Seriously Em.... what's your problem with Al? You were nice enough to make him your DJ when Green Lantern sold the Shady Records camp down the river, but you couldn't put your own shitty production efforts to the side to zone out to some Alchemist tracks? Al's not only top 5 dead or alive (alongside Dilla, Buckwild, Premier, and Just Blaze) when it comes to hip-hop producers who haven't yet traded in their snare drums for weak 808 claps, he's also a product of where you come from.... the underground. No, not that coffee shop pump your fist in the air, i have long dreads and still think Smif N Wessun is the greatest group ever type of underground bullshit that survives today (No disrespect to Smif N Wessun, but just saying).

I'm talking about the Game Records Shecky Green days, back when you were sounding like something truly original, something nobody had ever heard before, outshining Royce on "Scary Movies" Eminem sounded so fucking incredible on that Reef beat. I want to hear him sounding like he did with his then peers on this famous DJ Revolution track . And even at that point, he was already into his career, but hadn't really blown up yet. Still, it sounded like he had semblance of 3rd party perspective on his music. Like there was someone, perhaps even his inner conscience, telling him the beat was dope and that he should kick some groundbreaking shit.

Ever since Em started producing for himself his music has been sort of stale. Not saying it sucks, but it's been hit or miss. He hasn't released much as of late, but whatever he's done since like 2004 has been kinda shit sandwich-ish. Like Encore and that terrible 2pac soundtrack to Resurrection from a year earlier. It's like he makes these big sweeping productions that could be incredible, but instead just sort of plod along without any real momentum. Something like "Mosh" could have been incredible, but instead just seemed kinda boring. Perhaps it's me. But that stuff he did in the late 90s and in the early part of the new millenium had balls to it. That shit made you wanna recite those lyrics. Made you wanna nod your head.

That's what Alchemist beats still do. Every rapper this dude does a track for, even the lyrically challenged ones, sound good on Alchemist beats. So you're gonna let a tour bus accident stop you from working with him. When my man DJ Treats spoke to him in this Complex interview, Al said:

...being Eminem's DJ was bigger than being the Alchemist. It was embracing that and realizing, where is this going to take us. It seemed like, it wasn't the accident that did it, but ever since that shit it fucked a lot of things up. The tour got thrown off, my brother got hurt real bad and it kind of put things in a weird turn. Since then I haven't been able to develop the way I thought me and Eminem was going to work. So the crash was really a pivotal point man.

Come on man, put that shit to the side and get with Al. He can make people care about you for your music and your skills again. For making good records. Look at what Dre and the 45 King did for your career when nobody really gave much of a fuck about you. Al can do it for you. And he's just a phone call away.