1nce Again

I will say that Fisaco-gate has gotten me to listen to Midnight Marauders a lot lately. Justin Smith and I were IM-ing the other day about how Tip murders this one.

“God Lives Through”

Definitely should have replaced the booty “Oh My God” on the album. Big mistake Questers.

“Clap Your Hands”

The shit Tip says at the end about the LES ain’t the Lower East Side (I see you Tru Life). It was a female writer from Detroit named Lesley Something. We actually had one date and went to see Menace II Society together. I broke night and slept on her couch like Del but no I didn’t hit it. Damn you Kamaal.

Told ya I was old.

Oh yeah. It’s still Screw Lupe :) Sue Me like Doctor Ice. Sweet!

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  • Purple Hulk


  • DANJA29

    Yep… MM (has Midnight Marauders ever had one of those crafty netnames like OB4CL, RTD, and RD until this Fiasco happened?) is one of those albums I’ve always loved, but tend to forget how much if I go awhile without listening to it.

    btw- I had no prob w/ “Oh My God”… it’s that bonus song you got on here that I think didn’t need to be on there.

    See I like to get down jack!

  • texasleen

    shit is tight…nice and smooth like shaved pussy

  • dameSTAtus

    Del tha Funkee Homosapien reference = dopeness.

    Just gained add’l respect for your Mr. Wilson! Plus, I heard ya girl had a lot of rythym, dope style and finesse!!

    dameStatus (Oakland, CA)

  • ???????

    “Oh My God” is far from “booty,” and “God Lives Through” wouldn’t be as tight without it.

  • yolanda

    LES is the producer, clown.

  • http://www.somethinglikearapper.wordpress.com Jimmy Valentime

    did you get a chance to check out the enyce mixtape I hit you with …

  • shaddy

    duh!….LES is a producer from queens. do your research homie.

  • NoMamesBuey

    YN stays ethering himself.

    YN is prolly Lupe “Dou-che” Fiasco’s “role model” for self-ethering, lol.

    YN go back to your professional dick-riding of Jay, yes YN is homo just in case.

  • boner jams 03

    YN, I know this is from low-end theory….but could you PLEASE post “verses from the abstract”?

    “with the funky singin by miss vinia mojica”(c)abstract

  • JD3

    why do yall niggas take Lupes mistake and comments personally? Tribe are cool but damn yall act like Lupe said “fuck you and yo momma!” to your face. so what if he didnt like Tribe. he doesnt need to. if Jay-Z did this, most of yall wouldnt care

  • paychexx

    man yall done took a nigga back to them high school days… ah man! classic!!!

  • ATLien79

    skateboarding is hip hop muthafucka! Fuck Lupe though

  • RBMC

    Oh My God is cool! Album is real dope!!playing at work right now