Illegal immigrants who rape children should have to be deported, right?

Normally, I'd think this is the kind of issue we could all agree on, but this is, after all, the kind of site where you have kids trying to argue that the murder of 3,000 innocent (though arguably less innocent than I am) people in the World Trade Center is justified because of police brutality and what about all of those Catholic priests who fuck little boys in the ass? As if that had anything to do with the price of tea in China.

Plus, I know a lot of you fruits are "latino" and hence may fall victim to the same sense of tribal bloodlust that's led the Jena Six to become such a cause celebre in the black community. So what if a five year-old girl has to get fucked in the ass every now and again. That's what she gets for her ancestors involvement in the slave trade. And to tell you the truth, I'm beginning to warm to this line of thinking. Someone get me an application for al Qaeda already.

No but really, I bring this up because I recently read about the situation in Newark, New Jersey, with the murder of those poor college kids by some illegal immigrant, and I know this week we've been discussing how otherwise simple matters of justice and law and order can be confused by the issue of race. My guess is that hardly any of you would attempt to justify the rape of a child or the execution-style killing of three college students, but quite a few of you are in favor of the policies that allowed this to take place.

If you haven't heard about the situation in Newark, basically this guy Jose Carranza lined these four kids up against a wall in a school yard and shot them all in the back of the head, just like they did the Jews in the ghettos of Poland during World War II. (Note: Happy Rosh Hashanah to all of my Jewish readers!) Three of them died, but I guess the fourth one somehow managed to survive, not unlike how Suge Knight was able to walk away from the ambush that ultimately led 2Pac to die 11 years ago (yikes!) today.

Which begs the question: Um, why? To be honest with you, I spent a good eight minutes just now doing research on this issue and I couldn't find out why. Usually when you hear about some shit like this there's drug money involved (just like DJ Drama's mixtape operation), but all of the media sources I could find made it a point to note that these were upstanding college students. I do know, because I read about it in Newsweek and Pat Buchanan's State of Emergency, that these latino immigrant types have some particularly nasty gangs that have been known to behead people and all sorts of shit.

The fucked up part about it is that this guy Jose Carranza should've never been free to walk the streets in the first place. For starters, he should have never been in the US in the first place, but that's a topic for another discussion. But even before he made the University of Delaware short three diversity recruits (come on... Delaware? Where the fuck is Delaware anyway?), he had been picked up at least once before on a violent crime as well as for the aforementioned child rape, which I'm sure was pretty violent as well, not that I have a mental picture or anything.

The reason he wasn't given a one-way ticket to somewhere hot and hopeless back when he beat up someone in a bar, let alone when he guaranteed some poor young girl an eventual career in the adult entertainment industry (which I suppose could be viewed as a favor to me in a fucked up, round about way) is because he lived in the shit hole that is Newark, New Jersey, which is what is known as a "sanctuary city."

In case you haven't heard of this phenomenon, a sanctuary city is a city that has adopted the policy that they don't give a fuck whether you're in the US legally or not. If 5-0 picks you up for a crime, they don't bother to check whether or not you're a legal citizen of the US, even if said crime is the brutal rape of a five year-old girl. Though you get the idea that this policy only applies if it's your child that's the one in question, rather than, say, the child of a prominent member of the business community or a politician. Also, I hope they can at least set their openmindedness aside for motherfucking Arabs. Isn't there an airport in Newark? Come on!

I'm sure our good friend TPAR can come up with some bullshit-ass reason why 5-0 shouldn't even be able to run the info of people who are out there doing no good anyway past La Migra, but I think we all know the real reason comes down to a matter of politics. Without having even been to Newark (god forbid!), I'm gonna go ahead and guess that there's lots of "latinos" and hence it wouldn't be feasible politically to pass a law that might result in one of their cousins having to be sent back to Peru. In fact, I'd be willing to bet up to $5 on it. Does that make them morally responsible for that poor child's rape and now these three grisly murders? I guess that's for Allah to decide.

Finally, I think you all know where I'm gonna have to go with this, as much as it pains me.

With this being a big election year, and with this being an important issue in the black community, if not quite on a par with a black man's right not to do any time for swelling some kid's eye shit, not to mention the fact that it's been all over the news for the past several weeks now, I figured it'd be interesting to see what the great black (-ish) hope had to say about all this. I consulted Google, but I couldn't find anything other than a letter to Barack Obama urging him to sign legislation cutting off funding for sanctuary cities, which I took to mean that he's in favor of them. But I don't want to speculate too much about the Senator.