Why so many noose-hangings?

Just when we thought we were getting somewhere in this country.

Earlier this year, spurred on by a midlife crisis meltdown Michael Richards had on stage at the motherfucking Laugh Factory, we decided it was finally time to bury the dreaded n-word. Literally. Then, a few months later, the Don Imus incident convinced us all that censoring rap music should be our main political initiative.

Certainly we were on our way.

Lately though, it doesn’t seem as if this is the case. In the past few weeks, nooses have popped up all over the place, from Columbia University, to Home Depot, to around the necks of monuments erected to mediocre rappers, in Atlanta (of course). It’s almost as if the state of race relations in this country is even worse than it was, say, a year ago. What gives?

At the very least, I think we can agree that this recent rash of noose-hangings seems out of sorts with the perceived state of race relations in this country. I mean, think about it. There’s been at least nine such incidents – which are obviously copycats of the original incident, at Jena High School – so far. Can you even name nine white people who were willing to call the Jena Six the bullshit cause that it was[1]?

It’s cool, I’ll wait.


See, you probably can’t.

And yet obviously there’s a great deal of discontent in this country re: the Jena Six issue. Just like I’m sure there were way more white critics who couldn’t stand that Tyler Perry movie, but didn’t have the balls to say so. And just like there’s obviously quite a few white people who didn’t think Don Imus deserved to be fired, and can’t wait to see him come back (look at how much they’re paying him), even though I’m sure most of them know better than to say so out loud.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this recent rash of noose-hangings is really a dramatic illustration of the extent to which this current state of Oprah Winfrey uber alles has set back race relations in this country.

Obviously it would be difficult to say for certain what’s going on in the minds of the racist fucks who keep leaving these nooses all over the place without actually… you know, going inside their minds. But you have to think that there’s a connection between Noosegate (or whatever we’re calling it) and the Jena Six issue if only because they are, after all, copycats of the incident that led to wasn’t actually related to the six-on-one gang stomping of that cracka-ass cracka.

But my theory is that every time we have another one of these race issues that’s especially bullshit – like the Michael Richards incident and the Don Imus incident and the Jena Six and probably a few that I’m forgetting at this point – it has the effect of making the state of race relations in this country that much worse. When black people and white people are around each other these days, there’s a palpable sense that we have to watch what we say – even if we don’t have any real racist intent – that’s stronger than it was as recently as a year ago. But it’s not making our relationships any stronger. If anything, it’s just making us not want to be around one another.

And wasn’t that the real cause of the incident down in Jena to begin with?

[1] Especially in the time before it was revealed that members of the group have been using money sent to them for their legal defense to participate in such antiquated southern mating rituals as having your picture taken with a mouth full of paper money. I mean, we’ve all got to score somehow, but seriously, that’s just nasty.

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  • radnuw


  • these posts are racist

    Wow, where do I start…

    Jena Six cause is not bullshit. The legal system is corrupted, especially when it comes to black people. Our legal system failed when it treated the Jena Six the way it is treating them and when it failed to prosecute those responsible for hanging nooses on a tree at a high school.

    People speaking out against Michael Richards and Don Imus have the right to do so, that is Freedom of Speech. People of Color speaking out against bigots and racists and standing up for the Jena Six are not the cause of racial tensions in the US. Hundreds of years of slavery, jim crow laws, de jure and de facto segregation and economic inequalties are the cause and perpetuation of these tensions. And until they are addressed, we will always have problems with race in America.

    And Tupac is the greatest rapper ever, period. RIP, the greates ghetto poet and rapper ever.

    Are some people overly sensitive? Yes. The answer however is to strive for a balance. A balance where whites are not afraid to speak their mind but where racial injustice is still addressed.

    • N.O. 4 life

      nah pac was not the greatest rapper anyone who knows anything knows that

  • Jax


    You are wetarded. First pac is the greatest rapper of all time. Second, Imus Richard and Jena were all legitimate causes to get our panties in a bunch. Third, well, I don’t have anything. But you’re still a fruit.


  • Worley

    The Jena 6 thing is not BS. There was another incident like it at BMCC where white kids attacked black kids and the cops came to arrest the black kid that was beaten up. Later on, the white kids caught the rest of the black group and beat them up too. What did the police do? Arrest the black kids and the white kids for assault. How are you a victim and a perpetrator simultaneously?

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Hate feeds on attention. Ask tpar and his fluffer Around.

    We’ve been screwed at the mid-point between the reporters and the journalists. There is way to much rabble-rousing, instigating, sensationalizing and opinionated vegetables who just won’t quit trying to make the news instead of passing along information.

    The reason why this blog gets so much attention is that it’s sensational. But it also respects facts, which I can respect. Maybe he’s wrong sometimes, but journalists usually are on some stories.

    I’m not saying we should give it the old non-violence pass. I’m saying it makes more sense to stay out of their story all together and just handle the business of making this country respect and upgrade their treatment of minorities.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >The Jena 6 thing is not BS. There was another incident like it at BMCC where white kids attacked black kids and the cops came to arrest the black kid that was beaten up.

    You just changed my mind.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Want to ease tension between blacks and whites? Talk about illegals and terrorist.

    • Cuban Link

      hahaha co-sign realest comment on here

  • Doobie

    The Jena 6 situation is not *total* bullshit, but people have gotten behind those assholes a little too emphatically if you ask me. All this talk about “freeing” the Jena 6 is bullcrap. The reality is that the white boys that jumped that black boy (which I never seem to hear about in the news, but I understand happened a short while before those black kids gave that white boy that royal ass whoopin) should be doing time in a juvenile facility…and so should the Jena 6. That shit *was* egregiously unfair but those boys were still a bunch of fuck-ups to begin with. That photo of that one fool with the money in his mouth just drives the point right home. Why don’t we RALLY behind the kids in dangerous neighborhoods who have to plan strategic routes like 10 miles out of their way to avoid getting robbed and harassed everyday, just so they can go to school? I say we rally to help them, start a fund to support businesses that hire kids like that to give to give them something to look forward to and a reason to stay focused. The Jena 6 situation is grossly unfair, but I’m tired of this reactionary activism where people just yell and scream only to go right back to the same shit. And oh yea, fuck you Bol for that “mediocre rapper” comment about Tupac.

  • Ms. I Gets It Done

    The only reason why all these ignorant people keep hanging nooses everywhere is because the media is giving them attention and a platform to show how ignorant they really are! This is the same reason white people you the “N” word, because they know it will produce an angry response from people. And i wish the boys from Jena would stop making a mockery of all the people that stood up from them, by acting so fucking stupid (but i have to remember that they are young!). And oh yeah, dude u know Tupac is the best rapper/poet in history. If not, who else could be before him??? Now you don’t worry….I’ll Wait!

  • John W

    “Hate feeds on attention. Ask tpar and his fluffer Around.”

    Co-Sign to the FULLEST!!!!!!!!!!!
    U r lowlife faggots, fuck off!!!!!

    • Around and Around

      John W kind of like George W, neither can be trusted.

      This article is fucking retarded it doesn’t warrent a response. An obvious attempt to stir up some shit for some attention. A couple of attention getting whores you and underwire.

      And i’m out like underwire’s manhood.

  • og bobby j

    unfortunately, i have to agree with the ass jockeys like tpar in this case. The Jena six case was a good example of inequality in our judicial system. However, seeing the “innocent” kids posing with money in there mouths like they just hit the fuckin lotto and the fact that they are “so hoooood”(t pain singing) makes me realize that the community would probably have been better with them in prison….or at least safer.

    And…Pac is not the best rapper ever….but he is the most complete and diverse and top 5 on everyones list.

  • these posts are racist

    Byron explains (rationalizes) people hanging nooses on innocent targets (Columbia Professors, etc) as being caused by overly sensitive people of color protesting harmless racial slurs (Imus and Michael Richards) or defending unjust racial causes (Jena Six).

    Can you imagine if we extended Byron’s logic? If we used this logic, blacks would be justified in doing ______________to innocent whites for hundreds of years of slavery, segregation, corruption and a whole host of other well documents disparate treatment.

    Think about it Byron.

  • Johnny Blackwell

    The matter in the Jena 6 case is that the prosecution went above and beyond what the charges should have been. But the Jena six weren’t innocent, they still jumped somebody 6 on 1. Regardless of the previous racial tension, that shit is still wrong.

    • Real Talk

      That’s all I’m saying, they should still have been punished, if only being sent to Juvie or probation. Free ? not so much.

      And the white kids who did the same should get the same punishment.

  • say what

    TUPAC SHAKUR is greatest rapper ever. go put on your B5 record and get pedophile on ya moms couch

  • Cuban Link

    Worley says:

    The Jena 6 thing is not BS. There was another incident like it at BMCC where white kids attacked black kids and the cops came to arrest the black kid that was beaten up. Later on, the white kids caught the rest of the black group and beat them up too. What did the police do? Arrest the black kids and the white kids for assault. How are you a victim and a perpetrator simultaneously?

    ^Dont even pull that shit.Im down for the Jena 6 cause, but back in the 70s in Manhattan, a bunch of black drug dealers fucked up this white kid about 19 years old, so 4 of the white kids friends found the guys who did it later and beat them down.The cops arrested the white kids only, even though they used nothing more than their fists, and the blacks were armed with illegal pistols, which they didnt used being how the were caught off guard, and brass knuckles.I dont know how long they did their time, but they had to serve every last day.Thats str8 BS noone does that.So the whole “racial” aspect of the Jena 6 is BS, the fact that they got such a serious amount of time for what they did is what the marches are needed for, IMO at least.

    And I dont get whats so racist about the noose hangings.The Jena 6 case is different, but unless theres a black body attached to the rope why is it a racial thing?White people got hung back in the day too.



    I’m convinced you’re a white guy using a black guy’s picture. Jenna 6 was not a bullshit cause, that nigga was facing like 25 years in prison, and had a court appointed attourney. which meant, at the very least, that he woulda did like 5 in prison and been saddled w/a felony for fighting in college. You seem pretty intelligent, so I know you can’t really belive the shit you type. BUT, you should at least have honor as a black man, and not try to be the black Bill O’reily to gain fame. Nigga, man up and get money speaking truth, cuz 25 years ain’t no BS hommie. You’d crack if you were facing 5. Also, if this were your cousin, would it be a BS cause?

  • Blacker Cracker

    why do you hate black peopla AND white people.
    you’re wack, plain and simple. my sister is a whore and a prostitute, lets me fuck her, and said she wouldn’t even do you for her going rate. TUPAC is the kinda person with enough influence, he actually could help kill racism if he was still here today(RIP)
    tpar > under”par”writer

    p.s. you’re a nappy headed ho too

  • Pingback: University Update - Oprah Winfrey - Why so many noose-hangings?


    Cuban Link,

    With all due respect, i’d bet that you were not even alive in the 70s. Meaning that the shit you’re saying, is just what you read…don’t believe everything you read hommie! America is built on bullshit accounts of history. Also, if the nooses had nothing to do with race, why do they keep popping up around black people hang outs and black statues. Since you like to read so much, tell me the last time this year nooses were used to humiliate whites?

    Better yet let me put it to you like this…Biggie and Pac were both killed on the vegas strip, and no one knows anything. Do you think the same would be true if that were Celene Dion and Garth Brooks?


  • b-ease

    Can you imagine if we extended Byron’s logic? If we used this logic, blacks would be justified in doing ______________to innocent whites for hundreds of years of slavery, segregation, corruption and a whole host of other well documents disparate treatment.


    Arent we?? (justified that is)

  • barbarian at the gate

    Think of all these stupid nooses as simply a response to all the self-righteous ‘reactionary activism’(as noted above by Doobie) making the rounds these days.

    That kind of crap wears real thin, real fast.

  • these posts are racist


    No, nobody is justified ever in attacking or harming innocent people. One can strive for equal rights, justice and demand that our goverment right the wrongs it has committed against black people without harming innocent whites. In fact, people need to work together and further our common goals. Poor whites and most blacks share common goals and destinies. It is only few elite who benefit from keeping people seperated and confusing issues so that those at the bottom are pitted against each other.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Jena 6 wasn’t a big load of bullshit, but at the same time, locally in my neck of the woods about two years ago a group of white kids were tried and convicted of beating the shit out of a black dude that lived about twenty minutes away from me. They were all give twenty years. Month or two later that same dude was convicted of crack-cocaine possession… Yet no moral outcry or outrage? No protests? Y not? Somebody please tell me, where’s the equality in that shit?

  • missile 6

    First off Pac was ten times better than your favorite rappers favorite rapper, because he was diverse and well rounded…I digress. The Jena 6 case was bullshit because people forgot what it was really about….fair treatment. Instead of sayin that the 5 or 6 on one ass whooping was because of a noose hanging,remind the people that a black got his ass whooped too. He was cracked over the head with a bottle, that was just simple assault, but a shoe was deemed a lethal weapon.

    The young cats on the internet flashing the money….uhhh….that was just INS (ignorant nigga shit). For that I blame the parents who allowed them to have all of that money in the first place. The Don Imus thing was blown way out of proportion, he should have been fined alot of money, instead he got a paid vacation and new job paying just as well as the one he lost, makes the niggas look dumb. When black people do something wrong they get hit in the pockets, just look at how much some funky ass dogs is costing Mike Vick out of pocket plus going to jail. I catch a weed case stay out of jail but pay for drug testing, lawyer fees, court cost, plus have to explain to every employer what happened and hope I still can get a job.

    This noose shit is just stupid, but the funny thing is we call each other hateful shit everyday and we think its a ok. Fuck a rope hanging, let them try to put a nigga head in one and see what happens. Until then they just using the symbol for the N word that we use everyday.



    What does the crack have to do with it? 10 to 1 you’re a white guy! maybe he was smoking crack as a result of the ass whippin he got. Also, were all people involved attending an institute of higher education? were they kids? did the people who did the beating have priors? give some specifics, other than the fact that the black guy got caught w/crack later on in life.

  • ga_finest08

    The Jena 6, noose hanging’s, Don Imus, its all irrealevant. People tend to think the common “racist” went away. Racist people did not go away and neither has racism. The older racist got old and died and thier grandkids are picking up were they left off. U can buy into this bullshit ” Free The Jena 6″ if u want to, or whatever people find to march about next. This aint nuthing new! and its not going away. Im from the deep, deep south, i been round this shit all my life. U can let it consume u, and waste ur energy, or can be like damn, this shit still going on, and move on with ur own business. All these bandwagoning ass jigs need to go somewhere and sit down. Go vote or something and help get my homeboys out of Iraq. Thats something u can help stop. U can’t do shit about racism.

  • Casey

    lol at the guys who read this and can’t see past the comment about pac being mediocre.


    I don’t think this issue of Race is about “Race”, wheras it is more so a issue about Opportunist taking advantage of age-old semi-segragationist rural Southern ways. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are taking a shot at trying to revive the popularity of being “Racial” in America in a New Era of a Non-Racial America, which in turn is going to make things in this Country even more hostile than they already are. Given that Blacks are MORE Racist than ANY other Race(Yes I said it and I am Black,too), and the fact that Right Wing Puppets like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to revive the Civil Rights Movement in a World that is more Globalized and Evolved than the World of the 60′s and 70′s, they want to gain Fame at the price of the semi-Harmony that is in place within Western Society which could result in this Country which will warp Our very being and make us stumble into the “Twilight Zone” of Race Relations which IS going to make matters far more deire for African-Americans and Anglo-Americans. Why stir up a Sleeping Giant?

  • Tray

    Wow, what a powerful post. It’s the new unsarcastic Bol.

  • Tray

    Look at Bol with the incisive social analysis. Great post, really.

  • og bobby j

    did you know that Mychal Bell, one of the jena 6, had 4 proir juvenile convictions? sounds like a model citizen in the making!!

    • maxwell

      Hate to agree with OG booby jerkoff here. but he is right. Mychal Bell is the wrong figure to rally for and around. He deserves the punishment he received, but should have at least been given credit for time served.
      As for the noose issue, I was born and raised in South Carolina (you know, the state that started the Civil War and still flies the confederate flag above the statehouse), and still live here. My grandparents tell tales of their friends being lynched and hung. It stings everytime I think about those stories.
      Personally, those nooses to me reflect a time I had hoped would pass, slowly and gradually, but eventually. It’s beginning to look as if the nation is regressing.
      Poor whites and blacks have more in common than we realize. We all struggle to survive in a world where money is not only king, but dictator. I wish we could all figure out a way to get along, for it is no longer about race, but class. And poor whites and the average black person are still in the same class. It’s funny how the poorest people tend to be the most racist people in the nation, undedrprivileged blacks and whites are blaming illegal immigrants for their inability to acquire a decent occupation. Never stopping to think that: 1) Eduaction ,generally, leads to a better chance for a successful career; 2)These immigrants are usually doing jobs that Americans won’t do; and 3) It’s the businesses who hire these immigrants who are really at fault ( can’t get a job if they won’t hire you). And while all this arguing and fighting between these two groups who are ,basically, from the same socio-economic background occurs, guess who wins?
      The terrorists, that’s right, THE terrorists, also known as the media, the shadow U.S. government, and any other wealthy people or corporations who profit from our inability to finger the real criminals. We’re so busy calling each other names and make derogatory comments about each other that we don’t think about the causes of the inequities in our system. You think Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, or H.W. Bush care about the Jena 6 or Imus? They’re more worried about their slice of the pie than the ones fighting over crumbs.
      Seriously people, racism will never die, but perhaps it can be maimed. Classism on the other hand, we got a shot at that.

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    you bunch of community college dropouts dont know shit about the real world. you do some research, read a few articles, use big words to make a complete sentence, and you think you have all the fuckin answers. i bet you faggots were schoolyard bitches, gettin your lunch boxes snatched up by dudes like me. racism has never gone away and as long as people are different colors and speak different languages there is going to be racism. and while BOL has his thumb up his ass wondering why racists do the things they do, some white guy is out lookin for a nigger to kill and a wetback to blame it on. things are never goin to change and all we can do is hope…. that we never run out of weed.

  • lol

    hey bol you fuckin herb.

    have u been outside lately?

    have u seen how racially segregated more cities are?

    years b4 imus and micheal richards.

    i bet you shop at the white mall dont u? fatbody

  • Ignorant Black Man

    The guy who wrote this bullshit i wasted my time reading

  • Cuban Link


    My uncle lived in Hell’s Kitchen during the 70s and knew the whiteboys.Im smart enough not to believe that shit online or whatever.And I didnt say the nooses werent being used to harass blacks, I just dont understand the concept of it being a racial thing, not that its not being used now as a tool for racism.

    For example, out in Jersey theres this restaurant Ive been going since I was like 5 called Sammys thats out in those towns with a few houses every mile or so.And theres always this one house and around Halloween time, the owners go all out decorating, and one decoration is a body being hung.But this year with all this shit the mayor or the town comitee I guess, I dont even know if they have mayors out there, made the owner take it down because they thought it was being “racist”

    Thats where things just turn to straight bullshit

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Whoops… there went another opportunity for these fools to stop being stanny boyz and make their own blogs.

    I’m concerned that Blacker Cracker’s sister may really be a prostitute. That’s because like Around, Tee-Pee, and their friend CrackHer she is my seed.

    Since you twats actually seem to be passionate about this one, why not go out and do some shit that doesn’t involve you sitting on your asses all day and saying/doing nothing at all besides teasing each other with fans and cucumbers?

    Around, the only thing so stupid that it doesn’t deserve a response… is you.

    Underwire… Try again when you’re not watching Nickelodeon with your guinea pig. You’re so Raven…

    If you’re not interested, again, why the hell are you wasting our time and yours? You could be in the treehouse playing “Roots” with tpar, CrackHer and his sister.

    Hey CrackHer:

    Under*par*writer… that one might have stung if I didn’t have a copywriting catalog and journalism portfolio longer than your mother’s breasts.

    And I bet that The Infamous Mr. P got his name from a childhood legacy of pissing himself in front of the cooler kids. You’re the type of Splenda-thug that got beat into a gang and then kicked back out for wearing turtlenecks. You’re just might be the weakest link.

    And save that “I used to be a thug in high school” shit for your autobiography. Oh that’s right – you’re a nadless hermaphrodite with no talent that needs attention. So there, you have it.

    Go munch on somebody else’s tool. Nolo.

    *tpar and I have an understanding – don’t we?*

    • Around and Around

      Dam underwire is a fuckin comment stalker. Glad i’m providing you with a direction in your life. Did you write about me in your diary last night?

      “Dear Diary,

      Today was a great day, I posted 75 fucking messages on XXL.com directed at Around and Around, and TPAR. This will surely bring my nuts out of my stomach and allow them to desend as they should as long as I keep up posting 45 times an hour, maybe it will make me a man. Wow this underwire sure is hurting my man boobs…. Until tomorrow diary.
      Regards, Underwire”

      Do I need to take out a comment restraining order on you?

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Back to the subject…

    It’s just a noose. Yeah, it’s disrespectful as hell, but the only neck it touched was that of an iron statue. The man and the spirit that inspired the statue are both untouched by this act of stupidity and hate. But whoever did it was smart enough to know that it would make the news.

    I know I ain’t the only person who believes that most of this race-baiting is based on somebody’s elitist belief that it benefits their society to have people underneath them economically constantly hating each other. But it does no good to start looking at white people, Arabs, Africans, homosexuals like Blacker CrackHer, hermaphrodites like Mr. P, conjoined fetuses like Around and Mexicans like they’re inferior. We’re all a little crooked inside, in terms of having inner racist thoughts sometimes…

    This type of shit has to become isolated incidents. And we’ve gotta get our weight up when it comes to having money as a community, so that we can really make this type of shit stop happening. It’s just not worth stirring up the hate, because winning that fight means more than going out and reliving the L.A. Riots. And that’s a losing situation for everybody.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    @ Detroit

    I know because I’m white, I’m not entitled to an opinion in your eyes, thats cool. Whatever helps you sleep dude, this is the internet and I’m not here to internet thug with funny people, I’m here to debate with people of intelligence, and obviously you’re not if you have to break it down into a color thing. (And no, I’m not racist no matter how much you wanna imagine that I am)I had gotten word that the whole thing was a DRUG deal gone bad. And it’s fucking ignorant of you in my humble opinion for you think that somebody can’t just play the victim. Everybody’s so quick to play the martyr instead of manning up and explaining a situation. It’s all about sympathy nowadays, like I’m supposed to feel sorry for the kids of my generation. Black or white dude. And for your information, I was one of that kid’s supporters. I was just playing devil’s advocate. Ease up and quit E-Thuggin.


    Is it Racist to believe that your “Race” deserves to be the Leader of the Free World? Speaking of the word Race, its very definition means for a group of people gather together at a common contest to battle whether through racing or such for a Goal of winning and becoming the Champion, now doesn’t that sound weird? For us(Different Races) to be Racist(Races) towards eachother while we are all in a “Race” to rule the World. We all Blacks,Whites,Latinos,Asians, Hebrews,Arabs and such are in a Race:Culturally,technological wise,politically,financically and such to see which ethnic group is going to succeed in total Domination over the Planet, because that is in Theory what different Races(Racist) being Racist(Races) is. This has been set forth since the dawn of Time, since their was a discovery of so many Races on Earth, that whose ever Race exerts conrol over Finance,Military,economics,technology,land,influence,Religion is going to be The Race that wins “The Race”. This is what History is about, Races and Cultures of peoples conquering other Races and Cultures of peoples all in the Name of Glory and Fame for their Race or Culture. Think about it.

  • these posts are racist


    I am genuinley scared of you. I like to post my opinion and that is all, I have no beef with you.

    Chicago Papi, that is ridiculously ignorant. There is no one group of “latinos” or “Arabs” for example. There are plenty of spanish speaking countries who oppose each other based on varying and conflicting national interests. The same with “Arabs”. Saudi Arabia supported the invasion of Iraq. Two Arab countries that oppose each other. The US bombed Serbia (white people). The world is divided by “Nation-States” and Nation States act in accordance with their national interst. You created a completely fake world where blacks, whites, etc. are clearly divided and fighting each other.

    There are black latinos and white lations. There are black arabs and white arabs. Wow, read homey.

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    awww.. did i hurt someones feelings? dont be so sensitive im sure that your therapist will increase the dosage on your prescription. dont take it personal i mean c’mon
    *tpar and I have an understanding – don’t we?* tell me that doesnt sound gay.
    i dont think that i need to be a thug or in a gang to see that you two are lovers and have a meaningful relationship, and besides theres nothing wrong with wearing turtlenecks. its funny that you bring that up, your sister always tells me that my dick looks mini me in a turtleneck….she wants to eat the baby. lol

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    awww.. did i hurt someones feelings? dont be so sensitive im sure that your therapist will increase the dosage on your prescription. dont take it personal i mean c’mon
    *tpar and I have an understanding – don’t we?* tell me that doesnt sound gay.
    i dont think that i need to be a thug or in a gang to see that you two are lovers and have a meaningful relationship, and besides theres nothing wrong with wearing turtlenecks. its funny that you bring that up though, cause your sister always tells me that my dick looks mini me in a turtleneck….she likes to eat the baby. lol

  • these posts are racist

    And yes, it is racist to want “your race” to rule the world. Millions of innocent people have been raped and murdered because a charasmatic leader or two drew an arbitrary line and said this is x race and we will rule the world – the rest are our subjects.

    That shit is played out homey. It’s all about equality and respect for the human and the human’s fundamental and inalienable rights.

  • BklynBandette

    @ Cuban Link:

    White people were never the victims of a hanging simply for the sake of being white. But during times of slavery up until my mom’s upbringing in the south, it was common place for Black Men, Women, and Children to suffer the fate of the noose.
    As a matter of fact,(if memory serve me correct) a young African American man was hanged in front of his home in Alabama a few years back, and it was camouflaged as suicide. So, it’s the sentiment and history that goes along with the noose that has us in an uproar.
    However, I’m starting to learn that when folks don’t have to deal with certain issues, they don’t take the time to learn or Overstand it’s causes and effects.

    @ Detroit:

    Big was murdered in LA, not Vegas. But I do agree with your analogy.

    @ og bobby j & Maxwell:

    You Brothers may be right, as I must confess I am not too familiar with Mychal Bell’s history. But, regardless of his past or present, doesn’t he still deserve a fair shake? Our favorite Rappers, Actors, and Athletes act a fool every other day and we show love. And when our elders speak out against it, we turn on our elders and ride with the guilty. The guilty who don’t give a damn about those of us they’ve left behind in the ‘hood. So honestly I Ask, What’s the difference?

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    “It’s all about equality and respect for the human and the human’s fundamental and inalienable rights.”


    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all living,breathing human beings. We eat, sleep, shit, and fuck from time to time. We will all eventually die at some point. Enjoy what you enjoy and life and don’t make someone else feel guilty and lesser than you if they don’t enjoy what you enjoy. If you’re insecure, be insecure… hell we all are… just don’t project ur insecurities onto other people. If you love someone, love them for them. If you hate them, hate them for their character not their skin shade which they had absolutely no choice in. Oh, and at the end of the day, when you die, just one question? Would you rather be remembered for you, the person? Or your race?

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    You just compared your own dick to Mini-me and a baby. And laughed at yourself…

    I see why the bloggers here ignore and erase your type of commentary on the reg. This man vs. monkey conversation gets tiresome very quickly.

    Yo, you should start using the acronym for your name like tpar. Then you’ll be called exactly what you are in real life – a TIMP. Which, as you’ll notice, rhymes with shrimp, temp, simp, primp, limp… it’s perfect. That’s your new name, you man-gina rocking trannie.

    Your style is straight backwash. You and Around probably went to private school together. You also probably fuck Macacas.

    Your mother and sister are probably really lifelong lesbian lovers who bought you from the Compton test tube swap meet. Which means that I’m probably your real father. I bet I’m old enough.

    Go start a blog, homeless internet nuthugger. And don’t read mine. Or how about this: why don’t you, TPAR and the rest of the Neverland gang lock yourselves in the men’s room and make paper mache dildos for each other out of your blog comments.

    *tpar understands that it’s best to leave me the fuck alone, so he’s offered peace, like he does whenever he gets sonned online, which is godawful and mighty pus if you ask me.*


      im sorry i said your writin is underpar, it is actually quite average

      BOL, im a big fan btw, just a tip to help you out with the ladies though(not hatin, just genuinely want to help), put a lil base in ya voice when ya talking son. girls dont like it when ya squeak at em


      im sorry i said your writin is underpar, it is actually quite average

      BOL, im a big fan btw, just a tip to help you out with the ladies though(not hatin, just genuinely want to help), put a lil base in ya voice when ya talking son. girls dont like it when ya squeak at em

      • Around and Around

        Underwire says,
        Go start a blog, homeless internet nuthugger.

        Yes not everybody can sit at the cool kids table of bloggers, myspacers, facebook or whatever, the blog is the pinnicle of the human achievement underwire. Wow what an accomplishment i’m sure your family is proud you registered on some obscure site, gave them a fake name and email address and started your own online diary and you can throwout your pink furry diary under your pillow you have achieved ………..nothing.

  • Drydock

    If you google Qa’id Walker-Teal you’ll the story of a 6 year old from Marin City who was murdered by Tupac Shakur inspired mayhem.

    Somehow Mike Eric Dyson left this “tidbit” out of his weak ass book on Tupac that in one chapter refers to 2pac as a “Ghetto Saint”.

    Fuck Tupac

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER WINS

    Sorry, everybody else. It’s back to the intelligent conversation now that I’ve virtually wiped out the shit stains that are TPAR, Around and Around, BlackHer CrackHer and The InfaMoose Mr. Pee (TIMP), who earned his shameless moniker by being known as a sleepwalking bedwetter all his life, including today.

    Meet Joe Black, bitches. You’ll learn, one way or another.

  • Jae Fatal

    “If you love someone, love them for them. If you hate them, hate them for their character not their skin shade which they had absolutely no choice in.”

    I think its real hard not to associate racism with skin color, is it wrong that I associate racism predominantly with whites? No…because 90 percent of the time, dialogue wit racist undertones or just blatant racism came from white people towards me. Hmm?

    I think this whole noose thing is a trip back to slavery, and next thing you know the overseers are gonna be showin up at our houses wit guns, tyin our families to branches and bringin us back down south to the plantations.

    Why? cuz niggas need to stop being Niggers.
    We get so hostile towards racism and white ppl saying the n-word that we dont bother to look at the science behind it, and in actual issues we should care about, we let converted ass honkeyfied motherfuckers like Oprah and Al Sharpton handle our business cuz we’re too busy smokin purp, coppin j’s and bussin our guns.

    Leavin nooses around doesnt have a RACIST connotation? GIMME A FUCKIN BREAK.

    Yeah White people used to get hung too, but not nearly as much as blacks did…and for stupid shit, like the salem witch trials…oh. black ppl used to get hung in those too by the way.

    I just think that in order to kill this shit…we need to stop hatin on ourselves…we need to stop bein so disrespectful towards each other and learn how to respect ourselves.

    Cuz I know damn well if i see sum1 hangin a noose in my hood,black or white BEST BELIEVE SUM1 FINNA GET THEY SKULL CRACKED.

    Cuz that shit is not even remotely funny.

  • Jax

    Thank you Bol-for coming up with great topics every week and being th nr 1 blogger in the game.period. (not a Bol Stan)

    Thank you TPAR, for actually coming up with some valid points, and taking the discussion to another level.

    Watching you 2 “fight” is extremly entertaining n you should get a tv show or sumthin´!

    My point is (coming from a white Boy perspective) that once u get through all the Bullshit of being a Race, when u look past that we are all the same, guys just looking for the ladies, watch porn n sport.
    The Jena 6 to me is very weird, why would the 6 to 1 stompers get all that backup, all actions of rascism should be spoken out AGAINST, not supported no matter what.

    I hope all this tension will stop one day!



    Never trust a whiteman or CRACKA ASS CRACKA for that matter.CRACKA ASS CRACKA are the most hypocrite habitant in this earth.yall know what the fuck they have done to Africa.these motherfuckers have fuck all race in this earth except their own race.they act like they are superior in this earth.they went has to think like for example jesus is white,God is white,mohammed is white…..This fuckers continue to fuck people of other race.the same fuckers have fuck ZIMBABWE,CUBA,IRAQ,NORTH KOREA to mention but a few and continue to fuck black man in America.NEVER TRUST CRACKA ASS CRACKA….


    @ Crocker

    Racism is a crazy thing. Unless you’re a minority, you really can’t understand the magnitude because we live this everyday. It’s not something you can read about in a book. The biggest reason that non-minorities will never understand racism is because they’ve never been forced to live by “Our” rules/codes of ethics. Simply by living in America, we are forced to live by “white” codes/rules because they control the culture. Therefore, sometimes whites do extremely racist shit without even knowing or understanding what they’ve done. We understand you better than you understand us, because we are FORCED to live life by your rules. EVERY SINGLE black person has had experience with numerous white bosses, teachers, cops, etc…many whites can’t say the same thing. Did you see how Bill O’reilly reacted to eating at a soul food restaurant in harlem? I mean, look at the NBA, them niggas can’t even wear jewelry, but every other athlete can. Why is that, cuz the picture of blacks getting legal money ballin, somehow adds up to negativity to the powers that be.
    They follow rich blacks around like criminals, watch sportscenter, everyone that gets arrested is black. look at pac-man jones, dude is being blamed for a shooting at a titty bar…people get shot at titty bars all the time! but since he’s pac-man, he’s somehow responsible? They paint this picture of him as a criminal, yet he’s never been convicted of anything! Because of shit like this, sometimes we are a lil sensitive…kinda of like an abused child flinching everytime their parent raises his or her hand. The reason I knew you were white, is because, to whites, crack tends to be a reason to justify abuse. Here in detroit, a crackhead named malice green was killed by the cops…1st thing they said…”he was a crackhead.” But if a white person is found dead with a fifth of SoCo, no one says, “he was a soco head” ya dig. Drug abuse is drug abuse, and in america that’s looked at as being a disease, not as a reason to kill.


  • og bobby j

    @ BklynBandette

    nah you right. Everyone deserves a fair shake. However, I think the public is being mislead to say that this Mychal Bell is an innocent victim of the judicial system. Facts are, he is a convicted criminal. One interesting perspective is to realize that he has priors in such a fucked up system doen in JEna….so who knows. I just think we should not jump the gun on the whole situation. The most disturbing thing for me is that neither side is expressing what i would deam “reasonable” remorse for their respective parts in this bullshit. Nothing gained at all…..just delaying the inevitable war in Jena

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Its all KKKramer’s fault.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    @ Detroit

    Yeah I saw O’ Reilly, and anybody that didn’t see that coming a mile away, idk what to tell you? But yeah man, I mean people look at me funny cause I dress like a preppy white guy but I’ll listen to “Live At The BBQ” or “Mood Muzik Vol. 2″ or alot of underground hip-hop. I also rap and have for four years. I live in the deep down dirty South. And down here I’ve been called a cracker a few occasions and the “n” word on a few occasions, I get lumped into a stereotype before people even hear the first word that comes out of my mouth. They’ve made up their mind, nine times outta ten before I open my mouth “Yup, he’s a wigger.” They tell me I dunno shit about hustling, but yet thats how my poor white trash father made a living……… So naw man, I’m not gonna sit here and front like I know anything about black pain, because I’m white. But to say that I dunno shit about prejudice…. I can’t agree with you on that.

  • kritiq

    Am I the only one who thinks the Underwriter is a bitch made who sound like a middle child seeking for attention from he’s father (Bol) course he aint getting as much attention as he’s older brother (TPAR) and younger Brother (Around)?

    hey underwriter try writing a post without bitching about what TPAR and around say daim man you sound like an attention seeking hoe dog.

    • Weasel

      Word. He sounds like some desperate ugly high school biatch wantin 2 get laid. Always hanging on TPAR’s nuts, despite TPAR ignorin him

  • daesonesb

    >Can you even name nine white people who were willing to call the Jena Six the bullshit cause that it was[1]?

    Yeah. Just go on facebook. Or go talk to some older people, who are less PC than their younger counterparts, and they might say they disagree with the jena 6 movement.

    Anyway, they are entitled to disagree with the movement, and I am entitled to think that they dont really understand what is going on here.

  • barbarian at the gate


    Ah, a fine diatribe of self-pity & lament of ‘how I be oppressed’.

    Yes, DETROIT, you do have to live in a country & culture where the white man does set the ‘rules/codes of ethics’. You should fall on your fucking knees and kiss the ground that fate has laid such a good existence upon you. You’ve been granted a reality and possibilities that the rest of the planet can only dream & wish for. People from the 4 corners of the earth are desperately trying to get into this country to set up shop and grab even a little of what you take utterly for granted and badmouth. They yearn, by the countless millions, to order their lives by the rules and ethics you whine about.

    Racism. I’ve been hearing the black community mutter this mantra my whole life. It’s become all too obvious that label is, in truth, a rationale for avoiding and psychologically escaping the need to face and grapple with the real problems facing black America. White racism isn’t on your back, your own attitudes toward life, and how you, as an individual & group, deal with it successfully, are the true ‘racism’ afflicting black folk. Having spent years living and traveling to Chicago & New Orleans, and having dated a no. of black gals, it’s also real obvious to me at this point, that no one practices “extremely racist shit” toward other races like the black community. Have seen and heard it too many times over the years.

    Leave the whining & sniveling to small children, dry your tears, keep a sharp watch on your own bad crap, and count your fucking blessings.

    Truly weary & currently stone fucking cold with this chickenshit babble/sqeal about whitey & racism.

  • Weasel

    Wow, I come on hear everytime to check out them comments & it’s quiet alarming to see how fucked up race relations still are in the US. That shows we out here in South Africa still have a formidable road lying ahead of us with our newly-born democracy.
    Comin 2 the matter at hand, I think Black people should chill out on their reaction towards nooses. Obviously in the Jena case they were clearly racist gestures. However, if more attention is given to these nooses hangin around, then there’s gonna be more and more hangin in malls, basketball courts and shit, because the fools doin that are clearly jus seekin attention, and there’s obviously more idiots out there than normal rational people. But if they’re just ignored, then they’d be deterred ‘coz no-one would be entertainin their stupid behaviour.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER WINS

    Hey, KRITIQ, why don’t you try getting some real-life shine by wearing a matching noose with your short set to your Boy Scout meeting tonight.

    You don’t say shit here either. And if you actually had brain cells, you’d love my comments like your mother does. She and I are thinking about buying you a dictionary for Christmas.

    None of you dick pimples need to be speaking in my direction. You all probably smell like garbage men and spend 8 hours on a single post. Please make an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian or just stuff keep stuffing your own pubic hair down your throat until you asphinxiate. Hoe.

    You don’t want no problems.

    Hey Around – why don’t you try using “THE BLUNDERWRITER”? That would have been a waaay cooler diss… if I didn’t have to come up with it for you. See, I’m willing to help.

    Because Underwire is really exposing your belittled self confidence and low altitude I.Q.

  • Around and Around

    Yeah like I said before I fee I need to take a comment restraining order out on this weirdo pedephile.

    From Underwire’s diary:

    “Dear Diary,

    Today was a great day, I posted 75 fucking messages on XXL.com directed at Around and Around, and TPAR. This will surely bring my nuts out of my stomach and allow them to desend as they should as long as I keep up posting 45 times an hour, maybe it will make me a man. Wow this underwire sure is hurting my man boobs…. Until tomorrow diary.
    Regards, Underwire”

  • sATaLyte

    But if they’re just ignored, then they’d be deterred ‘coz no-one would be entertainin their stupid behaviour
    This ain’t Europe, we just don’t ignore this shit.

  • The Kid

    The bottom line is that the average southern whites life is horrible, but to keep them appeased the Republican Party has gone about convincing them that there lives aren’t horrible because at least they aren’t black. As long as the ignorant southerners don’t realize that they have far more in common with blacks, in terms of economic status, then racism will continue to live on.

  • yow

    Elliot Willson, please ban this looser (bol) already.
    The real problem is america’s obssession with “race”. The fact that you even use this word is symptomatic. Should I remind you that there’s no races biologicly speaking? It’s just a cultural and historal construction. There’s no way to really classify people into “races”.

  • Cuban Link


    I gotta say you have a good point about blacks being hung simply for being black.I’ll take back what I said and throw some respect your way.Stay up homey


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    A Sewer Rat running across a keyboard >>> Around.


    @UNDERWRITTER or whatever you call yourself get the fuck out of here.OF all the people that come here to blog you are the most ignorant.Instead of bitching any time AROUND AND AROUND and TPAR blog to balance what BOL ush in our throat knowing how he likes to make fun of other people,you should as well go and kill your self faggot.WEASEL dont pay attention to that asshole.he want to get attention.without people like TPAR and A N A,this blog is borrrrrrrrring.eat a dick asshole.

    yo yaw,calm down homie,you know BOL is a shock blogger.

  • Some people are stooooopid

    Dang, ok:

    Race is a biological term that is used to distinguish groups of people that are BIOLOGICALLY born with different features.

    i.e. us blacks are black; and black is beautiful!!! haha

    Pac is the greatest rapper because he is the voice of a generation. Only so many of these voices surface through time. His wordplay was not even close to Pun’s or L’s, but the messages are what keeps people still guessing what “Pac would say”. You may disagree, but don’t be an elitist and attempt to call the brotha MEDIOCRE!!!

    We need to really stand up and take responsibility of our people and culture. When something is wrong, we simply can’t ride for it because its a black issue. Wrong is wrong. And two wrongs don’t make a right. But, when someone lays a hand on you…you best whoop that ass. I think of that as intelligence. prps to X

    What perpetuates all of this racial ignorance is a grip of things: capitalism, our culture, our language, the list goes on.

    We need to stop and take a step to the side and really look in the mirror.

    this is my reality. if you agree, cool. But, don’t hate on my shit.


    @UNDERWRITTER or whatever you call yourself get the fuck out of here.Of all the people that come here to blog you are the most ignorant.Instead of quiet bitching any time AROUND AND AROUND and TPAR blog to balance what BOL push in our throat knowing how he likes to make fun of other people,you should as well go and kill your self faggot.WEASEL dont pay attention to that asshole.he want to get attention.without people like TPAR and A N A,this blog is borrrrrrrrring.eat a dick asshole.

    yo yaw,calm down homie,you know BOL is a shock blogger.

  • The Real Deal

    TPAR is the reason I even come on this site. He makes the smartest comments and takes this shit to another level.

    TPAR, ignore that weird psycho stalker Underwriter…it’s like he’s an abused child begging for attention from you, it’s fucking weird.

    TPAR should have his own blog on XXL.

  • Certified Negro

    Wow, this site changed.

  • Certified Negro

    Oh, and just for those invovled, this isn’t Europe fellas, there is no law against hanging noosed from a tree.

  • White boy

    Hahaha, I’m a white boy who ONLY reads this writers articles coz they’re so funny (and true!).. no1 else has the guts 2 say wat he ses, keep it up “brother” lol

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com JIHAD BALLOUT – The Underwriter

    JAYSTONE, are you part of TPAR’s prick ticklers too? Got dayyyum!!

    XXL blog commenters – Stanned up!!!

    If any of you whores who want to try me can remember, I started all of this by repeating what so many people have said for a minute:

    TPAR hates everything. Life, Jesus, pussy – everything. But he hardly ever makes a point.

    So now you want to join in, like Around and the rest as soon as I finally get tired of his/her homoerotic infatuation with seeing his/her name on a website while having nothing relevant to say. Well, I could give you a million reasons why you don’t mean shit to me or your mother, but then I’d be contradicting myself, wouldn’t I?

    All of you TPAR sickduckers need a better hobby. You suck at this.

    THE UNDERWRITER has pulled your attention away from Bol and Sunday. So now you don’t hate them so much, you hate me. And I hate you too. So die. Or start a fucking blog. Or come up with something that makes sense for a change. Or have sex with a female – that would be different for you, huh?

    Thanks for the promo. Don’t read my blog.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    And by the way, GAYstone, I don’t come here to blog, you fucking idiot. I come here to comment. You come here to blog, thinking that you’re really part of XXL’s squad. When in actuality you’re a broke peasant with dial-up that wants internet fame more than money and a life you can be proud of.

    You are a slut. I could be like Pimpin’ Ken to you in terms of mentorship. Why do all that sucking if you aren’t getting paid? Purse first, ass last. .


  • enfimis

    iight….nooses can b a racial factor…but black people take it way to far..i was watchin the news n a lady decorated her house for halloweeen n treatened to have cops called cuz she had a skeleton hanging from a noose…..wen america started esp with that witch shit n even durin the french revolution whites were the ones being hungs….so its not a racial factor unless its intended that way…and black r way to sensitive about being racial….blck r more in the media racial then ne1….jus listen to songs n shit when there talkin bout white people…a white person culdnt do that,…

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    It takes a village to raise a fool.

    If anybody else has noticed, I’m not asking for help out chea. I’m just saying.

    These dudes have been more of distractions than actual contributors to the debate.

    Yes, nigga, Bol is a shock blogger. I’m saying that knowing that he will agree. But as I said earlier, it takes shock and awe to wake niggas up these days, so stop hitting your snooze button every five minutes and smell the fucking coffee.

    Again, this all started when I checked TPAR last week. He has mad stans. That’s a crying shame. I mean, this dude hates EVERYTHING.

    But I challenge him, and everybody comes at me (nolo). But I have the secret weapon. I’ll literally slap the shit out of you. That’s a double-entendre.

    Please stop the madness. I’m just trying to insert some good shit. Plus I’ll embarrass the fuck out of you.

  • beleedat

    Calling all Rappers: Go to vibe verses dot com for your chance to win 10k and a page in vibe magazine. Last day to enter! Thanks!

  • nas

    Because of people like you Bol….because of people like you..



    Im not a stan of TPAR faggot.just that he nmake sense more than asshole.you wonder why why everybody is not down with you????GO AND KILL YOURSELF!!!!

  • truthseeker

    Everyone’s comments hold some type of truth, but how can we ever trust a country that has always lied to us? Slavery, Vietnam, the World Wars, the conspiracies, every ounce of information given to the victims of this capitalist bastard of a country sirens off as lies.
    The Jena Six is a manifestation of the subtle racism that has been playing out since MLK and Malik Shabazz was snuffed out. Whites have been trying to be politically correct ever since, but the truth lies in their pink faces, especially when it comes to anything blacks have to do with! We have to put up so many facades when dealing with whites, because our aim is to show them that we are more than they ever made us to be, that we are actually, in some weird sense, superior to their standards of us! Quite frankly, both races are sick of each other, sick of having to front for civil rights sake, and now we just want to get it on. Times have changed, though. We arent the slaves you carried over anymore, naked and feeble. We’re fly, and now you want to resurrect the noose. Its a constant catch 22 in this country when you’re black, cause you’re fucked if you do speak out against the bullshit (think: MLK, Malik Shabazz), and you’re fucked if try not to.

  • robotsoncasiotones

    You aint even pretending to talk about hiphop anymore. The fuck are you on for now?

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


    Do I seem like I need friends? Excuse me for not making clear that it’s the exact opposite of whatever you thought.

    I won’t tell you to kill yourself. I’d rather you die slow. Keep posting middle school jokes and thinking I’m offended. You’re obviously a fatherless child.

    You were not even on the shit list until you decided you were going to take up for the Ambrosia (fruit salad) Boyz. And now you are today’s hooker at the point.

    You will learn, like TPAR, his lover Around, The InfaMoose Mister Pee and anybody else that wants to debate me on some ignorance, that I don’t bend, fold or break. You will undoubtedly break yourself trying to play me.

    Ask yourself – is this what you want?

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    The Real Deal is TPAR’s fifth string bitch.

    Damn, you dudes ought to be ashamed. Where is the dignity? Where is the self confidence? Where’s the opinion?

    If TPAR wasn’t here, shit would be a lot better. Trust me, after I’m done wiping them out, new people will come with better shit to say, and you’ll never have to read this type of ether again.

    But until then, cats need fathers. I ain’t paying child support, but I will raise all of these dooshes that try me. Just like any of you should.

    Tell the truth.


    you think that by constantly using big words it make you intelligent.ha ha ha.Remember the old saying that empty barrel make the most noise.bitch you always crying for attention.faggot go and get your own blog if you think you are smart.LOSER.Go die slowly