By now I’m sure you have heard about Remy Ma playing target practice on one of her girls on Saturday after a night filled with thin crust pizza and drinks. Not trying to justify my thug or anything but I’ve been known to pistol whip and friend or two after a couple of Krystal Chiks and pineapple Ritz sodas. I won’t trying to pass judgment on Remy until I know all the details, because I am a good, clean Christian woman. Shesus Khryst.

After realizing that there was about $3,000 missing from her purse, Remy climbed out of her Escalade and into Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s Maxima and accused her of stealing the cash since she was the last person to have her bag. After demanding her weave checker to dump out the contents of her purse, she allegedly shot two rounds and fled the scene. That's right girl, shoot first, ask questions last.

Now if this is the same chick who parlays as Remy’s, ahem, “stylist” she should’ve been put something hot in that bitch. I’m just saying.

The NY Daily News reports her manager, Big Joe, put up his home as collateral to fulfill the set bond of $250,000.

During her court appearance additional details about a Feb. 2003 arrest emerged. According to sources, Remy put a gun to a man’s head where she was living at the time and pulled the trigger but missed like Mr. T on the A-Team. It was also reported that back in 1996 she attacked a 15 year old girl with an umbrella-ella-ella-a at a homeless shelter but no charges were filed.

While Remy was being arraigned in court, family and friends had a little BBQ and pool party fun at her crib in Cliffside Park, N.J.. Black people always have their priorities in line, don’t they?