Obama rolling with ex-fruits

The title of this one is fairly self-explanatory. Barack Obama is going out on a gospel tour of South Carolina, the most important state in the union, and one of the performers he’s bringing along with him is Donnie McClurkin, the guy who did that song “We Stand Up.”

In case you’re like me and would rather be boiled in hot oil than have anything to do with religion, Donnie McClurkin claims he’s one of these ex-fruits who cured himself of his teh gheyness through the power of the lord.

Actually, I’m not sure to what extent he was really teh ghey or not, i.e. whether he was blowing guys and taking it up the coat and what have you. From what I understand, he was bufued by an uncle of his from the ages of 8 to 13, and he must have enjoyed it a bit more than he should have, which is to say not at all. (Natch!)

Then, for the next 20 years or so, he struggled with his desire to have a man’s schlong in his every orifice, until one day he was magically relieved of said desire through the power of religion. Again, I’m not sure if this means he stopped wanting it, or he just stopped doing it. My guess is the latter.

As R. Kelly once put it, his mind is telling him no, but his body is telling him yes! (If only we knew 15 years ago what R. Kelly was really talking about. Oh, who are we kidding. We probably would have bought that shit anyway. We’re forgiving like that.)

Of course the teh ghey community objects to the idea that you can somehow be “cured” of your teh gheyness, let alone the fact that he refers to homosexuality as a curse. But I do think it’s worth noting that a) we don’t know too much scientifically about what causes teh gheyness anyway, and b) no one can say for certain what’s really going in another man’s head. What if Donnie McClurkin really did somehow become straight? After all, plenty of people who were once straight have all of a sudden become teh ghey over the years.

At any rate, as stage managed as these elections are, you have to think that the Obama campaign knew that one of the acts he elected to go on tour with has had such a… um, sordid personal life. Presumably, he was hoping that this guy’s presence on the bill would help drive out the black homophobe vote, which, I think the ’04 presidential election proved, is fairly considerable, and that the teh ghey community wouldn’t raise much of a stink, since, after all, this is more of a race issue than a teh ghey-straight issue.

He was mistaken. Fruits on the Internets, who live to play the ol’ identity politics gotcha game, were all over this shit almost as soon as it was announced. In no time at all, there was a call for the Senator to cancel the tour and repudiate his associate with any and all black homophobes (read the black church.)

Ruh roh!

I mean, how in the fuck is a black man supposed to be elected World’s Greatest Grandpa, let alone President of the United States of America, without the support of the black church?

So the Obama campaign issued a statement (like, just now): He’s not gonna actually not go on tour with alleged ex-fruit (and fairly certain homophobe) Donnie McClurkin, but he would like to note that’s he’s against homophobia and in favor of equal rights for all people. In general, he tends to be in favor of things that are good and against things that are bad. In case you hadn’t already noticed.

It remains to be seen how the teh ghey community will react to this latest volley from the Senator. I mean, the guy did say teh ghey people are his brothers and sisters (just like black people!), and obviously he’s only doing this to appeal more to people who don’t know any better. Is it really all that different from any number of Democratic candidates who put on hunting gear and posed with shotguns to appeal to NRA-types?

Since there’s way more black people in this country than (obviously) teh ghey people, this might be a shrewd maneuver on Obama’s part, if it has the effect of shifting a significant number of black people over from Hillary Clinton’s column into his own. But my guess is that it won’t. Black people just love them some Hillary Clinton, and dancing around on stage with some closet case is probably not gonna change that. Either way, it’s too bad a candidate should have to resort to such measures.

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  • these posts are racist

    Candidates are controlled by big business and big lobby. The Israel Lobby controls US forigen policy with respect to the middle east. The companies making our weapons lobby for war, the companies polluting our enviornment pay for laws that protect them and fight laws that would help the environment, insurance companies draft (write) insurance laws! That’s the way our politics work.

    Homophobia is a real problem in the US and needs to be addressed. People living such a life style should be given equal rights and benefits under the law.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      I like how hardly any of this has anything to do with the price of tea in China.

      • these posts are racist


        It’s directly related to your drop (or to use your metaphor, the price of tea in China). Your drop was pretty good and addresses, among other things, what motivates candidates to do something. My comment expanded on that concept.

    • Mole

      Get a life son, you seem to think you know it all but you actually know nothing.
      The worst enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge

      You always make it your job to go at BOL, no matter wat he says, you are just the most random fucker i have ever met, got me thinking that your BOL himself haha.

    • Apollo13


      You are a worthless human being. You claim to sit on the throne of equal rights and humanity but you are an Anti Semite.

      You defend Muslim = terrorists and you certainly are not American. Therefore you are inferior by default and need to be removed from society. Individuals like you who come on this blog section every single day just to argue and lose are the scum of this planet. You are on the same level of pedophiles, defense lawyers, ambulance chasers and rapists. People like you are the reason why the USA are so fucked up right now. People like you should be put in a camp and executed, so you can’t pollute the air and water with your inner filth and verbal diarrhea.

      Whenever there is one day where you don’t post I always think “gee, that nigga got shot” and I laugh. Hard.

      You actually have not answered anything from Bol’s post, you make useless statements that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. As usual.

      We all laugh at you, because this is what you are – a joke.

      • http://ww.plasticsquitrguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

        “You actually have not answered anything from Bol’s post, you make useless statements that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. As usual.”

        thats interesting, it seems you are doing exactly the same thing. or should i say not doing?

        clearly obama is sending weak, simplistic and mixed signals. what else is new?

      • Around and Around

        Wow so people like TPAR are the reason the USA is fucked up? But yet you believe, “People like you should be put in a camp and executed, so you can’t pollute the air and water with your inner filth and verbal diarrhea”

        I’d have to say it is extremist like you that are fucking up this country. Anyone other then American’s are inferior? What a racist bigot. Don’t blame the world b/c you stay in a trailor or a van down by the river with a steady diet of spam.

  • og bobby j

    obama probably figure that maybe he can get some votes from the fudgepackers and clamlickers becuase, as you say “Black people just love them some Hillary Clinton” this all despite the fact that she is a fucking good for nothing streetwalker who would even blow her man.


    yea i said it

    lesser of the evils….

    • Around and Around

      Wow, re-read the article and think through your comment again.

      I see why you’re voting for the lesser of the evils…….you can’t read/think to begin with.

    • maxwell

      I hate to say it, but co-sign.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    “Candidates are controlled by big business and big lobby. The Israel Lobby controls US forigen policy with respect to the middle east. The companies making our weapons lobby for war, the companies polluting our enviornment pay for laws that protect them and fight laws that would help the environment, insurance companies draft (write) insurance laws! That’s the way our politics work.”

    As long as I can make good money during the week and pick up chicks on the weekends. SO WHAT. The government and big business can kill whoever and pollute whatever as long as I can ride on them thangs

    • maxwell

      It’s people like you who make this country and by effect the world a worse place to live.
      How can you be so selfish? Do you not care what happens to the people who have no representatives in the government (ie.. minorities)? Real representatives, not the black caucus, who can propose new laws and actually have those laws passed?
      Probably not. Bet you’re a white middle-class conservative who listens to rap because Eminem is (or was?) a part of it and goes to hip-hop websites because it makes him feels more in touch with minorities. And this appeals to you because it makes you feel “cool”.
      GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
      FUCK AMERICANS!!!!!!!

      Milton Chappell, Greenville, S.C.

    • LowEndofDaChi


      Wow man…

  • Moe Real

    Homosexuality (and similarly heterosexuality) is not a “lifestyle,” TPAR bigot. At least Bol is a funny homophobe; you’re deranged.

    • these posts are racist


      What are you talking about?

    • Weasel

      Daaaamn!! Moe Real, would u get off TPAR’s dick for 1 sec? Cotdamn!!

  • Fin

    It’s def a calculated move by Obama, there’s plenty of other, bigger, black religious leaders that he could have rolled with, so by picking the ex-gay dude he’s trying to send an unspoken message to the black clergy. But he’ll take an L for this one, the church-goers won’t flock to him any more plus he loses some of the luster that he had with the gay community.


    Obama is a shrewd politican and his manuevers are concise with the respect to the African-American Community(Black Church) and Homosexual Community(Ex-Trapped In The Closet Ghetto Celebrity), he might even win the Democratic Nomination if he only delve deeper into the “Black Side” of Americana. Also he is related to Dick “iLLuminati” Cheney who is like the Master Of Master Masonary on the American Continent(thus being the most powerful Man on the Western Hemisphere!), so he should have some “pull” with the likes of the “iLLuminati”. He is more of a potential puppet of the iLLuminati than any other canidate seeing that he is the most diverse in policy and heritage, he just got to know how to “Play Ball” like the likes of FDR,George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with the “iLLumanti”. Nullus at Bol cracking jokes on people about their sexual preferences and lack therof of audacity to be authentic in who they are, you don’t need a “soothsayer” to know where this situation with Obama and Politics is headed……………….

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I see that the Batty Boys (TPAR and Around) are in the building. Should have known they’d weigh in on this one. Guard your colon.

    Yo, since you two are both here, stop lapdancing for each other and admit that you’re both dooshes. And stop repeating the same nonsense on every blog comment you make.

    Obama is listening to too many advisors. He knows he can’t diss or condone homosexuality, so he has to appear with those who have been there, done that and *allegedly* switched over to the natural side.

    I can name two volunteers whose names appear on this very page who would love to sign up to be “gaffers” and “dollys” on the McClurkin/Obama tour.

    Still don’t have your own blogs, huh gays? Oops, I meant guys.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    By the way, everyone will know when TPAR and his whizzinator Around have visited my blog because the background color will become the same color as the AIDS virus.

    I’ll be back later. I actually do other things during the day than rip my own sack hairs out whenever Bol or Sunday posts.

    Tee-Pee, is you mad yet?

  • lil kj

    I am always blown away by how much hate people still for “the gays”. I totally don’t get it at all. I am a crackty crack from Canada, so maybe that has something to do with it. Can someone come up with something better than “it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or something”.

    Anyway, you fools are always good for a chuckle.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I could care less who becomes president. When the government is for the people and by the people THEN we can talk politics. Otherwise, this is all a game.

    • Around and Around


  • missile 6

    I don’t think Obama is “rollin” with him, but he accepting his support. what would it do his campaign to not accept the support of a black church leader. most people have negative views of homosexuality they just don’t say them out loud because its not politically correct. people are not in love with Hillary Clinton, they’re in love with the idea of Bill Clinton being back in the White House. Don’t get the two confused they are not the same people (Hillary and Bill.) This goes to the underlying problem with people, they have trouble letting go of the past. Its time to move on to something new, not a repeat of the past. For some reason black people think they were doing exceptionally well with Clinton in the White House. It wasn’t all that great, it was just better than the Bush’s that it was crammed in the middle of. I bet Hillary wouldn’t have a problem accepting support from Donnie M., she accepted it from Timbaland and we all know rappers pretend to hate gay people.

  • og bobby j

    @ around and Maxwell (like the skinny afro singer?)

    So the minorities have no representation in the gov’t? Maybe…… the democratic party.
    I am white, so call me what ever you want. I come to hip hop websites to shine on you dumb ass niggas….yup said that too. Stop crying and do something. Your “I hate americans” attitude is fine, cause we hate you too. If you feel like there needs to be a change then start something….otherwise shut the fuck up and move to the back of the bus. Im from NY, and in my hood Im the fucking minority. I tried to get some medicaid when my son was born but they said i didnt fit the qualifications….IE not black or spanish or already on welfare and I had a job. So do us all a favor and quite the bullshit. I have a right to my opinion the same as any one else, and thats exactly what it is, an opinion. If you are so fed up, Africa is only a plane ticket away. Hold that…

    • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

      Ignorance is so blissful.

    • maxwell (yeah like the singer, jerkoff)

      If you would have read my post correctly, you would have that I stated I love America. The country and the ideals that it stood for, and yes I did use the past tense. It doesn’t stand for what it once stood for, because of dispassionate Americans who don’t realize that the country they live in has been taken from them.
      AMERICANS, have traded freedom and liberty for security and comfort. America has been a haven for the downtrodden and has actually given these people a chance to make something of themselves through hard work and struggle. Once again, I use the past tense, it no longer applies.
      As for your argument to being a minority in your local community, I and people like me are minorities in our NATIONAL community. There is a huge difference.
      By the way thanks for calling me a nigga. Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished, yes , that describes me correctly. Thanks for the compliment, jackass. As for the ticket to Africa comment, if Marcus Garvey couldn’t convince me to leave, your fake ass sure as hell can’t. O.G. Bobby J. Where I’m from you gotta earn that title. I’ll stay and fight the good fight with the rest of my N.I.G.G.A.s.
      Internet thugs, WHO’S GASSIN’ ‘EM????

    • Around and Around

      Let’s look at exactly how slow this cat is.

      1. When did I say ‘I hate America’? What you first originally posted, was exactly counter to what Bol’s article was saying. Can you read AND comprehend dude?

      2. I don’t give a fuck about the Dem’s or Repub’s, they’re one in the same to me. But, exactly how are you still pro repub? Considering Bush just vetoed a bill that would have extended health care to children from homes of incomes $80k or less. So BUSH just vetoed a bill which would have provided your son with healthcare. And I’ll reiterate, fuck the donkey fuck the elephant. Different heads on the same dragon.

      Ignorance truely is bliss.

  • Tyler

    After all, plenty of people who were once straight have all of a sudden become teh ghey over the years.

    ^^^^^^^^ Yea’ like U. BoL, why do U keep coming at Obama yo? What’s your deal or angle with this every other day post slamming whateva’ this guys does? Do U want 2 take his man meat in your ass and face or is this an example of your self hate? Dude behind black is beautiful so either way bro’ we are here for U but not in a gay kinda way ya’ dig.
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • LowEndofDaChi

    @ OG Bobby J, you a real funny dude.

    Imma say this though, you wouldn’t say that shit off the internet or you’d get your ass stomped, so you can quick with the macho over the net thing, shit is so tired fam.

    Secondly, this nation was built largely on the backs of slave labor and the underhanded takeover techniques utitlized by your ancestors, so if you think that resentment is going to go away you’re sadly mistaken fam. And just as easily as us “dumb niggas” can go back to Africa, you and your sickly son can go the fuck back to Europe and check out some of that free health care ala “Sicko.”

    And fuck whoever wants to say some smart shit in regards to this post, b/c I’m not going to stand for some white dude tossing around the “N” word like the shit is nothing.

    Have more respect than that dude.

  • these posts are racist

    >>>>”medicaid when my son was born but they said i didnt fit the qualifications….IE not black or spanish or already on welfare and I had a job.”

    OG Racist J,

    You’re a liar. Race has nothing to do with qualifing for medicade.

    Spread your hate somewhere else.

    • missile 6

      yeah your right race has absolutely nuthing to do with getting medicaid. you have to be well below the poverty line to receive medicaid. FYI. most people are denied the first time they apply for medicaid as well, don’t blame black people OG or whatever dude name was for not being poor enough to get medicaid.

  • Cuban Link

    Maybe gayness really is a disease and we just havent discovered it yet.And all those gay guys have had it since birth, and the ones that “come out of the closet” just recently.

    I mean if we cant cure a cold, than I dont see why its not possible to miss something like that

  • Cuban Link

    Damn OG Bobby J has more guts than any of yall.I’ll cosign with ya bro

    Fuck those minorities!!

  • og bobby j

    @ LowEndofDaChi
    not once did i talk tough, agreed that the internet tough talk is tired. Dont worry bout what i would do in the streets and off the internet.(espically if you was in front of me and mention my seed)

    Facts are, resentment will exist, I am expressing mine.

    And to me the “n” word is nothing. I respect individuals, not groups. I find no need to explain myself.

    TPAR, how in the fuck are you gonna tell me? you a lawyer right…so what the fuck would you kno about the grind….eat a dick and go study.

  • The Nicker

    Y’know I’m with you here Bol. I mean, I used to not really be into choking chicks and biting and shit like that in the sack, but as I grow older tastes change. Who’s to say you can’t change from women to men?

  • Who Dat ?

    OG Bobby J,

    Your seed is actually mine. Your baby moms be laughing at your internet OG character.LOL …what a fruit.

  • og bobby j

    @ cuban – i dont know if you being funny style or not but its whatever….thats how i feel

    Who dat?

    Is that what your mother said when you ask her who your daddy is?

    My seeds is in your mothers mouth…fagget

  • these posts are racist

    OG Bobby Dipshit,

    Tells us, what are the eligibility requirements for medicade then? If you look at the website for the US department of health and human services, you will see that race plays no role in this decision.

    Wow, you are one uninformed racist internet thug.

  • og bobby j

    TPAR….go study ho u think i give a fuck what the website says? I guess your right…the guidlines of the system are flawless…..go study ho


    i’d rather be an internet thug then a fake internet preacher…fuckboy

  • these posts are racist

    OG Bobby J,

    So you admit that the eligibility requirments formally do not factor in race, correct?

    So what is your basis for saying that race is taken into consideration when someone applies for medicade?

  • these posts are racist

    That’s what I thought OG Bobby J. You just make stuff up. You have no basis for saying that you were denied medicade coverage because you are white, yet your original comment would lead people to believe that medicade factors race into the equation when they decide who gets coverage and who does not.

  • Weasel

    og bobby j,
    Take your sickly bitch somewhere where you can find free medicaid & stop blaming it on The People.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    That’s one thing I’ll never understand till the day that I die, people that just spout off racist shit for the sake of racism. Honestly, though, I think Obama is afraid of scaring white America and if somebody could be a dear and tell me if Wikipedia is right when they saw Obama used to experiment with coke (If so provide a decent reference) And if that entry is right, Obama is as whiteboy as Mitt Romney. But I will say I’d like to see if people freak out the same way over Bush’s coke thing if Obama gets elected and that shit leaks. And for the Bobby G character, No N bomb dude, this hip-hop, my cracker ass has known better since I first heard the word, and you should too ;)

  • thoreauly77

    wow! go back to africa? thats a lively one that is! so what are you a minority of in your hood OGBJ (hey that is an acronym for “oh , great, blow jobs” for all isnt it?)? so you’re the irish cat in an italian neighborhood? sweeeet brah’. here’s an idea, why don’t you hit them books, make some more money, and not have to ask for welfare? but that wouldn’t be keeping it real now, would it?

  • Drydock

    Excellent post.

    Bol is utterly correct when he calls US elections “stage-managed”. It’s not cynicism it’s the truth. Elections won’t change shit. There won’t be universal health care or an end to these oil wars until people really fight for it. Which simply isn’t happening now.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    If Obama just stops playing politics and goes ahead and says, “Look, Hillary, we need to run together. I’ll cook the food and you serve the plates. Deal?”

    Otherwise, I can already see how this thing is shaping up. I overheard a older white dude saying yesterday that he refuses to vote for either Hillary or Barack. And he claims to be a Democrat. Which means that the two most bigoted points of view – No Niggers, No Women in the WH, unless they’re serving dinner – are starting to sink in as we get closer to primary season. Politics as usual…

    I’m still voting for Barack. Fuck if he’s experienced. He couldn’t possibly do worse than Bush, unless the Republicans have already effed up the government budget so badly that the next 8 years are all fuck-off.

    Yo, I’ma leave Tee-Pee and Aclown alone for now. It seems as if I’m already on the winning team just from reading the comments posted since I left the house earlier. Those dudes are phuckboys.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Ok, so I lied.

    Tee-Pee (tpar) is sitting naked in his kitchen cupboard waiting for the next Bol post. He’s already writing some dumb shit on Sunday’s, and he’s probably going after Garland next. After that, he’s going to print his comments out at Kinko’s and paste them to his nuts for Halloween.

    But I’m the one chasing fame…

    He/she would rather be “FIRST!!!” than to wait and make a good point.

    I bet Tee-Pee sleeps next to his toilet plunger.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    THE UNDERWRITER fathered tpar and sold him to the circus before he was old enough to see. It makes me proud that he’s come so far as to be able to type out his thoughts. I’m even thinking about selling his brothers and sisters to pay off his Ivy League student loans.

    Father knows best.

    Oh, and nobody click my name and read my blog. It’s what Tee-Pee wants you to do, and nothing good will come of it. He’s part of my street team now.

    “Everyone – check out underwriters blog, i haven’t read it personally and don’t plan on reading it, but you all should check it out. Underwriter has a blog, go visit it.”

    But be clear – he’s asking for peace now and saying that that wasn’t him.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    *THE UNDERWRITER leaves the computer momentarily to go to the gas station for a cigarillo*

    I’ll be back. Try not to bait me while I’m gone. Trust me it’ll be much worse in 20 minutes.

  • Blacker than Black

    Phobia = Fear. When did Donnie McClurkin become afraid of homosexuals? People toss that word (homophobia/homophobic)around and don’t know what it means.

    Byron, you better hope you don’t ever go to prison. You will gain a better understanding of “blowing guys and taking it up the coat and what have you”. It will probably be the only time you actually pray to the Lord.

  • call it as i see it

    Allowing another man to put his dick up your asshole is a choice.

    A man putting his lips around another man’s dick is a choice.

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    does anybody besides me think that BOL looks like samuel l jacksons crackhead “teh ghey” cousin? c’mon i know theres someone out there laughin at that, im sure that TPAR would agree he is after all BOL’s blog bitch. i really dont give a fuck about born again gay people and i dont think that you idiots are saying anything significant other than stating the OBVIOUS. no shit these fuckers will do anyhting to get votes and no shit that the bastards runnin the world are only in it for the money. so stop your bitching and actually do something about it, or if your so fucking smart solve the damn problem. and who the fuck is THE UNDERWRITER
    its like some desperate school girl tryin to join in on BOL and TPAR’s sexcapade ready to eat some ass on command.

  • F.

    So Bol, I have a love/hate relationship with your blog. You spit a lot of truth and we disagree about it. I just don’t understand why you’re so obviously homophobic. If you don’t have any religious beliefs, than you probably don’t have a problem with homosexuality on moral grounds. Right? So, why not stop perpetuating the stereotype that Blacks hate gays? You have a platform to stop hate and harrasment. Martin Luther King had to MAKE a platform for himself to do that. I bet that you’re intelligent and well informed enough to know that King had an openly gay adviser and fought for him to have that spot against the will of other ministers. I bet you know that the Nation of Islam has officially changed it’s stance on homosexuality. Why don’t you
    feed some of that information to these kids?

    Moreover, I’m not sure if some of you gentleman who assert that they think that homosexuality is a disorder, are aware of the fact that white people said the same about being Black. Here’s my question why call someone a *faggott, if it’s a disorder that they can’t help or cure? It’s kind of like a White person saying Nigger right? Scientific studies show that there’s a difference in the brain waves of gay men when compared to those of straight men. The same can be said about the brain waves of geniuses.
    Last point is that being born gay is like being born Black, you’re just amongst the “unlucky”, I mean that’s what some people would say about Blackness right. The people who are “straight” for many years come out because they were always gay, but merely passing. Passing so that they didn’t get beaten up by, denied for a promotion by, taunted by, harassed by, excluded by a guy who would be thinking to himself ” fucking faggott deserves it. I think that as Black people the vast majority of us understand that from a racial perspective. Discrimination and hate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identification are the last two acceptable forms of this kind of ignorance.

    Furthermore nobody’s hating on Obama, gotta call a spade a spade. He needs the Gay vote. As far as Black folks loving the Clinton years, they were great. Peep the appointments to his cabinet. As far as Black folks liking Hillary over Obama, it’s a smart choice. More time in Washington means more power and a
    greater ability to get shit done. We need that right now, desperately. What’s so great about Obama coming in with all the right intentions and campaign promises with no way to get it done?

  • ga_finest08

    Homosexuallity is so touchy that no matter how u address it, it’s like playing with a double edged sword. But eventually all the politicans will have to take a stab at it and hope for the best. Obama has it harder than most. He has to pretend to give a damn about black votes, Hillary already has the love. But there is no way our country will elect a woman or jig to run our counrty, so it’s a mute point anyway.

  • og bobby j

    i was gonna reply but its getting harder to type with all you fuckboys hangin on my nuts. Get off my dick…..I said what i said and it is what it is…..

    @ Maxwell
    never ignorant getting goals accomplished…(laughs hysterically) at first its in insult, then its a compliment. Well, in any event, your welcome. Now go get some soul glow

    • Around and Around

      @ OG Bobby J- Tupac said that shit years ago you ass clown. Obviously you just a young buck, don’t be a teenage father and you won’t have these problems.

      Anyone realize that every white kid that comes on here is always a ‘minority’ in their hood? Funny.

      They claim that I’m violent, just cause I refuse to be silent/These hypocrites are havin fits, cause I’m not buyin it
      Defyin it, envious because I will rebel against any oppressor, and this is known as self defense/I show no mercy, they claim that I’m the lunatic /But when the shit gets thick, I’m the one you go and get
      Don’t look confused, the truth is so plain to see /Cause I’m the nigga that you sell-outs are ashamed to be/In every Jeep and every car, brothers stomp this/I’m Never Ignorant, Getting Goals Accomplished


    CHICAGO PaPii >>>>>>>>> Old gay Bobby j>>>>>>>>> two white kids who would love to be black

  • Tamikka M

    I here you loud and clear. Let me first start out by saying, that I ‘am in no way, shape, fashion or form a gay basher. Do I think it is normal? No, but I believe in “Do You.”I doubt strongly that God’s intended blueprint for a conjugal union wasn’t ‘Adam and Steve’ but whatever floats your boat.

    Now I do however have some reservations about the gospel star himself having been cured by the almighhty God of his guilty pleasures.

    I agree: is that he stopped wanting it or that he stopped doing it? In accord again, I think it was the latter, but miracles have been known to happen.

    As for Barack O, in a previous read article he stated that he does not bolster Donnie Mckurklin’s views. I say to that, “watch the company you keep then B.O,” because I hate to sound trite, but as the saying goes,”birds of a feather flock together.” Not a good look when trying to run for president.

  • og bobby j

    anyone realize that slavery been gone for 150 years and civil rights movement was in the 60′s? yet every black person on this site is a victim

    GTFOH – i dont think thats true, even though i dont think being black or white makes a difference….but being a punk ass fuckboy does. White or black….pussy is pink fagget

  • South_19

    I study molecular evoltuinoary genetics and I can tell you that any good genetist will tell you that genes only play a role in an individuals physical traits. Physical traits can be anything from behavior (sexual or otherwise), hair color, to personality but genes are not the end all be all of what makes a person who they are. Most scientist believe that there may very well be a gene that predisposes individuals but their is very very rarely a single gene that controls any trait. In Mr. McClurkin’s case his experience when he was a child of being sexually molested probably played more of a role in his homosexual behavior than any gene could ever cause. You could ask any Clinical Psychologist and they will tell you the same. For McClurkin it might have been a curse to relive his horrible experience of his youth. Before you label someone as being homophobic or any thing else try to view the world thruogh thier eyes.

  • these posts are racist

    OG Bobby J,

    Do you admit then that you lied about medicade denying you because you are white? Or are you going to explain what you think that is true?

    As far as going to Africa. That’s simply a supramist racist attitude. You see Bobby, it is you who is out of line with what America is all about. We are Americans – unconditionally, and you can’t take that from me or anyone else. America is founded upon the concept of human rights, equal rights and the right to speak out against a tyrannical govt. By your logic, it is you who should get on a plane and go “back” to Europe – as your way of thinking is not in line with what America is all about.

    I would never say that to you however because that’s not how being American works.

    When we speak out against various racist and socio econmoic policies that are bad, we are actually being very American.

  • Fernando

    Around and Around says to OG Bobby J:

    “don’t be a teenage father and you won’t have these problems.”


    Good point. Now go spread that message to 70% of African Americans and there will be a lot less social problems in the U.S. All you tards can eat a d!ck. HA HA

    • Around and Around

      Sure right after we drop another seed in your mom.

      I’m your father Fernando.

  • og bobby j


    To put it simply, i did not lie. Fact is, i was denied assistance and whether it was becuase i was 19 and making 20 thousand a year and being a full time student or becuase i was white is irrelevant to me. My frustration is that when i received the letter of denial, it stated i did not fit the criteria. However, one of my best friends (black) was in the same situation and actually making more then me but was accepted. Call it what you want, shit is twisted.

    And to clarify, the back to africa comment was more along the lines of people constantly saying how america is so fucked up and it is the white mans fault then to say blacks have no place here. despite the tone put forth in the wording, i am far from a racist, no more then every person that looks at me as a whiteboy (gtfoh, around, thoreauly77 or weasel) But thats okay right, cause black people can be racist to white people, just not the other way around…..personally, i dont give a fuck about you or anyone else that is offended my what i have to say. I will say what i feel and you can hate it or love it…but it is what it is.

  • http://www.freshfeature.com Fresh

    @ OG Bobby,
    Quite frankly your Black friend who wasn’t denied Medicaid lied to them or to you. You can’t make more than 700/month to qualify. Bottom line, race is not a factor.

    As far as white people not being given the opportunity or the pass to be racist. It’s because racism is institutionalized, meaning that racism has to do with power and structure. Black people were bought to this country in shackles and chains at the bottom of boats in spaces so small that the sight of them would make you cloiterphobic. That’s the beginning of our journey. Then the percentage of us that survived those journeys, shitting on ourselves, being raped,and abused were often bought to plantations where we were unable to communicate with other slaves because they divided us so that people didn’t speak the same language. That’s the beginning of our journey. You say that slavery ened 150 years ago, but Black people have only had the vote for what 40 or so years, the right to marry inter-racially 30 or so years. We live in a society where people still use the word mulatto, this world is not that progressive. I’m sorry that you were unable to get insurance for your son, Healthcare in America is up shits creek, but instead of spouting ignorance at the people of this forum, you should be writing letter to another “white boy” George W. Bush who vetoed a bill about three weeks ago that would have given 5billion to health care for children exactly like your son. Instead that 5 Billion is a going to a war that was designed to keep rich white men richer.

  • Og Bobby J

    @ Fresh,
    Listen, I understand the histry of the country and the fact that the treament of the slaves was a shitty thing. However, it is not my problem. I was not on that boat homie…and you were about as close to that boat as me. And based on your lecture, i suppose you are defending the fact that becuase your ancestors were oppressed, it gives you the right to be a racist. But since none of my ancestors came here in shakles…i dont. I see your point..i truely do…its a shame you cant see mine.

    • Around and Around

      OG, Why don’t you address the veto Bush did on the healthcare bill. Fact is that bill WOULD have given your son free healthcare.

      It was for an extra 35 billion over 5 years for the healthcare progam, he vetoed it. And now he’s asking for 46 BILLION more for the wars in Iraq.

      We’ve already spent 455 BILLION in Iraq.

      Like I said I think both parties are worthless but it’s pretty educational to see how the repub’s have managed to paint themselves as the party of the ‘working man’

  • Weasel

    Ol’Gay Boobs J,
    Nobody labeled u a “whiteboy” but urself with ur bigoted comments. You claim 2 be far from racist and yet you make comments like “dumbass niggas” – that’s far from racist, huh?
    And yeah, stop molesting your son and claiming he’s sickly

  • og bobby j

    @ weasel(rat?)
    your forcing my hand here…..dont be mad at me cause you never knew your father…fuckboy

    @ Around
    Fist off, i think we can both agree that Bush is stupid as fuck….I think the healthcare bill should be re-proposed and re evaluated. I also think that if we are going to continue to keep our service men in the war, we should consider giving them as much financial support as is necessary. I have no beef with the money, but the reasons for the money is another story.
    I think it is funny how the democratic party claims to be the party of the lower class and minority population. What have they done?? Give tax breaks? Let me school you to some shit….the rich never get hurt….so to increase tax on the upper class (business owners, ceo’s) only results in them cutting cost in some area to maintain there level. So, to give the lower class a tax break by placing higher taxes on the upper class, only results in the upper class cutting funding, wages and/or jobs available to the lower class. They stay rich.

    I never claimed affiliation to the republicans…i simply said rudy in 08….I FEEL HE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE AT THIS POINT. you can feel whatever you want…..

  • Fresh

    OG Bobby obviously you don’t understand. I’m not saying that I have the right to be racist, I’m saying that I don’t have the ABILITY to because racism is about more than discrimination, it’s about structure and power. Black people by virtue of the definition of racism can’t be racists. Black people CAN be prejudice and that’s not alright with me. I’m closer to that slaveship any day of my life than you will ever be and that’s real talk. Write to the President, the working poor have a crisis in this country it’s called healthcare and you have a white man whose not as much as racist as he is an elitist and a classist to blame for that.
    * Around and Around thank you for correcting my facts.

  • og bobby j

    FRESH – what makes you closer to the slave ship? your skin color? no, you are no closer….but you are able to give yourself a sense of comfort by thinking that. Bottom line is, there is a double standard to determine what is racism and what is accepted racism. For instance…in damn near every blog by bol, he says the term “cracker ass cracker” that doesnt bother me becasue i dont take it that serious. Almost every black comedian has segments to make fun off whites. Yet, can you imagine how racist it would be if in a blog written by a white man on a country music site that constatly referred to blacks as niggers would be? its just dog shit from the gate…

    And the fucking president is stupid, not becuase he is white, but just becuase he is a fucking idiot.

  • Fresh

    OG Bobby last statement. Don’t ever say niggers again, and think about the power of those two words Nigger is what the slavemaster said to Black people as they were beaten, Cracker refers to the noise that the whip made on the black man’s back. BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T BE RACIST, ONLY PREJUDICE. I’m closer to the slaveship than you in so many respects. IF you made 10-20k more a year, you would be respected. Money could make people look at you differently. If I make a million dollars a year. I would still be a nigger.

  • Fresh

    Sorry OG Bobby. What? You think that cutting taxes for the rich is a good idea. The corporate people don’t make the government budget, they make up for it in lower wages. The democrats can only fight for so much in terms of funding for schools and enrichment programs, because Bush cut taxes during his first three months in office and put all of the moeny that goes to enrichment programs in enrichment programs that are faith based. As far as giving money to support our troops, that’s not where that money goes, it’s going to all of the prvt. companies that we have paid to go to Iraq and rap women and shoot Arabs. Those service men and women won’t see or benefit from that money. Giuliani is in bed with the same people that Bush is, it will be another four years of the same shit. How can you say that when Hillary Clinton is the one who pushed to get that healthcare bill approved. Giuliani doesn’t care for the middle classed like that. He doesn’t give a fuck if you or your son have healthcare.

  • these posts are racist

    Good stuff Fresh. Don’t get worked up over OG Bobby racist – he doesn’t know any better.

    • Around and Around

      Fresh da def nice post man.

  • og bobby j

    @ Fresh…..I was unaware that Blacks were unable to be racist. YOur right….i guess it is the white mans fault. I guess that will be a good motto to live by….look how well the black community is doin by following the “if it wasnt for those crackers” mentaility.
    I can no longer discuss politics with you becuase it is apparrent you are a tree huggin, bleeding heart….and we will never agree. Therefore, it is a waste of time. Vote for Hillary….see if that helps.

    TPAR – are Fresh’s nuts tasty? Get off my dick

  • Around and Around

    UG Bobby J, (Un-original Gangsta) take your kid to the free clinic for medical attention….. oh yeah that’s right you can’t it was vetoed by Bush. But let’s forward on 45 billion for two worthless wars

  • og bobby j

    @ Wrap around


    Write the president….go watch farenhiet 9-11, sicko and bill maher….then look in the mirror and cry.

    You and Tpar are some hoes ass niggas….fo real.

    you tellin me like i vetoed the fuckin bill. I dont give a fuck….

    How bad do you want to suck bill clinton and b-rack’s dick? Until then, settle for TPAR


    you faggot it is obvisouly you are looking fir attention.get out of TPAR dick motherfucker.we didnt know you ever exist until you pop up with your nonsense.you ever wonder why nobody py you attention.stop crying like a bitch.

    @og bobby j
    CRACKA you aint black .what the fuck are you using the N bomb for.what the fuck are you doing in a hiphop website.go to rolling stone or something fool.I respect FIRE cause he dont front and pretend to be something he is not.
    What the fuck do you know about AFRICA.All the problem that arise in AFRICA arive as a result of you CRACKA AS CRACKAS.CRACKA AS CRACKAS infect the continent with aids in order to destroy black people.CRACKA AS CRACKAS are the worst race the world has ever seen.Next time think before you open your foul mouth asshole.Matter of fact never argue with TPAR and A N A fool.they are too smart for your white ass.these dudes are what we need over here not you.They are smartter than you.I have learn a lot of things i will not have know exit fool.WE DONT BELIEVE YOU.

  • og bobby j

    (Jaystone)when is the next panther meeting malcom? Perfect example of my points. Every problem in the black community is directly linked and at the fault of the whites. Good work (gives thumbs up) Now get back to the corner….and serve

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    GAYstone is too busy fiddling his balls looking for tumors and blackheads to be able to defend his position. Nolo.

    You pitiful slut. Again… I’m not at all looking for attention or friends. I actually live a great life, which you’d never know because you live in the sewer and never come up to the street level of things. But I come here to comment, and I’d appreciate you fisting yourself with your mouse rather than trying to play with me (xtra nolo).

    Neither you nor your anus-fetishing buddies have any business disrespecting The Reaper. You will learn.

    And by the way, how’s your XXL blog coming, you phruity-ass phag? Go get your fucking loincloth and stop exposing yourself.


    It’s too eeeeasy…

  • Buck Nasty

    I guess XXL has turned into a hate site. Initially some of these comments are a bit on the amusing side until the haters and shit house Lawyers arrive. It’s an internet blog people lighten up….Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate!!


    A wise man told me to never argue with fools.you little punk go back to amusement park.y`all underpants is is a coward who was rape by his father thats is while he is in the internet looking for attention.ha ha ha.you got ethered………..

  • Around and Around

    If you really read what underwire/underpants writes, he’s a straight up douche off the short bus. The kid can’t be older then 18, because the shit he says is just obsurd…talking about a loincloth? WTF?