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  • dza


  • dza

    is this the sample from what the crime mob video used in the banger section?

  • PaAl


  • nation

    it’s not cool when you throw these shits up, with the most cryptic titles. because when i don’t remember what song samples it, it drives me nuts

  • nation

    so I head back to the front page and see this:

    i would say i lost… but i prefer not knowing a Crime Mob song than losing my mind

  • N.O. 4 life

    go look in the videos section my brother…
    circles-crime mobb


    Good catch on the sample N.O.

    Damn, did Bol get the day off? WTF?

  • Donny Goines

    “I show and prove without XXLMag”

  • Donny Goines

    Its not a diss either my dude, just clever incorpation of the website. I fucks with XXL hardbody.

    Much love E. Uno

  • Detroit P

    That one was way too easy, everybody knows about that one, thats why I dont fux with that song

  • sleep

    Where the duck is bol oh I forgot wendys say open 24 hrs nowadays or did xxl finally decide to fire that kkk leading motherfucker.

  • Cuban Link

    lmao @ kids shook that Bol didnt post up a blog

    co-sign with Labi Nation, I always remember hearing these but never remember where.I never would have got this one though, being how Crime Mob sucks

  • EReal

    Elliot is a corporate slave.