Bite This

Guess no one listened to Luda’s weed carriers’ new album, Supply and Demand. Even Prez Carter didn’t apparently. Track 7 has same beat as Jay’s “Say Hello.”

“U Can Believe It” (feat. Mr. Bridges [No relation to Lloyd or Beau])

Even worst to rap fans under the age of 30, Playaz Circle butcher the instrumental that Wayne ripped on one of my favorites off his leak catalogue, “Pray To The Lord.” Don’t believe me? Judge yourself.

“Let Me Fly”

Score another one for DTP. 37 days until the return of Chingy. Yippe-ki-yay, fuckers.

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  • sonny cheeba

    i been noticed that…

  • protege43

    on top of that the playaz circle song was on that dtp comp. that came out like summer 2006…damn hov



  • john

    yeah .. ludacris is on def jam. im sure that hov never heard it.

    damn first ski gets beatjacked.. now some no name too.

  • Rob

    they did ok on the “u can believe it” but by no means did they live up to pray to the lord. Wayne shoulda kept it. and why the hell do they only have eleven tracks on the album?

  • Jaycee

    damn YN, what u hatin 4? “u can believe it” is a 2 year old record…

  • Rae Tha Great

    I noticed it too listen to both and you’ll notice that Toomps version hits harder. Peace

  • Fire

    Wish Playaz Circle’s rapping skills were as good as their beat selection skills.

  • b-ease

    damn, bol really introduced “weed carriers” into the venacular…