I Eat Rappers Like My Feces Sprinkled With Reese’s Pieces…

The first video from the long awaited Dip Set Cash Money collabo is putting in crazy work on YouTube. Weezy and Juelz go in hard with their unique and unimitable styles. This shit looks and sounds like it will shit platinum.

Oops, I meant SHIP.

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  • Mpho

    Don’t worry Sunday, u can still say Weezy F Baby but please say The Baby..

  • sole1

    lol spot on, spot on

  • Mpho

    and some niggas live to hate, and u r one of em… Its Young Money/Dipset bitches

  • INF

    LOL funny billy

    Lil wayne is wack, when people realize that then hip hop will come back…The worstpart of this is.these guys arent even much more complex than this parody…Simple minds….

  • ABC

    This is better than Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana

  • Accurate

    ^^i dont think u can disaagree wit the last twoo posts.

    anyway, its funny how this is basically the actual freestyle they did.

  • Accurate

    oh yeah, and i liked that line weezy had
    “if im the best rapper alive, then i guess no one else is living.’ LOL

  • BronxChic4Lyfe

    Lil Wayne is talented. He spit lyrics lyke dat. And dat shit be making sense not just rhyming. But he’s better by himself. His callabo’s with other rappers dont make no sense

  • Cuban Link

    Juelz and Weezy should think about hiring these dudes as ghosts.

    “I feel like a Black Mexican”

    lmao.Immortal Technique stand up!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Seen it.

    Funny as hell tho, black mexican and black uglyman.

    Gotta love that dude doin Juelz, he matched his style perfect man. Hilarious, dude kinda looks like redman tho.

    Ill be dat.

    1 hunned.

  • geico lizard

    i like weezy and juelz but this was really funny. that guy looks more like maino than juelz santana but the weezy guy looks alot like him.

  • iMichael

    this shit was wild lol..they know exactly how they act lol..and it really was better than weezy and them lol…i gotta put this up on myspace..

  • dat_dude

    lmao this video is funny as shit but really wat kind of grown man dresses up like another man 2 make a parody ill tell u a broke dude who dick ridin with no life

  • Tonelocilla

    This shit was classic. Good ass parody. THat shit should be on Short Circutz cuz it’s a lot better than some of the stuff they do. What’s with people hatin cuz these two hatin? THey hatin’ because it’s for your amusement you hatin cuz you defending a rapper that would never defend you. FUNNY DUDES^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • collegekid

    this shit is funny but I luv weezy…I just dont get why you spend so much time on a nigga you dont like???