The Future of the Music Business

I don’t know if they care one way or the other, but the TIs at Sony (TJs?) could’ve consulted with me before they installed Rick Rubin as the fake CEO of Columbia Records, and I would’ve told them: go ahead and save your money. Because there’s no way Rick Rubin is about to “save the recording industry.”

Now, it could be the case that they just plain don’t give a shit. They figure, “What the fuck, the record business is going down the tubes anyway? Might as well bring this guy Rubin in.” And then, when the shit really starts to fall apart, they can just blame him, like, “See, we tried doing the right thing – getting a guy with an actual background in music to run a record label – and look what happened?”

Never underestimate the craftiness of one of these tall Israelis. Er, Japanese in this case. (I’m sure if you dig deep enough, the company is not actually owned by the Japanese anyway.)

The sad thing is, I think these people may be genuinely under the impression that Rick Rubin is capable of saving the record business. Or at least they feel like he’s their best bet anyway. Nothing against the guy (I still enjoy Licensed to Ill as if it was a milkshake), but nothing about his big cover story in the Times Magazine suggested to me that he’d be capable of saving a lot of money on his car insurance with Geico, let alone a major corporation.

His best idea, unless he’s got another one he’s keeping secret for the time being (again, craftiness) is some sort of box you carry around that’s got every song there ever was in it. What, like an iPod? But I guess the difference is that you don’t actually own any of the music, but rather you subscribe to it for a whopping $19.99 a month - which I suppose is at least $19.99 more than the vast majority of us would spend on music in a month otherwise. But we won’t mind, because it’s just that convenient.

A few problems with this plan:

First of all, I’m at a loss for what’s so wrong with my current method of accessing music, which is to steal as much of it as I want and listen to it whenever the fuck I want for free. (Note: I’ve never stolen anything a day in my life. I’m like a Muslim… except for the sexual hang-ups and the whole tendency towards violence. Well, maybe a few sexual hang-ups, but violence is wrong.) This plan of Rick Rubin’s would have to be pretty fucking convenient for me to even consider anything else. Like, it would have to come with a free blow job (from a woman) or something.

Also, I’m aware that Rick Rubin is a Jew (albeit one of these ones who claims he’s a Buddhist), which I’m sure makes him – in a round about way – a member of the DeBeers family, and if he had to, he could probably make a few phone calls… but how in the fuck is he going to sell me access to every song there ever was? I mean, I could be mistaken (remember, I was pre-med), but if he’s the fake CEO of Columbia Records, doesn’t that mean he only has access to their catalog and the catalogs of their subsidiaries? (Which, to be fair, I’m sure are fucking vast. You know how these corporations are these days.)

Oh, but wait. Rick Rubin’s got a plan for this as well. See, that’s why he’s the fake CEO of Columbia Records and yours truly has gotta call his day job at the BGM to see if he can get more hours next week, because he’s tired of eating lunch meat 10 and 15 times a week. Rick Rubin’s plan to cut through the industry red tape: Why not just take all of the record companies there ever was and make them one big uber-label? As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually tried this one. It’d definitely be in keeping with the trend in the past 10 years or so.

The story in the Times Magazine also touches on what I think might actually be the best idea to save the record business, which is for the labels to get in on the money these artists make from touring, merchandising and what have you. Which is probably where all of the real money always was anyway, but the major labels never bothered, because they already had the ridonkulously lucrative but ultimately unsustainable business of selling records, tapes, and CDs. So now they’re in the weird position of going broke while the artists themselves are worth hundreds of million dollars because they have their own clothing lines, energy drinks and what have you.

You have to assume this has crossed Rick Rubin’s mind as well (again, craftiness), but for his part, he’s not gonna say whether that’s in his plans one way or the other. And you get the idea that this is not because he doesn’t feel like it’s a good idea business-wise, but rather because he’s afraid it might piss off the artists. For example, Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, who has nothing but nice things to say about the guy (hmm…) bristles at the idea of having to cut a check from her touring money to the label. She’s convinced he would never even consider such a thing.

But you wonder how difficult this would be, really, to pull off. It might be a tough sell for an established artist like the Dixie Chicks, who know better and don’t really stand to benefit, but fuck them anyway. They should die in a grisly plane crash for what they did to “Landslide” alone, though I suppose they do deserve props for having the balls, if you will, to stand up to President Sieg Howdy. But what about somebody like R. Kelly, who obviously can’t read his contract anyway? How difficult could it be to slip some language in there explaining that the label gets a percentage of his tour money?

Which brings me to my point. We can go back and forth about hackneyed distribution models all day, but when it comes down to it, I think we all know that the real way these record labels make money is by finding kids in poor neigborhoods who don’t know any better and getting them to signed fucked up contracts. As long as nothing ever happens to this, the real key to making money in the music business (and something tells me it won’t), these TIs will eventually find a way to get back in the high life again, if I may reference the classic Steve Winwood record. You don’t think they came this far just to give this shit all up, do you?

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  • Fernando


  • Incilin

    Nice to see Jay Smooth is having an effect here on this site. That video was the first one he ever had that got a vast amount of negative reviews and now you and Noz have more or less touched on the same idea he was talking about. Interesting enough, when he got near universal praise (Including much props from me who still says he should have his own TV show) the best of the bloggers here didn’t seem to take notice.

    Anyhow this is an interesting post. And if I was an artist (and i mean anyone, big or small) and Rick Rubin wanted to take my tour money I’ll tell him to go fuck himself since artists don’t make much money anyhow and touring is one of the few ways to keep the lights on.

  • these posts are racist

    I read the Times Magazine article too. Rubin’s plan to “save the music industry” doesn’t seem like a plan at all. There’s a lot of money at stake though and the Music Industry will find a way. They will find a way to make it more difficult for people to get free music, via the law, etc. and then force people who want to listen to music to have to pay for it.

  • smog

    I’m aware that Rick Rubin is a Jew (albeit one of these ones who claims he’s a Buddhist), which I’m sure makes him – in a round about way – a member of the DeBeers family
    that shit was funny, truth on that last paragraph

  • LowEndofDaChi

    A box containing every song ever made? Like an all encompassing mp3 player?

    Get real, that’d be as convenient to carry around as a 32 in TV. Unless I’m behind on some new technology that’s out (other than IPODS and lesser known flash players).

    Any artist that agrees to a deal where their tour money is accessible to their label is an idiot, plain and simple.

    And what the heck is the BGM? Is that some sort of regional supermarket? How else would you have access to lunch meat that many times throughout the week?

  • Fernando

    If I could buy a small box that had every song ever made on it, better believe I would put out $20 a month for that.

    Would it have unreleased mix-tapes??

  • Around and Around

    Bol says,
    (remember, I was pre-med)
    All that makes you is a failed Doc.

  • MosBang

    This guy is a TOOL!

  • Worley

    Labels want tour money? That’s crazy. Then I want 50% royalties and I own my masters. Stop being greedy.

  • Cuban Link

    Making one super record company will never work.If one artist doesnt get signed who wants to, he cant go anywhere else.

    And if that artist actually gave a shit about his music, he might do what Jay did and just start up his own company from the ground with the millions from his drug empire.

    Then what the fuck can Rubin do?

  • Cuban Link

    Rick is also a pretty intimidating looking fellow.Why not just kill everyone who runs things like Limewire and the other places you get free music?

    Thatd be much easier than this whole mess

  • these posts are racist

    I just caught myself…

    Does the music industry really need “saving”? In other words, is selling music the way they do now going to become “unprofitable” or are they used to making so much money that they can’t handle taking a little hit in their profits?

  • Doobie

    LMAO at that R. Kelly comment! I’ve been saying that that guy is a ‘tard for years. And that “In the closet” series provided conclusive evidence if there were any faint doubts.

    Rubin’s “box” idea is ridiculous for exactly the reasons that you stated (makes me wonder if he doesn’t have a little something in common with R. “sex planet” Kelly). Personally, I can’t wait until the record industry collapses completely. The industry as it exists now makes it very difficult for genuinely creative music to even have a chance.

  • DirtDoggy

    Fuck the corporatre music industry , they mad cause there proffits a falling each day, who gives a fuck ? at the end of the day the real artists will rap on youtube or the local street corner for free anyway and that will seperate the real from the fake, remember when dudes use to rap just because they loved the shit ?

  • DirtDoggy

    Fuck the corporate music industry , they mad cause there profits are falling each day, who gives a fuck ? at the end of the day the real artists will rap on youtube or the local street corner for free anyway and seperate the real from the fake, remember when dudes use to rap just because they loved the shit for a little respect ?

  • DARK

    DirtDoggy Says:

    September 12th, 2007 at 4:34 pm
    Fuck the corporate music industry , they mad cause there profits are falling each day, who gives a fuck ? at the end of the day the real artists will rap on youtube or the local street corner for free anyway and seperate the real from the fake, remember when dudes use to rap just because they loved the shit for a little respect ?

  • zacreole

    Wow, Bol. You sure do like the milkshakes don’cha buddy? (No Kelis, lactose intolerance, Rod Stewart or Lil Kim.) Based on my viewing of your Youtube interview, for your own health you may want to seek an alternative. Those milkshakes are very high in fat & simple carbohydrate calories.

    Maybe you should try a soymilk shake (Oops. No pseudo-phyto-estrogen chemicals. We don’t want you to gain any more octaves). Well maybe a protein (think of the homo-phone involved here, heard?) (Word to Big Pun-no pun intended.) (pun intended)) shake. (Oops again. No pre-game Jim Carroll in a public restroom in The Basketball Diaries or mid week vespers at the local parish.). But…Jim Carroll was a hell of a writer. Hmmm????? But I digress (while you digest). Preach on & annoint the “con-gray-gay-shun” with your blessed liquids & lipids. (We got to pray just to make it today!!!)


    On second thought, maybe you should fast. (Ummmm, no Ramadan, Jose Padilla or Lupe Fiasco, ya know? mos def(initely))

    Just some food for thought, er, naught. Know what I mean, Maine? (No Natalie)

    It’s funny. When you spoke of people dying grisly deaths, I began to think you were suicidal (no jealousy of Sean Kingston for snagging that McDonald’s contract right out from under your feet) (no small feat indeed).

    But, then i re-read your post & saw that you had actually typed the words “grisly death” & not “gristle-y death”. Phewww. For a brief (no thong-tha-tha-thong-thong) moment I feared for the worst (not the wurst-sausage-silly hungry man-take it easy, not greasy) until your educated & obviously intellectually superior proper spelling reassured me that all was & still is well (done) in the world of the Mullah’s of bourgie hip-hop know-it-all-isms.

    Thank God (white women with low self esteem, clean microwaves, paper plates, George Foreman grills, food stamp cards, Costco memberships & full refrigerators). Real hip-hop lives to see another day.


  • Music Fiend

    Here’s how it is. I’m tired of hearing and reading all this b/s about music is dead, it’s all to comercialized, rock is dead, hip-hop is dead… and so on and so on. The fact of the mater is humans can’t exist without music. Music will never die, if for no other reason then it is in our nature to create and enjoy music. There are lots of “scientific” b/s that backs this up, but on a personal level this was proven to me by my 7 month old daughter who anytime she hears music she starts to move (in an obvious attempt to dance) to the music and almost always starts to cry once you turn the music off. The bottom line is music will always be here, and as long as music is here there will be somebody out there figuring out how to capitalize on this fact and become rich off of the music. So who gives a fuck if the music business as we know it today is on the outs. It matters not. As long as there is music, people who listen to music and people who want to make money there will be a “music business”
    The Music Fiend


    This blog is good.

  • thoreauly77

    @ zacreole. you should have tried being a bit more clever.

  • kritiq

    Didn’t clumbia offer Nas that position?

  • zacreole

    Q. Hey everybody. Ya know what the main ingredient is in (“Back in the) Miller “High Life” (again”) that makes it the “Champagne of Beers”? (No Andre’s Pink or, uhumm, Cold Duck)

    A. Ether.

    Word to Steve Winwood.

    That chit’ll fuck you up, maine.

    “Doctors, all of you.” (Name the source of the quote & I’ll tip your Mom an extra dollar.)


    (Bol, you are a hell of a writer. Thanx for tha cannon fodder. I thoroughly enjoy reading your musings.)

  • zacreole


    How ironic that Ving Rhames’ current movie being advertised on this site is called “Animal 2″? “Animal 1″ anyone? WTF? A movie called ‘Animal’ starring & picturing a Black man in its’ visual propaganda. Hmm. As if that wasn’t suspect enough does anyone here read the news or current events? Who can recall any animal related news with regard to Mr. Rhames as of late? W——-O——W.

    Again, I must say, WTF? I’m amazed that no one has taken notice of the strikingly alarming connotations that XXL’s promotion of this production egregiously brings about. It’s almost as bad as if John Singleton was directing & promoting The Fastester & The Furiousester 3 starring Brandy, Lindsey Lohan & Lance Garrison (that dude from the Fox show “Prison Break”).



  • these posts are racist


    You lost me a little with the last two posts.

    Yes, the advertisment with Ving called “Animal” is disturbing. But I don’t see any “Irony” there. Blacks are portrayed horribly in movies and t.v.

    The hood is glamorfied and when blacks are portrayed in a “good” light, its based on un realistic conditions…That’s how it has always been.


    Zac, you’re a character for those last few posts.

    TPAR, you’re from Chicago right? These Muslim cats have a clothing store on 47th called BBC clothing, I grabbed a copy of “Animal” from there (bootleg).

    The movie is supposed to show how the alleged Willie Lynch Syndrome affects blacks in the slums, and Ving Rhames is the protagonist (can you even consider him that after half the shit he does in the beginning?).

    As the advertisement suggests, however, the film is a complete waste of time and for the life of me, I can’t fathom what Indie film maker would waste money making a sequel. Shit, the first one wasn’t necessary.

    And could somebody please tell me, what the heck is the BGM? Bol, is that where you purchase this lunchmeat you speak of eating so frequently throughout the week?

  • DANJA29

    TPAR… you still here?

  • these posts are racist


    yeah, i’m from the Chi. I’ve never seen the movie “Animal” though…thanks for the insight.

    Where you from in the Chi?

  • these posts are racist

    “low end”…didn’t catch that in your name.

    I came up in Rober Taylor, but live in the Gold Coast now.

  • chello

    well, you actually missed some critical points in that article…
    according to rubin, you wouldnt be carrying around all that music.. it would be STREAMED/DOWNLOADED to the device, so that basically you have a virtual itunes like library that instead of paying to download or play, you already subscribed to it and you can just play whatever the fuek you want whenever you want. the point is that all the record labels would have to get around this. that subscribition model is interesting and it would make it convienent because it would easier than stealing it and burning it to a cd, etc, because all you have to do is pick your favorite artist… ie. lupe fiasco. and play a song of his. thats it, and you would be able to do this anywhere you are. the main issue with this is, price and how would the labels split up the money, cause those greedy bastards would never agree, cause they know white people would always pay higher prices for stuff like the beatles and madonna, than they would for say hurricane chris so they would never want to lump there artists in like that…

    and as far as tour money. i believe i read in the worlds most accurate encyclopedia that KORN[the band] last album deal included a message where sony/epic gets a percentage of their merchandising..

    so this may be in fact a trend that may increase for artists.

  • chello

    ugh… dude is wrong on many points.

    this isnt rick rubins idea, its just one that he stands behind. the whole point of his music-type device is that it STREAMS/DOWNLOADS music to the device and you can bring it anywhere, so it would have to have a constant connection to the internet. but the device could be taken anywhere so you wouldnt ever have to download something and burn it or put it on an ipod because you have unlimited access to bascially any music ever written… the main issue is the labels[greedy TI's] will never agree on shit, they know they make more money of beatles, madonna, eminem, timberlake than they can off of someone like say [garbage ass] hurricane chris type shit, so they wouldnt want people to be able to get that madonna shit for the same price as that dj unk shit.

    as far as the merchandising/tour money. i belive i read on the worlds most accurate encyclopedia that the band, Korn, signed a new deal recently with EPIC[sony]so this is something that might become more common.. who knows..

    “Upon completing their record deal with Sony Records, Korn partnered with EMI and signed to Virgin Records. As part of this innovative arrangement, EMI has paid Korn $25 million upfront in exchange for a share in the profits of their next two LPs, including tours and merchandising. EMI also received a 30 percent stake in the band’s licensing, ticket sales and other revenue sources.”

  • Bol

    >Wow, Bol. You sure do like the milkshakes don’cha buddy?

    What if it turned out that “enjoy it as if it was a milkshake” was a pop culture reference that didn’t have shit to do with an actual milkshake?

    I’m just saying.


    I stay on 43rd, not too far from the Dan Ryan. What building in the Robert T’s? I got an older brother that I used to visit when Stateway Gardens was still up, over on 39th. Its funny you mention the Gold Coast, bc I kicked it over there on Division every other weekend this summer.

  • these posts are racist

    My fam. stayed in three different buildings there…they moved us three different times.

    My girl is actually working with a lot of the relocating of people from Stateway. Its fucked up, about 70% of the former residents still don’t have places to live and the mixed income housing that’s going up has such strict requirements that most don’t qualify…Nobody is writing or saying shit about any of this. The Chicago Housing Authority…

  • Will Wright

    The labels will become for the most part publishing warehouses with their business model based on giving wholesale “permission” to use its content. While the recording side is in the dumps the publishing arms of these records are making profits but of course they dont want to put that out there because God forbid the little black hoodlums would wise up to that side of the game, cut the majors out and go straight to the consumer via the Internet.

    Now is the time for new filters, new business systems because the old ones are finished and its astonishing that while everyone talks about how they’re on their “grizzy” about their cake we have not heard or see any actual movement on this.

    Its time to take control of this shit and put the economics behind it because while little Bobby in Middle America can go back to skateboarding and video games thousands of inner city youngings will put down that MPC and pick up the “cal” if there is no viability in the artform and its just 20 million Myspace wannabees.

    Are you a slave or a boss? Now is the time to wise up and act upon it

  • Mpho

    DOOBIE & BOL, how much of an idiot could R Kelly really be, this ol head is worth over 140000000, can u see the zeros in that sh*t??, come on man, don’t hate



  • Doobie

    Uh MPHO my friend, R. Kelly’s net worth does not necessarily have anything to do with his intelligence. Since when does the public at large buy records based on how talented and intelligent an artist is? I read in a Rolling Stone article where R. Kelly said that he can’t learn other people’s songs…as a so-called musician, THAT is retarded. His lyrics are absolutely devoid of any of the things that would normally suggest intelligence; clever and witty concepts through metaphors, analogies and similes, narratives that (unpredictably) use characters to illustrate a greater theme, honest and incisive insight, biting use of sarcasm, etc., or even just a generally poetic prose. Instead, he does stuff like rhyme closet with closet 50,000 times in that elementary school level rhyme scheme and a story that’s so unbelievably trite that he would HAVE to be a retard to think that that sh*t is seriously suspenseful drama. I won’t even get into how mundane and elementary his backing tracks are, and his cloyingly pandering religious schlock-fests make wanna reach for the Dramamine.

  • LowEndofDaChi


    You already know the deal. Certain groups of people are tired of commuting from the suburbs to get to work downtown throughout the week. Your girl has probably already told you, but they’ve moved alot of CHA folks out to the burbs to places like Harvey, Chicago Heights, Ford Heights, etc in Section 8 style living arrangements. Its sad b/c their chances of finding viable work opportunities in those areas are more limited than those available w/in the city.


    Doobie please spare us the analytic bullshit, you read the rollingstones? you must be one of those punks who think indie rock is hiphop,for your info R-kelly is an RnB artist and lyrics do not really matter in RnB, No wate lyrics do not matter in any sort of music these days, so who died and made you an expert on someone who has been in the music industry for almost 20 years?

    If you do not recognise the talent and the contribution R-kelly has done in the rnB genre i suggest you keep your rolling stone analysis to yourself coz clearly you sound like a true hater and nothing else.talkin all that blah blah gtfoh

  • these posts are racist

    No doubt Lowend.

    Its messed up man. The ones that do get placed, like many of my girl’s clients, get pushed so far south in neighborhoods they’re not familiar with, where there aren’t any nearby grocery stores and where the landlords are certified slumlords. Its depressing man. Instead of addressing these types of issues, XXL got Byron writing about a multi millionaire like Imus being fired for using racial slurs on air.

  • twerkolator

    good piece.

    the only thing i don’t understand is, you seem to want “a guy with an actual background in music to run a record label”, but then you call jay-z and rick rubin “fake CEOs”. make your mind up, should music people run labels or people with mbas? (or maybe a music person with an mba…)

  • Doobie

    Uh GTFOH, I wasn’t offering *you* anything so there’s nothing to spare, I peruse all sorts of music magazines from time to time, and no, I think that indie rock is indie rock. And how the f*ck do you come to the conclusion that lyrics don’t “matter” in R&B? They sure matter to me, just as much as they do in any other style of music that I listen to. Your IQ seems to be comparable to R. Kelly’s so I doubt that you’ll grasp any of this but here it goes any way:

    1)I did not do a “rolling stone analysis”, I merely cited one quote that I read in Rolling Stone to further show why I’ve come to the conclusion that I have regarding Mr. Kelly
    2)You sound pretty retarded saying that someone must have died and made me an expert for offering my opinion of R. Kelly and then offering your opinion that he’s talented and has contributed greatly to the “rnB” genre
    3)You didn’t substantively refute a single thing that I said, all you did was call me a “hater” (whatever the f*ck that means) and attempt (very poor I must say) a personal attack on me for saying it. Why don’t you try for example, explaining exactly how it is that being musically illiterate does NOT make a so-called musician seem pretty retarded?

  • rich arte

    did anyone catch jim jones and soulja boy on rap city yesterday with g-unit???

    50 tryin to ride SB’s dick so that all SB’s fans can say, “oh 50 and Soulja Boy are cool….and his album is out, let me copp that”

    Jim Jones….wow. idk what to say about that one. On the one hand, he’s gettin that gwap…on the other hand, he faces backlash for choppin it up with his bosses enemy. Either way, a Jones and Jackson track might not be so bad (word to Nas and Michael).

  • Tyler

    Great post BoL, even if you answer 2 the problem is shortsided and wrong. They should get people with great ears pushing the music and get rid of all the friends of a friend type motherfuckers that run the lower levels of this industry. The art of having a great ear in this industry has been lost ya’ dig but we got the hit that can save the game over at. . . aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.


    Mr doobie if you read my post carefully I did state that lyrics do not matter much “These days” considering that most of the music selling right now are music with no lyrical content (wanna argue with that?)so basically you can not point out a recent song from r-kelly as being retard because for the past few years all genre have been making retard music.

    1)I did not do a “rolling stone analysis”, I merely cited one quote that I read in Rolling Stone to further show why I’ve come to the conclusion that I have regarding Mr. Kelly
    why do you need a quote from rolling stone to come to a conclusion regarding R-kelly this shows me that you know nothing about mr kelly’s previous work and what he’s music has evolved to too date. have you even listened to any of kellz albums?

    2)You sound pretty retarded saying that someone must have died and made me an expert for offering my opinion of R. Kelly and then offering your opinion that he’s talented and has contributed greatly to the “rnB” genre
    what kind of oppinion is based of a quote? so you are now going to dispute the fact that kelly is talented like I said do you know any of he’s earlier works? who he’s worked with and who he has infuenced in the past decade

    how do you make an oppinion on a musician without refering to he’s whole catalogue?, if you had compared R-kellys music now and the music he made than,than(Lyrically) maybe I would have agreed with you but your knowledge of kellys music was limited to he’s last album and the sequel to he’s oprah he put out that can not stand as a stiff conclusion that R- kelly is talentless.

    3)You didn’t substantively refute a single thing that I said, all you did was call me a “hater” (whatever the f*ck that means) and attempt (very poor I must say) a personal attack on me for saying it. Why don’t you try for example, explaining exactly how it is that being musically illiterate does NOT make a so-called musician seem pretty retarded?
    I didn’t have too because your lack of knowledge of kells music catalogue did not allow me to do so and your lack of knowledge of how kellz stays relevant all these years just shows how little you know about the music industry(and no Iam not saying Iam an expert Iam just saying)

    by now you should know why I called you a hater just like all other haters you fail too see the innovaitive side of an artist and are quick to call it retard what you want R kelly to sing about love songs? sorry but he’s already done that been there 20 years in the game.

    music illiterate? wow lets see some of the things Mr kelly has done in he’s carrier.
    top of the heard:

    R kelly is a singer/songwriter producer
    has written for legends like Isle brothers also produced many of their albums

    wrote plenty of chart topping number ones even for Micheal jackson yes your idol

    brought us many talents including Aliyah (RIP),kelly price sparkle etc
    won a grammy(wow i wonder why he won a grammy for “I belive I can fly” maybe he’s lyrics where retard)

    did I mention he’s top number one sinlges around 10 of them wow he is talentless. and rest goe on

    so please Iam say it again get your hating ass outer.

  • The Spaniard


    You have to realize that the english language plus thinking clearly and logically are foreign concepts to most people. Either attempt to help them out or avoid contact with them completely.

  • zacreole


    Ving Rhames dogs ate a mufucka.


    I guess you’re right (wing); sometimes a milkshake is just that. & yours brings all the boys to tha yard.


    I’ll take note of your suggestion with my ignorant self.


    I’m not a character. I’m a cctv reality tv celebrity. Just like the restuvyall.



    Bol you really hit the nail on the head with this article. This Rubin guy proclaims to be the savior at SONY/BMG these days. Oddly when replaced Tommy Mattola with the guy from NBC to Preside over SONY before the merger. A lot of things got kicked to the curve because of budget cuts. While this cat sat in his office ordering bottles of Chardonay wine by the caseloads. Many of the artist and staff suffered and wanted him to leave. Now there are artist like Maxwell and others whom have music ready to go. Rubin states on a billboard interview that he’s got big plans for Maxwell and said his CD would be released summer 2008. Maxwell gives the buzz the CD will be out during Dec 2007 for the holidays in his myspace blog. WTF? it just seems that the label isn’t even speaking the same language the artist does where’s the communication here? This cat cannot and will not be the savior to the music industry his burly looks won’t cut it. If he doesn’t have Jesus sitting beside him calling the shots daily and that ain’t likely because he’s Jewish. The cat is gonna go down with Gasoline drawers on man. Thanks for the article Bol.

  • Ludwik

    It is glad to a meeting!

  • Cantius

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days. Basically not much noteworthy happening. I feel like an empty room. I’ve more or less been doing nothing.

  • Monika

    I haven’t been up to much lately. So it goes. What can I say? I’ve just been letting everything wash over me recently, not that it matters. I just don’t have much to say these days.

  • Francis

    Perfect site! Anything superfluous, all is laconic and beautiful. Thanks!