hates Lupe so much. I actually typed “Byron is a bitch-ass nigga” in the search box and checked out Lupe’s drop on Bol – lmao, thought that was jus a joke

  • INF

    these blogs are getting boring

  • these posts are somewhat inaccurate

    Sure there was that time Dr. Dre took Dee Barnes up on the roof of a building and dropped her off, but that was a long-ass time ago.

    oh god i’m dying here


    if i was him, i woulda just hit her with that skateboard

  • neto

    What about Mystikal from No Limit?

    On January 16, 2004, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to forcing his hairstylist to perform sex acts. He also admitted to extortion. The rapper and two bodyguards forced the woman to perform oral sex, after they accused her of stealing $80,000 in checks. Mystikal initially denied the assault, but confessed after a videotape of the crime was found at his home. Bodyguards Leland “Pokie” Ellis and Vercy “V” Carter also pled guilty to sexual battery.[2]

  • Gok

    U seem to have Lupes dick in ur mouth Bol

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    What about Mystikal from No Limit?

    That hoe was stealing i’m not saying rape is the way to go but nevertheless that bitch is a thief,and to “eauhellzgnaw” Hov mugged that bitch somethin serious

  • Grant

    How could lupe have been in new york if he was doing show in chicago on halloween. Think about it

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=15811 Your Local Neighborhood Hollister Model

    “fuck her mouth”

    They just nevr learn….

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    “Lupe’s said himself that he grew up on Spice 1 and 8-Ball and MJG both of whom have expressed their undying allegiance to all things “pimpin”

    Shit, those fucks at Atlantic should capitalize on this. Picture it with me; “Return Of The Muslim Mack” He could starve a bitch, strictly on the basis of religion.

    As for Around & Around. Talk about Bol being on Lupe’s nuts; Dude you have put up five to six post on ONE blog, trying to get people to join your lonely little, “I HATE BYRON CRAWFORD!” campaign….. The sad life of E-Thugs. Holla!

    • Around and Around

      What are you banging Bol?

      Did I touch a nerve with a valid ‘Kritiq’ of this cowards blog? Obviously you’re a Bol dick ryder just wanting to jump on the ‘I Hate Muslims’ band wagon ya dam bigot.

  • Casso

    I know it’s hard to find talented writers, but what the fuck is XXL thinking with this guy, Balls (ahem, Bol)?

    I mean, seriously, can a person be any less hip hop than he is?

    His contrived disdain for the culture and quasi-funny jokes wouldn’t be so bad if he could write. But he can’t. And sadly, what passes for hip hop journalism continues to suffer.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


    Yeah, Around goes around the internet looking for sack tasting events.

    But he refuses to start his own blog. And he acts like I’m wrong for suggesting it. No, it ain’t the pinnacle of intelligence, but it is better that stuffing your esophagus with bloggers’ nutskin.

    Around = TPAR’s pedicurist

  • DANJA29

    whether or not Lupe “jumped off in her ass” or not, that guy’s had a hell of year tryin’ to prove he’s not the nerd everyone thinks he is.

  • nixs

    If what he said was sooooooooo offensive that she had to throw a drink in his face, shouldn’t we know by now?? I think this thing is just a rumor.

    • Doobie

      “If what he said was sooooooooo offensive that she had to throw a drink in his face”

      Suuurrreeee…blame the victim why don’t you?

  • fuck bol

    bol did you link christianity to your pimping your nappy headed hoe mama or you just said my pops is only making money of my moms fat ass

  • fuck bol

    bol did you link christianity when your dad used to pimp you nappy headed hoe mom

  • Around and Around

    Hey Underwriter & Cracker I mean Crocker the short bus just pulled up, time for you to go to school all aboard bitches…..


    Anytime bol flop(below 20 comments)he resort to bashing muslims inorder to go platinum(above 100 comments).
    you little fuck look at youself.no wonder you weight 400lbs.
    @og bobby j
    go and kill yourself cracker.GTFH to rolling stone!!!.you think it is cool to bash muslims who population is 1.6 billion huh?
    Arabs only make about 20 percentage of the muslim population.Africans make the majority so saying fuck muslims is an insult to me and my brothers in Africa and here in America.
    matter of facts fuck all crackers

    • Around and Around

      Anytime bol flop(below 20 comments)he resort to bashing muslims inorder to go platinum(above 100 comments).

  • black-jihad

    somebody can tell me what the hell all of that has to do with his religion?
    to say it’s because of his faith is as stupid as to say it’s because of his passion for skeatboards and robots!lol

    yo bol you are smart!!bashing muslims is the key of success for a blogger!
    but we don’t care we’re the fastest growing religion in usa!you better ask somebody!!

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I’m leaving the Muslim commentary alone.

    That being said, I do think that you can be a member of any religion and not be a terrorist if you choose. For some reason, we here in the States like to blame other religions, races and satanic cults for all the bad shit in on Earth. But we’re all responsible, whether through action or inaction, or in Around and TPAR’s case, silence…

    Around is desperately seeking Susan – a.k.a. TPAR. Without a father figure, he’s doomed to become a lonely, migrant internet trans-testicle.

    You’d be doing well to stop this bafoonery, Around. There is no escaping the truth. And the truth is that the comment section is starting to look better now that you’re looking for e-beef instead of being selectively intelligent – at best.

  • Around and Around

    Underwear, I seriously have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. From what you write you sound like someone who plays dungeons and dragons. E-Beef? You’ve been got by now your attempts are just pathetic man, let it go.

    My comments were valid criticisms of Bol’s fucked up logic(Really just being a bigot) trying to link Lupe being Muslim w/ something he allegdly did. I think I made the point that you NEVER see the religion being brought up in other cases unless the person is Muslim.