A smaller tidbit from Vh-1’s Hip-Hop Honors show were the red carpet comments submitted by the legendary Hip-Hop historian KRS-1. I believe he goes by the name of the “teacha” nowadays. I wish that Hip-Hop would stop contracting the ‘er’ for words. Just like I wish Hip-Hop would stop using a ‘Z’ instead of an ‘S’.

In any case, when KRS was asked to weigh in on his artistic preference when concerning Fifty Cent and KanYe West he jumped on the Fifty Cent bandwagon. This makes all kinds of sense to me especially from a fiscal standpoint. Which of those two is more likely to sign KRS to any type of recording deal? Fifty Cent has enough money to exhume Scott LaRock’s corpse and then get a sample of his DNA in order to clone him so that the Scott LaRock clone, KRS-1, Dr.Dre and Fifty Cent can go into the studio to record ‘Criminal Minded 2010’.

I think that’s what Fifty Cent did for Eazy-E. How else is Eazy-E releasing a record more than ten years after his death? Fifty Cent has so much money he decided not to pursue Ma$e any longer and just sign Jesus to a deal. Fifty Cent gave God a Bentley as a signing bonus. The thing about Fifty is that he still makes boss moves with his bucks. If you aren’t a winner he ain’t fucking with you. Except if your name is Tony Yayo.

Yayo is Fifty Cent’s Memphis Bleek, except Yayo has actually been to jail. They are both written into the will. I’m not sure if Yayo will make it to the reading of the will since he moves at 100mph with no brakes. Bleek takes the Get Low tagline personally. I haven’t heard from that nigga in years. He’s hard to find something like Dick Cheney on 9-11-01. I hope Jay gives Bleek a verse or two on his new album just to stop the rumors that Bleek is holed up in a mansion somewhere ironing Jay’s Rocawear t-shirts.

So what were we talking about? Yes, I’m drunk. What about you? KRS-1 didn’t need to pander to Fifty Cent in order to get a deal from him. All he needs to do is to keep making money. Let’s face it, Fifty said he came into rap music because the hustling opportunity had greater rewards. I can’t even hate on dude for that. Fifty is the one cat that at least considers some of the games’ older heads [ll]. Albeit he is considering how he can make some money off them. Someone should set up a meeting between Joe Buddens and G-Unit. I can't imagine that blogging at XXL Mag Dot Com is the last stop for Joe.

Rap music celebrities > iNternets Celebrities.