Weezy, Exec Produced By Yeezy…

Now that Kanghey and Lil’ Wang have partnered up [>] in a few months we will get to hear the next classic CD of 2007… The Carter III.

Here’s a video leak from the album…

Broken Equipment link via OhWord dot com

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  • da realness

    this sucks, and so does lil wayne

  • Rich Arte

    dude sound dead on wayne…thought it was a real song at first.

    funny shit

    Carter 3 coming soon!

  • May

    Kanye: “And I don’t have safe sex, ‘cuz me and Pharrell, we have gay sex”

    LMAO…the whole vid is hilarious

  • these posts are racist

    This is hilarious.

  • Dan99

    LOL, that was a silly video, That actually sounds like lil’wayne

  • T.R.E.Y.

    will it be like what Graduation woulda sounded like if recorded by someone on the sizzurp?

  • fg

    oh shit.lmaaaaooooo.
    those guys are hilarious .i like the one they did with jeezy ft game and wayne.it was called fingers in my azz.

  • N.O. 4 life

    you were right with what you said about Carter III but the video ehhh….i’ve heard funnier

  • Young L

    Bill Sunday you’re so fuckin gay just stop being angry about weezy’s success

  • Fire

    Guess you can’t make up your mind on whether to hate Kanye West or not. You’ve put out some contradictory posts on him lately. All three of his albums have been consistently tight. And why do you hate on Lil Wayne so much? He’s definitely not the best rapper alive (Nas is), but he is one of the best right now, and he may not be good every time, but he spits fire more times than not. Tha Carter I and Tha Carter II were fire. I realize they’ve both done some suspect shit that I would NEVER do, but the music is what’s most important to me. I couldn’t care less about external factors.

  • Detroit P

    “I lost my mickey mouse socks in the hurricane….”LOL

  • Woo

    This shit sucks!! way to many haters in the world!! Kanye and Wayne Both does there thug thizzle. Who ever made that shit is a fucking homo!! East Oakland U C IT!!

  • Tyler

    This ain’t Wayne so stop hatin’.
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • ddubbzz

    i lost my mickey mouse socks in the Hurricane

  • Cuban Link


    this is prolly by that dude Aries Spears, he is crazy with the rapper impersonations.

  • ThingAlec

    Lol. Right in. Weezy is a fag.

  • cHocolate Rain

    Kanye threw up a gay flag in his “Good life” video….

  • http://www.mydickinyamouth.com Mr. Exit

    Ain’t Fuckin Wit Weezy Jefferson…Where Dat Nigga @?

  • LowEndofDaChi

    Damn, can’t see the video at work. No Youtube and all that, blocked by corporate server, blah.

    But w/as many gay jokes I’m seeing in these comments, dudes can’t front on a Weezy album exec produced by Kanye. If that actually comes to fruition it’d be mighty damn hard (No Eddie Murphy/Johnny Gill).

    And no, I’m not gay, in fact, I’d go so far as to say that I get more trim than most of you look at. I’m just sayin’.

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    “i’m a grown man, but i wear pampers.”


  • Da Ryder

    I don´t care much about lil wayne, but u lowlife fuckers need to stop hating Kanye, What the fuck u talkin about him being gay????
    Dude is engaged with a girl, he mad out with Pamela anderson and might not wear does fucked up teenage baggy clothes with xxxl tshirts, dude has style, FUCK U BITCH MADE BROKE ASS NIGGAZ THAT SIT AROUND ALL DAY JUST HATING AND TALK SHIT..

    TPAR (ans Around and Around=his alias)
    U Terrorist-go fuck yourself cuz everyone knows
    u abroke ass nigga or arab!!!!!

  • d-ck

    ain’t that a dila beat? (think the roots used it onthey last album)

  • moron

    do you get paid to do this??? this is your JOB? you write like a 7th grader and link to videos made by your peers, it seems. Kanghey and Lil Wang??? wtf is going on…

    you’re a moron and XXL should be ashamed to put bullshit like this on their site.

    Thanks for the interesting “article.” Bye now.

  • DANJA29

    LMAO @ Da Realness…

    it’s a JOKE, nigga! Have a laugh!


    wow, the Wayne impersonation was funny as shit! LOL!

  • jc

    fuck every body that did this shit and fuck everbody thats haten on wayne and cashmoney youngmony. that includes 50 and the rest of them haten ass niggas

  • Redd

    lol @ mickey mouse socks wtf

  • J King

    dumbasses this aint no leak this is some shit that he probably spit on the side the fuckin sample taking from Roots joint (one of my favourites at that too). GAME THEORY! R.I.P. JAY-DEE

  • BreY


  • Naweledge

    that was funny, but the real kanye and weezy is waaaayyyy hater than this. both weezy and kanye killed that shit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Hasheesh Brown

    lmaooo, cant see this shit from the day job, but i’m guessing Broken Equiptment Films is back in da buildin, lmaooo!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/jonnielasvegas JonnieLasVegasakaColdSteele

    Funny as fuck!!!

  • Brandy

    NOT FUNNY!!!! How about we get off my nigga DICK!!!!!

  • j bo

    shit is whacker than britney at the vma’s…. for someone to try to kill wayne and yeezy off like this they must be doin somethin right
    ” 50 told me go ‘head and switch style up and if they hate let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up”

  • Accurate

    i tihnk i just tore a muscle laughin.
    kanye look stoopid as fuck. i love how dey both rhyme the same words together. then mumble if it dont

  • Doobie

    LOL! “I lost my Mickey Mouse shorts in the hurricane”…LOL! That shit is hilarious. I do agree with what Da Ryder with what he said about how assinine the comments about Kanye being gay are. How can you say that someone’s gay just because they wear certain color clothes? Baby and Wayne on the other hand dress straight “gangsta” (sic) and their holding each other lovingly and longingly ang kissing each other in the mouth, so how much can the color of someone’s clothes really mean.