You’re Not the Best

Keep in mind, I don’t write nearly as many blogs as I would like to because I’m very to the point, very blunt and very straightforward. Also, because I’m an artist stuck in this shit hole we call hip hop, I try my best to be politically correct. But some things ladies and gentlemen, some things, just need to be spoken about. Young niggas nowadays seem to be able to say whatever it is they feel like saying, and if they say it enough, some idiots will actually dignify it and deem it as the truth. Just for the record, NONE OF YOU ARE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!

For that matter, none of you are even top 10 alive. Where do people come up with these things? I have to think that the people who believe these ridiculous statements don’t have CD players or Ipods, and they’re just stuck listening to the radio. Are we hearing the same things? Nobody under 30 should be able to make that claim, not me, not Lil Wayne, not Fab, not Cass, not Papoose, not Sai, not T.I.P., not Jeezy, NONE OF US!

And don’t get it misconstrued, I love all of them and what they do, but certain shit just shouldn’t be tolerated. I get the whole thing about confidence and believing in yourself, but c’mon….I think people are confusing being hot with having a certain level of skill. That’s why you gotta love 50, he use to say without a care in the world “Nah, I’m not the greatest rapper, but I sell more records then them.” What could you possibly say in response to that? As badly as we wanted to, it was true. As long as Hov, Nas, Em, 3000, Face, Common, Black Thought, and a few folks I’m forgetting, are still around, just rap. Leave all the adlibs in the studio, trust me, its better that way. I made the brutal mistake of talking hip hop with my girl, who proceeded to tell me how she looooves Lil’ Wayne, which is cool, I love him to. So I asked her to name me two Wayne songs.

Just two.

*Cricket, cricket*


Needless to say, she couldn’t, but I still ended up getting cursed out and sleeping on the couch (well, not really, but you get my point). Every convo I have about rap leads me right back to how dead the shit is. If you really wanna talk about it, the same people running around screamin’ this blasphemy idolize the rappers that actually have the right to be called the greatest! I’m so confused…

“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

It’s oh so much more meaningful today.

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  • McG

    Budden is the truth!

  • SLurg

    “Black Thought” ???????????????

  • Time Is Illmatic

    damn joe i thought u were gonna go at dj khaled after i read the thread title…

  • triplesixninja

    JoE BudDEN dropping jewelz

  • lol




  • lol



  • Mas

    Jay Z got to the point where he is by making outlandish statements like “if i ain’t better then big then im the closest one” and backing it up. If someone like lil wayne can say that then back it up with a string of the hottest mixtapes and two dope lps then why fault him for it. Hip hop is competition and being mc requires bieng competitive no??

  • That Kid Guy

    lol Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 12:17 pm


    Yep, the dickriders came out quick. Joe was right!

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  • bucnasty

    real talk. i agree with your list of the greatest alive also except i gotta replace black thought with rakim. even tho he’s not really doin it anymore as far as i’m concern as long as the god emcee is still breathin none of these niggas have the right to even use the words “best” and “rapper” in the same sentence without also mentioning his name. most emulated, respected and creative lyricist of all time, and i have a feeling its gonna stay that way for quite a while…

  • Bleezy

    At this point what do you do? They keep saying that music goes in cycles and that we’re just in one of those cycles. They keep telling us some new aspiring rapper (be it male or female) will emerge and remind us all why we love Hip-Hop so much, but they are so few and far between.

    I love a lot of the new things that are happening in the game, but I am so frustrated with the amount or careless, reckless, disreagard for our culture and history.

    Hip-Hop ain’t dead it’s just so boring and predictable that it makes you feel like your dead when you listen to it. The life in Hip-Hop is what was/is so magical about the art form and culture. But fuck all that, “come and take a walk with me”, “10 mins”, and “calm down” made me feel alive when I heard them. Buddens I thank you for that.

  • Maurice Garland

    Finally! Someone mentions Black Thought in a list. Props to mentioning Dre3K and Face too. But, I have to disagree on one name you dropped. T.I. can deserved to be mentioned. The only thing that is keeping him from that upper echelon just might be his age. He has actually earned the right to be mentioned among the greats though. Beyond the record sales and commercial viability, he has come with concepts and story telling that trumps his rivals. He does more than just put words together and come up with clever ways of saying dumb shit, unlike some of his peers. I’m not saying that he is better than any of the 30 and over rappers mentioned, but if anyone deserves consideration its him. Ditto on Luda and Devin.

  • Teddy

    dude hip hop isn’t dead you just gotta know where to look shouldn;t let what people like get to ya fuck it like i think lupe fiasco, obie trice they have a very high skill level lupe i think prob better then weezy but thats show bizz dont confuse show bizz for hip hop anyone who loves it knows what it is and everyone aloud to like whateva they want be it crapy snap music back back gangster its all hip hop if u think hip hop is dead then what about the music ur making? that shits fire and theres alot more like it its just not heard about as much on media

  • Dana

    I glad Joe that you touched on the topic about these rappers out here claming that they are the best rappers alive nd shit.To be that you have to put together good albums(Not 3 good song but an whole opus).It cool to be featured with a lot of artist and have good mixtapes but that don’t make you the best rapper alive albums do.One.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka The New Millenium Kareem Akbar

    well there ain’t no debate about this being truth from me…………..good read!

  • The Spaniard


  • NoMamesBuey


    Black Thought on his worst day >>>>> Little Wayne on his best day.

    Black Thought can rap circles around these bitchass mofos.

    Listen to any random 1 Roots’ album. If you don’t agree, you’re taste is horrible like Bol or Noz.

  • lol

    Black Thought is the mc from The Roots


    HOMIE THANK YOU, cats wonder why I say lil wayne is not the GREATEST, and that’s why I am not on Dwaynes D***** or Clifford’s D**** or Jezzy’s D****, because joe you are totally right!

    They are not listening to anything! Big was ahead of his time I PUSH THE 6′s when the 5′s are out….Pac, to much music in the vault and we will never hear all of it!


  • HNIC


  • dnero718

    all true statements..its one thing to be the best out now(which weezy could very well be) but to say u the best rapper alive with no classic albums and wit jay, kiss, nas, krs, rakim, andre 3000, eminem, kane all still breathin is just plain stupid

  • Purple Hulk


  • The Ghost Face

    Good post Joe. I’ve had the same conversation about popularity vs actual skill with too many idiots. You hit it right on the head.

    Just because you are doing features with everybody in the game(Wayne) and have a record company that can hype you up to sell millions of copies of wack albums(T.I.) doesn’t make you the best rapper alive.

    Classic albums determine MC supremecy. Always have and always will.
    BTW: Sup with the growth my nig?

  • Rockcity

    I agree, this was a good post, a whole lot of rappers claiming to be the best and got 5 albums and none of them classics. But being the best is just an opinion so therefore, no one is really the best since we all have our different opinions

  • jamestown

    Real talk from a real MC.
    No hate jus the truth.

    Half of these artist making these claims don’t have the a. Classic material b. Versitaile skills/talent on the mic c. Consistency (staying relevant, material stays hot) d. Acutal Content e. Growth as artist and indvidual f. Longevity (these hot artist now @ any time can fall off, Greatest rappers of all time don’t do this, they stand the test of time)

    These young cats be missin this. They really don’t get a grasp on what hip hop is and what a great mc is.

    Shouts out 2 joe budden. Real talk.

  • SACE


    What u said is exactly CORRECT!!!

  • smog

    nice remix of wall to wall, i think nas is best rapper alive, but its so fun to get heads pissed by saying weezy is the best, they flip out and say give me some lyrics, like lol says hip hop aint all about rap lyrics

  • jay

    joe budden i am a huge fan. the whole hip hop is dead thing i will never get. is it based on radio ad tv spins? cos thats the only way i can see that. there is a wealth of great hiphop that comes out each and every year. it isnt even that hard to find. the whole best rapper alive thing with wayne, im sure not even he believes he is better than those people you listed but its just his way of expressing his swag. your problem may stem from the fact that some people have actually taken this statement as one of fact, as seen by a recent poll if i recall correctly. i remember a green lantern interview you did where you were saying that wayne and papoose were dope but yet they sometimes came with some wack juice. i think you cited the “im on like the televison” line from wayne (a line i quite enjoy myself). anyway you said this was due probably to their psychotic output levels and not being able to be sick all the time. my thing when i heard that was that could mos def be said about you also. i rank you as my second favorite rapper based on the strength of mixtapes like mood musik 2 and im back. (btw where is mood musik 3, i know that it makes no sense to ask where the growth is). That being said any time i hear you on a remix of say a ne-yo record or a mario record you come off unbelievably wack to me. anyway im off topic. i feel your post joey and i can name about 500 wayne songs. hip hop is so alive its ridic.

  • Tyler

    He Wack! aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Belize


    Got a question and I need an answer..cuz nobody got the balls to let see if u do (no battyman timing)

    How does a cat like Weezy (who is a veteran of sum sorts) get tolerated by his peers with his “questionable” activities.

    Seriously, if this was any other age in rap, apart from the present, he would be ridiculed and forgotten in this thing we call the “rap industry”…

    ..just wondering if I should change genre..cuz even in reggae (which is your forefather) it is NOT tolerated. Period.

    Any help with this topic would be vital to my conscious

  • Mr.O

    Joey B needs a hug. This is not a blog entry but simply a rant about nonsense. Additionally the MTV special was about the 10 hottest rappers right now, not the best. Oh well NJ stand up Joey B bought me a bottle of Champagne at a strip club when I was in college so I’m riding with him.*

  • http://thastoop UNISEX HAIRCUT

    For the record Lil wayne has claimed on numerous occassions to be the greatest rapper alive. And while he is undoubtedly a great rapper I hope for everyones sake that he is joking and doesnt really take himself that seriously. Also for the record, Blackthought is top 5 dead or alive and anyone who doesnt believe me has probably never seen him live. If your whole experience of hip hop comes from your ipod and your TV your missing the point

  • spanish jay

    it took him 9 months to come up with this blog? how much research did it take for u to tell us that young jeezy isnt the second coming of the GZA? lets see, the tailor came out 2 months ago so i guess at this rate we gonna get the mood muzik III right after that jay hood album aka sike bka never…i know u got killa bh in ur will and what not but just let him go dog, the man got good music and u holding him back

  • spanish jay

    now u see that, i wrote a responce in less than a week.i swear

  • Tha ACe

    i feel you on that shit but somebody you did forget would be Kool G Rap, Ghostface and Rae………i shouldn’t even have to explain

  • Bizzle

    Weezy = Good, 3000 = Great…Hollywood divorce was enough to prove that

    Rap in the se3nse of skills is a select few really rapping and the list is

    Weezy F—– lyrically ridiculous even tho a lil vacant
    Jay-Currently a falloff
    Black Thought–hands down one of the sickest peep the freestyle when ?uestlove was pointing a stuff to rap at…

    Jumpoff Joe of course— Could be the 07 Slick Rick so good at story telling and vocal tone

    By the way Joe–u should really hit up its pretty Joey B official and we could use some info (Mood Muzik 3 DVD) trailer was ridiculous lmao@ yall want me toplay devils advocate

  • Jeff

    i like how joey cites his jump off as a legitimate reason why hip hop is dead. i bet the bitch couldn’t name one joe budden song if she can’t name two from wayne.

  • John Brown


    Who do you think is the greatest alive?

  • HNIC

    • HNIC Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    It is I, nigga! Relax… just delete my information, if it appears in your screen… and then keep it movin’. It’s not that serious. It happens to me and many of the other commenter’s all of the time.

  • LMAO

    Joe Buddens is a One hit wonder… so now he has to resort to writing blogs, because he is no longer relevant in the game he has to talk about the ones who are… Joe Budden should find him another job.. leave rap to the ones that can actually rap… Pump it up is just as bad as This is Why I’m Hot.. and you will notice around this time next year what Joe Buddens and MIMS have in common… one hit.

  • LOL

    Listen, I’m sorry for ranting so much. It’s just that I am gay. I am a big closet homosexual. There I said it. I wish more people were gay like me thats all. So do not take me seriously I’m just ranting like a three year upset about not getting a cookie. I’m like the mad rapper. I’m broke and on the computer all day what do I have to be happy about?? As a matter of fact I should just kill myself but I’m to much of a coward. So I we continue on ranting, pouting, and being mad. Maybe if I had some money or a life I would be happy.

    Signed the GAY, MAD Blogger

  • Josh

    First of all nigga why the fuck you posting blogs instead of putting out music? Get your lame ass off of here tryin’ to say what other people can’t do or say! Jeezy, Kanye, and alot of other people came out after you and done blew up! Sit down and figure out how to make a good single instead of gay shit like that new song with T-Pain! Niggas was hyped for a minute but now they ain’t even checkin’ for you no more! Loser!

  • Rich Arte

    I feel you Buddens. Do me a favor, click on the link…

  • SunnySideHoustonTexas

    Look at this nigga buddens mad cuz’ his girl on wanye dick!! nigga you a fuckin’ lame,a joke,a shit mark in the draws of hip-hop,what you mad that don’t nobody wanna pump,p-pump it up!hahahaha! nigga kill ya self you depressed faggot.You actually thought ya’ brother pullin’the cannon on you for a cheese steak was a good enough story to sell to the mass public.FUCK OUTTA HERE “JOE WASN’T” go back to poppin pills and sittin in a corner go reminisce on ya’ good times cuz’ uh yeah they over bra’.wayne ain’t the best but he definitely at bat nigga where you at? it’s been how long since ya’ album dropped,now I’m not hatin I just state raw facts man let it godawg it’s over you larry holmes status sippin’ ether milk shakes.don’t think I see ya’ lil’ ass kiss to 50 either you queer,whole g-unit camp bust ya’ ass and now you biggin dem’ up…GOTDAMN! WHAT WON’T THESE NIGGAS DO TO MAKE A $!! LOL peace homo.





  • Risk

    Buddens needs 2 drop that Mood Music mixtape already, Cass fell off with his punchlines, weezys punchlines are too simple, Budden got that crack.

  • Dan

    I agree with joe budden.

  • Josh

    Hell naw nigga who the fuck are you to say whats what? Your fag ass sittin’ on here postin’ blogs while tons of niggas careers passin’ yours. Nigga you and 50 came out the same year and he sittin’ on 200 mill..what you got? You need to get a life faggot and stop postin blogs and shit! REAL TALK!

  • Ace

    This is real mothafuckin’ talk right here. Period. Real Talk. Joe Budden: keepin’ it real real here.

  • HNIC

    Joe, don’t you think that the new school cats that you mentioned took a proverbial page from the rhyme books of each of the great mc’s that you’ve mentioned. Therefore, they’re their prodigies.

    So, in a way, they’re not disrespecting their forefathers when they say that they’re the best. They’re simply emulating and building (in some cases) on their styles. As they say; “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” or “Great minds think alike”.

    Part of what made the greats great is that they had a certain amount of charisma and confidence a.k.a. ”swagger”, where you could tell that they believed that they were the best, which was exuded in their presence and deliveries.

    If you don’t believe that you’re the best, no one else will either… plain and simple.

  • tmm

    lissen man..

    we tha bess!!!!!

  • Y2Dre

    lol niggas is in here lilke “black thought wtf?” Yes black thought is top 15 and top 10 DOA to some people. Son is nice. Wanye isn’t even top 25 of all time none the less the greatest rapper alive. When he says that to me its like hes saying hes the greatest ever, because to me Jay-Z is the GOAT. So in a way its like hes saying hes better than Pac and B.I.G. He talks all this shit about how hes so nice and what not, but when’s the last lil wayne song that was at #1? or top 5 or w/e? His most successful single was Go DJ which peaked at #5 Wayne just floods the streets with so much shit and about 40% of it is descent while the 60% is hot trash. He gets shine off his features on other people’s songs, thats how he stays relevant. He doesn’t stay relevant from his own shit. People are confusing being “hot” with having actual skills as an MC, lil wayne is a rapper. As KRS said a MC can be a rapper, but a rapper can’t be an MC.

  • Spirit

    Yeah, Black Thought, you jackass. Someone who can actually rap very very fucking well.

  • Spirit

    my black thought comment was aimed at slurg and his/her question marks after saying Thought’s name, as if dude isn’t one of the illest to do it…

  • Cal

    Budden you saying that shit just hiked you a level up! I know you sayin you love em but in all truth these same rappers callin themselves the best when they aint even achieved quarter of what guys like Hov, Nas, Em etc its disgusting. I cant stand lil’ wayne and it aint on a hater point of view its on someone who truly loves rap and hates to see lousy ass mc’s blind listeners and swipe they fake ass careers under the greatest.
    Ask me to name five Wayne tracks you’ll never get em. The only reason these guys actually think they on top is coz of dumb ass Yokels as you said with no Ipods or even internet access and thats praising they shit and I also blame females who for some unexplained reason have become so compelled to advocate these fools its crazy. What unforgettable lyrical spouts or contributions have any of these guys made? Nothin!! Its sad yo but I can guarantee it wont last.

  • Co-Signa

    Great post Joe, but sometimes it’s annoying & not just worth the time to be debating with fools. I have the same arguments with cats that don’t really listen to hip hop. They watch BET & their local commercialized radio stations. Some DJs & other artist sell themselves short as well by co-signing artists they know are wack.

  • young C

    He has a point tho…it makes sense to what hes trying to say..but i like Lil Wayne he is the best rapper thats out right now cuz nobody doing what hes doing now hate him or love him…but that comment about 50 he sells more but hes the worst rapper and i don’t think he should of been on that list at all i like Jim Jones but he shouldn’t of been on it either…Joe Budden is just mad cuz he wasn’t recognized at all…so he has to hate unordered to recognized

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    AMEN for Jersey Joe Budden!

    This comes from an old Branch Brook Park hooligan thats been living Hip Hop since 1979. The Message >> Lil Waynes entire catalog.

    For those that don’t agree… name one Lil Wayne track out of all the shit he has polluted the game with. That is as relevant, heart felt and timeless with its content and delivery.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    Tha ACe Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 1:06 pm
    i feel you on that shit but somebody you did forget would be Kool G Rap, Ghostface and Rae………i shouldn’t even have to explain
    I would get rid of Em and put Ghostface in that slot. Leave Black Thought right where he is at… the brother has never spit a wack verse.

  • J-Five

    Thank you Joey, Keep doin it

  • ThingAlec

    Joe, you are absolutley right. There are too many rappers out there that care more about being the King than actually enjoying making music. Your fellow Jersey native Redman put it like this, i believe “I’m not gonna call myself king cause it isnt gonna do any good.”.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    This is a “what have you done for me lately” culture.

    If these guys are so great why aren’t they saving hip hop…people like Kanye and Weezy are saving hip hop…

    If you feel he is not the best then challenge him, dont write a blog about it…dedicate a song to him and call him out on the airwaves…and im not talking violent beef im talking that old fashion on wax hip hop beef…these whiners talk about people not being lyrical, well….challenge those that feel they are the best dont write a f’n blog about it…

  • juicygotemcrazy

    man, niggas are supposed to boast and brag about themselves in this game. why not be confident? isnt that what rappers did back in the 80s? slick rick is my nigga, but he called himself The Ruler

  • twiggy

    joe you gotta help keep it alive my brother, drop that mood muzik 3, i’ve been starving for some real music since mood muzik 2 came out

  • ccluskin

    how yall gonna go at black thought. dude is one of the best rappers around, no question. just cause you don’t like all the frat boys who dig the roots, doesn’t mean thought ain’t what it is.

    at his best, he’s cleaner and more precise than anyone i’ve ever heard.

  • livefromthe225

    i agree and don’t agree w/ this post which obviously directed @ wayne, especially in lieu of MTV crowning him the hottest emcee in the game…personal opinion Andre 3000 is the best rapper alive, and if he wasn’t in a group, could’ve been considered the best rapper of all time…but just b/c MTV said Wayne was the HOTTEST, they didn’t say he was the BEST, and just cause Wayne says he’s the BEST doesn’t make it the God-given truth!!…However if Wayne wasn’t making these proclamations and at least backing it up with credible material, this discussion would be null-n-void…Every artist that Joe mentioned w/ the exception of a few has made claims of being the “best” or the “king” @ some point in their career, b/c they felt that they were on top of their game…it was debated…some were crowned see Big and Jay as “King of NY”…some were overlooked, see Black Thought’s braggadocious claims…there was never before this much controversy over a nigga’s claims, the reason it’s like that now: region

    the hip hop “purists”, critics, bloggers, and some artists have a hard time accepting that the BEST POPULAR rapper is from the South…notice I used the terms “best” and “popular” together…just like at one time jay-z was the “best popular” rapper but not necessary the best emcee that was in the game…Sure you can say Lupe, you say Pharoh Monche, you can say Eminem, or you can say even Joe Budden, but in referencing the best rapper that is most prevalent in the concious of modern day hip hop…it’s Wayne…yes there’s better out there, but let’s face it this is the entertainment business, therefore your value and ranking is gonna be based on your relevance and visibility

  • The Dynasty

    Joe Buddens = the truth

  • Boner jams 03

    as long as young mc and paperboy are alive, weezy will never be the best

  • livefromthe225

    furthermore Joe no matter how much you claim to “love Wayne” to take subliminals as a part time blogger, while still professing to be a full time artist reeks of bitterness and jealousy(not saying that you are)…you may have included yourself by saying none of can say we’re the best, but really this was more or less a shot at Wayne b/c he’s the only one constantly saying he’s the best rapper alive.

  • Incilin

    God stop being a bitch. Yes, your points are true. Yes, the game’s fucked up. Yes, your career is fucked up and it’s not really your fault. Yes, your better than half of the “hottest” rappers. Yes, if people were smarter then you would be the hottest rapper out. But you can’t just post blogs were you just bitch and moan about the status of the game. We need more insight than just; “It doesn’t matter if MTV calls Wayne the hottest” (Admit it that’s what inspired this post, as well as your jealously) I can hear retoric like that on the street. Hell I can prolly find it here in the comments section. You gota give us more posts with more depth. And an actual argument.

    Keep ya head up. Keep posting.

    BTW. I read on that you might be battling Cassidy. Is it true? How come you don’t post a blog about that? It would at the very least get mad hype for the battle.

  • KI

    Budden who are u and what have u done to make ur opinion count..Lil Wayne has just as much if not more skill level as all of them ppl u name who are among the best n the game..and for the simple fact that he’s only 24(soon to be 25)and has around the same level of skill as a jay..or as a nas..or any of them makes him that much better..T.I. too he’s a legend n the south..a legend all over..jay lived to put out more records than pac and big and is older than them..they were n theyre 20′s when they were at theyre prime does that make them not the best to ever do it since the didnt live to make it passed 30..ur arguement sucks ass…top 10 alive today..
    2.Lil Wayne
    5.Bun B
    8.Pimp C
    9.Black Thought

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    What have these “best rappers alive” done lately

    Why are they not saving hip hop

    Weezy and Kanye are saving it by stepping out of the box and being creative

    If you feel Weezy has no lyrical skill then challenge him on wax…create a song dedicated to him and his alleged weak flow and challeng him on the air…dont write a blog about it…hip hop is dead if artist start criticizing other rappers through a blog…pick up a mic and challenge him…show me he is not the best rapper alive…otherwise STFU…

  • retired fan

    hip hop is boring, the fans are boring, the artists are greedy and do the least they can to entertain. theres nothin more for me to continue supporting. sorry joey, its gonna take more than you to get me back into this. its over.

  • grapes

    the truth. good post budden. where’s the album? and wayne: shut the FUCK up, cause I don’t care if you the best rapper alive right now, because the best these days would be a piece of shit in the days of Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G. , etc.

  • ill dapoe

    put out mood muzik 3 then speak to me

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  • Koren Slap Boxer

    Fuck Lil’ Wayne…he’s wack and simple

  • Ryan

    lol Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 12:16 pm



    I think you’re basing that more on nipple tattoos, my biggoted friend.

  • DOPE!!!

    Damn Joey, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Good Shit homeboy!

  • sk

    co-sign this post to the fullest one of the best I have read on this site EVAR

  • TK

    Ain’t no best.

    Name one great rapper, there are three underground struggling that are better, but prolly won’t be heard.

  • greedybeaner

    aight if yall think 50 da best rapper kuz he sells da most sumthn rong wit yall kuz nas iz better n im not even a nas fan n plus dem people think dat dey da best rapper alive kuz if they dont how they gunna hav success, dey got to put dey mind set as the top to get da best out of themselves, which explains why joe budden iz doin as well as he hiz (for yall slow people dat calld sarcasim)


    fuck this shit duke WHERE IS MOOD MUSIK 3


    yeah budden your the truth… hope you make a classic album……. make sure that shit is perfect.. we need that hip hop.



  • Really

    Bottom Line: If Joe would have made the MTV hottest mc’s in the game list this weekend, we wouldn’t be reading this blog. Hip-Hop is very competitive and I know that list sparked this blog. Joe you are a dope mc, but your whining and complaining is getting tired, I wann hear some new shit from you. Fuck these blogs Joe, go in the studio with Just Blaze and Alchemist and make a classic album, we are waiting nigga. By the way Jay, Pac, Big, and Nas all claimed to be the best in their 20′s and they all backed it up with classic material.

  • Ref

    fuck that shit, what’s up wit mood muzik 3?

  • Marc

    Translation of this blog= “Lil’ Wayne shut the hell up and start making some meaniful music”.

  • Carlton

    Budden always got Papoose in his mouth, damn…

    And your nobody under 30 comment was stupid!

    Pap is not the best, but he damn sure is close to being it!!

  • brandonsoderberg

    (in Artie from the Stern show voice)

  • C.Rogers

    Black Thought has been a freestyle kingpin for almost 10 years…if you don’t know who he is and his rep, then its time for you to do some hip-hop research

  • M

    Joey always comes with the heat.

    Lol interesting that he makes basically the same point I made about Wayne a few months back, about his fans not being able to bring up any memorable lines.

    Now I will admit since then, Wayne has grown on me, but Joey is right the whole best rapper alive thing is laughable.

  • Rey

    Cosign everything you said, Joey.

    Don’t sweat Hip-Hop’s fate. Just keep coming out with that music.

    Rap needs you, dunny.. and you got people ready to roll with you regardless of what you’re going thru.

  • J_breezy


    haha, yeah right. what a joke him and the rest of hiphop is right now. get em joe.

  • bmillz

    hit the nail right on the head homie. the shit that jay, nas, black thought, etc…speak about flies over their head. thats why simple as rappers like wayne, jeezy, poose r so well liked and in turn, they get arrogant. i understand the idea of thinkin your the best for competition and all that stupid bullshit but DAAMNN. since when did people come out wit DECENT albums and become GOATS. jay nas em and that group have classics. anyways can’t wait for mood muzik 3 and the growth. 1



  • Calibud

    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, but if he stepped on the court to play against Kobe, Lebron or D-Wade he get murdered. An unispired artist is no different than an old aged athlete Niggas like Jay and Em may still be the best but until they get inspired to actually show that they still got it, I gotta go wit the lil hungry nigga thats murkin’ everything in sight at rapid pace like nobody before him.

  • EffYou

    It’s funny how some of these dudes be agreeing that “so n so” is the best rapper,but can’t even recite one of they verses

  • Cuban Link

    Budden, your the truth you need to either write more blogs or better yet drop the next Mood Musik.

    co-sign, the best rapper alivr, and ever for that matter, is Melle Mel, for the fact that hes the George Washington of hip hop.He had no past great rappers to look on, I mean there were others, but noone else like the Furious 5, and noone with tracks like The Message, White Line, or Beat Street.

  • FADE

    word if u aint been in it like that list SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT UP …fuckin ringtone rappers killin me…

  • ATCK

    Put out an album or shut the fuck up! It’s great reading your ideas but how about putting them out over some instrumentals. Find a way to get out of your contract and go sign to Koch. You’re too nice for me to have to occassionaly read or hear your ideas. What did you do, fuck Beyonce?

  • Dr Flav

    Blunt and to the point would be “I dont think Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive.” Folks can say whatever the want to its up to you whether you belive it or not. Damn, Sunny Side Houston went hard on you though…

  • george

    so if conscious rap fell off, what is left? ignorant rap? shut the fuck up. this is why hip hop sales have been falling.

  • rawtune

    realest shit ever spoken


    what DR FLAV SAID…..

  • T.R.E.Y.

    this guy’s tryin’ to beat out Nas for the cranky old-schooler award.

    and ‘course record sales matter, cuz if millions of people like your ish there must be somethin’ behind it. Fiddy may not be the most skilled or “model” rapper in the world, but he in all likelihood makes better records than certain cats with more raw skill.

    and T.I. and ‘Ye > anyone else doin’ it big right now. i speaks the truth

  • Purple Hulk

    KI Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    2.Lil Wayne
    5.Bun B
    8.Pimp C
    9.Black Thought


  • MoMoney

    Hahahaha your girl even likes Lil Wayne more than you, hahahaha, if y’all CD dropped the same day, she’d cop Weezy…hahahaha, I’m my girl’s favourite rapper and I don’t even rap, she’s just on my dick like that.

    Anyway ain’t ya girl Gloria Velez? She’s saying that so she could be in his video…hahaha I can’t believe I just wrote all of that, I’m slowly turning to these other net haters…hahahaha.

  • M@

    uhh, where’S MM3?!!! FUCK!

  • Pronay

    “And don’t get it misconstrued, I love all of them and what they do,”

    this is the point in his entry where budden is being a puss

  • 731

    i like this post joe, straight to the point n its true wat u said no one under the age of 30 should be allowed to call themselves the best rapper alive…n its funny how ppl may kno only 2 of waynes singles n shit from his mixtapes n features, but what about songs….

  • SLO

    hip hop aint dead, it just flew south fa tha winter, spring summer and fall fa da last few yrs, get over it hataz. we got what tha the sound tha world wants ta hear. 4 example, and y da fuck ne 1 care what another nigga think about hisself, aint no way to prove or disapprove being a great rapper -SLO

  • SLO

    hip hop aint dead, it just flew south fa tha winter, spring summer and fall fa da last few yrs, get over it hataz. we got what tha the sound tha world wants ta hear. 4 example, and y da fuck ne 1 care what another nigga think about hisself, aint no way to prove or disapprove being a great rapper -SLO

  • DANJA29

    Budden is a crying bitch fa real. nigga you aint top 50 alive. you wack your career is dead you not even top 5 bloggers on xxl noz ca stump a mud hole in your ass with the blogs.

    fuck all the people who had somthing negative to say towards MTV list the shit was on point. discuss when they say who to best lyricist or best rapper alive then we can talk. but as far as hottest right now they was on point.

    Budden stop lying nigga you have no love for the nigga wayne. I read through ya bitch ass. You mad cuz you wasnt on that list huh. nigga the new generation dont even know you other than your region.

  • mzcarter_1

    Joe u is a hater for real. Its eating u up to see other rappers in your same age group pass u in sucess. Lil wayne is the best rapper. U kno he great when he aint even on the radio. Wayne knows he the best y wouldnt he brag. U brag 2 ya girl about who u was and good of a lover u is. Everyone except jeezy is Great. Quit hatin cuz yo career aint pop off the way it did.

  • mzcarter_1

    I bet people could name a wayne song before they name urs.

  • Pingback: Joe Budden Talks About Rappers Saying They Are The Greatest |


    do you people watch MTV?? how the hell could a real hip-hop fan possibly take their list forreal???

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  • XRAY3000

    Sooo…are you gonna drop MM3 or the Growth in my lifetime…???

  • Mpho

    I cosign with DANJA29- this nigga buddens shitty album releaseing ass is mad coz he ain’t got no buzz, no love, no support from the streets and commercial.. and he mad that weeeezy is the best rapper ALIVE, fuck outta here nigga, the only hit u had was 5 years ago, thats why u ain’t on nobody list, and buddens wouldn’t sell 2 copies if he pressed a double album nigga..

    Its Young Money/Dipset- the future

  • Leslie

    Man Joe Budden Ur Right bUt Who R u kiid..last sng u did was “Pump It Up”

  • Leslie

    Man Joe Budden Ur Right bUt Who R u kiid..last sng u did was “Pump It Up”

  • Youngz

    Yo budden I was in to your shit (no homo) when u first dropped, then u just disappeared, step ya game up son!!!



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  • LOL




  • Chad Biggz

    Thanks for the blog Joe. But I really don’t care for your blogs. I want some music. Summer is almost over are we gettin Mood Muzik 3? What’s up? Let us know somethin.



  • Mr know your place

    I agree with Joe on this one, When kay Slay pulls little wayne up for going at Jay Z you know something ain’t right. It’s not Kay Slay and Jay Z are friends and was definatley displayed when Kay Slay did the interview with Calvin klein. These dudes ain’t made no classic albums like Tribe, Jay, Dre, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop or Rakim. The list continues but just to give an example half of the dudes yelling they the best probably won’t have no 10 or seven year postion or no albums that make a long lasting impact. There needs to be a board we need to look at what this Hip Hop is all about cos most of these cats are killing the genre and sales are evidencing that!

  • ib d great

    Damn i never thought about it like that. Saigon is in the running though to be the best in my opinion. Even though lil wayne isnt over 30, he’s been in the game (mainstream records) since he like 14? 15? he should recieve some credit. But i definatley feel you on everything else. I DEFINATLEY don’t agree with anyone who says hiphop is dead, were just forced to hear what’s on the radio because these record labels spoon feed it to us. Don’t listen to the radio, like me, get a mp3 player and load that shit up with HIPHOP and stop crying.

  • ib d great

    Purple Hulk Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    KI Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    2.Lil Wayne
    5.Bun B
    8.Pimp C
    9.Black Thought


    i’m a juelz fan but his shit is purely entertainment and shouldnt be in anyones top 10


  • Kyra

    What you said is true.
    Most people I know, even tho they are older than me, can’t name a UGK song from 92 or a Too Short song from Get In Where You Fit In, or even a Rakim song period—but they dayum sure know all tha lyrics to Ay Bay Bay or Party Like a Rock Star.

    I’m tired of all these dudes gettin famous off hooks.

    Mood Muzik was tight—I’m ready 4 more of that.

  • Trizzle

    I see his point about the “best rapper alive” shyt, but thys shyt aint dead tho so he need to fall back on that one, he and otha new york and northern niggaz jus dont wanna face that the south and mid-west are putt’n they stamp on the game right now

  • keke

    ….”I think people are confusing being hot with having a certain level of skill.”

    Joe Budden

    That was the whole point of the list. The list was about who are the Hottest Rappers in the Game Right Now. They were not listing the best rappers alive. So taking that into account, if you look at how many guest verses Wayne has done, how many mixtapes, image, swagger, and lyrical ability right now….Lil Wayne is the hottest in the game right now. They could do this list next month or 6mos from now and there may be a totally different line up. Any rapper has the ability to be hot, I mean they put Jim Jones at number #10…what does that tell you?

  • JUMZ

    Im sorry to break your hearts but MIXTAPE MUSIC doesn’t make you a GREAT RAPPER.. You gotta be fucking KIDDING ME. A GREAT RAPPER IS SOMEONE who influences a whole ERA of RAP MUSIC. LIKE BIG, like SNOOP, like JayZ. Anyone can go on a mixtape and make a thousand references to coke and Wayne is an entertaining mo’fo but his metaphors aren’t even as deep as Fab’s. Wayne’s metaphors are for the internat generation, muthafuckas who never read anything outside of a fucking blog.

    “Read a book you illiterate sonofabitch and step up yo vocab” – Bun B.

  • Ivy

    The point here is longevity. A rapper can not say he is the best rapper alive if he or she has not been doing it as long as most. The truth is just as we praise one style today another style comes along and the previous one is considered irrelevant. Ja-rule was every man’s favorite rapper at first and at one point in his career(early stages) a few of you would have argued that he was the best rapper at the point…well until 50 cent brainwashed you all into believing he is the anti-christ of rap and turned around and did the same things. My point really is rappers are around today and gone tomorrow. Fab was the hottest thing a few years back and folks swore he was the hotest thing walking and saw a possibility of greatest but now where is Fab…yeah he is out but its not the same. My point again is when you are hot, at a certain point in time, all you have is the possibility of being the best. Being the best is not how long you can keep the common people interested because the common people are idiots but it is also how long you can keep hip-hop aficionados interested. No one takes thier time to create or even use a large portion of their brain in hip-hop today and this is the same in poetry and most music also. Classics are classics for a reason. No one takes their time to creat anymore… its all about the quick buck. Wayne is hot now because he is creative but there is no need for him to get ahead of himself just yet. All he has is the possibility. All of the rappers Buddens mentioned and undeniably in the lead for best rapper before you mention any others. No one can deny Common and if you are sleeping on Black Thought then wake up because you are one of those idiots among the common folk. We cant deny Nas and Hov and 3000?… come on. This is hip-hop, creativity and longevity.



  • BIZ

    Joey you speakin da truth!! Tho I’d say you up there as one of the greatest alive!!!

  • young global

    interesting point

  • chris

    I disagree. Well, I agree for the most part. Lil Wayne, although he’s under 30, in terms of the rap form, he’s incredible. His metaphors could get better, and he may use almost too many punchlines, but his flows are the best out there. Every line is sharp, he works a beat like NOBODY else has. And he does it consistently. It’s true, he talks too much, but that’s who he is. Nobody around is fucking with him and he’s allowed to say so. Every ‘best rapper alive’ has done the same thing. Anyone at the top of their game is allowed to say so (ask jay, eminem, tupac, Rakim, whoever)
    He might be obnoxious, but dude has been rapping for over ten years and he’s only 20 something- and he’s good- that counts for something.

  • Baker Boy


  • FAIR

    i’vce been upset with you lately cause you havent been speaking from a sane mind like i said last time u needed 10 mins….im glad you made your point and included blackthought cause dude really is a legend in his own right(don’t believe me see the roots live)and i like the way u ended it with a lin from jay cause hip hop is just skimmed these days “who cares what hes saying the beats hot” thats the way people think these days. Hip hop lives and dies with those mcs cause they inspire the cRappers that are coming out now no ones pickin up a mic cause they wanna sound like “hurricane chris” anyways glad someone shed light on this cause its getting ridic.

  • chu chu

    i agree with everything you said Joey, but ive been in that mood for quite some time now…WTF? If the boy wayne can put out a tape damn near every month…god i need mm3!!!!

  • thoreauly77

    co-sign n-cred @ 2:09.

    i dont think you are bashing any one artist, and i see your point, but damn man, put it on wax. MM3?

  • kiddyork

    i dont see how lil wayne cant say best rapper alive but other rappers can say their the best, everyone does it there songs… im a huge Budden fan no doubt about it, my top 5. but didnt in dumb out u compared urself to all the greats and said u just as good if not better….whats the difference lol but hey he has alot of success hes on fire right now, he never said hes the best ever..just a live..and by success he could be right lol but yea i wish the arogance would be turned down a notch…but swagger sells.

  • Rellextra

    WOW! Thank you so much for telling it like it is. Knuckleheads like this microwave music which’ll be hot for a short moment. I tried my best to see what all the hype was around lil wayne and I couldn’t for the life of me see why everyone thinks he is so nice. Also please stop giving Jim Jones a reason to keep making music he is so wack. You had one hit now create another. Budden I am waiting for mood music 3 with zen like patience.

  • Purple Hulk


  • Cuban Link

    Purple Hulk, GTFOH.Why was Pump It Up a sellout track?Cuz it had a hot beat and got a decent amount of play?Fuckouttahere homeboy.That song was hot and his album was amaizng, I still listen to Walk With Me all the time.

  • Marq

    Budden is my dude, and he is true about ALOT of that. But he shouldn’t speak on in till he put out a new mixtape or CD. Don’t downplay that list unless you put effort to be on it this year. I buy buddens shit but theres nothing lately


    buddens is a marc, why the hell should we even value your opinion my dude what have you done that has been relative in hip hop? who the fuck are you B? Wayne aint the captain of the boat but he on the yacht and yeah some of the MC’s you named should get props as some of the greatest ever to do it but who are you to say you gotta be at least 30 to be considered B.I.G. was crowned king of NY way before he was 30 so fuck is you talking bout nigga, boss up hoe stud….

  • was u saying something?

    tell em why u mad…maybe cause u dont sell? never will sell? and most ppl dont even wanna listen to your shit for free?

    and while u at it get u a new girlfriend. all the females i know who say they love weezy can name all his songs and spit half his lyrics…ur girl is a lame

  • Potent

    No truer words have been spoken. I go thru the same shit everyday tryna tell these lil niggaz. It’s no use though. Today’s generation is getting dumber and dumber. They can’t comprehend anything above a certain level so they flock to stupid niggaz who boast these claims.

  • Reyo

    Pump It Up > Wayne’s whole catalog

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Buddens sound mad cause he on the shelf. Your girl likes Wayne nigga. She dont know any of his songs but thats who she likes. SHE DIDNT SAY SHE LIKES YOUR MUSIC BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NEW OUT. The crazy thing about u Buddens is im a fan of yours, but the way they doing you dirty at your label…… got u questioning your favorite rapper. You said that yourself in one of your songs. Rap been dead since Ja was singin and 50 was hungry. Rpas been dead since your favorite rapper decided to go at his favorite rapper( That would be Nas). In 2007 Wyane is the best. I heard you this year, but not like Wayne. STOP FUCKIN CRYIN AND START RAPPIN…….Rapper

  • Carlito Bragonti

    ……And another thing….all the rappers you mention are rich or heading that way. You writing blogs…….GET IN THE STUDIO!!!!!

  • Purple Hulk

    Cuban Link Says:

    August 1st, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Purple Hulk, GTFOH.Why was Pump It Up a sellout track?Cuz it had a hot beat and got a decent amount of play?Fuckouttahere homeboy.That song was hot and his album was amaizng, I still listen to Walk With Me all the time.


  • JG

    Joe Budden???
    Joe Budden? His whole argument is fraud. First of all, Joe Budden can’t tell me or anyone else who the best should be. Everyone has different personalities and come from different places, if someone thinks Lil Wayne, T.I, Young Jeezy, etc. is the best rapper alive then that’s their opinion. Obviously there are alot of people that feel Wayne’s music more than any other artist or else no one would be co-signing. I don’t know, it seems kinda corny to say sumthin like that. Really, LL said he was the GOAT before his turned 30 and Pac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, and DJ Screw were all considered legends and they weren’t 30 or over. The niggaz is kinda stupid for even sayin that shit cuz most of the rappers that are considered the best or legends didn’t even make to 30. If Big would’ve said he was the best no one would speak on it. Let’s be real, Lil Wayne has accomplished more than Big and has been in the game for a long time. If he feels he’s the best, unless “Joe Budden” or any other rapper can prove him wrong, then let him do him and Joe Budden can do Joe Budden.

  • kne81

    hahahaha…..funny shit Joe Budden…truthfull…but also funny..oohhh yeah u need to drop another album NOW!!!!!!!!!!….LMAO!!!!!!

  • TaZ

    KI Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 2:47 pm
    Budden who are u and what have u done to make ur opinion count..Lil Wayne has just as much if not more skill level as all of them ppl u name who are among the best n the game..and for the simple fact that he’s only 24(soon to be 25)and has around the same level of skill as a jay..or as a nas..or any of them makes him that much better..T.I. too he’s a legend n the south..a legend all over..jay lived to put out more records than pac and big and is older than them..they were n theyre 20’s when they were at theyre prime does that make them not the best to ever do it since the didnt live to make it passed 30..ur arguement sucks ass…top 10 alive today..
    2.Lil Wayne
    5.Bun B
    8.Pimp C
    9.Black Thought
    I’m surprised someone this dumb can figure out how to pay their internet bill every month. Seriously my friend, Pimp C? i dont even know what the fuck he says most of the time. Not gonna lie, i love to sit back, smoke a fat blunt and listne to lil wayne. He’s nice with the metaphors and entertaining as shit, but number 2?? i think not. Here is a quick Bullshit list of the best rappers alive, no order:
    Big Daddy Kane
    Andre 3000
    talib Kweli
    Mos Def
    …and any i forgot. and some underground for u mainstream bitches:
    Sage Francis
    Brother Ali
    Jurassic 5

    KI please read up and listen a little more before u are so bold and stupid.

    Black Thought

  • poisen ivy

    As long as Nas, Em, Jigga, DMX or Busta still spittin, Hip Hop has got some life. Dont get me wrong i love Wayne, Jeezy, T.I. and other new rappers but rappers from the 90′s and early 2000′s are the best. Period.

  • African Brotha (from Mozambique)

    Real talk, Budden is right!
    And Taz, i’m with you brotha.

  • Cuban Link

    KI, you are truly a dumbfuck.Had Biggie and Pac not been killed, how old would they be NOW ya stupid fawk?And Weezy before NaS?Pimp C, BunB, Weezy, Jay, 3000, and TI before BLACK THOUGHT?WHAT?

    IMO, talking raw lyrics, Black Thought is the best alive, and in the top 5 ever.Everything he says is sick, and Im still jamming to Game Theory everyday.

    that list on MTV for the hottest today was, sadly, close to the truth.Besides including Jim Jones, whos a one hit wonder at this point, and Jay, whos last album sucked, they have the right people, just an awful order.

    My Order:

    1. Andre 3000
    2. T.I.
    3. Fiddy
    4. Kanye West
    5. Fabolous
    6. the Game
    7. Cassidy
    8. Weezy F Baby
    9. NaS
    10. Young Jeezy

    I know people will get pissed that Weezy is so low, but besides hopping on every single track, what has he done for HIMSELF?Im talking about mainstream too, not underground mixtapes.It took a lot for me to even put him on, but I wont deny that hes doing a lot lately.3000 has been doing the same thing, but everything hes done so far has been amazing.

    Keep in mind this is the hottest out now, I know this list sucks and I wish it was different, but thats the way it is in reality.I have never done anything harder than putting Weezy infront of NaS, but I’ll be real with yall.

    And this list is pretty close to the truth.I was driving home last night for 4 hours, and I listened to Hot 97 the whole time, and they played “I Get Money” 4 times, the remix with Pappy and Cassidy once, some other remix twice, and a remix with 50 on the original Top Billin beat 6 times.I heard My Drink and MY 2 Step 3 times, and I heard I’m the Man once, baby dont go once, and Make Me Better twice.I also heard watch what you say to me twice I think.The rest of the time they played all Reggae.So all of those artists need to be up there.

  • Bobby

    First I feel that shit some what. Lil wayne is not the best but em should not even be a thought when it come best rapper alive so dont say that shit. Cant hate jeezy

  • nigidyblack

    Black Thought is one of the most underated mc’s in the game yall fools rae just too busy snappin ya fingerz and walkin it out to actualy listen what homey’s spittin, if you put lil wayne vs black thought in a battle black though would eat lil wayne and spit him out like a hot 16

  • young brooklyn

    i agree with joe that niggas the truth i think hes 1 of the best alives moodd muzik 2 is a classic

  • huh

    i know you “dropped outta high school, dropped outta o-tech n dropped outta night school”, but sometimes your grammar is off and it prevents the post from being great.

    PS, you have a girl?- boo!

  • dza

    black thought is the main rapper in the roots

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Joe are you still rapping. I thought Game destoryed your career years ago. He must have gave it back after he left G Unit.

    Say what you will about Wayne, but you ain’t even top 50.

  • bayne

    hip hops not dead. it lives in the south.

  • http://XXL AG

    It’s about damn time somebody came out and showed some respect. If you ain’t 30 and been doin it for 10 years or better you ain’t the best nuthin. I agree with every word from Joe. I love hip hop. Even the bullshit. Because we all knew it was coming. We need somebody like Hov to control the damn thing. Big business has a tendency to fuck it up. But as big as Hov is he still fights for us. Love is love Joe. Keep spittin.

  • austrian_daddy

    Joe, man shut up. why a weak cat like u deserves a blog or a collumn in a magazine i buy for the last 8 years, monthly? Man when u first step on da scene i was yellin Jump off too cos they had it in a EA Sports game and it was hot at that time. But now years after…man u suck…after the beef wid 50 u died. after the beef with dipet u died. Man after the beef with the video vixen u died too man. I thought u was a Angel dust addicted kid. What means to me is u eat pussy and thats why yo dame pimps u dog. And weezy is a faggot i understand that, but what counts is, he sells more records than u and he is lyrically on another level than u. So stop drinkin yo hatorade and let the dude live. He is down with the greatest of all time now. Juelz fuckin Santana Dipset all day…Joe u suck…and tell the nigga Fab he suck too since breathe…

  • John Brown

    Joe says you are signing to g-unit is that right?

  • Blemish

    I’m a huge Joe Budden fan but i don’t want to read a fuckin blog by him!! I want to go to my nearest record store and buy his second album or MM3!! I tired of the lies! I’m considering jumping on the Lil’ Wayne bandwagon… phsych!! Joe Budden fan forever through & through whatever it takes!!!

  • dre

    i would have to agree with joe on that. just because some of our most talented rappers dont hop on everybody shit . dont mean that they have lost any place or status in the hip hop community. NAS, AZ, TALIB KWALEI, COMMON, JIGGA, MOS DEF, JADA, BEANS, STYLES, AND BLACK THOUGHT. Are all lyricist in their own right.

  • Five One Five

    I mean, I aint tha biggest fan of budden but dudes gotta point. Damn. Dis hip hop shit be losin, n people aint doin shit to bring it back. They gon tell you that but most muthafuckas nowadays is concerned on the numbers and the money. I got friends dat say like “I like Dr. Dre. He tight” n i know they neva heard a fuckin song by him. Dis shit is goin to commercial. Bring hip hop back

  • A

    What is the point of this jibbering. You sound disgruntled. I’m over 30 and been listening to hip hop since the beginning. It is possible to distinguish the better rapper and it does give hip hop sort of a sport point of view. Personally I think Nas is the best of all times. Screw sales ! People have just now starting talking sales b/c Hov the 2nd best was the first to bring it up. It was his excuse to not being as good as the N. So basically it’s a cop out. 50 is very over rated. He knows it. That’s why he uses the cop out.

  • ChimpsAreHungry

    Little Wayne is the best rapper alive cuz he says so

  • Gearldine Lauber

    Why do this article jogs my memory of one other corresponding the one which Someone said some place else?

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