Awwwwww shit bitches! We back like cooked crack.

I was hoping that XXL Mag Dot Com laid low for a minute to give these fools over at them wack ass Hip-Hop sites a chance to step up their level of content. Just so we could come back on the air and smash niggas out.


Here's a quick little video from the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES on why breakfast cereal is actually legal dope. Refined sugar was that crack before there was crack. Look at how fucked up that shit makes your homey the Trix rabbit. Got that nigga steady trying to steal a bowl of that shit.

Peep how Sonny goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. This nigga been to the Cocoa Puffs rehab fifty-eleven times and then the white kids are always bringing his azz back under with a bowl of that breakfast heron.

Breakfast cereal is on some racist shit too. Did you know that the mascots for Cocoa Krispies were called Snap, Cracker and Pop? Combine them dudes with the oppresive and overpowering white milk a/k/a the Government, and you can see and hear the plight of the Black man right from your cereal bowl.

Cereal used to be for niggas breakfasts, but when you become an iNternets Celebrity you can have that shit for dinner too.