Verbal Murder

“I don’t wanna have a meeting and I don’t want to talk to Russell.”

Reckless Monday continues. Forget Remy, you wanna talk tough rap talk on wax look no further than The Lox. Here’s some furious freestyles from the Fuck the Roc era. Damn, Styles still scares the shit out of me. Ha! We all thought someone was gonna catch a hot one off this back-and-forth beef shit. Those were the days.

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  • b-ease

    “…its a mans world/see to it u visit ur man’s girl”

    foulest hiphop diss line EVER. And i mean that in a good way. Aaliyah had JUST died.

  • b-ease

    Not to say Aaliyah dying was a good thing, but shit, if u go, go for the jugular y’know?

  • http://xxl suckaniggadickmakeaniggarich

    pull my dick out in front of ya bitch while you eatin wit her….straight disrespect….sheek is the gulliest and most under rated rapper in the game….real talk

  • 911

    YN make that Lox album happen dun…or just the Jada joint or something man. That is a worthy cause.

  • J.R.O.

    Jadakiss = bars o’ gold

    That Aaliyah line was a little over the top, tho’, if you ask me.

    The Remy Ma incident has me fucked up, too.

  • Pandemic

    Where does SP say the Aaliyah line?

  • Alex

    Just dissed da Roc, Freeway who is on G-Unit/Roc-a-Fella beanie and Jay idk lets see what happens from here


    OH man back when Kiss was the ONE! He fell off hard- just listen to the Predator’s Back or the Drought is Over 3… Wayne outshined him horribly.


    Man,shit was getting hot between these two camps mayne!I was rollin wit D-Block bruh and quite frankly,I felt that Gay-Z was dodging Al-Qaeda Jada and Syles P,they was hungry back then,dog.Is it me or did it seemed as if Gay-Z steered clear of this beef,he didn’t get involved at all!


    Somw back in the day shit. That’s whatz up! D-Block still and will always be the hardest in the game. Point, blank, period! Big up to Y.O.!

  • west philly’s finest

    Jada said that about Aaliyah not SP

  • k0nfidence

    yn, man what a triumphant return from your small hiatus. ever since you have come back, instead of just bitching abuot everything wrong with hip hop today (and there’s plenty to bitch about) you have taken it amongst yourself to give us not, only good hip hop from the day (noz you do a good job too) but to let us know about the good hip hop of today i.e. the new saigon single which is one of my new favorite songs. good show with the blogs and keep the cool tracks comin.

  • Desert

    na…tha disses on 50 were harder than these tracks

    jada is MIA rite now, he gotta drop Kiss My Ass the album, then we’ll see if he fell off

  • Steve

    I forgot about the line that Sheek said you’ll never see me like tiggas mother